Family life for the Sanders was somewhat typical. The arrival of Pete Jr. some 18 months earlier had brought Pam and Pete Sr. structure to what had otherwise been the married continuation of their college courting days.

Pete Jr. took after his dad, as his name might suggest. He was a toe-head boy of slight build. At 5 ft. 8 inches, Pete Sr. certainly wasn't a bruiser. At 5 ft. 6, Pam could almost look at him eye to eye in her stocking feet. In heels, Pete Sr. looked up to her.

With his diminutive stature, there were two ways for Pete Sr.'s personality to go. Either he could be an aggressive "little Napoleon" trying to compensate, or he could be the quiet and retiring type. Pete Sr. was the latter.

This had been a bone of contention between Pam and Pete Sr. She, like most women, wanted to feel protected by her man. Politically incorrect though it may be, she wanted to feel "owned" by her man.

In their dating days, Pam would frequently get approached by alpha-type men even with Pete Sr. standing right beside her. This was not particularly surprising given her golden, shoulder length hair and taut figure where her 34C bust was separated from her tight ass-cheeks by a narrow waist ... a waist that she had regained through exercise after expelling Pete Jr. from her previously snug vagina.

These brutish men would sidle right up to Pam and ask to buy her a drink or join them for a dance. At first Pam simply waited for Pete Sr. to intervene. But, when no intervention was forthcoming, Pam was left to explain that she was with Pete. Some guys would simply smirk and walk away. Others wouldn't take no for an answer and would continue to pester Pam right in front of Pete.

From Pam's perspective, she couldn't understand how Pete could remain idle. Yet, at the same time, the presence of an aggressive male cause her nipples to harden and, to her embarrassment, dampness to form in the crotch of her panties.

Initially, Pam berated Pete for being wimpish, challenging him to explain why he didn't do anything, or at least speak up. Pete had no answer for what seemed like very reasonable questions from Pam. Instead, he just cast his eyes to the floor in humiliation, remembering the way his breathing grew quick and shallow when these ardent suitors approached his gal. There was something that also embarrassed him: the realization that his testicles seemed to be drawn up into his abdominal cavity and his penis beat a similar retreat, leaving only the smallest bump of its head externally apparent, although Pete's pubic hair probably obscured even that.

Relationships can survive and adapt to many things. Such was the case of Pam and Pete Sr. Pam accepted the fact that Pete would never assert himself in these testosterone fueled confrontations. Pam figured that she could handle herself just fine, although she certainly longed for the show of jealousy and dominance that she envisioned would be exhibited by the normal red-blooded male. In all other respects, Pete was a great, caring guy.

Ironically, after they married, it was after one of these incidents that little Pete Jr. was conceived. They were at a bar when, in typical fashion, an athletic man on Italian ancestry approached Pam and asked her to dance. She had already had a few more drinks than her normal quota, and felt like showing Pete a thing or too about what could happen if he didn't look out for his wife. For the first time in their relationship, Pam accepted the offer and stared boldly into Pete's eyes as this muscular stranger led her by the hand to the crowded and dark dance floor. To an extent, Pam was testing Pete, hoping to force him into action, although she knew all too well that he would cower against the bar rather than step in. Pete's heart jumped as she walked away, hand in hand with another man. But, his feet were cemented into place and his lips sealed. The familiar feelings of his genitals withdrawing overcame him.

As he watched the dark figures of Pam and this stranger on the dance floor, the sensations grew even more intense. He could feel a dribble of seminal fluid drip from the hole of his penis which was nestled flush against his groin. It was as if the tightness of his balls pulling up put pressure on his prostate ... a very pleasant pressure ... that squeezed forth some excess fluid.

For her part, Pam was enjoying the danger of it all. Her nipples rubbed against the fabric of her blouse as she gyrated to the fast dance number, sending electric shocks through her sensory system all headed to her clitoris. When the fast song gave way to a slow number, her dark haired partner pulled her close and she seemed swallowed in a fog of his male musk, the smell of a real man's man. When her aural senses gave way to the sense of touch, she realized that he was grinding a massive bulge against her stomach. The juices began to flow down her vagina, soaking the lace panties covering her labia. She thought she was going to stumble as her knees seemed to buckle under the intensity of it all, but his strong grasp of her waist kept them joined together separated only by the material of their clothing. He started to nuzzle her neck while his other hand began to caress her buttocks.

Had there been no one else in the room and a bed nearby, Pam was sure that she would be stripped and willingly spreading her legs inviting this assertive man to do what he wanted. But, the room was crowded and loud, and her dance partner was not reading her mind, but rather thinking with the sperm laden bulge he was grinding so menacingly into Pam's belly. He whispered in her ear: "Hey, baby, let's go out to the alley behind the bar and you can give me a blow job."

While certainly the sign of a man who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to ask, it was still rather crass. It brought Pam's otherwise conquered facade back to the reality of the situation.

She broke away, found Pete at the bar, grabbed him by the hand and dragged him home. No sooner than they were in their bedroom, Pam was pushing Pete back on the bed, forcefully yanking down his pants and underwear, stepping out of her sticky panties and mounting him like a woman possessed. While Pete's penis had regained some of its normal form and position, it was still far less intimidating than the bulge that had been pressed into her tummy, Pam summoned it forth in all of its diminutive splendor and inserted it into her pussy. She wiggled herself to a quick series of orgasms precipitated mainly her frantic gyrations of her clit against Pete's pubic bone. Her ardor caused Pete to shoot his load of semen into Pam's spasming quim... a cunt inflamed and lubricated by the efforts of this dark interloper.

One of Pete's swimmers made its way to one of Pam's eggs as it was released from the fallopian tubes, giving rise to little Pete Jr. nine months later.

Now that Pete Jr. was a tot, Pam went back to work. Family life had prevented anymore encounters with bar predators. But, the workplace created new challenges. One of Pam's co-workers, Dave, was imbued with all of the self-confidence, brawn and assertiveness of a strong libidoed male of 27. Dave was tall at 6' 1", a height that made Pam feel little. He was athletic and brash. It could be that he sensed a unprotected mate of a beta male, or it could be that he was simply attracted to Pam. She was, without question, the most alluring woman in the office. Motherhood has given her a radiant glow that was a beacon to all hard pricks looking for a warm receptacle.

Dave stalked his target with care. He engaged in nonsensical repartee in the break room and made a point of befriending Pam and her group of friends. Pam, too, sensed that some primeval ritual was in motion. She sensed that Dave's motives were less than pure, as did most of her girlfriends. Yet, Pam had no reason to back away. In fact, she grew to like the attention Dave provided. When he would come up behind her at the water cooler and brush against the back of her rear, Pam's nipples sprang to involuntary attention. But, for the sake of decorum, Pam began to mention Pete Sr. and Pete Jr. whenever possible in her conversations with Dave. This didn't diminish Dave's interest, however. Rather, Dave would remark about things that Pete Sr. would do with comments like, "Gee, if that had been me, I would have told that jerk off ..." or "Wow, Dave doesn't sound very much like the macho type."

Although it was not his place, Pam welcomed his profession of hypothetical jealousy and protection. She felt safe and, given her married status as a mother, unsafe with Dave. For Dave's part, he began to claim Pam by warding off any other interested males in the office. He even began to separate Pam from her female co-workers.

When it came time for the company picnic at Pam's office, an interesting situation arose. Pete came with Pete Jr. in tow, believing that he was with his wife. Dave, on the other hand, expected to spend exclusive time with Pam, just as he did in the office. At first things were pleasant. Pam introduced Dave to Pete and Pete Jr. and after the exchange of small talk, most of which he directed to Pam, he broke away to join a covey of other single workers near the barbeque.

Pam couldn't help but glance over at Dave. As she noticed him chatting up Lola, the office slut, she began to feel jealous. Rationally, she knew that her feelings were unjustified, but the feelings persisted. Finally, she gathered up Pete Jr. in her arms and ambled over to where Dave and Lola were talking. Even though Lola was visibly displaying her dismay at the intrusion, Pam would not be dissuaded. She inserted her deftly into what was obviously a sexually charged conversation and redirected it away from Lola and back towards Dave.

Lola stood her ground, however, thinking that Dave would realize that he stood a far better chance for a blow job with her than this married, mommy. As Pam controlled the conversation with veiled references to water cooler encounters with Dave, Pete Jr. instinctively began to grab his mom's left breast as she held him in her arms. Normally, this public activity of her son would embarrass Pam. Yet, when she saw Dave's eyes focused on Pete Jr.'s hand as he kneaded Pam's breast, she was frozen. She normally would have moved Pete Jr.'s hand away, but with Dave's gaze fixed on the manipulations of her breast, she was immobilized. A submissive, exhibitionism overcame her. She felt her nipple grow rigid and moisture begin to form in her crotch. She actually shifted her breast to encourage Pete Jr.'s squeezing and pinching. With her breathing becoming more labored, Pam lost her train of thought in the conversation, allowing Lola one last attempt to regain Dave's attention.

"Dave, why don't we go over to the cooler and get another beer." Lola entreated as she jutted her tits out and tried to reek sexuality.

But Dave's attention was decidedly elsewhere. Without looking at Lola, he shifted his gaze from the erect nipple straining against the fabric of Pam's blouse, to Pam's eyes. Pam felt as if she was on display as Dave dismissed Lola with a curt, "No, I'm good, but you go ahead."

Meanwhile, Pete Sr. stood awkwardly alone underneath the picnic shelter where he had been abandoned by his wife. He watched the entire scene sans dialogue, of course. As he saw Pam standing enrapt in the attention of this big, good looking guy, the old feelings washed over Pete. There was a empty feeling in his stomach that then descended into his groin. The tightness in his crotch was pronounced as his testes and penis shrank like a nude Eskimo on an ice floe. This contracted feeling brought a pleasant sensation as if he needed to pee.

This left Pete confused and conflicted. Conditioned by society's teaching that a man must exercise dominion over his mate and ward off other predators, he felt he should be angry and take action. Yet, it was the very fact that he felt helpless and out-of-control that brought him the greatest sensatory pleasure.

Perhaps it was the awkwardness of standing alone among people he didn't know, that impelled Pete to walk over to where Pam stood smiling and laughing with a this good looking co-worker. His heart pounded in his head as he made the short walk. We he arrived, Pam didn't even look over, instead her conversation inane as it was, was the most important thing. Initially, Pete stood silently, an odd-man out. While Pam acted oblivious, Dave made eye contact with Pete and then, with devilish purpose, slowly redirected his stare back to Pam's breast that continued to enjoy the rhythmic pinching of Pete Jr. Three times, Dave repeated his silent message of looking over to Pete and then back to Pam's excited nipple, assuring that Pete was quite aware of the subject of his leer, as well as the fact that Pam made no effort to dislodge Pete Jr.'s hand from second base.

After Dave was certain that Pete was aware that he was enjoying the view of Pam's manipulated nipple, and that Pete would take no initiative to intervene, Dave decided he would test the limits of his power.

"Pam, why don't you leave your son with Daddy and let me give you a ride in my new vette." Dave's suggestion was followed by an awkward silence. Pam was shocked that Dave would propose such a thing right in front of her husband. Pam looked over to Pete, who, to her dismay, just returned the look. Pam and Pete continued to look at one another waiting for someone to speak. No one did.

Pam looked back at Dave who was grinning mischievously. She turned to Pete and handed over Pete, Jr. Dave took Pam by the hand and led her away to the parking lot. Pam looked back as she was led away. Pete just stood there silent with Pete, Jr. in his arms.

To Pete, it seemed like an eternity while Pam was gone. The intensely anxious feeling in his abdomen and crotch seemed to immobilize him. Pete could even feel a slight trickle of fluid from the tip of his penis while he waited.

When Pam returned, she was smiling with her wind swept hair causing her to have a slightly disheveled appearance. Dave was no where to be seen as she walked up to Pete and retrieved Pete, Jr. Focusing her attention on her child, she said in a sing-song manner, "Did my little baby miss Mommy while she took a ride with the big, strong man?"

Pete summoned up enough courage to ask: "Honey, he didn't try anything did he?" Painfully, delaying her answer, Pam looked at her husband, then back at Pete, Jr. and replied to her baby, again in a sing-song manner, "No, the big, strong man didn't try anything with your Mommy...But, he did ask your Mommy out on a date."

Pam then turned her gaze to Pete who felt the blood draining from his face. Pete stuttered, "Well, whh.. whhha... whhaatt did you tell him?"

"I...," Pam emphasized the "I", "didn't tell him anything. What are you going to tell him?"

Pam and Pete didn't say much to one another for the remainder of the picnic and the drive home. That evening after putting Pete, Jr. to bed, Pam changed into her PJs and joined Pete in their bed. To Pete's pleasant surprise, Pam started stroking Pete's hairless chest and stomach.

As she did, she said: "You know darling, as I was giving Pete, Jr. his bath a noticed how much he takes after you. His eyes, his nose, his mouth ..." While pausing, Pam reached down and pulled the front of Pete's briefs down ******** him. "Even Pete, Jr.'s pee- pee looks like yours."

"It's got the little cap with the circumcised rim on the teeny shaft." Pam traced the parts on her husband's genatalia as she spoke. "Of course, your balls a slightly bigger since you have hit puberty...But, still, you two could be twins otherwise...You know what?...I think I'll name your pee-pee: Little Petey."

Pam paused like she was thinking as she was examining "Little Petey." Pete didn't really mind as she was softly drawing her fingertip over his testicles.

"So, what does Little Petey think about the big, strong man who took me for a ride." Pam's voice turned to the sing-song timbre that she had used earlier in the day. Pete's scrotum involuntarily contracted and his penis withdrew into his pelvis.

"Oh, my, it looks like Little Petey is scared of the big, strong man." Pam remarked.

"Well, what will Little Petey do if the big. strong man calls and asks me on a date again?"

Pete could not control his bodily responses and a trickle or clear sticky liquid began to dribble from the opening of his penis.

"Oh, dear. It looks like Little Petey is drooling. Is that what Little Petey is doing? Drooling over the thought that Pete, Jr.'s Mommy might go out on a date with a big, strong man?"

More seminal fluid leaked from Pete's penis.

"Goodness. It looks like Little Petey is excited by the thought."

And another droplet formed at Pete's pee hole.

"Well, you know Little Petey, if I did go on a date, Little Petey would have to stay home and look after Pete, Jr. That would leave Pete, Jr.'s Mommy all alone with the big, strong man on the date."

The flow of seminal fluid continued unabated from Pete's urethra.

"And big, strong men like to do things when they go out on dates, Little Petey. They like to kiss.... they like to touch their dates. How would Little Petey feel if the big, strong man kissed Pete, Jr's Mommy and tried to feel her boobies?"

All of a sudden, it was like a dam broke. The seminal fluid came out of Pete's penis in a continuous stream. Pam carefully aimed the stream up Pete's stomach where it puddled in a pool. After the last of the clear, sticky liquid came out, Pam released the semi-soft penis and it settled back in a resting position, just an inch from Pete's pelvis.

"Well, I guess Little Petey doesn't mind Pete, Jr.'s Mommy going on a date, eh?"

Embarrassed and drained, Pete laid there silent.

"Look, it looks like Little Petey is all emptied out and can't help Pete. Jr's Mommy get any sexual relief tonight. So, why don't you suck on my boobies while I take care of business myself."

Pete gratefully rolled over and began to lick and suck on Pam's nipples as her right hand went between her legs and started its vigorous rubbing. Pam's eyes were closed, but Pete seemed to sense that Pam was imagining more of a date with the big, strong man. Moments later, Pam's body heaved in the throes of a huge orgasm.

A few days later, the phone rang as Pete was clearing away the dinner dishes. Pam answered the phone. When she realized who it was, she stood there with the look of a deer in headlights.

"Oh, hi, Dave... Yes, I did have a good time at the company picnic... Yes, your car is really neat... No, I'm not avoiding you at work... No, Pete hasn't told me not to talk to you... Um hmm... No, I haven't thought about your offer... You want to go out this Saturday night? I don't know Dave... I am married... Well, there is Pete, Jr., we don't have a baby sitter... Well, I suppose that Pete could watch the baby... Hold on a second..."

After trying to fend off Dave's insistence, Pam had run out of excuses. She stood there holding the phone and looking at Pete who had stopped clearing the table and was eavesdropping on the conversation.

After a brief silence, Pam said in a hushed tone: "Well, what do you want me to do? Either you take the phone and tell him to leave me alone or I'll have to tell Little Petey about the date after I get back on Saturday night."

Pam held the phone out for Pete to take. Pete stood frozen for what seemed like five minutes even though it was only a matter of seconds. When she realized that Pete wasn't going to take the phone, she sighed and slowly brought the receiver back to her head.

"Yes, I suppose that would be alright. Pete can watch Pete Jr. ... 7:30? ... Yes, that'll be fine... Yes, I'll see you then ... Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, too ... bye."

The remainder of the week both Pete and Pam didn't mention Dave's call or the date. Instead, awkward moments were filled by idle chatter about the weather, the lawn, relatives, etc.

On Saturday evening, Pam showered and prepared for her date. She came out of the bathroom in sheer lacy white bikini underwear and demi-bra and found Pete standing there with the baby in his arms. Not missing a beat, Pam took the dress that she had laid out on the bed and slipped it over her head and turned to Pete. "Honey, can you zip me up?"

Pete did.

She turned and addressed Pete, Jr. "Now, you be a good boy for Daddy while Mommy is out with the big, strong man. And when Mommy gets home, she'll tell your twin, Little Petey all about her date."

The constriction of his genitals was almost painful during the time that Pam was gone. When he finally heard the front door open at about 11:30 PM, Pete sighed the proverbial sigh of relief. Whatever had happened was over. Pam entered the unlit bedroom. As she slipped her dress over her head, she asked: "Was Pete Jr. a good boy?"

"Yes" Pete replied.

"How about Little Petey?"

Pete was silent. Pam undid her bra and slid off her panties and climbed on the bed.

"Well, let's see Little Petey." She pulled down the covers and then rolled down Pete's briefs. Pete instinctively lifted his butt so that she could completely remove his underwear. "Yes, that's Little Petey alright."

Pam began to use her fingertip to trace around Pete's diminutive dick and scrotum. As if on cue, the fluid began to flow.

"I suppose it really is true. Little Petey can't wait to hear about the date between Pete Jr.'s Mommy and the big, strong man. There was nothing really special about the dinner part, just chit chat. But, as we got in his car to drive home, Dave drove me to a park so that we could have some private time. He started saying some very nice things and then he leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips."

"Now, Little Petey, Pete Jr.'s Mommy hasn't had anyone kiss her on the lips for a long time, other than Pete Jr.'s Daddy. It was really warm and the big, strong man kept pressing hard on my mouth until I opened up my lips and then his big, slippery tongue ****** it's way inside my mouth."

The flow of fluid from "Little Petey" was copious.

"You know Little Petey, if you are going to drool so much when I tell you what happened, I think we are going to need to borrow one of Pete Jr.'s bibs." With that Pam got up and went into the kitchen leaving Pete naked, and spread eagle on the bed. She returned and laid the cotton bib on Pete's abdomen where most of the fluid was pooling. Pam then tied the string around Pete's genitals finishing with a tight bow at the base of the scrotum. Pete felt the pressure in his prostate increase and sensed the dangling strings tickling his anus.

"There." Pam said with satisfaction. "We won't have to worry about Little Petey messing up Mommy's bed."

"So, where was I? Oh, yes. The big strong man with his tongue down my throat. Little Petey, his tongue was thick and meaty, bigger than you. he just keep thrusting it in my mouth and swirling it around. My small tongue was no match; it was just overpowered. The big, strong man seemed to want to conquer my mouth...And, he did."

Pete was immobilized by Pam's story. He was nude and vulnerable, with a baby's bib looped around his dick and balls, as it absorbed the sticky discharge. Little Petey, for "his" part was enthralled. Instead of growing larger, engorged by the blood flow, Little Petey's shaft seemed to withdraw into an unknown cavity within Pete's pelvis, acting like a ramrod against his prostate gland. Pete's hairless nipples were hard as bullets and his testes were also contracted into his pelvic cavity.

In his frozen state, Pete and "Little Petey" were reacting to the recognition that Pam had enticed away by a stronger and more dominant male. For her part, Pam also sensed that her feminine treasures had been ******* to this more dominant male without intervention by or protection from her husband. Pam's sore jaw and the whisker burn around her lips from Dave's five o'clock shadow were reminders that she could be preyed upon by other males who may have only their own prurient desires in mind. Yet, she felt a little guilty nonetheless as her vagina was still lubricated from the encounter.

Pam continued. "After a few minutes of kissing, the big strong man wanted more from Pete Jr.'s Mommy. He started to touch my boobies. I tried to move his hands away, but just like his tongue, his hands were too strong for me to stop. Pretty soon, Dave had my dress open and deftly popped the clasp on my bra. Those big fingers of his started to tweak and pull at my nipples, Little Petey. The very same nipples that used to feed Pete Jr. He really mauled my tits and worked them over good."

"I know Little Petey can't see, but can you Pete? Can you see how the big, strong man used my boobies for his own pleasure."

Pam looked down at her breasts. The nipples were still distended and there were obvious fingerprints and handprints on her light skin. Pete looked, too. His eyes met Pam's in the dark and they both sensed that their future was no longer of their own control.

"I suppose I should tell Little Petey what else happened." Pam broke her gaze from Pete and redirected it to the little stalk with the mushroom cap that was leaking even more seminal fluid onto the bib.

"Well, the big, strong man wanted to introduce me to a new friend, Little Petey. I'll have to call him Big Davey because, well, he is very big. I hope you don't mind, Little Petey, that Pete Jr.'s Mommy has a new friend. But, the introduction was rather unexpected and sudden. After the big, strong man had been kissing me and playing with my boobies for about twenty minutes, he withdrew his big tongue from my mouth and, when he did, I looked down and saw that he had unzipped his pants. That's when I first saw Big Davey, sticking out of his fly like a huge sequoia tree with a flared, menacing helmet on top."

"Let me see if I can show you how big my new friend is." Pam formed a circle with her thumbs and forefingers and encircled Little Petey. Pam used both of her hands since the circle formed by just a single forefinger and thumb was too small. Pete peered down his belly at the broad circumference of Pam's fingers that made his penis seem like a thin reed. He felt his manhood contract even further.

"And, my new friend is really tall, too." Pam placed her hand a point in the air above Little Petey, a full 9 or 10 inches from Pete's stomach.

"Pete Jr.'s Mommy didn't expect to meet a new friend or her first date with the big, strong man. That certainly didn't happen on her first date with Pete Jr.'s Daddy. But, there he was and I couldn't be rude. I think the big, strong man wanted me to kiss my new friend, but I had just met Big Davey, and my jaw was sore from all of the tongue wrestling. So, I decided I would just shake hands with Big Davey. My new friend was really warm and hard. So, I keep shaking Big Davey's "hand" both moving it up and down. Kinda like I doing now with Little Petey." Pam used the tips of her thumb and forefinger to slowly pump Little Petey as she continued her story.

"The big, strong man kept pinching my nipples and squeezing my titties as I stroked my new friend. Finally, my new friend got really hard and started erupting all over my hand and arm."

Pete spasmed with this revelation and Little Petey issued the last of its sticky emission.

"Well, I guess Little Petey likes to pretend to be like my new friend, even though Little Petey's drool isn't as thick, and there isn't nearly as much of it."

After Pete calmed down from what was one of the most intense sensual experiences of his life, Pam said: "Now that Little Petey has had his story time, Pete Jr.'s Mommy needs some relaxation as well. After all, she's all keyed up from her date with the big, strong man."

Pete was a little confused since he knew that he was completely spent and couldn't get any type of erection again for some time.

"Look Pete," Pam remarked, "I would do it myself, but with all of the drool on my hands and fingers from my new friend, I don't want to touch myself down there. I don't think we're ready for Pete Jr. to have a new brother or sister. Why don't you lick and suck me down there."

Pete willingly moved down between Pam's thighs. Her sex was steaming and soaking wet. Even though Pete had limited muff diving experience, he began to lick and suck like a man possessed. For her part, Pam began to rock and rotate her pelvis, grinding her clitoris into Pete's lips and tongue as she desperately sought release from all of the pent up sexual tension that she had so courageously held back during Dave's onslaught on her marital fidelity. She new that she was married to Pete, but couldn't understand how her husband would put her into the hands of another sexual suitor. Still, she was embarrassed that Dave had turned her on so much, and even got her to give him a hand-job on what was, for all the craziness of it all, just a first date.

As she rode Pete's face and approached climax, she began to wonder whether there ever would be any more close calls with Dave. As she pictured his prodigious cock in her minds eye, her pussy surrendered to one of the deepest orgasms she had ever felt.

Being both thoroughly sated, albeit each in their own unusual ways, Pete and Pam slept very well that night.

The next week was outwardly normal as neither Pam nor Pete wanted to revisit the events of the past Saturday evening. Yet, in private, Pete would find himself reliving the experience as he jerk on Little Petey until he emptied his balls into the toilet. Simultaneously, Pam was frigger her engorged clit under the covers hoping that she could cum before Pete came out of the bathroom. Serendipitously, their timing was perfect for one another to do their dirty business without being ******* to the other.

At work, Pam stayed as far away from Dave as possible. Dave would occasionally look her direction, but never approached her, After all, in his mind, the office flirtation stage was over; he was now moving on to capturing his prey.

Thursday night's after dinner conversation was interrupted by the ring of the telephone. Both Pam and Pete froze, trying to decide what to do. Being closer to the phone, Pam finally answered after 5 rings.

"Hello...oh, hi Dave ... how have you been."

Pam stared at Pete as she spoke. Pete stared back.

"Yes, I had a good time last Saturday ... No, I don't think it would be a good idea to go out again ... Well, because ... because I'm a married woman ... and a mom..."

Pam continued to try to valiantly stave off a repeat encounter, but Dave was very persistent. In a way, she really had very little persuasive powers since she had made out with him, let him get to second base and ultimately jacked him off to completion.

Pete watched as Pam was slowly being worn down. Little Petey had gone into hiding, withdrawing into his pelvic cavity. And, the sticky fluid began to leak from his pee hole.

Pam's pussy was having a similar reaction. She could tell that her labia were engorging with each argument that Dave made for a second date. A dampness was forming in her crotch and she new her face was becoming flushed.

"...Dave, I really don't think so ...No, I sure that Pete will mind ...I think he has to work this weekend, so he can't watch Pete Jr." After a pause, Pam rhetorically replied into the phone receiver: "You want me to ask Pete if he'll baby sit again?...Okay, I guess I can ask.."

Pam took the phone from her ear and pressed it against her chest to muffle the sound.

"Well, Pete. What to you want my to say? Do you want me to tell him that you have to work and can't baby sit?..."

Pam paused. "...Or, do you want my to say that you and Little Petey would be happy to watch Pete Jr. again?"

Awkwardly and timidly, Pete replied: "It would be a lie to say that I have to work this weekend."

Pam was simultaneously disappointed in Pete wimpy response and excited at the potential peril into which she was being placed.

Pam brought the telephone back to her cheek. Again, she paused and raised her eyebrows as if to afford Pete one last chance to intervene. Of course, she was met with Pete's silence.

"No. I guess I was wrong about Pete's schedule this weekend. He can watch Pete Jr., so I guess there is no reason that we can't get together on Saturday night."

When Pam hung up, the tension between her and Pete was pronounced. Neither wanted to say anything immediately. Instead, the scurried around the house doing errands, putting Pete Jr. to bed and cleaning up. When it came time for them to retire, Pam met Pete at the bathroom door.

"I think you and I and Little Petey need to have a little talk tonight," Pam stated.

Pete returned to bed naked so that Pam wouldn't have to look far for Little Petey.

With the lights out, Pam began. "Okay. Both you and Little Petey better understand something. When a girl goes out with a big, strong man on a second date, he isn't going to be satisfied with just kissing Pete Jr.'s Mommy. And, he isn't going to be satisfied with just playing with Pete Jr's Mommy's boobies. And, he isn't going to be satisfied with Pete Jr.'s Mommy just shaking "hands" with her new friend. You realize that don't you?"

Pete nodded quietly and Little Petey replied by expelling three big drops of clear fluid.

"Okay. I guess both you and Little Petey understand that the big, strong man is going to want more, right. Now, Pete Jr.'s Mommy is not a slut, so she won't let him go all the way, but when she gets home she will want some help relaxing and calming down. And don't worry, Little Petey, she'll tell you a good bedtime story. Just remember to have your bib on when she gets home."

With that, Pam pressed on the base of Little Petey's scrotum, releasing a stream of the clear, sticky liquid. After Pete recovered, Pam had him suck and nibble on her tits as she rubbed her clit to a satisfying orgasm.

Saturday night, Pam readied herself for Dave's arrival. This time she wore a more provocative outfit which showed cleavage and a lot of leg. Underneath Pam eschewed a bra since she knew that Dave would demand access to her breasts. No need to pretend other wise. Her choice for a panty was a lacy thong. Pam was a little worried about this choice since it afforded dangerously little protection from a full frontal attack by her "new friend." But, Pam reasoned that she could hold her own and protect her virtue - what ever virtue remained - if need be.

As she went to leave, Pam lightly kissed Pete on the cheek and did the same to Pete Jr. But, to Pete Jr. Pam spoke. "Now you take care of your Daddy and Little Petey while Mommy is out with the big, strong man and Mommy's new friend. And, you go to bed at the regular time for Daddy, but make sure that Daddy and Little Petey stay up to talk to Mommy when she gets home."

It was midnight when Pam got home. Except for the porch light, the house was dark as she made her way back to her bedroom. As she had asked Pete was laying nude on the covers with Little Petey's bib firmly in place. Even though it was dark, Pam could see that Little Petey had been anxious awaiting her return. There was drool making its way from Little Petey's "mouth" to a damp spot on the bib.

Pam shed her dress and shoes. Pete noticed that Pam didn't have any panties to take off as she climbed into bed.

Before I start talking to Little Petey, I want a nice soft kiss. Pete complied and welcomed Pam's silky tongue into his mouth. Pam's lips were sticky and he smelled a pungent aroma as she twirled her tongue around his, leaving him with a curious after taste.

Pam swung herself toward to foot on the bed and began to address Little Petey. "Well, Little Petey, tonight Dave didn't want to linger over dinner. We ate real quickly and he asked me back to his apartment. He started kissing me right away when we got inside, and his hands immediately went for the boobies. You know, Little Petey, the boobies that fed Pete Jr. last year."

"The big, strong man was able to get my top open, while at the same time shoving his tongue in my mouth. He tried to back me into his bedroom, but I wouldn't let him get me in there because I knew that he would expect to get on top of me in the bed. Unlike Little Petey, I think the big, strong man would want Big Davey to do his dirty business in my pussy. Like I told you and Pete earlier, Little Petey, Pete Jr.'s Mommy is not easy, and would never allow any man, no matter how big and strong to do anything of the sort on just a second date."

Little Petey lurched a bit at this discussion, perhaps pondering whether Pam's "new friend" would try to play in Little Petey's playground between Pam's legs.

"Well, the only way to stop him from maneuvering me into his bedroom was to drop to my knees. Now, imagine this picture, Little Petey: Pete's Jr's Mommy with her top opened and boobies ******* on her knees in front of the big, strong man. Right at my eye level was Dave's fly. I guess you can guess what happened next, the big, strong man unzipped and let Big Davey out."

"Boy, Little Petey, in the light Big Davey looked even bigger and harder than last week. I tried to just shake hands with him again, but Pete Jr.'s Mommy's new friend wanted to get friendlier...He wanted Pete Jr.'s Mommy to kiss him...What do think Pete Jr's Mommy should have done, huh, Little Petey?"

As if on cue, Little Petey began streaming seminal fluid as Pam lightly teased Little Petey's bumps where his testicles had hidden.

"Oh, I guess Little Petey thinks Pete Jr.'s Mommy should have kissed her new friend. Well, that's good because she did. She really didn't have much of a choice anyway. It was either kissing Bid Davey or I think Big Davey would have gotten angry and wanted to push inside another of my holes."

The fluid continued to ooze from Little Petey's pee hole.

"At first, I was just able to kiss Big Davey's head, but then the big, strong man grabbed the back of my head and pushed my new fried into my mouth just like he had done before with his tongue. Let me tell you something, Little Petey, I am glad that Dave had spent some time stretching my lips with his kissing because that was the biggest thing Pete Jr's Mommy has ever had in her mouth."

"I licked and sucked as much as I could so that Big Davey wouldn't try to shove his way down my throat. But that only got my new friend even more excited. He started really pushing in and out fast. The big, strong man wasn't going to let go of the back on my head without Big Davey spewing his load... And then it came, Big Davey's load...into my mouth ... the mouth that kissed Pete Jr. good night ... the mouth that just kissed Pete Jr.'s Daddy."

"I wasn't able to keep all of Big Davey's load in my mouth... there was just too much. It was also much thicker than that stuff Little Petey leaks out. It went on my face, in my hair and some down my chest. I think the big, strong man really liked seeing Big Davey's load all over Pete Jr's Mommy. He just keep popping Big Davey in and out of my filled mouth and wiping it on my cheeks."

By now, Little Petey was twitching but there was nothing left to ooze out. Little Petey was bone dry. Pam sensed this and moved back up next to Pete>

"Now, Pete, I didn't mean to be mean by kissing you after Big Davey had done his business in my mouth and on my face ..."

Assuaging Pam's concern's Pete replied: "No, honey, that's okay. I'm sure that most of that stuff was gone anyway by the time you got home. And, I do like kissing you."

Pam smiled and kissed Pete again, with her silky tongue probing into Pete's willing mouth. "Well, sure, I had swallowed most of Big Davey's stuff from the apartment by the time Dave brought me home, but before I came in, we started kissing again in the driveway. After a couple of minutes, he brought out Big Davey again and he was raring to go for round two. I think he had grander plans than just another mouthing session because Dave tried to feel me up between my legs. He was grabbing my panties off so I just dived right in on Big Davey before anything else could happen. That calmed Dave down and when Big Davey shot again, his load wasn't quite as much as before. But, I brought you a fresh and sticky kiss tonight."

Pete recall the thickness of her saliva and the strange taste.

"You see, Pete, if you are going to put me in a situation where I have to suck the sperm out of another's man's big cock, I think you need to have a first hand appreciation on what I am going through. Maybe then, you'll think differently about allowing another man to date your wife."

"I understand, honey." Pete remarked.

"Okay, now you can think about the taste of my kiss while you lick and suck on my pussy, because Pete Jr's Mommy is steaming hot down there and needs some relief."

Pete dutifully positioned himself between Pam's spread thighs. She was right; her pussy was radiating heat and was still dripping wet. As Pete tongued and sucked Pam's sweet slit, he hoped that he had swallowed the entire contents of her kiss. After all Pete didn't want to let any of Dave's sperm to slip through up to Pam's womb. For her part, Pam was almost vicious in the way she rocked and rotated her pelvis on Pete's whisker- burned mouth and face. Again, it was the vision of her "new friend," Big Davey, this time sawing in and out of her mouth, that sent Pete Jr.'s Mommy into a writhing and spasming series of climaxes.

The next week, Pam and Pete were not as much in conscious denial as the weeks before. Pam would often kiss Pete as she passed him in the house and tease him with comments like: "taste anything this time?" Pete joined Pam in the shower and she toyed with Little Petey as he adoringly soaped her boobies. At night, they would lie together naked in bed and talk about Pam's dates with Dave. Both Pete and Little Petey enjoyed the recounting of the exploits of Pete Jr's Mommy. On Wednesday night, after Pam had "retold" Little Petey the storied for the 6th or 7th time and Little Petey was again bone dry, Pam said, seriously, "You know Pete, Dave is probably going to call again..."

"Yeah, I know, Honey."

"After getting a hand-job and a couple of blow jobs, a man like Dave will certainly want more."

"Yeah, I know Honey."

"Well, you better think about how you are going to deal with it next time, because, when he calls, I won't have any excuse I can give him. After all I sucked his cock twice and he shot his load all over my face and boobies."

"Well, what am I supposed to do?"

Her husband's continued wimpiness frustrated Pam. "Something! Anything!"

Pam continued, "Pete, if you let him take me out again, it will be a THIRD date. You, know, a THIRD date. If a guy takes a girl out on a THIRD date, he'll know that he can fuck her. She knows that the rule: THIRD date means FUCK date."

Pete was silent.

Pam rolled away from Pete and said "Just do something to protect me ...protect Pete Jr's Mommy ...protect Pete Jr's Mommy's pussy."

The next night - Thursday night - both Pam and Pete kept looking at the phone, expecting it to ring. As the evening grew late, they both relaxed a bit and put Pete Jr. to bed. Then, just as they were going to their bedroom to retire: "RINNGG...RRINNGG ...RRIINNGG."

The moment of truth had arrived. Pam picked up the receiver.

"Hi ... Oh, hi Dave...No, I guess its not too late...Yes, I guess last weekend was fun ...Another date on Saturday? ...Well, I don't know... I guess it will be up to Pete..."

Pam placed the receiver against her chest and looked at Pete. On the other end of the line, Dave was sitting at his apartment sipping some Scotch, revelling in the knowledge that Pete was not the kind of guy to stand up to a more macho competitor, especially one that had already begun to lay claim to Pete's woman.

After a momentary pause, Pam extended the receiver toward Pete, implicitly begging him to take it and say something.

Somewhat to Pam's surprise and certainly to his own surprise, Pete haltingly stepped forward and took the phone. Slowly, he put the receiver to his face.

His voice cracked as he said: "Hi, Dave, this is Pete ..."

There was a pause as Pete listened. "Well, I'm not sure that's a good idea.."

More pause. "Sure, I know that Pam was alright the other two times, but ...still..."

"Well, because I don't think so ..."

"Well, yes, that's the best explanation I have..."

" mean, no..."

It was no obvious to Pam that Dave was turning up the pressure and Pete was not reacting well.

"Of course, I'm a good dad and I like taking care of Pete Jr..."

"Still, I'm not sure that Pam wants to go out...right, Pam?"

Pete was twisting in the wind. Pam whispered back to Pete: "You're going to have to be the one to say no, I can't anymore."

"Well, I guess its not that Pam doesn't want to go out..." Pete was losing ground.

"No, I don't want to stop Pam from having fun with a new friend..."

"I guess that I can watch Pete Jr. for a little while on Saturday night ..."

With those words, both Pam and Pete knew that the war was lost.

Trying to muster some sense of control, Pete vainly said, "But, I want her home early...Yeah, by eleven o'clock...Oh, that's alright?...Sure, I can give the phone back to Pam..."

Pete handed the receiver over to Pam who now felt both anticipation and anguish at being the proverbial sacrificed lamb.

"Yes, Dave, its Pam again ...uh,, I guess we can skip dinner...Dave, I have never done that...not even for Pete...Well, I guess I did it just before Pete Jr. was born ...Okay, if that will make you happy...I'll see you around seven...bye."

As she hung up the phone, Pete asked: "What does he want you to do?"

"I'm not sure it really matters since you just gave him permission to take me out on a THIRD date! But...well...he wants me to shave off my pubic hair. You can help me do that for the big, strong man tomorrow night."

The next evening, Pete carefully trimmed and then shaved off Pam's downy thatch until she was smooth and bare. As Pete examined his handiwork, Pam said: "You probably should take a real good look down there. After tomorrow night, I don't think Pete Jr's Mommy's pussy will look the same."

Pete stared at her beautiful, tight slit and tried to etch the image into his permanent memory.

The next evening as Pam prepared, she carefully inserted her diaphragm in full view of Pete. Pete lovingly helped her into her dress and asked "why no underwear."

"Because Pete Jr's Mommy is going straight to the big, strong man's apartment. I am sure that Big Davey is going to want to spend all of the available time visiting the pussy that Pete Jr. came out of and only Little Petey had visited before. There are no more need for pretenses since it is the THIRD date."

"I guess you're right Honey. I'm sorry."

"Too late to be sorry. Just be ready to take me back afterward. I am sure that Little Petey will enjoy the story."

When Pam staggered in at 11:15 PM, Pete and Little Petey were waiting. At first, Pete wondered if Pam was *****. Then, he realized that her difficulty walking was due to physical reasons.

"Help Pete Jr's Mommy back into the bedroom," Pam instructed.

As they reached their marital bed, Pam eased herself down and lifted her arms up to allow Pete to slide her dress off over her head. Pam then scooted her naked body up onto the bed and asked Pete to turn out the light.

"Well, Pete Jr's Mommy has a new friend that Little Petey is going to have to learn to share with. Big Davey is pretty greedy, though. He really seems like he wants my pussy just for himself. Here, feel it, just be gentle, she's really worn out."

Pam guided Pete's fingers between her legs. Pam's petite labia were swollen and distended and, of course, coated in sticky residue. "Now, be really gentle," Pam said as she guided Pete's index finger into her vagina. Apart from the warmth and abundant sticky fluids, Pete didn't feel anything. Then, Pam guided his middle finger in. Still, no contact with Pam's flesh. With the entry of Pete's ring finger, he sensed some contact but the fit was still loose. Only when Pam guided his pinky finger into her opening was contact really established.

"She what I mean?" Pam queried. "Big Davey really stretched out Pete Jr's Mommy's pussy. I don't think Big Davey was even thinking about Little Petey when it he was pummeling her for most of the last 3 hours. I think it will be awhile before Little Petey will enjoy a visit, don't you think?"

"Now, if Big Davey continues to want to play around in there, I think Pete Jr's Mommy's pussy may change permanently. Now, I'm sorry if that happened Little Petey, but Pete Jr's Daddy allowed Big Davey to visit my pussy and once that kind of invitation is extended, it can't be taken back."

Little Petey was leaking his clear sticky run off as Pam spoke.

"Pete, you can take you fingers out now. And, don't even think about wiping them on the sheets. Use your mouth. After all, I think it gives real meaning to the phrase "finger licking good."

Pete did as Pam instructed. Yes, he did find it good and tasty.

After hearing about Big Davey's workout in Pam's pussy, Little Petey was, again, bone dry. However, Pam didn't need any help relieving her "tension." Big Davey had taken care of all of her tension, many times.

In the succeeding weeks, the Saturday night date was a regular event. Pete and Little Petey took care of Pete Jr. while Pam made time for her new best friend, "Big Davey." Sure enough after a few weeks, Pam's pussy did seem to be permanently resized for Big Davey. Little Davey was satisfied to simply drain out his fluids onto the bib, as Pam told her bedtime stories and Pete fingers played around in the remnants of Pam's date.

On occasion, Dave started bringing Big Davey over for visits at the house. Once Pete looked in on Pete Jr. in his crib to find Pam holding onto the railing as Big Davey was ramming into her pussy from behind. The rocking of the crib had awakened Pete Jr., but instead of crying, he was comforted by the rhythmic motion and seemed transfixed by the sight of Big Davey pistoning into his Mommy's Pussy and then withdrawing almost completely as his Mommy's taut vaginal lips gripped onto Big Davey's head.

Another time, Pete found Pam holding Pete Jr. in her arms as she rode up and down on Big Davey as Dave sat on the couch. Pete Jr. really enjoyed the ride, although perhaps not as much as Pam's pussy did. When Pam started her climax, Pete Jr. burst out into giggles as he looked at the funny faces that his Mommy was making.

A couple of months later, Pam came into bed where she found Pete nude and waiting with the bib around Little Petey. Pam said: "Well, it looks like Pete Jr. is going to have a brother. Big Davey must have torn a hole in my diaphragm. I just hope Pete Jr. doesn't get jealous by the size of Dave Jr.'s pee-pee."

Little Davey signaled his acceptance with a stream of seminal fluid.
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