Cindy & Jeff - Chapter 1

Cindy & Jeff
Chapter 1

by Arc Light

From the casual observer, Cindy and Jeff were the perfect couple. Cindy was a natural blonde classic beauty. Her supple body was just blossoming at age seventeen. Her pert young breasts seemed to be in constant conflict with the tight restricting blouses and halters she insisted on wearing. She was more than a flirt; she was what is commonly referred to as a prick teaser. Her attire was always the most provocative and she enjoyed immensely teasing the young and immature boys to erection and then leave them to their own devices. Although she was very inexperienced sexually; the outward appearance sure betrayed that fact.

Her steady boyfriend for the last three years was the popular basketball star Jeff Handy. He was a senior at the suburban high school and would be more at ease as the cover story on Seventeen magazine. His long wavy blonde hair was what all the teenage girls at the large high school wanted to run their hands through. He had the perfect physique with one small flaw. His chest was covered with light brown matting tapered to a thin waist and powerful legs. Unfortunately for both Jeff and Cindy he was gifted with a less than massive four and half inch cock. He had been able to insert the small organ into the pretty and desirable Cindy no less than six times.

Although a virgin during her first sexual act, she was left a little less than thrilled with the quick and rather uneventful affair. Rather than the screaming orgasm that she had pictured in her mind, she was left with a dribbling softening version of manhood. Cindy allowed Jeff to try again on five subsequent occasions but had yet to reach her own release. It seemed to Cindy that Jeff was just barely adequate to pop her heretofore precious cherry.

In addition to thinking of himself as the ultimate pleasure giver to the girls who flocked around him, Jeff also felt he was without equal as a basketball player. During a pickup game, a black twenty year old drop out challenged him to a game the next week-end. Each was to supply a supporting cast of three players and the winner would take home a pot of five hundred dollars. The game was to be played at the high school gym since there was no school activity planned and the gym would be deserted.

Jerome, the black, was a very savvy street wise operator. He had egged the young and stupid white boy on, in front of his extraordinary beautiful girlfriend. It did not take the conceited Jeff long to accept the challenge. Little did Jeff know that the challenge he accepted would include far more than the five hundred dollars.

The black was only six feet tall but had massive shoulders and arms and was all black. His often used manhood stretched to over nine inches and its width was enough to make even the experienced black girls shy away.

Cindy came to the game and sat alone in the bleachers to observe the sporting event. Cindy was wearing a bright red halter top without a bra and the shortest white hot pants ever produced. Since the hot pants were tight enough to be painted on Cindy chose not to bother with panties. Being daring, she applied an overabundance of make up that drew a short retort from her steady boyfriend. Her long blonde hair was tied in back with a bright red ribbon. To set off the perfectly proportioned long tanned legs she wore four inch white patent heals. As the fast paced game seemed to get rougher and rougher, Cindy became more and more aroused just looking at the lean and mean Jerome. He was inflicting both physical pain and mental anguish on her steady boyfriend. His quick and decisive moves to the basket, left poor Jeff standing flat footed. When Jeff tried to change the level of aggressiveness of the game, he rapidly discovered he was totally out of his league in that respect also.

At half time, Jerome stripped his cut off sweatshirt and revealed the most perfect chest that Cindy had ever seen. His muscled chest rippled and as the sweat rolled off his shoulders and washboard stomach Cindy was becoming far more aroused that a "decent white girl" should. Even more embarrassing was the fact that every time Jerome punched the basket home, he would turn and wink at her as he raced down the court. His intentions, of course, were to get the young white girl interested, and secondly to stick it to the arrogant loser white boy. The first team to reach fifty was the declared winner. The five hundred dollars were put in Cindy's purse and she was supposed to deliver the cash to the captain of the winning team.

On the final basket, Jerome stuffed the basket over the tired and defeated Jeff. As he came down, he applied a massive hit with his elbow just to crush the arrogant white face. His elbow smashed into the perfect upturned nose and as it shattered, it spew blood all over the sweat soaked clothing of Jeff. As Jeff, his face cradled in his arms, was writhing on the floor Jerome casually walked to the locker room. Cindy observed the final insult and knew she should scurry to her boyfriends side and help him soothe his damaged face and crushed ego.

Watching the other team members drift away, Cindy glanced to the locker room where the magnificent black had just departed. Her battered sex partner was attempting to get his bearings.

Cindy sauntered down the bleachers being careful to not lose her balance. As she carefully stepped from one level to the next her pert young breasts bounced freely inside the tight fitting halter top. The cool gym; the brutal game and the perfect unobtainable black stud made Cindy's nipples harden with each step.

She quietly entered the locker room and roamed through the long rows of lockers looking for the black animal. At each turn, her nervousness increased and she became more anxious about finding him. At the end of the last row of lockers, she turned and saw him sitting on the bench next to the lockers. He still had his shirt off; his massive chest covered with the clean perspiration that comes with a hard and grueling work out. He was softly sucking on a joint and his eyes followed Cindy as she approached. He made no movement to get up or approach her and she walked to him until she was only a foot away.

Smiling seductively she looked down at the relaxed and confident black and used her often used flirtatious sweet voice, "You played a marvelous game. You seemed so confident and sure that you would win. I bet you win at just about everything you do."

The black, experienced in the ways of naive, nervous, young white princess's, knew the game the beautiful seventeen year old was playing. She wanted to play at being the seductress and then at the last minute rapidly leave, pretending to herself that she had been wronged. He could sense that the white girl was sexually frustrated; probably at the inept hands of the sobbing and broken white boy still cowering in the gym.

Sitting up, he smiled as he answered the nervous white beauty, "If you want something I would suggest that you ask for it, or more appropriately BEG FOR IT."

Shocked at the directness of the sexual black animal only inches away from her precious and awakened sweet white body, Cindy was becoming aware of the isolated locker room. She had originally intended to only tease the black stud and slip away long before he actually made his move towards her cherished virgin like marbled body.

"Did you bring me something sugar?" questions the black.

Up until the direct question, Cindy had completely forgotten about the five hundred dollars in her small purse. Letting the purse slip from her shoulders she unzipped the top and took the roll of bills and handed them to the calm black stud. When he reached out to retrieve the bills, he took the small soft hand into his own.

The hot contact seemed to sear Cindy's small hand and she tried to reprieve the offered hand.

When the black wouldn't let go, she looked down into his dark and menacing eyes. "You came here to play a little prick tease. You may play your coy little games with that limp dicked piece of shit crying out on the floor but you best not play that game with a real man; a real BLACK MAN. You try and play that game with me and I'll stick my BLACK COCK so deep in your lily white cunt hole that my BLACK SEED will drip out your ears."

As he let her hand go he gently reached up and placed his long fingers on the inside of her left leg. The long black fingers felt like they were sticks of fire on Cindy's cool upper leg. The contact was only several inches away from her treasured love mound and her tight nipples thrust against the restricting red halter. The black gently stroked the upper leg while at the same time gently speaking the language of seduction, "Doesn't that finger feel good against your cool skin. I will stop if you don't like how it feels."

Cindy gently swayed against the gentle circular strokes that the black was applying to her upper thigh. Each stroke became more and more daring and ever and ever closer to the hem of the short white hot pants. Her love mound, begged for attention. The initial stirring of heavenly dew started forming in the deep recesses of her cringing woman hole.

Cindy could not look at the manipulation being performed by the black and sensuously let her head drop back. Her eyes closed and her tongue slipped out and caressed her bright red coated lips. As the gentle stroking continued, Cindy gently swayed against the pleasure giving digit. She let out a silent gasp as the long black index finger reached the hem of the white hot pants and gently stroked the pliable outer folds of her mound. The stroking immediately caused the moist inner tunnel to fill with woman juice and the sticky liquid dripped down the chute and started coating the crotch of the white hot pants. Cindy's gentle swaying became more urgent as she propelled her crotch against the teasing black finger.

"Oh please, it feels so good," sobbed the increasingly aroused young high schooler. She finally opened her eyes and looked down at the rapidly hardening black manhood. Only the very tip of the massive organ was in view as it slid down the black man's inner thigh and ******* itself from the leg of the loose fitting gray cotton gym shorts. Cindy mentally compared the massive black prod against her only real sexual experiences. Jeff's diminutive male organ was like a noodle compared to the one rapidly growing before her unbelieving eyes. "Have you had the privilege of being black fucked?" questions Jerome.

"Oh god no. I've only been with Jeff. Please, you must stop before he comes looking for me," moans the ever increasingly aroused young white princess.

As she softly moans, Jerome inserts his finger into her love tunnel and is immediately treated to an immersion of girl creme. His finger, then his two fingers slide up the petite girl chute and as each micro thrust is made against the delicate nerve endings his fingers are coated with the sweet nectar of her inner being. She frantically squats on his hand trying to get more of the incredible appendage to enter her precious, docile woman chamber.

Jerome continues the increasingly aggressive insertion trying to raise the young white girl's craving.

Micro seconds before her first ever intense orgasm, the jilted lover stumbles into the locker room. His enraged scream makes Cindy turn toward her boyfriend and lover.

"Cindy, what the hell you doing letting that black finger you?" comes the outraged question.

Cindy turns and tries to say something to her stunned suitor. The black, unperturbed continues the manipulation of Cindy's tortured love mound. Cindy does not choose to move from the intense pleasure that she is receiving and anxiously watches as Jeff walks towards the couple joined by Jerome's finger insertion into his girlfriend.

"Cindy, please come here. Don't let him finger you," Jeff almost whines.

The black finally looks up and makes eye contact with the outraged, bruised and bloodied white boy. "Sit at the end of the bench limp dick. I'm going to show you how a REAL MAN; A BLACK MAN can fuck your girlfriend. By the time I am finished with your girl she won't be able to stand to have a piece of shit like you even touch her. NOW SIT DOWN!!!"

Jeff is uncertain what to do. He knows he is not able to take his girlfriend away from the black. He sits on the end of the bench. Humiliated by the intimidation he becomes awed by the masterful manipulation of his former lover. He makes one final attempt at regaining his seventeen year old lover; "Cindy, please leave with me," he begs in a whining voice.

The black looks up to Cindy's face and asks her a simple question, "Do you want to leave with limp dick?" he asks.

Cindy, looking down at him and still thrusting against his sweetly wet hand states the obvious, "I don't want to go with Jeff. I want to stay with you."

As his beautiful lover makes her confession Jeff is struck by the contrast of the black's fingers rapidly thrusting into Cindy's still hot pants covered woman hole.

"Unbutton your halter for me sugar cheeks," the black orders.

Cindy quickly complies, untying the unneeded covering and letting it drop to the locker room floor.

"Tell me about the last time you were fucked?" continues the black.

"Jeff and I fucked last Saturday. Oh god, it wasn't nearly as good as you make me feel," moans Cindy.

"You let that limp dicked white boy have your precious pussy?" continues the black's questioning.

"Yes, I'm sorry....." moans Cindy.

Cindy is truly sorry as she sees that the black is agitated at her admission. She continues to thrust against his hands. The constant pleasure giving that his fingers spawn make her want the black even more. As she stares at his huge cock she is almost overcome with the anxiety that the huge member is causing.

Removing his hand he orders the homecoming queen to peel the hot pants down. Obeying his order she quickly pulls the hot pants down leaving on her white patent pumps. Nervously she stares at Jerome uncertain of his next move.

"Any bitch that allows a slack ass white boy to fuck her requires a solid ass whipping. Lay your worthless ass on the bench, facing fuck face there," orders the BLACK MASTER.

Straddling the bench Cindy looks up into the broken and humbled white boy. Jeff stares into the eyes of his seventeen year old girlfriend and sees the intense burning sexual desire.

The black moves to the side and applies a series of vicious slaps to the upturned marble cheeks. The sudden and swift punishment stings the privileged white girl. Her cheeks redden immediately and she seeks to evade the ever more powerful whacks.

"Tell me why you are being punished sugar buns," questions the black.

"You are spanking me because I let Jeff fuck me," answers Cindy honestly.

"Will you ever fuck Jeff or any other worthless white boy?" Jerome asks, as he applies another brutal slap.

"Oh god noooooooooo. I will never let another white boy fuck me. Jeff doesn't mean anything to me. Please stop. Please fuck me. I want your black cock. I need your black cock!!!!" screams Cindy.

Jeff, staring at his lovely girlfriend is more humbled. His girl is less than a foot away and is screaming to have a black fuck her. Telling him that she will never allow another white boy the entitlement of being able to enter her perfect body.

After the constant spanking her ass cheeks are red and swollen. The intense spanking has made her hole gush with woman juice. It coats the lacquered bench. Jerome ceases the spanking and gently, softly, rubs the swollen ass cheeks. The contact causes Cindy to slide forward; avoiding even the slightest of touches.

"White boy; get your ass over here. Someone needs to pull my shorts down if I'm to fuck this white bitch," commands Jerome.

Jeff, in total awe of the situation that has developed before his eyes meekly gets up and walks the several paces, stopping in back of Jerome.

"Take them down white boy!!" commands Jerome.

Jeff, his hands at the top of the elastic gray cotton gym shorts gently slides them down the muscular black thighs. Jerome steps out of the discarded shorts. Jeff in a kneeling position looks up to the massive nine inch uncircumcised black cock. The head looks more terrible that Jeff can imagine. He has no concept of the size compared to his puny member.

"Is this the black cock you want to fuck your girl with?" continues the ridicule.

Still kneeling in admiration of its size; its hardness; and its' ability to inflict incredible pleasure Jeff meekly answers, "Yes. I want you to fuck my Cindy."

"Peel back the foreskin. Kiss the head!" orders Jerome.

Hesitantly, he reaches forward and peels back the loose skin covering the dark purple cock head. Mesmerized by the astonishing male organ he tilts forward and kisses the BLACK COCK HEAD. Pulling back, the sticky pre cum forms a long line to his white lips.

Cindy, who is looking over her shoulder, is becoming increasingly aroused by the act of submission of her former lover. Her woman hole is a raging torrent of girl juices and she scoots her reddened ass backwards attempting to get into position to accept the honor of BLACK MANHOOD.

"Put my black cock into your girl white boy," commands Jerome.

Respectfully, Jeff aims the black pole to mate with his girl. The contrast of the huge black manhood easing towards the redden asscheeks of his white girlfriend causes Jeff's puny cock to dribble his discharge. The white cum drips from the head of his cock as he inserts the head of the SUPERIOR BLACK MALE into the waiting receptacle of lust.

At first contact Cindy thrusts backward trying to engulf the entire length. Her total abandonment when coupling is achieved makes Jeff massage the black manhood as it enters the deep dark woman hole of his young white girlfriend.

Jerome starts slapping the redden ass cheeks which increases the longing deep inside his newly acquired white fuck bitch. Thrusting against the kneeling black she buries the black manhood deep into her pulsating love mound. Her final surrender comes as the entire nine inches are firmly implanted into her womb.

She wishes the slapping of her ass cheeks would cease because of the pain but the pain is what produces the intense burning need.

Her orgasm comes first. Screaming she clinches the huge member begging for its quenching hot cum to complete the mating. The orgasm continues for an extended period of time. However she cannot force the black to release his life giving white fluid.

Jerome is still firmly implanted into the tight girl channel. He is still rock hard and still fully extended. After allowing the young woman to recover from her first BLACK CLIMAX he commences his ass slapping. The tender red cheeks clinch at the start of the next session.

"You are to milk my cock. You will have to learn to satisfy a black man. A BLACK MAN is not like these inferior white boys that you allowed to fuck you. A BLACK MAN'S thruster needs to be milked. Clinch your worthless cunt muscles to milk my BLACK MANHOOD. I intend to continue your spanking until you have satisfied me."

Cindy, marshaling all of her body to accomplish her ordered task clinched her inner cunt muscles and milked the precious BLACK SEED from her lover. As the huge volume of man liquid poured from his precious girlfriend's overworked girl hole Jeff kneeled and licked around the outer edges of the black girl servicer. When at long last Jerome withdrew his manhood the BLACK SEED escaped like a torrent. The sudden opening allowed the fluid to flow down the inner thighs and come to rest on the lacquered locker room bench. Immediately Jeff, showing his subservience dropped to his knees in order to lick each of the droplets up. After cleaning the bench he licked the woman creme off of Jerome's still erect BLACK MANHOOD.

Only when that task was completed was he allowed to have Cindy sit on his face so that he could clean his girl for the next BLACK SEXING that both Jeff and Cindy longed for.
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