He had staked his territory once before. But first encounters for even an experienced bull of 27 years can still be a feeling out process. This is the story of the day sex and expectations changed forever.

She brought him to my attention a few weeks prior. Over the course of a couple days they grew a bond via dating site dm chat. An athletic 46 year old born in London to parents from Sierra Leone, he had been stateside since college. Just months into cuckolding, her tone was guarded as she had at most made it clear she was married. We had been turned down by several men of interest to her who had no interest in our choice of lifestyle. Reluctantly but inevitably she broke it to him. His response of “when can we all meet” significantly cut down the tension.

The weekend came and we nervously settled at the bar of the hotel restaurant. I had shared my wife with friends years prior but had just begun to settle into being the male half of the cuckold couple. By that point I’d watched her with three other men. Very different than the roles of the past, I had cemented my taste and desire for watching my wife lose herself in men that could fill her needs. This was far more formal though as he made it clear this was part of his life’s work.

He strolled in through the lobby, black slacks, fitted white button down shirt, and fitted jacket. There’s something even more proper and cordial than most when equipped with the English accent. We stood up as he got close. As I stood behind my wife I found myself smelling her perfect dirty blond hair as I noticed the outline of her thong through her tight short blue dress. As we met they locked eyes in a way that’s hard to put into words. I felt a bond as I shook his hand and felt a confidence in the air that both he and I would get what we wanted.

As time went by we delayed the inevitable and enjoyed our time talking and sharing stories over cocktails. Early on I realized both bartenders had a good feeling of what was going on as they became more and more flirtatious. Loosened up I asked him his experience with arrangements such as ours. He was 19 when he began fucking his neighbor’s wife in front of him. “I haven’t looked back since” he exclaimed. “The market has and will always be open for guys like me and married women”. By that point my wife’s hand was resting towards the top part of his thigh. Grateful, I covered his tab and we headed off to the room.

As we got back to the room I realized I had left my card in the check register. Immediate resign, albeit temporary filled my mind. I was ready for the continuation as they embraced, kissed, and rubbed each other while in the elevator up to our floor. Like a fool I requested they pause as I went to retrieve it. As I got back to the room I realized they had at least partially heeded my request. My wife had her foot propped up on the coffee table as he rubbed and penetrated her pussy with his fingers. All while her hand was digging inside his pants. To describe the moment as a kiss wouldn’t do it justice. They licked with tongues protruding as they alternated nibbles which at times were quite forceful. Not missing a beat he pulled his face away from hers and said “ok to carry on now” as he lightly chuckled.

I assumed my spot on a chair next to the couch as they continued their embrace. Stuck in the moment I lost sense of time. Whispering to each other things I could not hear, he told her to tell me what she wanted. Almost whispering still while on the verge of another orgasm from him pulsing her clit, she was still inaudible as he led her over to me. He continued to whisper to her. She nodded, sat on the couch, and pulled his pants to his knees. I removed mine at the same time as she grabbed his cock and gently hit it on her face. Unlike the other men, he was in control, had an air of confidence, and was the ultimate bull. His cock could have broken concrete. Pitch black, uncut, veiny. It has a bright red perfectly contoured head and ran the length and thickness of my wife’s forearm.

I’m getting lost in the moment, as if it’s happening again in front of me. There’s no exaggeration by either me or her when I say it was the fuck of a lifetime. I could spoil with details but understand this is not about that time, but instead about our second meeting. To that point I was subtly submissive at least as far as cucks go. Realizing what we have, we talked about our expectations and desires for next time. He had controlled and submitted my wife. She wanted more though. I wanted more as well. For the first time I felt comfortable with a man asserting dominance through my wife, almost like a puppet.

Sans the bar stop we again met at the same hotel. Awaiting his arrival in a few hours my wife opened the wine fridge which she had stocked by the restaurant. Clever she was as we had a case of chilling Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades champagne. There was no disrobing of cocktail wardrobe for her this time. She meticulously got ready while wearing a white lace, crotch less neglige which ******* her tits. Still a while before his arrival she asked me if I was ready to go. I quipped “ready to go”? She giggled as she spread her legs as she laid in bed sipping a glass of champagne. She gestured for me to come toward her as she told me to take my pants off. As I reached for her pussy she suddenly shut her legs and shook her head no. She began to demean me like she never had before. She told me to put my pants back on and to answer the door when he arrived. “He’ll let you know if it’s ok to fuck me tonight” she said.

He arrived just as dapper as he had the first time. I was happy to see him. I liked him and in a way had begun to revere him. My wife attempted to pull him back to her after he had walked over for a kiss. He rebuffed her attempt, filled up a glass of champagne, and began to talk with me as we watched a soccer match on tv. Initially my wife began to pout and ask what he was doing. He got up, walked into the bathroom, and walked toward her while holding and smelling a pair of worn panties which were on the ground. “Tell me why these panties are so wet” he said to her. He pointed to the crotch which was thickly encrusted with wet and dry cream. She began to answer as he lowered himself and whispered in her ear. “Come here” she said to me. I came over to the side of the bed she patted as he stood next to her on the other side. She pulled my pants down as he pointed to my partially flaccid small cock. “Is that why your wet? Why are you wet”? She replied no as he told her to tell me why she was so wet all day. “Big black cock” she said multiple times as she played with herself and he began to disrobe. I sat back on the couch and watched as they began to touch and caress. As I sat he took the panties, placed her head through one of the legs, and pulled her head up as he told her to stand and go towards me. He whispered continually to her as she followed every command he gave. She dropped to her knees and he repositioned behind her, ever so gently pulling the panties tighter around her neck. “You can’t satisfy me, this is what I need” she said as his hard cock rested on her shoulder. Avoiding the whispers and clearly heeding our stated desires and queues after our first meeting he told her “tell him you belong to a black man”. “I belong to a black man now” she said. He turned her away from me and pulled and pushed on the panties as she sucked his cock. He picked up his leg and propped his foot on the footboard of the bed, repositioned her with the panties, and pressed her face into his ass as she caressed his big balls and stroked his cock. “She ever done this for you” he asked. He pulled her head back, looked down at her and asked “who do you do this for”? “For my owner, for a black man” she replied.

He began to fuck her as she laid in the missionary on the edge of the bed. His big black cock and balls were completely covered in her cum as she begged him to choke and fuck her harder. I watched in amazement as my wife let out a primordial scream as she squirted and convulsed. He pounded her relentlessly as she repeated orgasm after orgasm.

It was his first turn soon after. He began fucking her so hard I thought they were going to break the bed as he too let out a billowing, extended grunt. He kissed her, removed his cock, and walked over not to fill a glass of champagne but instead to drink directly out of the bottle. “Wanna clean up a bit before the next round” he asked her. She could barely respond as he said”well tell him what to do”. Again distressed with pleasure, she motioned me over as she pulled her legs up as best she could while trembling. I dug my face in between her legs and passionately licked his and her cum until she was completely clean. Like the superior man he is he was already stroking his hard cock again as he watched.

She was exhausted, red, and sweaty but he wasn’t satisfied. He positioned her on top of him and like a jolt of life she was back. Dripping and riding she talked excessively about black cock as she came and came. “I’m going to fuck that ass” he repeated over and over as he eventually flipped her onto all fours. It took some time but before long he was mounted behind her as he slowly worked his way to a steady pace inside her ass. Her pleasure from getting her pussy destroyed by a black man is only exceeded by the pleasure she derived from getting fucked in the ass. For what seemed like eternity he flipped her into different positions. From behind to her riding him, to reverse cowgirl, to missionary, they wore each other out until he came inside her again, only this time in her ass.

As he walked off she again laid quietly. “Do you want him to fuck you” he asked. She didn’t reply. “Its ok if you fuck her” he said. We kissed and she placed her hand on top of my head and pushed it down to her pussy and ass. Again I licked the cum off of her making sure to leave just enough for when I entered her. Stroking myself incessantly for the last hour plus I attempted to slow down so I could last. “Are you going to finish” she asked after about 15 seconds. “I want you to finish” she said as I came inside her.

He fucked her like the bill he is but still kept a gentlemanly way after and in between the times we meet. They are t all like this. In reality it we agree it would be way too much to be an everyday or even every week thing. I’ve watched a dozen or so black men fuck my wife since we began cuckolding. They are not created equal and wish for a true black bull like this for every couple out there. Thanks for reading.
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