I was 22 years old and had just finished my first year as a software engineer for a pretty decent company in NYC so my friends and I went to our favorite bar near our apartment to drink, dance, and see what we could get into. we got to the bar and it was rather empty, but we knew we were early, hell it was only 9 pm, and it would get busier. However, there was an older woman there with blonde hair, about 5'2", very curvy, and piercing blue eyes that I was drawn to. I looked at her a few times, we made eye contact and smiled, and looked away. she was with a group of 6 or 7 women so I stayed away, didn't want to be "that" guy.

As the night went on the place became more and more packed. Around midnight I went up to get a drink, and guess who is right next to me? Yup, sexy piercing blue-eyed stunner. I say hello to her and she says hello back, and I ask her if I could buy her a drink, and she raises her glass and tells me she already has one, I smile and say "Yup, dumbass me, sorry" She laughs and I get my beer and as the bar is packed I am not able to move much. So I asked her her name and she told me her name was Celine.

I told her my name and we started just shooting the shit, and I found out she was there for a friend's birthday who had too much to drink and had gone home already and was down to her and her other friend. We finally make our way out of the bar towards the other side and realize her friend is talking to my other friend... so me and her start talking more, getting close, touching each other lightly, not seeing a ring on her finger I went to whisper in her ear and kissed her neck (i know stupid, but I had to test the waters, and beer helps the courage sometimes). she leaned into it and so I pulled her closer to me and went in for the kiss, she kissed back and it was a really good kiss.

We continued to talk and kiss and touch until close to closing time. Her friend left with my friend, who was supposed to be driving me back home, leaving me stranded, and Celine invited me to come with her back to her place anyway so I was all on board then. She was wearing tight jeans almost painted on and a tight button-down top that showed off her curves, as she was leaving and was in front of me I just watched her body and followed her.

when we got to the car we started making out hard, our hands all over each other. then she broke it up and said let's go. the drive to her house took about 30 minutes, and my hands are all over her legs and her hands over mine... we get to her house and she parks the car in the garage, I follow her to the house and take my shoes off at the entrance. once in the house I turn her around and begin kissing her hard, my hands on her tits, and I undo her shirt. I cupped her tits that were encased in a lace bra, the D tits felt amazing over the lace. I begin to kiss her neck and she stopped me... she grabbed my crotch and moved me upstairs to her bedroom.

we get to her bedroom and I remove her shirt and her jeans after some struggle. the bra and panties were both lace and red. I pushed her onto the bed and caressed her pussy over the lace thong, making her squirm, I smiled and kept doing it as I kissed my way up her leg. then I remove the thong and kissed above her pussy lips, I then slowly licked and caressed her pussy lips opening them, slowly tasting her, and licking her. Once she started moving her hips to my movement I knew I had found the right cadence of licking and playing with her clit and pussy hole, I reached up and caressed her tits as I ate her, and for the next hour or so I ate her until she finally pushed me off, I was rather annoyed as I love to eat pussy, but hey I didn't know her that well yet. she then got up and removed her bra allowing me to see her bare tits with the smallest eraser-like nipples and big areolas that I just wanted to suck and bite. She got me naked and got to my uncut cock kneeling. She stopped, and I was worried that this was going to be the deal breaker again, my foreskin... but no, she smiled and kissed the head of my cock and she said she hadn't had an uncut cock in a long time but loved it... the next 20 minutes she played with my cock, my balls and my foreskin exploring me.

we then proceeded to fuck with her on her back, I put on a condom and went to town on her until I came, she then had me pull out and took the condom off me, and placed it neatly on the floor. my cock was still hard so she asked me if I was ready to go again, I said yes and so we did. we then fucked with her riding me to a few orgasms, and I came again fucking her from behind slapping her ass, and pulling her hair. I came in here again and once again she placed the condom on the floor neatly after she removed it. she used a towel to clean me up and herself and we fell asleep.

At about 5 am I woke up with a huge hard-on and needed to piss. I get up and go to find the bathroom and I go and take the world's longest piss, as I walk back to the room I hear voices, not sure what the fuck to think I get ready for the worse and get ready to either get my ass kicked or something worse. I walked into the room and Celine is talking to a naked man with a metal cage on his cock. I stop not sure what to say. Celine looks over at me and says "Don't panic Scott, but this is my cuck husband Steve", I looked at him and I began apologizing telling him I did not know. they both started laughing. I was looking at them like "What the fuck??!!"

she asked me to sit down, I was in a daze and did as she asked. they then proceeded to tell me about how he shared her and how he wouldn't fuck her until the guy left. he was sucking the condom clean, eating my cum as we talked about this. for the next hour or so they explained to me about cucks, and about their lifestyle, and how they were looking for someone to take the spot of their last bull. they talked about how she thought I would be fun and good for them. we spent another 30 minutes talking about what they expected from me.

I didn't realize it but my cock was hard as we talked and her husband had grabbed it and was stroking me, I didn't even realize it as there was so much going on. She then kissed me and told me that I liked the idea and she could see it from my cock I looked down and she and her husband were now stroking me... I came like a geyser again and they cleaned me up. I agreed to try things out and see if I could be what they wanted. I fell asleep between her and her husband not sure what had just happened but was curious and intrigued...
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