My wife and I turned 45 this year and found ourselves for the first time without kids in the house. Our kids were both in college, and it was quiet and odd. Suddenly, all those things we hadn't done in years we now could.

Jules and I had a very good sex life before the kids. We met and actually spend our entire first weekend together having sex after our first date! We had sex often, explored our desires, roleplayed, watched porn together, and pleased each other in every imaginable way! Then the kids came along, and that was all forgotten until, well, when the kids went off to college!

We had talked about sharing her with another guy, or, perhaps, swinging with another couple. We always talked about it. We even went as far as looking for swing clubs when we were staying out of town alone. But we never did it. Then the kids left for college, and we decided to get away on a weekend trip.

Secretly, I wanted to watch her with another man. Secretly, I wanted to watch her with many men. I wanted to be a cuckold to her. (I have a little latent bi-sissy streak, something she was *******) A couple would be fine, certainly, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted her to take another dick. (Or two, or three).

We agreed to go to a bar separately. She would sit on the other side, and I would watch to see if she would get picked up. She wore a tight blouse showing some cleavage, my wife is 5ft 4, a curvy blonde with 40dd breasts. Sure enough, a guy bought her a drink and he sat down with his friend and struck up a conversation with her. She flirted, smiled, and touched him when she laughed- I was hard just thinking of the two of them. Then, shots, another drink, and he kissed my wife. They made out for a moment at the bar, then pulled apart. She brushed her hair from her eyes and glanced over at me. She smiled a little. Then, his friend came back to him and he left her. He gave her his number. Then, she came over to me tipsy, saying we should go back to the hotel room.

We talked about like two giddy school girls as we walked back to the hotel. She told me all about him, and said she even touched his cock through his pants! I wanted to fuck her so bad at that point. And then we walked by an adult shop. It was I that suggested we go in and buy her an outfit. It was a seedy place, but I liked guys eyeing her up as she looked through the lingerie. Then she led me to the booths in the back. “Let’s go in!” She asked. I wondered if she had any idea what went on in those places, but I decided to go with her.

We went into the booth and locked the door. It was pretty dirty with some napkins and a used condom in the garbage and floor. Pretty sure the floor had cum on it as well as it was sticky. We put money in the machine and found porn as I sat on the chair and she sat on my lap. She had her hands down my shorts groping my cock, as I was doing the same to her wet pussy. To the left was a window with three lights above it. The light that said “Ready” lit up. It was the booth next door, the window was a “buddy window” where you could see the booth next to you. “Should I press the join button?” I asked her.

She looked at me and smiled, “Sure, why not”. I reached over and pushed the button as the screen of the window went up revealing an older man in jeans, his cock poking out through his zipper, semi-erect. He was looking at us and nodded looking her up and down.

“I think he wants to get a look at you,” I said whispering. She smiled and lifted her shirt, her bra already unsnapped by me when we were making out. He smiled as she pressed her tits against the window. As he unbuttoned his pants pulling them down and showing his clock and balls. I pulled down her pants revealing her pussy, her juices dripping from her cunt to her panties. He was stroking now watching her. I fingered her while she jerked me off while the man jerked with us. Then he reached his hand below the gap of the window asking to cop a feel. She moved to him, as he had his fingers in her cunt as I played with her tits. She moaned and came for the first time that night almost immediately as she was so excited.

Then he put his cock through the slot. There was a pause for a moment as he looked at us. She looked at me looking for guidance as to what to do. I was afraid of what to say. Finally. I said, “I think he is looking for some help”. She then reached out taking his cock in her hand. She proceeded to give us both handjobs at the same time. He had his hand under the slot and was touching her pussy at the same time. He then started thrusting a bit more before shooting cum all over Jules’ leg!

The man closed the portal as my wife turned to me and said, “let’s go back to the hotel, and fuck, I am so turned on right now!” So we adjusted ourselves and did just that. We screwed that night and the next morning. Then we pulled on our workout clothes to go for a morning walk. And we discussed the night before…
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