This is a true story about how I met my slut wife and my early life
by eroscpl
it is not complete but a work in progress


There she comes down the path towards the basketball courts. Darrel told me she comes this way on her way to her part time job.

From my vantage point back in the bushes and lining the back edge of the park I can plainly see the courts and the restroom.

I first saw her walking towards me down the hall in school. Conservatively dressed in slacks and button up blouse. Her locker was only five away from mine but this is the first time I have been able to be here when she came by.

Hi Francesca I said as she walked by. She gave me a little shy smile and said hi Jim and continued her way to her locker. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Short dark brown hair, possibly 5-4, maybe 115# but what stood out was her magnificent breasts even though she wasn't showing them off in any way you could tell she was very well endowed.

She glanced over at me again and smiled and I felt foolish for staring but nodded at her and watched her as she retrieved some books from her locker and walked away down the hall.

Man..."You look like you're in a trance Jim" came a voice from my side. "Oh...yeah...she's so fine" "I'm going to have to talk to her and see if there's a chance I can get a date with her" I told Darrel.

"Yeah right" "Obviously you don't know much about her do you Jim" "What are you talking about Darrel"?
"Hey man, come to the park by the basketball courts this Wednesday at 5pm, keep your ass hidden in the tree's by the restroom and you'll see what I'm talking about"

Darrel wouldn't tell me anymore except to say I might change my opinion about her after Wednesday night.

Darrel has been a friend of mine since I transferred to this school and started playing baseball. He was an outstanding athlete and played football and basketball too.

The school I went to in Chicago had a mix of about 50-50 black and white and Darrel was one of the popular black athletes at school, an easy going guy that stood about 6-3, very muscular and very black.

I couldn't wait until the school day was over and when it was 4:30 I made my way to the park and hid in the bushes and trees by the courts.

I saw her walking along the path approaching the basketball courts..."Hey Baby" "Missed you the other day" I heard Darrel yell out.

Francesca had a big smile on her face and said something I couldn't hear but she walked up to the fence. Darrel and three other black guys were shooting around and he came over to the fence and started talking to her. She was dressed in Bermuda shorts and a button up blouse, nothing revealing, she was on her way to work at the A & W.

They talked for a few minutes and then I saw Darrel walk around the fence and headed for the restroom. Francesca turned around and followed him. The other three guys started shooting hoops again.

"Dam...I wish I was in there to see what was going on"

I had a raging hard on and thought I was going to cum in my pants as I stood there trying not to make a noise.

About ten minutes later Darrel appeared at the door of the restroom and yelled for the other three guys to come over. They headed around the fence and disappeared into the men's room.

I was close enough to hear the guys saying something but couldn't make it out.
I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to see what was going on so I looked around to see if anyone was coming, but since the courts and restroom are in the far corner of the park no one usually came by here unless they were going to play basketball.

I slowly walked up to the small building and saw that there were small horizontal air vents covered with screens but most of them were torn or missing.

It was too high for me to just stand there so I saw a cinder block laying a couple feet away which gave me just the right height to see what was going on.

"Dam, this bitch sure know how to suck a dick" I heard Darrel say.

Darrel had his big cock almost all the way down Frans throat. She had her hands on his ass pulling him into her and with his hands on her head she was slowly working his cock up and down.

"Take all that black cock bitch" Darrel said.

I could see he was grunting and it looked like he was about to explode in her mouth. She pulled him to her and took all but about an inch into her mouth and then with a little jerk it passed the back of her throat and she had her nose pushed up against his black curly pubic hair.

"Here it cums, keep it down that throat of yours, Ohhhh yeah, Fran, umm fuck yeah baby take it all."

I could see her holding his cock down her throat so he was dumping his load right into her stomach. It seemed like she held it for a couple of minutes but I'm sure it was only about 15-20 seconds and she slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth making sure she licked and sucked all the fuck juice she could get. She milked it until she had it all and licked her lips not wasting a drop.

One of the other guys moved in quickly and said "Hurry up I'm going to bust a nut."
"Open up your mouth and let me fill it so I can see it."
Fran tilted her head back and opened that beautiful mouth waiting for her reward. Her blouse was unbuttoned and pulled away ******** her big 36c breasts held up with a plain white bra.
"Here it comes bitch....yeah"
He stroked his cock and aimed it right at her mouth. The first powerful shot hit home and went right in. She didn't even flinch as another stream hit her upper lip with some dripping in her mouth and some on her chin dripping down on her breasts.

She kept her mouth open and let him stroke the next 2-3 shots into her mouth and on her face.

After he finished, she showed the guys the cum in her mouth and then slowly swallowed it all. My cock was hard as a rock and I had it out stroking it while I watched. She scooped the cum on her face and breasts up with her fingers and sucked it off in her mouth and cleaned herself of all the cum.

The third guy then came up to her with his big black hard throbbing cock and just as she started to take it in her mouth something grabbed me by the neck and jerked me off the cinder block. It was the Park maintenance man, a 6-6 maybe 250 pound behemoth of a black man.
"What the fuck you looking at white boy?" "You like lookin at the boys pissin in there?"

"Ahh no no...I'm sorry!!"
"Bull shit boy, why were you looking in there then?'

He still had me by the neck and I thought he was going to break it...I didn't know if he knew what was going on in there or if he knew Francesca was in there and I didn't want her to get into trouble.

"Come on boy, you like lookin at boys cock don't you?"

"No, No...I said I'm sorry, please let me go, I'll never do it again and won't ever come back."

"You commin wit me, we gonna call the park supervisor and see what he has to say."

"Come on mister please let me go."

"Shut the fuck up boy, you commin wit me, lets go."

He still had me by my neck and we walked a little way up the path to a small building that must have been a maintenance shack.

"Get in their boy."

We went into the shack and he locked the door behind us.

"Sit down in the chair." "Now, I think I'm going to call my supervisor and tell him yous lookin at boys cocks in the bathroom."

He started to pick up the phone and I said "No please, isn't there anything I can do? Please, I'll get into real trouble."

"Just what do you think you can do boy?"

"I don't know, I'll do anything, I just can't get into trouble like this."

"Well boy, lets liked lookin at boys in the bathroom didn't you?"

"No!! err..."

I didn't want to get her in trouble..

"Yes, I did look at the guys in there"

"Did you like what you saw boy?"



"Yes, yes I did"

Then I saw him reach down and unzip his pants and pull out his cock. It looked enormous and it wasn't hard.

"Well boy do you like looking at this?"

He let it hang down and it looked like it might be 8-9 inches and it still wasn't hard.

"I said DO YOU LIKE LOOKIN AT MY COCK?" as he grabbed me by the neck again.

"Yes, Yes I do"

"Good, get down here and take a closer look."

He pushed me down on my knees in front of him.

He kept one hand around my neck and stroked his big cock with the other. I could see precum leaking out of the tip and he pushed his cock right up to my lips.

"Open your mouth boy."

I kept my lips closed but he smacked the side of my face with his swelling cock, which by now must have been 10-11 inches.

"I'm not going to tell you again to open your fucking mouth."

He shoved his cock at my lips again and I opened my mouth and he shoved it in.

I decided the best way to get out of this situation was to do as I was told so I began to work his cock in and out of my mouth, sliding up and down the length as best I could.

Little did he know I was somewhat familiar with sucking cock because I had done it a few times before for my mothers lovers.

"Good boy, that's it."

"You better not scratch me with your teeth."

"Dam boy, you do that pretty good, you must of done this before."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and went over to his chair and sat down. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor "Come over here boy and get on this cock again while I get comfortable."

I stood up and as I walked over to his chair, he looked at me and said "Wooo boy you really must like this cock by the looks of that bulge in your pants."

"Now I know you done this before haven't you as he grabbed my arm and jerked me to my knees again in front of him.

"He grabbed me by the neck again and said, "Tell me boy, you done this before haven't you?"

I didn't want to say anything but he squeezed my neck so hard I thought I would pass out. I shook my head and he released some pressure.

"Well, you've done this before haven't you?"

"Yes, yes I have."

"I thought so, you to good at this to be a virgin cocksucker haha."

"Now get on this cock and show me just how good you are."

I have to admit I thought I was going to cum in my pants being in this position.

He let go of my neck and I wrapped both hands around this giant pole and licked the end where precum had formed. It wasn't a bad taste, I ran my tongue around the head and more precum formed.

I slowly licked the underside of his shaft from the tip to the base of his balls and back again.
I could hear him moan as I licked the top side of this monster until my nose was pressing into his thick curly pubic hair.

I could feel my own cock straining against the confines of my pants as I opened my mouth and took the head in, slowly, moving down, and taking as much as I could get in my mouth.

His cock was so long and thick I was sure I couldn't take it all down my throat but I would sure try. His movements told me he was enjoying it as he put his hand on the back of my head and told me to take it all down.

I was determined to try, as I slowly worked his cock to the back of my throat. I tried to get it past the entrance but it just wouldn't fit and I gagged a couple of times but I never let up so I tried again.

"Take that cock down your throat boy, I'm going to cum and I don't want you to miss a drop."
I could feel his balls tighten and new he was about to cum so I gave one last push and relaxed my throat and it popped past the restriction and I had my nose buried in his pubic hair. My eyes were watering and I thought I was going to choke but held his cock as he started loading my stomach with his cum. I could feel two-three and then four spurts enter my stomach before I had to pull some of his cock back into my mouth and catch two more loads. I was swallowing quickly and then all of a sudden I saw a flash and I looked up and saw him removing a Polaroid picture from his camera.

I started to panic but he grabbed my neck again and said "Clean that cock up boy before I let you up."

I knew it was hopeless and proceeded to lick what was left on his cock making sure I got it all. Then another flash. Dam, I knew I was probably in real trouble now.

"That was the best blow job I've ever had boy."

He grabbed a rag from a table next to him and wiped his cock and threw it at me and said,
"You better use this on yourself" as he looked down at the big wet spot I had on my pants.

I unzipped my pants and took the rag and started cleaning myself as best as I could.

"Now boy, tell me whose cock you been suckin."

"I've really got to go I'm late getting home."

"You ain't goin now where until you tell me who you been suckin or do you want me to show these pictures around."

"No No, please."

"Then tell me who you been suckin."
I was totally humiliated and I knew I would have to tell him. "I've sucked a couple of black guys that know my family."
"What do you mean they know your family."

"Isn't it enough that I told you that?"

"NO IT ISNT, so tell me what you mean."
"My mother and father have a few black friends that visit us occasionally."

"Oh yeah and how is it that you end up sucking their cocks?"

"Can't you just let me go, I'll come back and suck you anytime you want me too."

"Listen boy, you're going to do that anyway but I want to know how it is that you are sucking your families black friends?" "You either tell me or I'll show these pictures to everyone I see."

", er my mother dates a couple of them."
"HAHA so your mother is a black cock lover too."

"Does your dad know about it?"

"Yes he does"

"Well, well, so does he suck cock too?"

"Please I don't know, please let me go.
"I want you back here Saturday at noon and I want you to tell me how I can meet your mother, do you understand?"

I had to get out of there so I said, "Yes, I'll be here."

"Yes, ok, can I go now?"

"Yes, but don't forget I have these pictures of you sucking my big nigger dick and I don't think you would like me to show these around so do as I told you and everything will be fine."

"I'll be here Saturday at noon"

I rushed out the door and looked around. I didn't see anyone so I headed home.

When I got home I went to my room and closed the door and lay down on my bed. I had to think.

I got very turned on watching Francesca in the restroom and truth be told I was turned on by what the park maintenance guy had me do, but what was I going to do?

I really wanted to date Fran and figured I would drive to where she worked later and see if maybe I could talk to her or maybe take her home after work.

"Jim.....Jim, would you come down here for a minute", I heard my mother calling me.

Jim...where are you?"

"I'll be right down mom"

"Where are you?"

"I'm in the laundry room."

"What's up mom?"
"Take a look at this Jim, that bucket of nuts and bolts of your fathers fell off of the shelf above the sink and it broke off the nozzle on the faucet." "I need to use the tub but can't use it like this, can you do something about it?" "Your father is working late and he has to work this weekend so he doesn't have time.

"Well mom, at least it's not leaking" then it hit me. My problem could be solved.

"Hey mom I know the maintenance guy at the park and I'll bet he would come over and fix it."

"Can you wait until Saturday?" "I'm sure he might be able to fix it."

"Jim we don't have a lot of money to pay a maintenance man, don't you think you could try?"

"I could mom but I don't want to make matters worse and anyway he does a lot of work for people in the neighborhood and doesn't charge anything. Maybe you could make him a meal or a cake or something."

"Well...Jim, if you think he will, then ask him but I do need it fixed before Monday."

"OK mom, I'm sure he will do it."

"I'm going to run over to the A&W's and get a hamburger, can I bring you back something?"

"Thank you honey but no thanks, I ate something a little while ago, you be careful."

"OK bye"

Wow looks like that problem is solved. I think I will run up to the park tomorrow and talk to him but now I'm going to see if I can see Fran.

I got in my old Mercury and headed up to the A&W restaurant hoping I could find a spot where she would be working.

I circled around the lot a couple of times until I figured out which area she was working in and pulled.

"Can I take your order"..."Yes I'll have root beer and an order of fries" "Thanks, be right with you"

Here she comes walking towards my car with my order. Dam she looked good and I got an instant hard on thinking about what I saw just a few hours before.

"Here's your order," she said...."Oh Hi Jim, I didn't know it was you" "Hi Francesca, I didn't even know you knew my name" as I sat there with a hard on kind of blushing but I knew I had to say something.

"Looks like it's been real busy"

"Yeah, and I'm really tired and can't wait to get off work"

"When will that be"?

"Oh in about half an hour"

"Would you like me to drive you home after you get off" I said with a slightly shaky voice hoping she wouldn't turn me down.

She hesitated for a minute and said "Can you hold on I'll be right back, I have another order to deliver"?

I felt myself sweating a little and my cock was stiff as a board as I watched her walk back to pick up her order.

Was she thinking of an excuse to brush me off?

Was she going to meet Darrel and his friends after work?

What chance would I have if she liked those big black cocks of Darrel and his friends?

Here she stomach was churning..."Sorry I took so long Jim, but yes, you can give me a ride home if you would like." "I get off in about 10 minutes and you can pick me up at the rear of the building if you would."

"Sure Francesca, I'll be there waiting"

She walked back towards the restaurant and I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

Dam...what am I going to talk to her about. I certainly can't say I saw her at the park today...just small talk...don't be pushy.

I pulled around to the back of the restaurant and she came out and hopped into the car..."Thank you so much for giving me a ride home Jim, After being on my feet like this, it sure is a relief to sit down."

"You've got a real nice car Jim"

"Thanks Francesca, I bought it myself, its old but I keep it clean and running"

"Please Jim, call me Fran"

"Then Fran it is Francesca...err I mean Fran" as we both laughed.

She moved over and sat close to me again while I was driving and I was hoping she wouldn't notice the raging bulge in my pants.

"So Jim, do you have a steady girlfriend"?

"No, I have friends that are girls but no girlfriends"

"How about you Fran"? "Are you seeing anyone regular"?

"No, my parents are very strict, they are Southern Baptist and frown on dating, kissing, or revealing clothes of any kind"

"I love my parents to death but I feel like I'm being smothered by them"

"I can see how you would feel that way Fran"

"I sneak out occasionally to have some fun but that's about all I can do"

We were getting close to her house when she said..."STOP" "Let me out here"

"But Fran, were only a block away I can drive you"

"I'm sorry Jim, its my parents, I've got to get out here and walk home."
She quickly put her arm around my neck and pulled me to her and planted those luscious lips on mine, lingering for a brief moment, we exchanged tongues and then she slide across the seat opened the door and said "Thanks Jim, I'm sorry, I hope we can do this again sometime, bye"

Then she stunned me, she stopped just outside my car door and leaned inside and said, "I hope you enjoyed watching this afternoon."

She smiled at me and headed down the street.
I went home and jacked off three times before falling asleep.

The next day I was waiting by my locker for her to come down the hall when I heard three white guys who had just passed me say "Hey, look, here comes that nigger lover" and they all started laughing as they passed Francesca in the hall.

I could see her eyes well up with tears as she approached me.

She tried to turn around when she saw me and go the other way but I caught up with her.

"I'm sorry Jim, I get that all the time just because I hang around Darrel and his friends most of the time while I'm in school."

"No need to apologize Fran, those guys are jerks"

"I do appreciate you giving me a ride home last night, well almost home anyway"

"That's why I'm waiting here for you Fran, I was hoping you would let me give you a ride again the next time you work."

"Don't you understand Jim, you really don't want to get involved with me or all the white guys will start calling you names too."

"Fran, yes I do understand, I know you like black guys and I know you see them when you can."

Yes, that's right Jim, I do like black guys, they treat me special and that's something I know you are well aware of because I saw you at the park yesterday, looking through the vents in the restroom.

"And besides that, Darrel told me you were there."

Dam, I could feel my face turning bright red and I thought I really screwed this up.

"I'm really sorry Fran, I just wanted to meet you and possibly ask you out on a date."

"Well then Jim, why didn't you just ask instead of hiding in the bushes like that"?

"I really didn't think I stood a chance of dating you."

"So by hiding in the bushes and watching me you thought that would help your chances?"

I felt really humiliated and embarrassed but if I was to have a chance with Fran I knew I had to say something.

"Fran, I can't tell you how sorry I am that I did that but I certainly understand why you would be mad at me but I have to tell you that just because your seeing black guys it still doesn't matter to me, I would still like to date you."

"Oh yeah Jim....just so you think you could get in my pants, is that it?"

"No Francesca that isn't it, you see I'm not like the other white guys. I know there are a lot of white girls and women who like black guys."

"Oh and how do you know that Jim?" "Are you some kind of young psychologist or something?" and "Please call me Fran, Francesca just sounds too formal"
"Well Fran I know there are a lot of women who enjoy the company of black guys mother does too"

There was a long pause as she looked at me and almost seemed at a loss for words.

"Are your parents divorced Jim?"

"No their not but my father knows and is supportive of her."

"Wow, I don't know what to say Jim, that seems a little strange"

"I guess it does to someone outside but as long as I can remember I've always known of black men coming over to our house."

"At first I just thought they were friends of my parents because dad works at Fords, but it didn't take long to figure out that their friends were spending a lot of time in the bedroom." I said with a slight laugh.

"Yeah I guess so, but how do you feel about that"

"My parents get along so well, no fighting, no arguments so who am I to say anything."

"So are you saying you don't mind me seeing Darrel and his friends and you still want to date me Jim?"

"Yes, Fran, that's exactly what I'm saying."

"Jim... you know what Darrel and I and his friends were doing in the restroom yesterday?"

"Yes, I do"

"And you still want to date me?"

"Yes of course I do"

"If we started dating you know I'm still going to see Darrel and his friends don't you?

"I was hoping you wouldn't but I do understand"

"Jim, you must understand, Darrel and his friends have always treated me nice, not like those ignorant white guys"

"Fran, its fine with me, after all Darrel and I have also been friends for some time too"
"Give me a couple of days Jim because I'm going to have to talk to my dad. He forbad me to date after he caught me in a car with Darrel, we weren't doing anything but he liked to killed me dragging me out of the car and screaming "Why don't you date a nice white guy instead of these dam niggers"

"He told me I wasn't allowed to date again until I found a nice white guy so if you are still sure about this, then I would be happy to date you as long as daddy goes along with it"

"I don't work until next Monday so it will give me a chance to talk to my dad and I'll see you Monday in school."

Friday........ I knew I had to ask the park maintenance guy to come over and work on mom's laundry tub.

I had an hour lunch so I ran over to the park hoping to find him.

I looked around the basketball courts and the maintenance shack but didn't see anyone. I hung around the shack in hopes he would come by before I had to get back to school. I was just about to leave when I saw him coming down the path..."Well...why you here today?" "Want some more of this big black cock." HAHAHA!!!

"No sir, I came by to ask you if you could stop by our house Saturday at noon to fix a faucet in our laundry room."

"Hahaha did you break it off yourself so you would have an excuse to invite me over?"

"No, my mother knocked something off the shelf and it broke."

"So what you tell your mother about me?"

"All I said was that you were a maintenance man here at the park and you might be able to help us out."

"You tell her I'm Black."


"You tell her you sucked my dick white boy?"

"No, I just told her you might be able to fix it."

"Ok boy you write the directions down here and tell your Mom this big nigger Mr. Jackson 'll fix her problem." HAHAHAHA!!!!

"Now, want some of this black meat before you go?"
"No sir Mr. Jackson, I've got to get back too school but I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

Mom called up to me and said "Jim, I've got breakfast ready, come and get it before it gets cold, you can't sleep all day."
I looked at the clock and it was already 11am and Mr. Jackson was due in an hour.

I went into the kitchen with only my jockey shorts and t-shirt and sporting a morning hard on.

Mom was at the counter fixing my plate so she didn't see the bulge. I couldn't stop thinking about what was ahead today.

Mom had her usual summer dress and heels with nylons, something she always wore. I rarely saw her in slacks or shorts for that matter.

I was always proud of her because of her looks, and even some of my friends thought she was HOT!!!

I adjusted my hard on under the table as I thought about the next few hours. I didn't notice my mother turn around and with a little laugh she said "Looks like your happy to see me this morning Jim."

I could feel my face turning beet red.
'Oh don't worry about it Jim, your father wakes up all the time tenting his jockey shorts. By the way isn't that maintenance man coming over this morning to fix the faucet?"
"Yes he is Mom, his name is Mr. Jackson and I told him you were a great cook too."

"Thank you Jim, did he say how much he would charge us?"

"Oh Mom, I don't think you will have to worry about it, just give him a surprise and I think he will be happy."

"Maybe I'll make him a cake or cookies, everyone says they love my cookies, what do you think Jim?"

"Well Mom, I'm sure you'll figure out something to make him happy."

"Mom, I'm going to take a shower, I'll see you in awhile."
"Ok Jim, I'm just going to clean up a little before Mr. Jackson comes over."
The shower felt great and it gave me a little time to think about the day ahead. Would Mr. Jackson try to seduce my mother? Would she let him if he tried? Would he tell Mom I sucked his cock? Dam, it felt good to soap my cock and stroke it while I was taking my shower.

I grabbed a towel and was drying off when I heard the door bell ring. That must be him. I thought I had better wait awhile before I appeared so I took my time drying off and then put on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts.

I heard some voices coming from the laundry room as I walked down the hallway so I quietly walked towards the door which was partially open.
I peeked in and saw Mr. Jackson leaning over the sink and he said "That should do it Mrs. Davis, now I'm going to lay down under the sink and if you would turn on the water when I tell you, I'll check to make sure there ain't no leaks."
"Yes Sir, Mr. Jackson, just tell me when to turn it on." My mother said.
Mom walked over to the sink and was standing right along side of Mr. Jackson's legs.

I could see him shift a little and I new he was looking up her dress as she leaned over the sink.

"Ok, turn on the water."
As she reached for the faucet I saw Mr. Jackson reach his hand out and run his fingers up the inside of her thigh.
I heard a low moan and Mom said "Oh Mr. Jackson, what are you doing?"
Mr. Jackson got up from the floor and looked at my mpther and said. "Listen Mrs. Davis, you know what I'm doing."

"Your boy told me you liked black men so lets not play games, you know what I want and I know what you want so get down on your knees and see what's waiting for you."

My mother went right down to her knees and began to undue Mr. Jackson's belt and unzip his pants. She reached in and took hold of that big black cock...and let it loose from the confines of his pants.

"You like that big cock don't you bitch"
"My son told you about this?"

"Yeah he told me about you and your husband and all your black friends so now you just made another friend so you should thank your boy, haha."

She looked at his big black cock growing in her hands and she started licking the head which already had drops of precum clinging to the tip.

She licked up and down the shaft on top and then underneath before she took the head in her mouth.

Slowly she worked her mouth down the shaft and then back up. Her saliva was making his cock glisten. She took his cock slowly down her throat until there were just a couple inches left. I could see she was working her throat muscles and with a little jerk his whole cock disappeared down her throat.

She held it there and started to ***** so she withdrew back into her mouth and then right back down so her nose was pressed against his black shinny pubic hair.

"Dam bitch, you sure know how to suck a dick."

"HEY!!! What the fuck you doin BOY?"

"Get your ass in here, your mom is doin a great job, so you come over here and watch how a REAL man takes care of his woman."

My face was beet red and my mother looked at me without taking the cock out of her mouth, I was so embarrassed. I walked in trying to hide the bulge showing in my shorts.

"Look bitch, look at your boy, he got all turned on watching you takin this nigger dick didn't you boy?"

"Boy, I'm talkin to you, you like watchin your mom take this big black cock?"


"Stand over in the corner and jack off if you want while dis bitch take my first load"

I was watching and all the while Mr. Jackson was talking to me, she was sucking his cock.

He grabbed the back of her head and started ramming it into her mouth and throat. It was all she could do to keep up with the assault on her throat but from the moans I could hear coming from her, I knew she was enjoying it.

"Ok bitch, her comes your first load."

I could see her working a little faster and when she took his tool all the way into her throat he let a load go that went directly into her belly. She didn't even flinch as she pulled his cock part way out and aimed the next two or three bursts into her open mouth then a couple more shots of cum hit her face and hair. She was covered in cum. She started scrapping the cum off of her face and licking it with her fingers.

"Now, dis bitch sure know how to take care of a brother, that's for sure."

I was about to bust out of my shorts. I was rubbing my cock but was too embarrassed to take it out.

"You learnin anything boy?"

Mom was standing up and said "Mr. Jackson could I get you a drink and then we could get a little more comfortable if you like"

"See boy, dis bitch know how to treat her man."

"Yeah, just give me a glass of water I've only got an hour before I have to get back to work but we got time for you to give me some of that white pussy of yours."

We walked into the living room and mom went to the kitchen to get Mr. Jackson some water.

She came back into the living room and stood in front of Mr. Jackson who was sitting on the couch and handed him the water. I sat on a chair opposite the couch.

"Stay right there bitch." As he took a big drink and set the glass on the table.

"Unbutton that dress and let me see what you got under there."

Mom slowly started to unbutton her dress and let it hang open. She had on a bra, panties, garter belt nylons and heels.

My mother looked so HOT standing in front of Mr. Jackson like that and I just exploded in my shorts as I watched him pull on her nipples.
So bitch, your boy here tells me you and your hubby have a lot of black friends that visit you now and then, is that true?

Yes, it is, she said.

Your boy also told me your husband doesn't mind you letting the brother's use that married white pussy of yours, is that right bitch?

Yes it is Mr. Jackson.

Your boy here also tells me that some of the brothers like your boy to suck their cocks occasionally, is that true too bitch?

Well, yes it is.

"Great, then you don't mind if your boy comes over here and sucks my big black cock to get it ready for that married pussy of yours now do you bitch?

"No, I don't mind. She said looking at me with a slight smile on her face.

"Good...get over here boy and get me hard again so I can show you how a REAL man takes care of his women.
I was down on my knees in front of Mr. Jackson licking the length of his cock. I looked to the side and saw my mother watching me as Mr. Jackson was pulling on her tits.

In a few minutes his cock was at full staff and he pushed me away and grabbed my mother by the arm and threw her down on the couch and proceeded to bury his big thick black cock in her wet cunt. No foreplay, just slam it home.

Mom was moaning and groaning and she started to really get into it.

"Ohhh yesyesyes........fuck me harder.....mmmmm give it to me"

"You want this black seed bitch?"

"Ohhh yesssssss! Please"

"You nothing but a black cock slut"

"Yes I am,,,,,

"Here it comes baby take that black baby batter."

Ohhh yes yes ugghhhhh mmmmmmmm

Mr. Jackson rolled off of my mother and I saw a stream of cum run out of her well used pussy.

"Oh, I guess I will have to go clean up, I'm a mess." She said.

"HEY!!! Let the boy do it for you bitch."

"Come over her boy and clean up your mother and do a good job or maybe you will have a nice little black brother or sister.

"I got on my knees between my mothers outstretched legs and proceeded to lick up all the cum running out of her pussy.

This turned her on more and she grabbed my head and held it to her clit as I licked and sucked and I could tell she was close. She was making guttural sounds and then she started cuming.

"Ohhh dam baby that was sooo goood, thank you honey.

As I was finishing off my mother I could see Mr. Jackson putting on his clothes and as he was walking out the door he turned around and said he would be back.
After he left, my mother gave me a long kiss and said she could taste Mr. Jacksons cum on my breath.

"Thank you honey for helping me out, now why don't you run upstairs and take a shower."

Chapter 2

I couldn't wait until Monday to see if Fran's dad would let her date me.

"Hi Fran, how was your weekend?"

I didn't want to sound too anxious.

"It was boring as usual but I talked to my dad about us dating...

"He wants to meet you"

"Wow, that's great, I think" I said a little sheepishly

"Why don't you walk me home after school today and you can meet him before he goes to work"

"Ok, I've got to run to class but I'll see you after school. I'll meet you by the front door of the school, see ya later Fran."

My head was spinning as I walked to class. I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate all day thinking about meeting Fran's father.

Later that day...... "Hi Fran. How was your day?"

"It was alright, got more harassment from some of the guys but I don't really care.

"Well maybe if we umm sort of start dating they will leave you alone.

"Jim, are you ready to go meet my dad now?"
"I'm ready, I think, haha"

"Jim, don't worry about him, he's very gruff on the outside but he's just old-fashioned."

As we approached her house I could see her father sitting on the front porch...

"Hi dad, this is Jim, the boy I was telling you about"

I stuck out my hand...

As far as I'm concerned, shaking a mans hand is a show of good will and friendship, if you want to date my daughter you must understand a few things."

"First, keep those dam niggers away from her."

"Second, when I give her a time to be BETTER have her here at that time, do you understand?"

"Oh yes sir, I think you will find me very responsible sir."

"We'll see about that"

"On the nights she works, she better be home right after she gets off."

"If her school work suffers at all, she will NOT date."

"If she goes on a date with you she WILL be home no later then 10pm on week nights and 11pm on weekends. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir"

"Good, now we can shake hands."

"Thank you sir, you can depend on me"

"Now I have to go to work, I'll be home at 10pm"

"What did you think of my father Jim?"

"A little intimidating but I'm sure he was just looking out for you."

"Fran, now that I've met your father I think you should meet my parents."

"How about this Saturday afternoon I take you to my house to meet them?"

"You ,do remember what I told you about my parents don't you?"

"You mean about your parents inviting black guys over?"
"Yes, I just wanted you to understand that as you will probably see, you and my family have a lot in common."

"From what you told me already Jim, I think we will all get along just great."

Chapter 3

"Mom, this is Francesca or Fran as she prefers to be called."

"I'm glad to meet you sweetie, I've heard so many good things about you." My mother said as she gave Fran a hug.
My mother was dressed in her usual summer dress, nylons and heels.

"You look beautiful Mrs. Davis, just like Jim told me."

My mother blushed a little and thanked her for the compliment.

"Jim, your dad was called into work early today and he said he was sorry he didn't get a chance to meet you Fran but said he would at another time"
"Also Jim, Mr. Jackson is coming over later, he said he wanted to make sure the pipes he worked on last weekend are still working correctly."

Of course I knew what that meant.
"You mean the Mr. Jackson from the park maintenance?" Fran said.

"Yes, that's him Fran, do you know him?" my mother replied.

"Well, umm sort of." She said with a shy smile.

Then it hit me...she must be doing him too. Wow, what a coincidence, this could get very interesting.

"What time is he coming over Mom?"

"In about an hour"

I could tell Fran was getting a little nervous.

"Could I get you two a nice cold drink?"

"Yes please." Fran said

As my mother got up and went to the kitchen I couldn't help notice how the sun shinning through the window accentuated her body with her short dress about 6 inches above the knees and the elastic top pulled down showing just enough cleavage to make it interesting.

"Fran, do you know Mr. Jackson?" I said somewhat surprised.

She blushed and looked down at her lap and said "Yes, I know him."

"I know about you and Darrel and his friends but does the same go for Mr. Jackson too?"

"Yes Jim, I'm sorry, I guess I should have told you about him too."

"Since I go through the park all the time to go to work and also to meet up with Darrel, Mr. Jackson caught us one time in the restroom and made me do him too."
"Well, I guess you and our family are sure to get along just fine then Fran."

"I suppose I should tell my mother about you and your friends and also Mr. Jackson before he comes over, don't you think Fran?"

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"Here you go kids."
My mother handed us our cold drinks.

"Jim here tells me that you and I have some things in common, is that right Fran?"

"Umm well...yes, I guess so, but I'm not sure exactly what he's told you."

"Honey, he told me that we, shall we say, like the same types of friends so to speak. Is that right Fran?"

"Don't be shy honey, Jim told me you've dated black guys before, well, so have I."

"I hope I'm not embarrassing you, I just find it very interesting that Jim would find someone that has the same interests as our familyy does."

"Mrs. Davis, I don't have a problem at all with this but I am somewhat embarrassed since we've just met."

"Don't let that worry you honey, nothing like getting things out in the open, at least in the confines of this house anyway, hahaha."

"So you know Mr. Jackson?"

"Then you probably know why he is coming over today too."

"Yes, I'm sure I know the reason." Fran said shyly

"Good then honey, you can stay here and maybe we both can entertain Mr. Jackson when he arrives."

"I'm sure he will be totally surprised and also glad that you joined us."

"Are you game honey?" my mother said

"I don't know if I should Mrs. Davis, I just met you and I don't want you to think there's something wrong with me."

"Honey, there's nothing wrong with a women who wants the pleasure of a REAL man, now is there?"

"I'm sure Jim here will treat you great and attend to your needs but when it comes to sexual satisfaction there's nothing better then a big black stud to take care of things, wouldn't you say honey?"

Embarrassingly Fran replied "Yes Mrs. Davis, that's right."

"Great, it will be fun to have a partner as pretty as you Fran."

"Thank you Mrs. Davis."

"Now, do you have any sexy clothes? You know these black guys love to see a women dressed like a slut most of the time?"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Davis I'm not allowed to wear sexy clothes, my parents forbid it."

"First stop calling me Mrs. Davis, my name is Dorothy and second, we will have to go shopping and find you something sexy and you can leave it over here if you like Fran."

"Oh that would be awesome Mrs. Errr I mean Dorothy, I've saved a lot of money from my job so I have enough to buy a few outfits."

"Great, next weekend you and I will go shopping and see what we can find, is that a deal Fran?"

"Yes Dorothy I would love that, thank you so much."

"In the mean time though, we will have to entertain Mr. Jackson just the way you are which is just fine."

Jim, my mother said...maybe you should go up to the bedroom when Mr. Jackson arrives. I think Fran here is a little nervous and we don't want to embarrass her before we even have a chance to really get acquainted now do we honey?

No mother.that will be fine.
We sat and sipped on our drink and my mother carried the conversation. Fran, stand up and let me get a good look at you. You're so pretty and sexy to be so young.

I could tell Fran was getting embarrassed but she stood up.

Turn around honey, my mother said

My my, I'm sure all the boys at school love looking at your breasts don't they Fran...what size are they honey...I'd say maybe 34 c

Fran smiled and said yes they are and yes I get teased about them all the time at school.

Dumb ass boys. I'll bet the black boys don't tease you, I'll bet they let you know they really like them, right Fran?

Yes they are always rubbing them and touching them when they get a chance.

I'll bet you enjoy it too don't you Fran?

Yes I do.

Good, I just know our black friends are really going to enjoy meeting you and I hope you enjoy them too Fran.

Just then the doorbell rang and I could see from the shadow it was Mr. Jackson so I ran up the stairs.
My mother answered the door...well hello Mr. Jackson nice to see you.

Listen slut, I don't have a lot of time so lets get to the reason I came over and you know what that is don't you?

Yes Sir I do Mr. Jackson but I have a little surprise for you.

Listen bitch...I don't have time to play games...what is it?

Follow me into the living room and I'll show you.

As he followed my mother into the living room he saw Fran sitting on the couch.

Well....look at this...what do we have here? How's my little cocksucker doing?

Answering in a real soft voice Fran said, I'm doing fine Sir.

Now isn't this a pleasant surprise...I come over to collect on a previous job I performed and I find I have two sluts here to make sure I get paid what I'm worth.

Well, since you both know why I'm here...then...get to work...I don't have all day.

Come over here my little bitch and show mama bitch what you've been doing to keep Mr. Jackson happy at the park.

Mr. Jackson was standing in the middle of the living room. Fran got up and came over to him and kneeled down and started unzipping his trousers.

My mother in the mean time got behind him and started unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing his chest.

Fran slid his trousers down and took his massive meat in her tiny hands and started stroking it. She looked up at him and proceeded to lift his cock and lick the underside of it.

Mr. Jackson moaned and said...all those brothers have taught you well. You know what pleases this nigger.

She lifted his balls and started licking underneath leaving a wet shinny trail where her tongue had been.

She licked up and down his shaft and then took the end and opened her mouth and inserted it in and started a slow wet sucking motion.

My mother was rubbing his chest and kissing his neck. He had reached back and pulled her skirt up and had his big meaty finger in her pussy.

Fran was working his cock in and out of her mouth and with each stroke taking a little more down her throat.

DAM!! I wish I had more time for this Mr. Jackson said, but I have a meeting in half an hour so we are going to let the little slut finish me today but I'll tell you now...I'll be back when I have more time and take care of the both of you.

With that...he grabbed the back of Frans head and started face fucking her. I could hear the sloppy sounds and gurgling as he filled her mouth with his meat.

Then I heard him better be ready bitch because here it comes and with that he shoved his cock all the way down her throat and held her head. He started grunting and let his load go right into her stomach...

After he came she licked him clean and made sure there wasn't a trace of cum left.

He pulled up his pants and said he was sorry he had to go but he would be back soon.

My mother walked him to the door and he told her next time he would take care of her and maybe bring a friend over for the both of them. With that he left.

When my mother got back to the living room Fran was back seated on the couch.

I'm sorry Dorothy if I spoiled your fun today, I really didn't mean to.

Don't be silly Fran, I loved watching you in action. We are going to have lots of fun together I'm sure. She gave Fran a hug and kissed her on the mouth sticking her tongue in getting a little taste of what Mr. Jackson gave Fran.

I hope you don't mind that I did that Fran. I love the taste of cum as much as I'm sure you do.

Oh no Dorothy...I'll share with you anytime and with that they both smiled and I knew this was just the beginning.
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