Covered bottle 3a.jpgI have just read a comment from Kasim about him listening to his wife from the spare room as she has sex with a guy in his marital bed and I got an instant hard on. It just reminded me of the feeling I had when something similar happened to me.

My best mate was our 3some buddy for nearly 20 years and I had seen her fucking and sucking and a lot more with him plus hundreds of 3somes too.
But what Kasim spoke of and when it happened to me, it gave me a strangely different and highly erotic feeling which was so different to all that we had indulged in together before.

The first time it happened I had been married to Jill, for a year, and we had been a 3some partnership with Alan for 9 months. Alan, my best mate, had stayed over at our place at weekends many times and we had enjoyed another great Saturday night 3some as usual.

When we woke up on Sunday morning Jill told me that she was really horny again. Must have been the great sex we had the night before, and she wanted more. Then she suddenly announced "I'm going into Alans room too wake him up with a blow job. Now I knew she really loved sucking cocks. Especially if they were soft, until they got hard in her eager wet mouth mmm. Moments later and without waiting for my approval, not that she ever waited for that, and still completely naked, she told me she was going to crawl up under the duvet from the bottom end of the bed and try and get him hard before he woke up. With those words uttered, she was gone.

From now on my scribblings are a mix of what I could hear and imagine and what she told me happened, much later.

I heard very little to begin with as she quietly crept into his bedroom next door. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as my emotions tumbled around in my head, not know how I really felt about this new situation. I had never, not been in the room as she had sex with him before and I could not decide how I was feeling. A strange mix of excitement and sexual anticipation but extremely stimulating as well.

Next thing I could just hear was her crawling up , under the duvet, then silence again. My imagination took over and I could imagine her gently holding and wanking my best mates flaccid sleeping cock as she softly licked it and his balls. I started to hear her little moans of pleasure which I was probably meant for me to hear.

xxx- (70).jpgA minute or two later I heard the gentle rustle of the duvet and my mates gentle moaning too as he started to wake up and realise his cock was getting a lot of unexpected attention from my wife's hands and mouth. I could imagine him spreading his legs wide so she could get complete access to his cock and balls as he started to really enjoy the feelings she was giving him. I could hear her start to moan a bit louder "Oooh yea, I love sucking your hard cock mmmph!"

Now I knew she had got him hard and he would be laying there basking in the glory of a morning blow job. She would lifted his legs up and bent them back so she had total access to his hard cock, his scrotum and his arse hole which she loved to push a finger in as she sucked and licked him all round that area. My mind was racing and I knew she was doing all she could to give him maximum pleasure. My hand was now gently wanking my rock hard cock as I listened to Jill giving him everything he wanted from her. This, my torture of pleasure for what seemed like ages and the noises they were making were such a turn on. WOW.

Eventually it went quiet then the sound of passionate kissing. Mmmm's and groans and slurps and kisses of shear passionate pleasure and I knew she must now be laying naked on top of him and grinding her groin against his hard cock. Suddenly I heard the bed start to rhythmically creek. She must have been so horny and eager for more and desperate to get her pussy filled with his cock. She had impaled her pussy on his member as they passionately snogged each others face off and was now fucking him as she pumped up and down on him, ramming his cock deep into her wet horny hole, her 36C tits swinging and bouncing up and down to the squeaks of the bed. During our many 3somes I LOVED watching her tits swinging and bouncing around as they fucked in front of me. I was now finding it extremely difficult not to wank harder and faster and blow my load as I listened to their sounds of horny vigorous pumping pleasure. I was so jealous of the one on one enthusiasm of their fucking. She was really making sure I could hear and knew what she was doing with him and what he was doing to her body and I could not believe how turned on I was, even without being able to see what they were doing.

Then for a few seconds the bouncing stopped and I could hear the rustle of bed clothes and heavy breathing and then it started again but this time it was much more vigorous and even louder and I could now hear the slapping of flesh on flesh. He had turned her over and had lifted her legs high in the air and had spread them wide apart and was now banging away at her sopping wet juicy pussy and she was giving him all the encouragement and access he needed to fuck her hard and deep. I could hear and feel how hard his cock was slamming into her hot, wet, horny body and was giving her every last millimetre of his thrusting cock. Banging away at her pussy. His swinging balls would be slapping against her firm upturned arse. Fucking her hard and fast, desperate to empty his balls into her pussy. This went on for what seemed like ages as they thoroughly enjoyed each other until he started groaning and moaning "Ooooh yea mmmm im cumming I'm cummmming".

"Oh yea fill my pussy fuck me and fill me. Go on cum in me now!" then the final throes and grunts and squeals and I knew at that moment his cumm was shooting deep into her pussy "oooh yesss thats it fill my pussy mmmm yeessss fill me up!" making her moan and cum too, her orgasm was coating his cock with her love juices.

OMD that was so horny and exhilarating and I knew they had both cum together and her pussy was a wash with his sperm. I could imagine it running down to her arse hole mmm.

Moments later she came back into our bedroom with a beaming smile on her face . Her tits were red and bitten and her pussy was a red and sticky mess. She pulled the covers off me and smiled broadly as she climbed on my hard cock and rode me till I cum in her too, which did not take long I can assure you.

That was the beginning of a very sexy, beautiful Sunday
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