Holiday beach fun, part one​

Ellen was nearly at the end of her 2-week stay in Gran Canaria. Her college friend Suzy had flown back to Manchester the day before leaving Ellen on her own for the last few days. Ellen strode down to the dunes at Maspalomas in her black tie-up bikini with white shorts over the bottoms, her medium-length mosey blonde hair moving with the breeze and the pace of her strides. Her long tanned legs made her seem even taller than her 5 feet 8 inches. A pair of wayfarers protected her eyes from the September sun. Ellen was proud of her athletic-looking body and was looking forward to another day of showing it to the sun.

Ellen was enjoying the freedom of being away and alone and wanted to make the most of her penultimate day, it was just 7 am The beach was practically deserted as Ellen started to make her way through the dunes to the preferred spot in a secluded part of the sand dunes that they had been sunbathing in for almost a fortnight.

The small group of guys they had made friends with would be along shortly after a brief exchange of messages when she was back at the apartment. They were a bright bunch on a sunrise archaeological dig; & were combining a College trip with a holiday.
Ellen laid her bright yellow towel down and undid and slipped off her white shorts. Next, she unclasped the bikini top and laid down to soak up some early morning rays… soon dozing off.

She awoke to the chatter of the small group next to her. The lads – all between 22 and 24 had downed tools early as they were going to be on the same flight back to Gatwick as Ellen the day after tomorrow. At 26 Ellen was feeling the veteran. There were four guys she & Suzy had befriended, 3 white Englishman Joe, Nic, and George, and an American called Keef who was black. Two more guys Ellen hadn’t seen before who were also American and of Latino descent made up the group of 6. Turns out they had arrived the day before to carry on helping the dig. Through her sunglasses, she saw the 2 Latinos staring at her tits !!

Ellen didn’t bother covering up, she was a natural exhibitionist, and if anything pushed her 34b’s out slightly further…..The four familiar students had seen a lot of Ellen's tits, along with a few of her famous ‘moonies’ over the last 8 or 9 days as both girls sunbathed topless, but refused their invitation to go onto the adjoining nudist beach – a dare which all four lads had accepted with great enthusiasm, The charged nature of four naked lads had indirectly led to Nic & Suzy sleeping together a few days ago… Suzy was most impressed with the shape of Nic’s cock! Ellen had turned down the separate advances of Joe and George, though she had felt the weight of their balls & gave their cocks a brief inspection before they put their shorts back on. It had all seemed very natural. The last few days had been a turn-on for Ellen, and she was a little jealous that Suzy had had sex on their trip & that she had not. She put it down to her kind nature, and wouldn’t want to feel Keef was left out of the fun as she had stopped short while teasing Joe & George.

Ellen sat up said ‘Hi’ to all the guys, and was introduced to Luis and Seb. After some brief chit-chat, Ellen shuffled around on her towel with her back to the group, and waved her bottle of lotion in the air; Nic and George swiftly sat behind Ellen and squirted the white liquid into their hands. Both took a turn on the sides of her back., rubbing the cream in with soft long movements. Nic’s hand ‘accidentally’ moved around to the front...and moved over her smallish left boob! Ellen laughed through the freckles the sun had brought out ‘Well I suppose it all needs doing...’ she lent forwards as both guys massaged the cream into Ellen's tits. The other four in the group edged closer as they viewed the massaging of sun cream into Ellen's body.

Ellen stretched out with her hands on the towel behind her, and her legs pointing forwards with toes pointing upwards., "Other side?"

Ellen side-motioned with her head as she said it & turned over laying flat on the towel. Nic took care of her back, while George rubbed the cream into her legs and feet. Ellen reached behind to pull the material up her whiteish buttocks "See if I can lose those tan lines…’’

"I love tan lines !" responded George.

"Fuck!" said Nic as he viewed the two semi-******* half moons. They each took care of a buttock each, their hands sliding further into the material than they should. Ellen inhaled a sharp breath a couple of times as their hands wandered over her shapely behind under the bikini's material - more to tease the lads than any real sexual excitement!

The two guys growing excitement and attention were brought to a halt - "That’s great, thanks, I don’t need my temperature taken today!" said Ellen as she stood up and put her bikini top back on – "I’m going for a paddle anyone coming?"

Note – Any wishes for Part 2 ?? What would you like to see Ellen do?
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