From the lifeguard stand he could tell she was watching him. Mrs. Evans was new to the community pool, having just moved in from out of state with her husband and two kids. A stay-at-home mom, she brought her kids to the pool on most weekdays. She was a flirt, but he didn't think much of it. When he first walked by her a couple months ago, she had given him the once-over while she was sunbathing and he in turn as passed by. One hot July afternoon, after her two sons had to be told to stop running 4 times, she came over to him to apologize. Since then they made sure to chat for a bit every time she came. She only got in the water during adult swim, doing laps back and front from one side of the pool to the other. When she made it to his side, she sometimes would make quick eye contact and he could see the lust in them. The husband never came to pool, so what's wrong with a little staring and a little flirting?

As August rolled around, Mrs. Evans starting wearing bikinis to the pool instead of the one piece suits she had been wearing. The swimsuits hugged her amble curves perfectly in Eric's eyes. While chatting with him the first time she showed up in one, she told him with a sly grin that he shouldn't be staring at a married woman like that. When she turned and walked away, he watched her ass shake just a little with each step. He came harder jerking off than he ever had before when got home. On the whole though, those summer days went by without incident until school started up again mid-August.

The pool was expecting less business since all the kids were in class during the week. Some adults still came by and he was happy to see Mrs. Evans was one of them. By this point she had been insisting on him calling her by her first name, Tera. Tera spent more time in the pool with no screaming kids around to spoil her relaxation and she had been spending more time around him. She liked to chat with him with her arms crossed over the side of the pool, wading in the water. When she did this, he tried, often failing, to not stare down her cleavage.

Now she was watching him from her deck chair from across the pool. She had sunglasses on, but he knew her eyes were fixed on him. And his were fixed on her. There were a few other people here today to keep an eye on, but he had a hard time focusing. He was thankful the forecast called for afternoon showers or he would have been stuck like that the entire day. His bulge swelled but he did his best to not think about his porno fantasy with her. Her beckoning for him to come over, to undo her bikini top and rub sunscreen on her bare back, her soft moan as he ventured up her thighs and groping her under her bikini bottom when no one was looking, to tell her to follow him to the back office to sort out her monthly payment, bending her over his deck and fucking her without mercy. Back in the real world she was wearing his personal favorite bikini of hers. The firetruck red one with the string bottoms that sometimes gave her wedgies. It didn't help him keep his manhood from waking up. She had been reading a book but he saw her slightly lower it and shift her focus to him. He was also wearing sunglasses, but made no attempt to hide the fact he was looking at her. If she wanted him to look, he's gonna look. After about 15 seconds of this standoff, she placed her book on the chair next to her and grabbed her towel out of her bag without breaking eye contact. She placed the folded towel on her left thigh and slowly traced her bikini line with her right hand. When his eyes raised, she slid her fingers in and quickly covered her lap with the towel. That was a message. He was sure of it. No one else at the pool was positioned to see what she was up to except him. She was touching herself as they stared at each other.

Suddenly it was pouring. He must have been too focused on her to notice the raindrops slowly falling and now it pouring. Thunder followed and he made sure everyone got out of the pool and left in an orderly fashion. Tera was the last one out and she asked if he could do her a favor. "Shoot". "Can you drive me home? I walked here and I don't want this book to get anymore wet. It's a library book." After a heavy pause he responded "Well the Mafioso's at the library will be after you if that gets damaged." and unlocked his car. Stealing glances at each other, he saw underneath her beach coverall that her nipples were hard. He kept the AC on as she gave him directions.

"Since the pool's closed for the day, you should come in for a sec. Just until the rain stops." He was about to protest, that this had gone on far enough, that her husband would kill them if she saw her with him in their house. "Mrs. Evans -" "Tera" she interrupted. "Come on, you can dry off and relax on the couch for a bit." She touched his hand and he followed her in.

He took in his surroundings once inside. A pretty typical suburban home for a typical suburban family. He saw a photos of her typical suburban family on a table by the door. The two grade school sons playing on a beach somewhere. A photo of her and her husband at their wedding. He was scrawny and didn't fit the physical specimen that he imagined he would be. Impressive that that guy managed to get The MILF Next Door. "Here take a towel and dry yourself off. I need to grab something from my bedroom" she said handing him a bath towel. He did so and watched her walk up the stairs into her bedroom, the coverall falling behind her. He was nervous but it was thrilling being here. A part of him doubt anything would happen, a part of him firmly believed that it would. "Would you be weirded out if I said I've mentioned you to my husband before?" she called from the open bedroom. "No I guess not." he called back. "He said I need to stop wearing this swimsuit... he said I'm going to Fast Times you on accident." she called. "Oh wow, well I guess he's just know...because" he stammered, looking at the art on the wall. "Well I told him I wouldn't do that. I'm not going to Fast Times you." she called more softly. "But I didn't say I wouldn't Wolf of Wall Street you." He spun around and saw her in her doorframe. She naked as the day she was born. Her tan lines ******* her slightly uncovered flesh. She had shaven her pussy like he guessed she had been doing. Her nipples were lighter than he thought they'd be, but he hadn't been far off.

"Well are you gonna just stand there or-" and then he was on her. He picked her and carried her to her bed. They made out like teenagers, their tongues sliding against each other. He caressed her curves, groping her breasts and pinching her nipples. She groaned as she tried to pull of his swimshorts. He got up, took off his tank top and shorts. Tera eyes went wide she saw his stiff cock. "I saw you touching yourself today." She looked back up at him and nodded. "You thought about this for a long time, haven't you?" Another nod. "You can touch it." and he guided her hand onto his member. She slowly stroked it, her hand going from the base to the tip and back down. She didn't break eye contact doing it. Once she was on her knees on the floor, she closed her eyes and started to suck it. She got her mouth half way down the shaft and stroked the other half in a twisting motion. Tera was very very good at this, just as he imagined she would be. He groaned and turned his head toward the ceiling as she pulled his cock upwards and sucked on each of his balls. He looked down and watched her tongue travel back up from his balls to the underside of the shaft and up to the head, which had just let out some precum. "Don't cum now... I need this before my kids get home." she said stroking him. "I need you now." he said and motioned for her to get up. She got up and he ****** her to bend over the side of the bed. She giggled and let him spread her legs as she gripped the sheets in anticipation of what was to come. To her surprise, she felt his mouth on her pussy, not the cock she was throbbing for. He knew she had been wet and wanted to finally taste her forbidden fruit. He fingered her g-spot and rubbed her clit, savoring every moment, and felt her tremble as she came on his face. He stood up and smiled as he positioned himself behind her. "Beg for it." he commanded. "Please please please just fuck me already please please" she begged "PLEASE PLEASE PLEA-" and he thrust into her.

She was tight. She was soaking wet and her pussy was ready to be taken, but his girth still filled her. She let out a soundless yelp as his cock rammed into her. Three mores strokes and she was started to get used to it. Tera started to really like it. He was going slowly, letting her get used to him as he pumped. She looked back at him and watched him stare at her ass and fucked her. "This feels so good baby" she cooed. His hands were holding onto her hips, controlling their speed as they fucked. "God you're so tight, this big dick must feel good doesn't it?" he asked. "Yes baby might be the biggest I've ever had." She replied. He gave her a spank in reply and her eyes rolled back. "Fuck...go a little faster baby." she begged. He obliged and the room filled with the sounds of their flesh smacking against each other, their soft groans as they finally got to do what they had been waiting for. "I'm close baby just like that. Please baby just like that" she moaned and he kept the pace. He wanted to fuck her fast and hard now but he wanted her to cum for him again first. Staying the course had its rewards. After another 10 seconds of moaning, she called out his name and came hard.

He pulled out of her and pushed her further onto the bed, flipping her over. She giggled as she reached to kiss him again. "I finally have you." he whispered as she licked her hand. She lubed him with her saliva and spread her legs wide for him. He positioned her cock against her pussy and teased her with it. She went to put it in but he grabbed her hand and asked her if she wanted it. "More than anything, please take this pussy baby." she begged. "Oh yeah? How much do you love this cock?" he asked her. "I love you cock so much baby, please fuck me please. My husband can't like you can. Please I love it I LOVE IT I LOVE IT" she called out as he thrust back into her. He fucked her hard now, a summers worth of pent up lust had finally reached its climax. He felt her claw at his back as he had his way with her, but he didn't care. They were two animals in heat. He slowed down and held her as he felt his orgasm approaching. "Why'd you stop?" she asked concerned. "I'm gonna cum, where do-" "Inside." she replied staring into his eyes. He then took slow, long strokes and felt his balls tightening up. "Please cum in me baby. Breed me baby. I want you cum to breed me." she was begging and hadn't broken eye contact. He groaned hard and gave one final hard push into her and erupted inside her. "OH GOD I CAN FEEL IT YES BABY YES" she cried out as she came hard.

They stayed like that for awhile, sweating and naked, embracing and kissing as he cock remained pushed into her. They eventually broke the kiss and she let go of him as he got up. He saw his seed was dripping out of her and scooped some of it up with his finger. Without being told to, she opened her mouth and sucked on the finger. "Good girl." he told her and kissed her again. "Is it ok if I show this to my husband?" she asked and motioned toward the dresser. He looked over and saw that she had propped her phone up, presumably recording the whole thing. "He wanted me to" she said, answering his unasked question. "Sure baby...when do your sons bus get here? Think we have time to shower?" he asked grinning. "Not till 3:30...we have time" she replied, beaming and took his hand as he led her to the bathroom. "Hey you know it's supposed to rain tomorrow too."
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