Long, long ago, when I was very young, I worked at a company with a boss nobody liked. He was loud, arrogant, and bossy as he screamed at everyone just to show them who was in charge, nobody liked him, and he was a low-level boss who thinks he was in the top 1% of bosses. Somehow, I got along very well with him.

One day he invited me to have lunch with him and his wife but what happened after I met her shocked me. The loud, arrogant boss was just a big pussycat when he was with his wife. He was very quiet and submissive and she was the loud, arrogant boss of the family. She took great pleasure belittling him in public, he was called names like idiot and told to do things, while she was almost always not pleased about how he did it. He responded to her with a yes dear and no dear and I was uncomfortable and almost felt embarrassed for him. I quickly had to put things into perspective realizing that it was their relationship and it somehow worked for them, so who was I to judge them?

His wife was a good-looking woman, I was attracted to her the very first time I saw her, she was very sexy, chubby sexy with very sexy big tits and delicious curves and she liked me. She was always looking out for me, calling me at home and making sure I was OK since I was alone in the big city and so we would talk at length over the phone. Many times he would call me, we chatted a bit, then he would hand the phone to his wife, it was then I figured out that he liked it when we talked. He loved it when I told him that I loved various things about her, like her tits, and that he was a lucky man. We had many meet-ups for dinner and lunch and the goodbyes got a lot friendlier and touchier with short peck kisses on the mouth.

At Thanksgiving he came by my desk to invite me over for dinner, he said his wife would never take no for an answer and that I should not be alone on that night, so I agreed. I took a train to the designated suburban station where he picked me up. They had a lovely home, very warm and inviting, she was dressed in a very sexy but classy outfit and her boobs were on display for my pleasure. I was told to make myself comfortable while they got dinner ready but all I heard from the Kitchen was her barking orders at him, calling him names and he says how sorry he was. We had a lovely dinner, a wonderful conversation, and several bottles of wine later I asked about the train times for my ride home, and I was told that it was best I stayed the night and leave in the morning, to which I agreed.

Later my boss’s wife said she was going to change into something more comfortable, while my boss and I chatted and laughed but when she returned, I almost lost my mind. She was drop-dead sexy, the outfit she had on was drop-dead sexy and her tits were to die for with her nipples on display. I wanted her and I know my boss knew I wanted her too because he asked me if I thought she looked sexy, and I told him exactly what I thought.

We sat near the fireplace and drank more wine, while we talked about everything and anything until it was time for bed. She said something about the guestroom to my boss and he responded but then she turned to me and said he will be sleeping with the guestroom tonight and I will be with her. I was shocked because all of this was new to me. I could not understand why a man would let another man sleep in his bed with his wife while he spent the night in another room. At that time in my life this was foreign to me, I did not know what a cuckold, bull, or hotwife was, the concept never entered my life. I knew men slept with other men’s wives but to the best of my knowledge, it was behind their backs, never like this. All I knew that night was that I wanted her, I know I wanted every piece of her, I wanted to be between her legs, I wanted to taste her, I know I wanted to play with her tits, I wanted to kiss her lips and I wanted to be inside her and I was happy to be invited to her bed with my boss’s blessing.

We started kissing in the living room, I fondled her tits and continued kissing in the bedroom. I was able to finally pull her top down and cupped her lovely breast in my hand and they were everything I thought they would be, perfect in every way. I ran my hands down her body and between her legs, pushing my fingers between her panty and into her warm wet pussy and it was wonderful, she moaned as I sucked on her nipples. It was then that my boss came to the door and asked her if he could watch for a while, and she said yes as I continued having my way with his wife. I watch him as he began to play with his cock and how turned on. He was watching me having fun with his wife and the fact that he was turned on, really turned me on. My Boss’s wife then ordered my boss away, he was banished to the guestroom no longer welcomed to his room and in his bed, with his wife, which turned me on even more as I felt more and more empowered.

My boss’s wife was loud, as we fucked and sucked the night away, in every different position, taking turns to eat each other and explore each other’s bodies until the early hours of the morning when we fell asleep. It was about 10 am when my boss woke us up with breakfast in bed, we had breakfast, chat for a while and then had a shower. I was halfway dressed when she came out of the shower, still wet, with droplets of water on her lovely breast. It was easy for me to quickly remove the cloth I had on before dragging her back into the bed, we fucked again for the next two hours this time with my boss in the room sitting on the chair. Then finally I got dressed and kissed her goodbye.

My boss drove me to the train station, and we chat and laughed in the car as if nothing had happened, I told him I will see him in the office, and off I went. At work our relationship did not change, he was still a dick, loud, arrogant, and bossy but we had several wonderful weekends together until they decided to sell their house and move to the state where her elderly parents lived. Over time we lost touch with each other but that was my first introduction to the lifestyle of Hotwife and Cuckold.

Who was to know that in my relationships years later that it was the role of my boss that would turn me on the most and bring me much pleasure, as both my first and second wife would cuck me?
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