This is a true story about our first time swinging.


2051790391_9f21096665_m.jpgMy wife has always liked to fantasize in bed. When we first started dating, she was 19 and sexually very inexperienced - mine was the first cock she ever sucked, and I was the first to fuck her incredible tits, too. She loved to be talked dirty to, and I noticed that she responded enthusiastically to fantasies about having sex with a few guys and things like that. I had never really thought about group sex before, but the more I did, the more I started to picture my innocent, shy wife in those situations, and it grew on me. When I would suggest meeting another couple for real, she would balk at the thought. She liked the idea as a fantasy, but she wasn't interested in playing with others. Still, I pushed her on it - the idea was stuck in my head now -I joined an online swingers site, uploaded a few pictures of her and us together, and wondered what would happen.

Eventually, we made contact with a couple about our age - we were 26 and 28. They seemed nice online, and we arranged to meet them at a local upscale wine bar in London. Ida, my wife, was very nervous. I was, too, of course, but I was also excited and trying to encourage her to be more daring with her choice of wardrobe. In the end, she wore tight jeans and a snug red top that showed a bit of cleavage. My wife tends to dress in a way that plays down her sexuality, so she was a little bit embarrassed to be showing herself off like that, but she wanted to please me.

Ida is beautiful. Amazingly so. She's 5'8", with long legs, a great ass that usually has tan lines rising her cheeks, a flat, toned stomach, and perfect breasts. I don't think I can describe them in a way that does them justice - but they're a D-DD cup, but perky and firm. They're the kind of tits comic book artists draw when they're trying to draw a ridiculous idea of what perfect breasts look like. She looks a bit like the old Disney Snow White.

She's Nordic, though at this time we lived in London. Like a lot of Norse types, she's a natural blond but dyes her hair dark.
She has green eyes, a beautiful face, and a perfect mouth for blowjobs. She's a phenomenal cocksucker - again, words fail me. Her pussy is like a vice, it takes superhuman self-control to not cum inside her immediately when I fuck her.

Ida was blushing as we were leaving and gave me notice that she would only chat that night, no playing, as she was so nervous about the whole situation.

We went to the wine bar and had a drink while waiting for the other couple, Dan and Allie. They arrived shortly after, they were a decent-looking couple. Not beautiful, but decent. Allie was thin with not much of a figure and had no chest to speak of. They sat down with us and it was quickly apparent that Dan was very very interested in Ida. He was polite, but couldn't keep his eyes off her. He was practically drooling

We had a couple more drinks and got along well. I knew that they wanted more, but I was planning on politely saying "not tonight" if they asked us to go somewhere with them. I wasn't that attracted to them and didn't want to rush Ida. So when the offer to come back to their hotel room came, I was surprised when Ida said "ok". I went along with it.

When we had a moment to talk privately as we left the bar, she explained that she thought I wanted to go, and she didn't want to be a spoilsport. She said she still was just planning on sitting and talking.

They had a nice room in a tiny hotel. The girls sat on the floor with drinks while Dan and I sat on chairs. Dan and Allie often tried to steer the conversation toward sexual topics, but Ida awkwardly avoided them. They tried over and over again, and Dan was getting a bit frustrated, which Allie noticed.

After about two hours of boring small talk and a couple more glasses of wine, Allie moved behind Ida, who was facing us men and started massaging Ida's back while we were talking. Ida liked that, and it was innocent enough, so she let it happen. After a while, Allie started kissing Ida's neck just a little, and then pulled her into a full kiss and embrace. Dan and I watched the girls kiss, their tongues softly encircling.

Taking her time, Allie let her hands roam over Ida's body. First down her back, then over her ass and legs, then up her belly and coming to rest on her full, firm breasts. Her hands wandered down to the bottom of Ida's top, and slowly lifted it and Ida reluctantly lifted her arms so that Allie could take it off. Ida's perfect breasts were now on view in their little black bra, but Allie now pressed on. "Holy shit..." muttered Dan to himself at the sight of Ida's bra. Allie saw Dan's eagerness and went straight for the clasp, unhooked it, and pulled Ida's bra away. Ida blushed and tried to hide her nipples with her hands, but that only made her look more vulnerable and sexy. Allie kissed her again and gently but firmly pulled Ida's hands away, displaying her breasts for her husband.

At this point, Dan couldn't take any more. He stood up, unzipped his trousers, and took out his cock. It was smaller than mine, I guess it was about 6", but it was rock hard. He walked over to where the girls were sitting on the floor kissing, took Ida's hair in both hands, turned her toward him, and unceremoniously shoved his cock deep in her mouth, sighing in satisfaction and triumph. "Mmmm....fuck yeah..." He probably didn't know if she'd be furious or upset or not, but I guess he figured, "fuck it" and didn't want to miss the opportunity, and even if she got mad, at least he'd have felt his cock in her mouth. Ida was shocked, her face turning red, and her eyes widened as she suddenly found a stranger's penis in her mouth, but she - perhaps by instinct or habit - wrapped her lips around it as she looked up at him, embarrassed, with Dan holding her in place by her hair. He took this as acceptance and he decided to release that pent-up desire for her he'd been building up for hours. "Jesus Christ..." he muttered to himself, as her mouth gave him more pleasure than he had gotten from his wife for years.

He took her hair in his two fists and started jerking her mouth up and down on his cock, facefucking her fast and hard. He didn't thrust into her mouth, he stood still and mercilessly rammed her mouth down on his cock, hard and fast. I think he could tell she was nervous and reluctant, but he also knew he wanted her very much, so he wanted to give her no time to think about it. He had also gotten frustrated by this point because she had been turning down his advances all night. Ida's big tits were bouncing around comically on her chest, and Dan had a huge grin on his face like he was having the time of his life.

"Get me the camera." Dan said quietly but urgently to his wife. She grabbed it and handed it to him, and he took some shots looking down at Ida. "Look up here." he commanded her, and Ida looked up into the camera as he continued to snap pics. He held the camera to the side to get some shots of his cock in her mouth in profile, then pushed her all the way down, pressing her nose against his stomach, his balls resting on her chin. "Ahhhh...." he said, enjoying the sensation, and then he held her there while he took a few more shots.

By this time, Allie had come over to me. We kissed a bit and soon, she knelt in front of me to suck. She wasn't very talented at it and mentioned that she never swallowed, but it still felt pretty good to have her blow me while I watched Ida being used like a cheap *****.

Setting aside the camera and pulling Ida with him by her hair, cock still buried in her mouth, Dan laid back on the bed so he could relax and grabbed her hair with both hands, and went back to slamming her head down on his cock. He wanted to make the most out of the situation, so whenever he was about to cum, he'd pull her off his cock by her hair and say "suck my balls" and then she'd lick and suck gently on his balls while he squeezed her tits until he recovered his composure, then he'd grab her hair and shove his cock back in her mouth for more facefucking. He gave her no breaks.

Allie had finished blowing me by that time, gone to the bathroom to spit the cum out - I didn't care since I wasn't that into her anyway - and we were watching Dan and Ida. Finally, when he was ready to cum, he put his hands on the back of her head, pushed his cock in, and started pumping cum into her mouth and roared in satisfaction, "Aaaaaaahhh!!!! Suck it, you fucking *****! Aaaaaahhh! Unghhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Take that, bitch!" He held her on as he spasmed, his body bucking wildly, his legs convulsing as he screamed and groaned in ecstasy, "Aaaaaaaarghhhh!" shooting spurt after spurt into her mouth. "mmmph! mmmph! mmph!" Ida swallowed frantically. He wanted to force her to drink every drop - he figured she would have refused like his wife always did, so he didn't give her a choice. He held her there, all the way down on his cock as his body shook in pleasure. Ida gulped it all down, but he held her on, sighing happily until his cock started to soften. Then he pulled her off his cock, and wiped it on her pretty face before he got up and got dressed.

We all felt a little awkward after, and Ida and I decided to leave. We said bye to them and caught a taxi home. When we were alone, I facefucked her myself and asked her how she had felt about Dan treating her like that.

She thought about it, and sliding her mouth off my cock for a moment, said, "Ummm... flattered, I guess. It was exciting that he wanted me so much, and I was happy that he seemed to be having such a good time."

I was surprised, but turned on, by her answer, and in response, I smiled and shot another load of cum into her mouth.
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