It all started when I got big boobs and needed to rub my clit every day. So while I was living large and thinking of ways to satisfy myself sexually, I met him, he was a knowledgeable guy, and knew how to treat me, he knew right away I was a Slut. He began blindfolding me, not too often at first, but then it was daily. Blindfolded and handcuffed, he made me suck cock every day, after work he would take me to his home or mine where I would be fucked and swallow cum almost daily.

One day I noticed that I was sucking a different cock while blindfolded, it was not his cock, I said nothing and continued sucking and swallowed this man's cum. I heard a different voice saying some words and then left, I did not say anything. After that little by little he made me swallow more and more cum from strangers, I knew those cocks were from strangers, and I loved it. I was sucking strangers' cocks every day, and he was fucking me regularly and making me swallow his cum too. I was trained to cum blindfolded and handcuffed at the exact moment I was swallowing cum from strangers.

Then he stopped fucking me, and I did not have anybody to suck or swallow cum. Days passed by, and then he told me I was allowed to buy dildos to cum. I was happy, but I knew I needed more. I bought some small toys, but suddenly it was not good for me. I needed bigger dildos to cum, so I used big dildos and my pussy started to get gaped every day, from big toys, and I was very happy with them, but I was not swallowing cum.

He then asked me to sleep with dildos every night in my ass and pussy. It was uncomfortable at first, but then I realized I was very happy, and my pussy was not tight anymore, because I started using two big dildos for my pussy and ass, I needed bigger toys to cum, I was hopeless. He knew I need more, he told me he had an idea to help me, he asked me to offer my body to be fucked and humiliated to his friends, he said I was ready to be used, and then he sent pictures of me playing with dildos and swallowing cum, to his friends.

Then one day, one of his friends came to my house and asked me to swallow his cum, I did, immediately, he gave me his cum, a new collar, and a big dildo, then he made me wear his cum public, so everybody could see. Soon I was being fucked by his friends daily and drinking lots of cum. I was addicted, desperate to swallow cum every day. I even sucked the plumber dry once, then, I began to milk loads from men and refrigerate the cum, and started eating cum on all my meals. I was addicted to semen and drank his friends' cum every day, it was so delicious.

I was so happy, I was handcuffed and fucked daily even anally and received lots of cum shots all over my body at times my body was full of cum all day. Then a black guy arrived, I was afraid because he was not one of his friends. He was very athletic and good-looking, and with a monster cock, so I accept him willingly, he gave me the fuck of my life. He started fucking me very hard and deep, and at some point, I started squirting with his shaft deep inside me, right there and then, I became a Slut for BBC. This black man told me that squirting so hard is something a true slut does, every time he was deep inside me, I was squirting so much, that he was laughing all the time and called me a slut, which was something I was in love with.

I was his now and he drenched me in cum every day, he kept my holes wet, creamy, used and abused. He told me I was his fuck toy, that I was built for BBC, that my big tits, round ass, and hungry mouth for cum, and because I was able to fit his eleven-inch monster cock with his immense girth into me. Jerome was using me daily as he desired, and yesterday he told me I was ready to be a public cum dump for BBC. I did not understand him, but he told me to be prepared and left me a Santa's Helper dress. He told me to meet him at a specific place the next night, so a bunch of his friends could have a night with me, making me their Santa's Helper to fuck and pass around. He told me that if I did this every BBC in town would find out, and they would want me for gang bangs!

He asked me if that was something I wanted, I was scared and unsure if that is what I truly crave. I told him that I would think about it. This angered him and said he would not fuck me until I made up my mind, he said, he knew I was ready to be a true Slut for BBC.

What do you think I should do? Can you please help me and let me know?

P.S. While I am deciding what to do, I will love to be cum tribute, and I will love to read nasty and filthy comments about me, since it gets me very horny, while I am playing with big dildos and trying to cum hard since Jerome does not want to fuck me deep.
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