I have been a member here since I started college, which was almost 10 years ago. On the permission of mistress Sana I am writing this. I am not allowed to post pictures. All the names mentioned here is not our real names, but the details are very true. some names of locations have been changed for privacy reasons.

10 years ago. I just started university. Fresh 18 years old both of us , me and Sana. Both me and Sana was and were high school sweet hearts. After I started college. I started fantasizing about Sana getting roughly fucked by a white stud. I would masterbate a lot of time a week based on this fantasy alone. I never really got around to telling Sana that I have this fantasy, but eventually I joined this forum in secret to look for a bull who will eventually seduce her and take her precious cherry. You see we never had sex during our time in high school. She promised me that we will have sex when we start college. Despite getting constant blue balls, I respected her wishes.

Two weeks before leaving India and starting college in UK, The incident happened that changed out relationship for ever. Sana caught me chatting about to a white stud named Stuart. During the chat, I we were sharing our both fantasies about Sana, how he will pound my girlfriend while tying me up to a chair. He also shared a lot of pictures of himself Cumming and of course his long thick 8 inch cock. I never really shared a picture of Sana with him, but i did give him a very vivid description of how she looks like. I did not meet the bull in this forum

After this incident Sana initially thought that I was gay and was very eager to breakup with me. However I pleaded with her that this is not the case, that I find her very beautiful and that it was just a fantasy. That she should not take it seriously. However she still had doubt over me. Saying that perhaps she should play out this fantasy of mine in real time so that I can get this out of my head. Instantly I got an erection, which simply made Sana laugh at me louder.

After this incident , she lost all the respect for me as a man. She would barely listen to anything I say, go out whenever she wants and dress as she pleases. Overnight from being Sana's boyfriend I became her Sana's asexual best friend. In this period I thought The opportunity to have sex between us was completely gone. I was sexually frustrated beyond doubt.

So when we arrived in the UK , funnily enough , me and Sana rented a flat together . Our Indian parents before starting college got us engaged, encase we get up to naughty things in UK. However this is when things really started to twist.

As soon as we arrived in the UK, it became my duty to look after all of Sana's needs. From cooking to cleaning to doing her homework, Sana was making me do it all for her which by the way I was very happy to do.

This continued for an entire semester, before one night, I arrived and caught her having sex with a handsome white stud. He was tall and very well muscled. I was shocked but none the less I did not interrupt them that night. I merely went into the next door, and went to sleep. Sana knew I saw the entire thing, but she did not give a damn. She must have told her white bull named Stuart that I was her gay best friend, that I did not mind her having sex next door.

So anyway, after this incident Sana informed me that the status of our relationship will be this: She and Stuart will have all the sex in the apartment. However the outside world will know that She is engaged to me. She kindly informed me that she told Stuart that even though she is engaged to me, I am actually gay and that Stuart has nothing to worry about. That in India I cannot "come out" therefore to hide my real identity I got engaged to her. That in reality I have no sexual interest in her , that she has no interest in me either. She also told me that I must not inform any of her "activities" to anyone back home. Also I am not allowed to see any other girls. However she was perfectly fine with me seeing other men. She even offered to share Stuart with me, which thank fully Stuart declined. Otherwise I am sure Sana would have made sure I give up my anal cherry to stuart. which Stuart declined. Needless to say, I obeyed mistress Sana to the letter. Stuart also promised to to not reveal to anyone that I am gay and promised to look after Sana's sexual needs for the duration of her stay in UK. In secret of course.

Stuart actually took sympathy for me and actually offered me to setup with one of his gay friends which I politely declined. long story shortened. I spend the next 5 years of college, as a fiance to Sana on public, but in private nothing more than a sexually frustrated virgin who constantly hears the screams and moans of his hot indian girlfriend constantly plowed by her white stud.

After we finished in the UK , We arrived in india, where Me and Sana got married. But really it was nothing more than a ceremony of my entry into a sexless marriage. Stuart did arrive to our wedding where both me and Sana introduced him as our best friend from UK. After this me and Sana went to our honeymoon in goa, where in secret Stuart joined us and did the honeymoon honors.

Right now for the last 1.8 years Sana is stuck with Stuart in the UK, while I am typing this in Delhi. You see. She went there for a visit ( bussiness) but got stuck in UK. She is still there now, satisfying all of Stuarts needs. while I am in Delhi right now masterbating and writing this. in the last 3 years of marriage she has never touched my cock. Stuart would come to India to look after all her sexual needs every 3 months where she would secretly visit him in goa, or she would go to uk.

Also there is another problem.

She is has also given birth to stuarts Child , and she has thrown at me the ultimatum that for our marriage to work( which she is very interest in keeping me as she is very much in love with me ), This child has to become a part of our family and most certainly she will keep seeing staurt.

Now I am suffering from the dilemma of how to keep my marriage together and how to explain a mix race child ? any ideas ?
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