It was a whirlwind courtship. Met in a bar, left bar to go to my hotel room to bury my black cock deep in her cunt and shoot my copious jizz down her throat. When women have sex on the first date, they don't make love, they fuck. Married two weeks later. I was 27, she had turned legal the night we met.

A week after the wedding I was arrested for not appearing in court on an assault charge. That was the start of me serving six months behind bars.

Her parents wouldn't take her back into the family home, their racism trumping their daughter's welfare.

Her elderly Pakistani boss, for she worked in a small corner shop, found her in tears the day the police picked me up. He offered her the small bed-sit upstairs if she needed somewhere to stay till I got out. He attached conditions but she was desperate. Her wages would be halved and once a week he expected her to spread her legs for him. With no other options she agreed, hoping he might not be able to get hard again if she used her hands or the promise of a blowjob to get him to cum.

Friday came, his idea was to take the pussy part of my wife's rent after his weekly devotions. My young bride gambled that her sobbing, cheap perfume and tarty make-up would either make him cum in his pants or perhaps even deter him. It did neither. He stripped my bride, pushed her to her knees and fed her his rigid cock. He came very quickly. She almost choked on his gooey jizz.

"Thank fuck that's over for a week" she thought.

It wasn't over though and for the next hour he used he without a thought for her needs or feelings.

My wife was disgusted with herself for having traded her body and her dignity fora roof over her head. She was also concerned about what I might do when I found out on my release.

Some three months later her boss went off to Pakistan for a month. She had gotten used to being ****** to ***** herself with him every week but was also looking forward to not having to give her body to him.

The very next friday there was a light knock at the door. It was the boss's son with a leer on his face. She asked what he wanted, he told her the weekly friday rent she gave his dad.

My young bride protested but in vain. She was pushed to the bed and before she could stop him his cock was sliding into her. Friday night turned into saturday and if he wasn't in her cunt he had her sucking him back to life.

Despite herself, she quite liked how the son was fucking her and carried on doing so when his father returned and resumed rent collection duties.

She told me everything on my release from prison. I admitted to her that my first wife and I had been swingers and I had enjoyed watching her and hearing about her exploits. I told my young bride that if she fucked whoever I wanted her to then there was no reason that we couldn't stay together. She was almost grateful that I still wanted her.

Needless to say I could from then on fuck any willing woman I fancied without my new wife complainingand also have the pleasure of giving her to other men, including her getting regular sperm donations from her boss and his son.
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