My wife and I were lucky enough to retire in our late 50s. We packed our stuff and in time honored tradition moved to Florida. Our house wasn't huge but we had a private pool area, a hot tub in one corner and a pool cabana with a small kitchen and shower.

It was a great lifestyle. The weather, the pool and all day to enjoy it. I went nude most days at home and encouraged Beth to do the same but she was reluctant although she was totally relaxed going topless. Her breasts are big - 34DD and she has always been proud of them although they have started to sag more noticeably in recent years.

Sex wise, things weren't great and hadn't been for some time. I don't really know why but things had been winding down for a few years and i was mostly reduced to masturbating when she was out. Pretty pathetic when you think about it.

After a few months of settling in, her Mother (early 80s) got sick and Beth started more frequent trips back home. Some trips I went with her, others I didn't. Usually dependent on the weather up North. I didn't go buck wild when she was gone. Had we been in our 30s I probably would have done but I mostly just stayed home, watched porn and grilled out in the evenings. Every Thursday evening I would go to a local bar for a couple of beers and a hamburger, I'm not much of a drinker but I went because they added marrowbone to the burger and I had read somewhere how good it was for you.

It was there I met a guy in his mid 60s called Mark. He was a "grey fox" type with a trimmed beard. We always chatted and were on the same page in certain areas, politics being one of them. He was single after several years of marriage, lived locally and never seemed to eat anything but chicken wings. After a few weeks of chatting in the bar he invited me to his apartment to " watch the game" and it ended up in a porn fest with us 69'ing each other on the floor of his living room. It was not my first experience with another guy but it was the first with a bisexual guy. I began sharing nude pics of Beth with him as well as mostly topless pics of her 2 daughters (early 30s and taken by our pool) He was hugely into porn and when I visited he would have a tv in the living room with porn on, a computer in the living room with porn on and a tv and 2 comps in the bedroom with porn on. It seemed a bit too much like overkill but everyone likes what they like.

I started to see him weekly when she was gone and then not see him at all when she came back. It was an easy relationship to keep going as we weren't "dating" so we couldn't really break up!

It was on one of her trips home that Beth got into a fender bender. Nothing serious and initially she seemed fine, but after a few weeks she complained of back pain which seemed to get worse over time. It wasn't sufficiently serious for any kind of surgery but she needed pain medication. I understood her reluctance to take it as her sister had had a pill problem a few years previously and she was worried about addiction. Consequently, she would wait for the pain to hit before taking them rather than taking them in advance of any pain. Fortunately her doctor was sympathetic to her concerns and gave her a medical marijuana prescription instead.

It was some random day a few weeks later and I was sitting outside drinking my morning coffee reading the news on my phone. Beth was showering. I went through the french doors into our bedroom where you can see part of the shower (its one of those "open" showers which doesn't have a door) She was masturbating using her hand and the shower head, really working her bare pussy over. I retreated like I was watching something illegal but it was hard to shake the image. I have NEVER known her to masturbate, even when we were in our 30s screwing daily.

Bringing the subject up though was a different matter and after pondering how best to do so, I ended up just blurting it out after a glass of wine too many a few days later. It was a bit of an uncomfortable conversation at first but she readily admitted the pot made her feel horny, We didn't have a big come-to-Jesus conversation but that night I straddled her and slide my cock between her titties for the first time in months. She actually asked me to do her from behind and had a quiet but obvious orgasm within a few minutes after which I finished on her tits.

Was my wife now a slut? Unfortunately not, but we began doing it 3 times a week or so plus at my request she would go fully nude when we were at home. She was more relaxed for sure.

{ At this point I would make a few comments. Nudity/going topless doesn't seem like a big deal in Florida because of the pool and because of the weather. If I was up North and my stepdaughters/wife walked into the kitchen topless/nude I would probably have a heart attack but when they are here it happens daily without anyone blinking an eye as they are constantly tanning/sunning and walking in and out of the house. That type of lifestyle and set up tends to create more of an underlying sexual dynamic }

Naturally, I began thinking of us exploring a naughtier sex life. Ideally I would have preferred an arrangement with another couple- kind of a more the merrier approach, but I knew that wouldn't fly, so my thoughts really centered on Mark.

Part 2 to come if enough people are interested
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