It all started an October 2005. Names are changed for protection. All of this had transpired over 3 years and did not happen overnight, so be patient, please.

My wife Jane (46, reddish blonde hair, 5'6 140 lbs) and I, Wayne had fantasized about her being with another guy for years, just never acted it out. We had cammed with other guys and IM'd, but never had the courage to go through with it. She always said she would if the right person, time, and place came along.

I work at a Company in Florida. I have about 20 people under me and one, on my shift, is a black guy named Anthony, (Jane had fantasized about for a while) Jane, and I have known him and each other since high school. He had been divorced and single for about 15 years. I had only been working at this job for about 2 years and we had not been in touch with him for a long while.

My wife really likes horses, she rode all her teen life and owned them until we got married. Anthony, come to find out, is a real cowboy. He owns 3 horses and likes to ride a lot. This is where the connection comes in.

Around October 2005 Jane and I took a vacation to the Tenn. Mountains and we were just leaving when I got a call from Anthony. I don't like to drive and talk on the phone, so I let Jane talk to him. Well, I guess it all started there. She told him where we were going and talked about numerous things for about 45 minutes. When we got to the mountains, she called him and tried to get him to come up of course with my knowledge. Well, they continued to talk every night while we were up there, mainly horses. Jane and I would discuss things and act out role-playing like him in bed with her (that would make her cum very quick)hmmmmm. When we got back from the trip everything sort of started happening.

As some of you know working all night a lot of times you get bored and conversations lead to different things, including sex with a bunch of guys. Anthony and I had been talking on and off about different things at work, mainly he likes to talk about horses and such. He mentioned that if he remembered correctly that Jane liked to ride also. I assured him she did (no pun intended). We also got into conversations about sex. And he would tell me certain things he liked about women and that he liked white married women the best because of no strings. I would relay to Jane our conversations and she really seemed interested. I would tell Anthony some detailed parts of Jane's favorite things and would try to not look too obvious but plant some ideas in both of their heads. We would go out and eat at a local place together and club some. She likes to dance I don't LOL. I would be doing this matching thing knowing full well that Jane would never go for him just a lot of talk. Little did I know what was going to happen.

Right before Thanksgiving Anthony called Jane and told her about a trail ride, they were having on the weekend we were working. Anthony took off and I was to work. When I got home Jane ask me about going and I told her I was working. She said she knew that but that she really wanted to go, that Anthony had an extra horse, and she could ride it. She said she would be gone all day Saturday and most of the night, something about a moonlight ride. I would be sleeping most of Saturday because I worked Friday night from 6 PM to 6 AM and would have to be back in Saturday night at 6 PM so I would not get to see her. Well, I just told her to have fun.

While I was on my way to work, I called her cell phone, at about 5:00 PM. She answered and we talked. She said they were on their way back to his house to let the horses out and to eat. I told her I would see her in the morning and to call me if she needed anything. And then she stunned me and ask me if I would mind if something happened. She said it hadn't yet, but it might. I thought she was just teasing and laughed. But she said she was serious. So, I said whatever if it did, I would at least like to listen in, and she said she would try. At about 9 pm that night I hadn't heard anything from her. So, I decided to give her a call. I got her and she said they had just eaten and were watching a movie. My gut was in knots! I was really asking myself if this is what I wanted. But it was too late to tell her because my cell dropped and I tried a couple of more times, I got her once and she answered, I heard laughter in the background (she told me later about that) and tried to talk but it dropped. I finally gave up.

I finally got her about 12:00 that night and she said she was on her way home she said we would have to talk in the morning.

At 6:30 in the morning, I got home, got a shower, and got into bed. She reached over and gave me a kiss. I immediately went down on her and ate that pussy like never before. She came and came. Then I got the shock (talk about guts in a knot). She told me in detail what had happened, and I did not know what to think but I had the best orgasm ever while I was fucking her, as she was talking to me.

Her story: They went horse riding that day, but they did not ride that night, it got called off. They got to his home about 6:30 that night, put the horses up, and ate. She said they watched a movie and had a few beers, by then she was feeling no pain, as she had been drinking on and off all day. She also talked to me on the phone at about 10:30, She said she got ready to leave and got up from the couch, was looking in her purse for keys and he came up behind her and kissed her on the neck. She said she just lost it and knelt down, unzipped his pants, and took it out. She started licking the head and sucking his nuts, telling me that she liked sucking his nuts.

I had told Anthony she did like to suck cock and was the best in one of our conversations earlier, and he said that he would not fuck a woman unless she sucked his cock. Well, that's exactly what she did. She said he was thicker than me and a little longer (I am 7") and tasted better than me. If you only knew what was going on in my head WOW! But then she told me something that just freaked me out, he asks her to lick his ass and she was taken aback but said that he was demanding, and she wanted to please him. She told him that she had never done that but between her drinking and the moment of it all, she started licking. Once she did what he told her to do he knew he had control, he pulled her up, took a condom out, made her put it on, grabbed her, took her to the bedroom, bent her over, and slid it in. She said it really scared her because he grabbed her hair and started fucking her so rough! But what surprised her was that she really enjoyed it and came two times while he was fucking her like that. Then she told him she wanted to ride, and he turned over and she slid on it. She said he touched pussy that I had never touched. He asks her if it was the first black cock she ever had and she told him yes. Anthony said she would be back, maybe not soon, but eventually! What really made me shoot my load is, when she was riding him, Anthony was about to cum, He had her slide off and make her take the condom off and climb back on. She refused at first then he demanded that she take his seed, and she conformed. She said it was sort of a hypnotic thing that was happening. He then told her to look into his eyes when she started Cumming, that she was his now! He did not want her thinking of her husband with her eyes closed, he wanted her thinking of him and only him. So, she opened her eyes and looked straight into them, and told Anthony I'm yours take me when you want me, and that is when he flooded her pussy with a load dripping and running out of her as he continued to pump it in and out.

She said when he was done, he pulled out his cock and told her clean him up with her mouth. She just looked at him a second and he told her he meant it, so she licked all of his and her juices off of it and around his ass as there was lots of juice around his asshole. She said the best part was that she even slid her tongue up a little way into his asshole, something she thought she would have never done! He told her that she would do this as long as he was fucking her before and after fucking.

Anthony wanted her to stay the night, but she had mixed feelings about the whole episode and was a little nervous, she later told me while we were trying to sort through our feelings. (Which is another story about dealing with feelings and such)

And the laughter on the phone (earlier) was when she was sucking him off and trying to talk to me, they both thought it was funny.

After that incident, she had to take some time off from Anthony and spend time with me to talk about our feelings and get some things worked out. When we decided that we both had liked the situation and maybe would like to try it some more we agreed on some rules. After a few months of being away from Anthony, we agreed for her to start seeing him again. During this break from Anthony Jane hardly ever gave me a blow job or pussy and I really thought that I had messed up and she was going through a tough time. Little did I know!

After we started talking about it again, she said that she would try and get something going but not to get my hopes up, at this time Anthony and I were not working the same shifts and I hardly got to see him.

Well one day after sexting with her on the phone, we did that a lot, she texted me and told me she was going to see her mom which is going past Anthony's house, so I devised a plan. I was on day shift and would be home before she got back. I had asked her to drop by Anthony's to see if she could get something going in a jokingly way. Well, she texted back and said sure why not. I replied for her to quit teasing me like that and she text back surprises do happen.

I got home about 3:00 pm and was getting a snack and on the computer when about 3:30 I got a text from her. She said that she was almost to the road turnoff to Anthony's and ask if it was ok if she stopped by for a drink. I told her to go for it and whatever else she wanted to do jokingly. She said that was not a problem. I did tell her if something was to happen, please give me a call and let me listen in on it (something I got hooked on from the last time and would love to do it again).

I was sitting in the living room and at about 4:15 got a call from her. She said she was in his bathroom and wanted me to know that things had sort of getting hot and that she was going to leave the phone on where I could listen if I agreed. I said hell yeah. Then the phone dropped signal. About a minute later my phone rang and Jane's number showed, and I answered. It was a surprise; it was not Jane on the phone it was Anthony. I could also hear Jane in the background giggling and talking about something.

My stomach started getting butterflies, as I did not know what to say. He said what do you want to hear? I first ask him where Jane was and what she was doing. He said that she was busy and then it sounded like he put the phone down to her and I heard some slurping. Then all of a sudden, she asks, is this what you wanted to hear? I told her, yes and to please continue, I also asked, I hope this wasn't a joke. She was going to say something, but Anthony took the phone and said it was not a joke, that she was sucking his black cock the way a white woman needs to suck it. I almost shot off on that comment but took a deep breath and quick jacking my cock. Then he began to describe what she was doing and telling her that she was his little white woman. Man, I was about to shoot but I wanted to hear more. As she was sucking his cock, I heard in the background some noise like it was someone else, but I never found out if it was someone else.

Anthony was telling me how she sucked his cock and lick his ass, that I needed to ask him when I wanted to fuck her or have her suck me from now on, in a sort of overpowering way. Then he gave her the phone and she told me that from now on when I want some, I should ask Anthony, that he would decide when and where, when he comes by the house, she would be ready to go with him whenever he wanted. While she was on the phone and sucking, I ask her if she liked doing this and she told me how much and that she was his woman now and had been all along that they had just decided to make me aware of this. I came to find out the break off from him after the first encounter, he had continued, every chance he got, of taking care of that pussy and mouth. He had hooked her on that black cock, and she just could not get enough (she later told me). Yes, I had mixed fillings, but I enjoyed and got aroused every time I thought about that going on.

Then Anthony grabbed the phone, and I heard him tell Jane to lick his ass that she liked it and was the first ass she had ever licked. He told her never to lick your husband's ass that she was only to lick his and my heart just fell. I started thinking and my mind was racing about had this gone too far, and all of the what ifs that you question yourself with? Anyone that has been in this position knows exactly what I mean. She later admitted that was how he turned her own by being forceful grabbing her hair and making her lick his ass. All of this was trying to be processed in my head and the feeling I had in my dick was outrageous and it was as hard as I have ever been. I was enjoying this and could not believe it!

Then all of a sudden, I heard Anthony gasp and say that he was going to cum and she had to swallow all of it. He told her to drink it all. I heard her kind of struggling and moaning and Anthony told her that she needed to clean it all up and not leave a drop. I heard her say yes sir, she would and whenever he needs his cocked sucked again by her to just let her know. Anthony started groaning and saying that he was Cumming, and I shot a load all the way across the living room. I could also hear in the background her slurping and sort of gagging, then I heard her say out loud to me how she was cleaning Anthony up. Anthony also told me when she had her tongue in his ass and how it felt as it was getting him hard again. He told me that the white woman knew how to treat a black master and to never ask her to get her to do it to me. Later on, in the week she decided to show me pictures of her and Anthony that day but would not let me have them. She said Anthony told her not to.

I hung the phone up and got cleaned up myself. About 20 minutes later she called me, Anthony and Jane ask me how I liked it. I told them it was wild. Anthony then told me that they would call me back later on that Jane was spending the night with him and she would see me tomorrow. I objected to that and started telling Jane and Anthony that she needed to come home. They hung up on me and I did not see Jane until the next day.

She had an on and off affair with Anthony and he deposited loads and loads of cum in her and on her many times. She did fall in love with him, and he did own her. When we were all together at times, of course, nothing ever transpired with the exception of me doing what they told me to do. He always wanted her alone and both were adamant about it, and I rarely said anything against it, as I always got the best end of the deal, sloppy seconds and cleanup duty.
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