I paced and hovered as my girlfriend got ready. She retouched her makeup, lightly brushed her shoulder-length brunette hair. I eyed her close-fitting black dress as she stood. Her dark eyes nearly level with my blue. It was her birthday and I’d made our reservations at the most upscale place on the island. I was wearing dark blue pants, white sneakers, a nicely fitting white button-down shirt with a blue pattern, my trimmed chest hair showing and my red beard neatly trimmed and oiled.

As the attentive staff delivered the visually appealing and tasty dishes, her smile beamed. I savored a local calabaza salad sprinkled with various textures and flavors, gnocchi in a truffle cream sauce, and swordfish. She had a Mediterranean salad, linguini Bolognese, and duck. By the time we made it to the Steinway piano bar in the old city, we were warm with intimate conversation satiated with delicious food. We took up a seat not far from the entrance and she kept eyeing a tall, blue-eyed man sitting with a woman at the following table over.

“I think I know him from somewhere … I just can’t remember from where.”

We continued talking, commenting how lovely the day had been.

“Funny, I’m feeling so grown up and mature every other year I’d be dancing on tables by now. Being with you …” Rachel’s statement trailed off.

I chuckled, “The curfew probably has something to do with that …”

Now I noticed her eyes, and they’d refocused past me at the man she’d seen before. She couldn’t help herself. “Do I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar!”

“I can’t place you either … but you seem familiar.”

Suddenly, our two parties merged. Entirely outside my norm, I rode the excitement and my typical antisocial ways took a back seat. We made our introductions. One time roommates, the petite Alice, with her blonde hair in a pixie cut, and Erik, a tall ginger, sat across from us. In the before days he’d been living in NYC, and now he was free to work remotely. Alice had just arrived for a visit.

The eccentric manager, Carlos, who had lured us into this hidden gem and befriended us the night before, joined our table as he made his rounds. He and our new friends exuberantly endorsed enjoying life in Puerto Rico. As we talked, the staff began whispering to one another and eventually got Carlos’s attention. They shut the front entrance, and it was evident the Police were making rounds enforcing the curfew.

“I bet the old city is so much fun without the curfew,” I said as the only one that hadn’t been there before the restrictions.

“Sometimes there’s more going on in La Pearla …” Erik chimed in.

“Isn’t that the one place you said you wouldn’t go back, Rachel?” My eyes turned her way.

“You’ve been recently, Erik?” She countered.

“Nothing to worry about as long as the Police aren’t blocking the entrances.”

Outside, the bars and restaurants emptied small clusters of people onto the old cobblestone streets. The heat of the day hadn’t dissipated with the setting of the sun, and the moon whispered that it wasn’t time for bed yet. As we got closer to the first entrance to the town just outside the city border, the clumps of people expelled from bars grew thicker. It was clear this first way in was blocked. The bright blue rotating lights sent us down another route.

Just down the one-way paved slope, things began to feel different. It was brighter and buzzing with nightlife. We followed the streams of people unwilling to give up on the night. The moon and thick humid air carried the promise of excitement around the corner. The shanties lining the road gave the neighborhood distinctly different energy from the old city’s solid classic Spanish construction. We walked the makeshift boardwalk towards the throbbing music and pulsing lights.

Someone grabbed us drinks, and we walked a little farther along the water—the waves lapping up against the rocky shore and wooden walkway. A little away from the crowd, we found seats at a picnic table. Rebecca paired of with Erik and left me with Alice. She was quite the talker, and I wasn’t catching much in the way of receptive vibes, even knowing my girlfriend’s intention must have been to get us all back to the hotel room.

Alice mainly seemed occupied with getting high, and the speed at which she was talking was probably more than just smoking weed. When I got my girlfriend’s text “Come dance with me,” I took it as a reprieve from Alice’s stream of words with no break to enter into conversation. I had learned about Swedish dating (there’s no dating around just one at a time, and perhaps a hint that a swap was not in our future, about her going back to her home country to have a baby, about her days living in Harlem and who knows what else. She might have been able to do circular breathing because there was never a break.

I motioned and started moving. Alice followed, but her voice was drowned out as the music got closer. There was a line out the door and as we got on line facing the doorway of the shanty with a large open room that was used as a dance floor I saw them. My girlfriend’s lips locked to his, his thick arms wrapped around her holding her tight to his body as they gyrated. I felt my stomach flip.

It was overwhelming. I’d seen where the night was heading but the surprise in public almost made me want to call it a night and head back to our room. The emotional pain wrapped around the arousal and now I felt intoxicated but I’d been the only one sipping club soda all night.

I was dizzy with jealousy infused lust and it took a moment to hear Alice, “So you let your girl just do that in front of you in public, huh?” She laughed at me then. It was the first time my kink had really been ******* in public to someone that hadn’t already accepted me. I blushed. Simultaneously I could feel my cock getting even harder.

“I can’t help it … I love it when she gets fucked really good by other men in front of me,” I said surprised I was able to be so open. It must have been because of how turned on I was.

She reached down and gripped my cock, “I can feel how excited that makes you and to think I almost though you could be a fun distraction tonight. I can feel why she’d need more and my roommate definitely has more to offer.” Her mouth was close to my ear now and I could feel her hot breath on my neck. My head was spinning so had I had lost sense of my surroundings. When we finally got inside and I made it to my girlfriend she broke the kiss with him then kissed me deep. As we kissed she grabbed the crotch of my tight fitting pants and then spoke directly into my ear.

“I can feel how excited you’re getting seeing me with him.”

She turned and went back to dancing with him and making out. While they were grinding there were were very few others dancing and our triangle was catching some attention. She motioned to her neck and I knew what she wanted. I had been staying close and trying to dance with them as well and now leaned in to kiss her neck.

“I love seeing how hot you look dancing and grinding with him.”

I kept grinding into her from behind and kissing her neck while they locked lips. I could feel the curious eyes from the room on us, smiles of encouragement as it was a hot scene to behold. It was getting hot and all three of us had a sheen of sweat on our skin. My girlfriend looked amazing with that shiny glow. We stepped back outside to get some air. My head felt hazy from the heat and arousal. We stood up the embankment and below us was another cluster of people. I saw one man motioning to us. Assuming he was indicating my girlfriend, I pointed her way.

“No, he’s pointing at you.” She said.

I looked him over again. Wide shoulders, fit, blue button down patterned shirt and tight white pants that ended at his ankles. He was hot. I felt a buzz going through me. This had never happened. My instinct was to disappear.

“Baby, suck his cock for me,” I could feel her breath on my neck when she said it. Her whisper dripping seductive anticipation.

It was almost as though someone else was walking my body to him. Up next to him he was a little shorter than me and I leaned in and said, “I want to suck your cock.”

“Is she going to watch?” He said in accented English. I nodded and he started walking down the beach a little farther until we were in a dimly lit spot. Rebecca had trailed behind and I gestured that she could come closer.

She was just a few feet away when I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. I looked up at him, my blue eyes catching the moonlight and wrapped my lips around his cock. Feeling it growing in my mouth excited me. It was the thing that surprised me the most the first time I sucked cock. I was excited for the cum, but feeling that hardness filling my mouth was so much more pleasurable than I had anticipated. He was thick and above average length. I swirled the tip and heard him moan.

“Is he sucking your cock good?” I heard my girlfriend ask.


It was fully erect now and I started bobbing up and down. Taking him deeper each time. Feeling this thick shaft fill my mouth and the head hit the back of my throat. I could just barely take all of it. I was really moving it in and out of my mouth fast now, getting hungrier for his cum. Pulling it out of my mouth I begged him for his cum, “Please I want your cum so bad.”

“You’re such a dirty cumslut!” I could hear her voice closer now as she bent over with her head behind my ear.

I was tasting precum now and sped up even more knowing he was close. He started moaning more and I was rewarded with feeling his cock pulsing in my mouth. His cum filling my mouth, I kept going a little slower now, licking the tip as he spasmed making sure to get ever last drop. I turned to Rebecca and showed her my open mouth. There was so much cum a little dribbled down my beard.

“Now be a good boy and swallow.”

I swallowed it hungrily feeling it slowly slide down my throat as it clung to the sides. The scent still filling my nostrils and the taste thick in my mouth. I stood and kissed my girlfriend deep and long.

When we got back to our new friends Rebecca told them it was time to go while grabbing Erik’s crotch. “I need to feel this in me,” she said.

Back at the hotel Erik took Rebecca by her shoulder length brown hair and kissed her hard and deep. Alice leaned in close behind me, “You like watching him grab you girlfriend roughly and take what he wants don’t you?”

I turned to her and nodded.

“Look at how hungry she is for him …”

Looking at Rebecca’s eyes I could see that glint. The way they shined in the room lit dimly from the outside street lights and moon I knew there was only one thought in her mind. Feeling his cock inside her.

“Baby, come here and help get me ready for him,” my girlfriend called to me.

I came up behind her and unzipped her dress. Their lips locked, I could see their jaws opening and closing as their tongues intertwined. Kissing her neck I unsnapped her bra. Continuing kissing down her back I removed her panties, my lips pressing against the firm curve of her ass. I left behind a trail of saliva licking down the back of her thighs.

“Feel how wet I am for him.”

I reached my finger up and it was swallowed quickly into her dripping pussy.

“Taste me.”

I eagerly comply. Sliding my tongue inside I’m greeted with her sweet taste, her arousal already dripping down my beard.

“Tell him.”

“She’s so wet and ready for you, I can feel and taste how badly she’s aching to have you inside her.”

I tell Erik, blushing as I do. Just then I hear Alice giggle.

“His bulge is growing telling you that Erik.”

Erik’s chuckle only made it press harder against my pants. The knees already soiled from sucking off a stranger.

Rebecca’s hands had made quick work of Erik’s shirt. His fit, chest and abs attracting my eyes.

“Baby, get on your knees for him. I know you want to.”

I couldn’t even get the words out to reply but was there in an instant. I unbuckled him, pulled down his pants, and tight-fitting boxer briefs. Seeing his thick semi hard cock spring loose made my mouth water.

“Shouldn’t you be naked too Sean?” I hear Alice interject.

I strip off my shirt, and pants, and boxer briefs straining against my erection. The tip glistened with precum. I could feel my body buzzing with arousal hungry to feel his cock in my mouth while the two women watched. I licked my tongue wetly around the tip, feeling the ridge of the cut head and the softer underside. Then I continued down the shaft from the underside, then back along the top. I slipped just the head inside circling it with my tongue and gathering more saliva in my mouth before slowly taking it deeper. Bobbing up and down I took it dee enough to hit the back of my throat. I kept my pace slow, I wasn’t trying to make him cum. His cock started out most of the way hard, but now it was fully rigid.

“Honey, he’s ready for you.”

“You’re going to enjoy watching me make her my slut aren’t you?”

I nodded.

“Darling, be a good boy and answer him with your words.”

I blushed and felt Alice’s fingers curl under my balls and her fingernails from her left arm dig into my side holding me tightly in place.

“Erik I’m going to enjoy watching you make her your slut.”

With that everything moved so fast. Erik grabbed her hair spun her around and bent her over the bed.

“Get a good look at her face now.”

Alice helped guide me so I was opposite my girlfriend looking at her face across the bed.

“See how badly she wants him inside her? Does she look at you that hungrily?”

I let the questions hang rhetorically in the air as my body pulsed, that thread of insecurity like fire shooting through my body, fusing with my arousal. The fusion like some designer chemical compound cooked up in a basement for the eager kids at clubs.

He plunged inside her. What I saw was her face light up with a fullness and pleasure. A grunt escaping her lips and from the periphery I could see the motion of his hard full thrusts. From the beginning it was frenetic. Fast paced, full force he slammed himself inside her.

Alice’s fingers tickled the underside of my balls, intuitively knowing to give me just the gentlest of attention as to not make me cum.

“Have you ever made her make that face?”

I didn’t need to answer. My heart throbbed pressing against the icy grip of jealousy.

Erik thrusted as through possessed. His grunts and body slapping against hers filling my ears. Out of his mouth came a stream dirty descriptors. Making Rebecca tell him what a dirty slut she is for him and how badly she needed his cock.

“Kiss me while he fucks me.”

I leaned over, my cock throbbing in Alice’s loose grip and kissed my girlfriend. With Erik fucking her, I could feel her face pressing into mine as he eased his pace a moment.

When I pulled away he repositioned her on her back, legs up on his shoulders. I could see his thick cock sliding inside her, stretching her tight fuckhole. He reached down encircling her neck in his strong hands. As He thrust hard her tits bounced. I could see her face turning red, then darker and almost purple.

Her eyes rolled back in her head, her body shook, and she yelled that she was cumming. As she did, she reached out for my hand and I clasped it.

“Look at your girlfriend cumming on his cock like that and he’s not done yet.”

My cock jumped in her hand.

“There, there, don’t cum yet,” she purred. “Look how turned on your boyfriend gets seeing you fucked by someone else!”

My cock throbbed and dripped more precum.

“Baby, come get on your knees and beg him to cum on my face. I want you to see it up close.”

I moved with her, my body positioned behind hers with my arms wrapped around her squeezing her tits. Looking up I was impressed with is thick, large cock glistening with Rebecca’s juices.

“Please cum on her face,” I begged.

“You want me to make your slut pretty?” He laughed.

“Please make her pretty with your cum.”

“Are you going to lick her clean like a good boy?”

I felt a surge rush through me. The humiliation of being called a good boy and also imagining getting to taste his delicious cum turned me on even more.

Before I could reply, I could hear Alice from above us. “Of course he is. This dirty cumslut craves cum even more than she does.”

I felt Rebecca’s soft lips on my cheek, “You are such a good cum craving slut.”

With that her lips were on his cock and her hands caressing his balls. He gripped her hair roughly and thrusted deep and hard. I could hear the signature sound of his head pummeling the soft wet tissue of the back of her throat.

With my chin resting on her shoulder I had a close up view of his thick cock stretching her mouth. Saliva dripped down her chin and drenched him. Her makeup ran down her face in a mix of tears and saliva. The sloppy sounds of him face fucking her combined with their moans of pleasure took me to a new height of arousal.

“Look at him there, leaking precum and impatiently waiting to lick your cum off her face,” Alice laughed. “He looks like he might cum without being touched.”
She was right. I was so close. I didn’t dare touch myself.

“Please cum on her face … I want it so badly …” I begged.

He pulled out, gripped her hair to hold her in place while stroking with the other hand. I was so close as the jets of thick cum spattered against her face I could smell the distinct sent of cum. My mouth watered at getting to taste a second man’s cum for the night. A few stray pumps splashed against my face and beard as well.

Rebecca turned to me, “Baby, lick me clean. Show everyone what a good boy you are and how grateful you are you got to watch and be included.”

I didn’t hesitate. Stretching my tongue out I licked up her cheek. I licked and sucked in the thick salty cum and savored it in my mouth.

“That’s a good boy, now show me.”

I opened wide trying not to loose any. Despite my effort some dribbled down into my beard.

“So wasteful. Swallow.”

I closed my lips together and swallowed feeling the big thick load slide slowly down. The taste and scent filling my head.

“Good, now go lick him clean while I play with Alice.”

The two intertwined sensually. Lips, fingertips and limbs tangled every which way, smooth skin making contact every where they could. Their kisses were deep, wet and hungry.

They paused. “Well? I didn’t tell you to keep watching …”

I’d lingered too long mesmerized in the afterglow of swallowing down Erik’s cum. Recovering as commanded I licked Erik’s softening cock clean and kept sucking as he enjoyed the view. As I sucked I was aware of the moans of pleasure coming from behind me.

I heard the distinct sound of my girlfriend rising but also another female voice. Dutifully performing my task I could not see the action behind me. I could taste her juices on his softened cock and kept sucking. The moans continued to get louder and more exuberant. It was a while before Erik’s cock began to grow in my mouth. My own cock was still erect but the satisfaction at helping arouse him again made my body tingle.
The women’s moans and the scene before him must have helped too. As he hardened in my mouth I worked harder. At first slowly taking him as deep as I could, feeling him hit the back of my throat and pushing until I was near gagging. A single tear rolled down my cheek.

I cupped his balls, licked down the shaft and sucked them into my mouth gently before taking him back into my mouth. He was large and thick. The thickest I’d had and I worked to open my mouth wide. With my wet lips wrapped around his cock, I licked the tip and the underside of his shaft.

From the sounds the women were both getting closer to climax and I bobbed my head faster now. Continuing to massage his balls. I was thinking about how much I wanted to feel his cum shoot into my mouth and hoped my eyes looking up said showed how eager I was.

Erik moaned and gripped my head thrusting into me hard and fast. “Such a good boy ready to make me play while his girlfriend plays with another girl in front of me.”

I tasted his precum and felt even more excitement knowing he was close. When I heard the women cum, first Alice then Rebecca I knew he wouldn’t be far behind.
I heard my girlfriend still catching her breath, “That’s a good boy keeping our other guest occupied while I played with Alice.”

“Such a cum hungry fucking slut you are … ugh!”

I could hear Erik yell and grunt at me just as his cock twitched and pumped a load of hot thick cum into my mouth. There was more than I could have imagined after having just covered my girlfriend’s face. I kept flicking the tip gently until he stopped pumping cum into my mouth.

“Show me.”

I turned and opened my mouth. Alice giggled.

“Such a cumslut and quite the skilled cocksucker …”

“Swallow,” my girlfriend commanded. I savored this load. Enjoying the taste, the texture and the scent while it slowly slid down my throat.

Our guests gathered their things slowly as we had reached early morning and they desperately needed sleep.

The hotel room door closed before them I moved to my girlfriend laying on the bed. Her skin glistened with perspiration from vigorous and satisfying sex. She’d never looked hotter to me than that moment.

“I see the look in your eye and no, I’m too tired.”

“But …”

The blood pumped so hard into my dick it was almost painful.

“Ugh, I guess you were a good boy. Come hump my leg. There wouldn’t be any point of letting you fuck me right now.”

I was disappointed but too turned on to complain. I straddled her left leg and pressed my cock between her thigh and my abdomen. Already so aroused, my precum lubricated her thigh and the underside. I humped her leg furiously.

“Did you like seeing how much pleasure his big cock gave me? Did you see how hard he made me cum? Did you think about how I never cum like that for you? Did you like tasting what a real man’s cum tastes like? Can you hurry up and cum already? You never last long enough when I need you too ..”
Each statement stung with its truth, twisting my emotions and fueling my arousal. By the last words I came. I wanted to please her and being told to finish pushed me over the edge.

She laughed, “Now clean up you mess I want to sleep.” I licked up my mess and snuggled in tight with her. As my eyes closed and I began drifting off I heard her whisper, “Tell me you could taste the difference.”
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