Who are we? I’m an older European guy, almost 60, married since 6 years with a young Colombian wife, 24 years old, 1m50 tall, 52 kg and a very nice B-cup. Every year we go to Colombia to visit her family and friends.

This year she wanted me to show some other interesting places in Colombia, so we went a couple of days to Medellin. We stayed in an hotel in El Poblado and almost every day we went to eat in Provenza. It’s an area with a main street with restaurants and bars side by side.

One evening we first had some exotic cocktails and afterwards dinner with wine. My young Latina wife received a lot of looks as she was wearing a short skirt, which allowed sometimes a little glimpse of her ultra small panty, and a short white tank top showing the outlines of her dark nipples. After dinner we entered another bar and had some more cocktails. Being around 11 pm and plans to go to Guatape next day, we decided to return to the hotel.

Before heading to the hotel, my wife wanted us to go to a viewpoint from where you could see big part of the city/ She searched for a taxi and finally, after discussing with several drivers about the price, she found one who offered a ride at an acceptable rate. She went in front and I settled in the back.

From the moment we got into the taxi, the driver, a guy in his 30’s, had been watching my wife with hungry eyes. I could not blame him, she looked delicious, certainly with her nipples poking in the tight fitting top. They were talking, first general small talk: where we were from, if we enjoyed Medellin, … but after a few moments I had difficulties following the conversation. They were talking fast and, probably under the influence of the mix cocktails and wine, I only could understand partially. I must have been fun talk as she and the driver regularly laughed loud.

After about 10 minutes drive, we started to leave the busiest roads and entering uphill roads. Now and then another car or motorcycle past, but in general it seemed to be quiet. When I raised myself a little, I noticed the driver was caressing my wife’s leg and she didn’t do anything to stop him. He went up and down, every time a little higher, so I was sure at some point he was touching her small panty. Then he took her hand and placed it in his crotch and all I heard from her was a surprising “mmm”. The driver then went to his pants and I heard a zipper, after which my wife’s arm went up and down. She had a grip on his cock and was jerking this lucky guy. Driven by curiosity I leaned more forward and, although not that good for estimating dimensions, his cock certainly was longer and thicker than mine.

He reduced speed, took his hands of the wheel and pushed down his shorts over hiss knees. With his right hand on her neck he pulled her down into his crotch. She didn’t show any resistance and, after licking the head, it disappeared in her mouth. The driver was moaning and for the first time since we entered his car, he now looked back at me with a grateful smile. He must have noticed I was not objecting to the situation and returned his attention to the road. His right hand grabbed her long hair and he pushed her down with power so his long thick hard cock went ballsdeep in my wife’s mouth. Nothing to worry about as she can deepthroat amazingly without gagging. Reassured by my attitude, he moaned louder without any shame as his cockhead was buried into her throat. We he let her go, she came up gasping for breath and, probably on his request, got her attention now to his balls. The noises that were produced made it clear she was kissing, licking and sucking on them.

Meanwhile we were still driving however at the speed of a turtle, but then the driver took a very small dark road and after about 2 or 3 minutes this road had a dead end with some space to park cars. That’s were he stopped and tuned of the engine. She got up in her seat and, with the indoor car light on, he bend over and started kissing her. It was obvious that she enjoyed, opening her mouth, welcoming his tongue for what seemed an everlasting French kiss. Meanwhile he started exploring her body. He pushed the top up, broke the kiss and started sucking on these dark still hard nipples. While sucking on one he pinched and pulled the other until his hand moved between her legs which she eagerly spread. He was confident that he would experience an exceptional ride. A young Latina in full heat and a passive husband in the back seat. From then on, without hesitation, he took the initiative. He pulled her top over her head and threw it in the back. He made her take of her shoes and then she had to lift herself so he took off her skirt and panty. Everything was thrown to the back for me to collect. There was my little slut, completely overtaken by desire, completely naked in this taxi at the mercy of this driver. This last one was now exploring her pussy with his fingers, alternately rubbing her clit and driving one or two fingers in and out. Only stopping now and then to have her suck his fingers clean.

At a moment he opened his door, got out, took off all his clothes and walked around the car to the passenger’s door. He opened her door, took a firm grip of her head and in one movement he drove his cock all the way in her mouth. He fucked her throat wildly, pulling his cock every time a few inches back before driving it completely down again. He certainly knew how to control himself because as far as I knew, he didn’t cum. By the way I know my wife, that was exceptional, because most of times when she gives head, the men only last a few minutes before exploding. He withdrew his saliva dripping cock from her mouth, took her hand and pulled her out of the car. He made her lean her back on the hood and his head dived between her legs. I also got out of the car, took out my meanwhile throbbing cock and started jerking, my eyes fixated on the action. Uptill now my wife didn’t spare me a glance, she had her eyes closed, moaning and holding his head with both hands in place.

After a good 10 minutes eating her pussy, he got up. I understood he asked if we had a condom, and although she always carries some in her bag, she just asked him not to spoil time and fuck her bare. He didn’t loose any time, bending over her while with one hand she guided his cock to her pussy. Being obviously very wet, without any trouble his cockhead shove in, followed by the whole length of his rod. My wife let out some soft screams, probably because this cock was a lot longer and thicker than mine and his cockhead probably touched inner parts never touched before. After a few minutes he made her turn and bend over and started fucking her doggy style, I guess he went even deeper as she moaned loudly. That’s when he looked at me, still pulling on my meat. He told me to have her suck me while he continued plugging his cock deep inside her twat, one hand holding her firmly by the neck and the other hand beneath her giving one nipple a rough treatment by pinching and pulling.

I gladly obeyed offering my cock to her mouth. I was an amazing feeling, every time he went balls deep, her body and head was pushed forward and my cockhead went in her throat. He then announced he was ready to fill her and within seconds he let out hard moans, grimaces of relief on his face while his seed was fired very deep inside. At that same moment I couldn’t hold either and spurted my semen down her throat. But it wasn’t over yet as he said it was cleaning time. He made her lean on her back on the hood, so he could feed his wet cock to be cleaned and he ordered me to clean her pussy. Bent by my knees I was in front of my wife’s gaping pussy, looking at the moisture inside and slowly coming out, a mixture of her intimate honey and his cum. I started licking, adjusting myself to the taste of this juice and soon I was sucking and slurping all of it. It seemed like a never ending stream giving me a feeling of guilt that I was unable to give so much cum to my wife. I heard him moaning again, lifted my head just to see my wife make swallowing movements, yet he had given her another load. She licked his cockhead, sucked the last cream out of his pisshole while his cock finally was limping.

He went inside the taxi to collect her clothes and handed them to her, except for the panty which would serve him as memory. She and he got dressed again and he drove us to our hotel. Once there, he thanked us, especially her, for the exciting encounter. And yes, I paid the agreed price for the ride. With the security guard of the hotel watching, the taxi driver gave my wife a farewell French kiss, while with hand pulling up her skirt so her ass and pussy were at view. Then he took off. Entering the hotel, the security guard had a “strange” smile on his face. My wife gave him a little smile, while telling me her pussy felt to sore for more. We went to our room, showered and to bed …
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