So a few years ago I finally found out about tributes, and it peaked my curiousity. I signed up a couple places and picked up a good printer and paper and figured I'd start having some fun.

My gosh, I didn't know just how fun it could be. To get requests, be sent pics of sexy girls, and hear their requests. The fantasy of thinking about them, videoing myself stroking my cock over their pics, moaning, talking dirty, and that feeling of eruption and just shooting my cum all over their pics. Even playing back the sound of cum just splattering against the pic found really hot. Not to mention, after posting/sharing and hearing their feedback, others feedback, and receiving more friend requests and requests for my cock and cum. I was having a lot of fun.

As I'm sure other tributers will say, some they developed a 'friendship' with. Chatted with regularly, received tribute requests regularly and found that they really enjoyed the interaction, and the tribute relationship. I too, developed a couple of tribute friendships.

This one girl, WOW did I enjoy tributing her. She was so sexy, had great pics and poses, such a pretty face, and damn was she naughty. Liked to have me slap her face with my cock in her tribute vids, smear my cum all over her pretty face. We had so much fun chatting and tributing. Then one day she asked me, have I ever done a Live Tribute? I was like 'No', not sure what that is, I'm still a little new with all this. She tells me, more less we'd meet at a certain time, go to a chat, and I'd get on cam, and she'd watch me live - tribute her, and she'd 'instruct me' as I tribute her. I found the idea incredibly exciting, and said I'd certainly be interested. She told me that we would meet in 8 days - the next friday night at about midnight my time. But, I absolutely absolutely was not allowed to cum from now til' that time, and if I did, then the Live tribute was off. Knowing that would be hard to do, as I like to cum every day or every other day, but because I've always enjoyed and had fun with her, and was thoroughly excited by the idea of this, I agreed.

Wow was it hard not to cum. A few times, in the middle night woke up, so hard, so aroused, just so wanted to stroke it, shoot off a nice load. But stopped myself, found a way to get rid of my hard on and go back to sleep. Friday came and all day, damn was I nervous, excited. Friday night came, I made a nice excuse to not go to bed, that there was a movie I wanted to watch I knew my girl wouldn't like. So was going to stay up and watch it.

I logged on a bit early, didn't want to take a chance I would miss her. Her name btw was Lea. MMMMMMmm Lea, my cock absolutely loved tributing Lea. Midnight came and I didn't see her yet. 12:10, I was starting to feel discouraged, it wasn't going to happen. Finally about 12:20, I got a ping, it was Lea. Not even a "hi" to start. First words, "You've been a good boy and didn't cum, did you?" As I responded "no, I was good saved every drop for you". "Good she says, because I'm going to make that cock, mine tonight". "WOW, i was almost speechless, that really kind of excited me".

She sent me a couple pics, which I printed out, MMMMMM a nice pic of her in a bikini, and then a nice pic just of her pretty face, mouth open, tongue out. My fave. "Ok, she said let me see that cock". MMMMM, I fired up my cam, my cock was already hard as a rock, just the thought, idea of what was about to happen. "I see someone is quite looking forward to this", Lea says. "She says put that cock right up to the pic of my open mouth, i wanna see what I'd look like sucking it". I gladly obliged, put the head of my cock right onto her tongue. "MMMMMM, she says, look at that, you already had a nice drop of precum for me, you are excited". "She said, put my pic down and just with no hands slap her face with my cock". I just twitched my cock muscle, up and down, up and down, slapping her pretty face.

"MMMMM, now hold that cock down on the pic with your thumbs and slide it back and forth like you are fucking my warm, wet mouth". Damn, my legs were shaking, heart pounding, I was so turned on. I just held my cock down, and slid it back and forth, so with every thrust the head was right up to her open mouth. I left a nice trail of pre-cum on her tongue. She definitely seemed to like that. She told me to grab her bikini pic and lay it out, and grab my cock with both hands, and stroke it for her. I wrapped one hand around the base, and one hand just above, and started stroking my cock. Damn this felt so damn damn good.

Now Lea says', take the bottom hand off, and turn the top hand around rather than thumb near top, the thumb near bottom, and grip my cock that way and stroke it nice and slow for her, stroking the whole length of my cock. I did as she said, and mmmmmm did it feel so incredibly good, all the way down and all the way up the shaft, nice and slow. Lea says let me see that cock, show me the head, I want to see that pre-cum at the tip that's just for me. This slow interaction and coaching went on for about another 10-15 mins, as she would tell me how to stroke it, what pics to stroke it over, and play with her pics. Then Lea says "I have something really really special for you. I told you tonight I'm going to make that cock mine!!!!!!". Lea says I'm going to give you a countdown, starting at 10, and you CAN NOT cum til I hit Zero, if you cum before I will close this session, and I will not speak to you again. Are you ready? My cock was so ready for her, my legs were shaky, my breathing heavy, heart racing, and so wanted to cum, so I agreed.

Lea says now I want you to grab that cock firmly with your left hand, and squeeze it, and stroke it very very slow.
10 - she says
as I let my hand feel the pulsing of my cock, stroking it, squeezing it. I'm not hearing a 9 yet, as it was probably 30-45 secs she left me stroking like that.

Lea says now release some of the pressure and move my hand closer to the tip, and stroke it and circle the tip with every stroke - 9
I love stroking like this, i start stroking the head, circling it, you can hear the sounds of the precum with every circle, twist of my hand. MMMMMMMMM Lea says, love that pre-cum, keep stroking it baby

8 - Now I want you to stroke every inch of that cock, medium pace, every inch, I want to see that hand sliding up and down every inch baby
Damn I'm breathing heavy, my chest heaving, my hips thrusting with every stroke, my cock feels so good, I can't hold on much longer. I'm concentrating holding back as Lea left me stroking like this for a good almost minute, just saying yes baby stroke that cock for me.

7 - now Lea says pound it, fast and hard, fast, stroke it fast. OMG I'm pounding my cock so hard, so fast, I'm trying so hard to focus on my breathing to not quite hit the sensitive spots just right so as to not cum, thankfully this lasted only about 15-20 secs and

Lea says 6 now slow, and take your hand off it and i just want to watch you twitch your cock for me, twitch, and don't touch it
I stand there making my cock jump, there is a long strand of pre-cum dangling from the tip
Lea says grab your cock and rub that pre-cum on my tongue baby - mmmmmmm good boy, mmmmm I feel like I can taste it

5 now turn your hand over again, but don't stroke, just thrust your hips, fuck your open hand for me baby. MMMMMM the opening of my hand is all wet from the pre-cum, I just start sliding my cock in and out, thrusting my hips. The feeling as the head slides through each thrust is amazing. My heart is racing

4 - now Lea says faster, thrust fast in and out, faster. Put my hand down in front of her open mouth pic, and thrust nice and fast, I wanna see that head every thrust right in my open mouth. Imagine you are holding my head and just using my mouth. I set down right in front of her pic and damn did I start thrusting, in and out, in and out, in and out, fast, fast, my legs were wobbly, my mouth open breathing so heavy now. Lea lets me do this for a good 45 secs before I hear

3 - flip your hand and squeeze that base, firmly, and stroke, I want to see your hand just squeezing that cock. I want you to milk every last drop of pre-cum for me I want to see it, and I want to see it leak into my open mouth. Damn Lea turns me on so much, fuck, my cock is just pulsing, throbbing, enjoying every second of this. A nice nice strand of pre-cum drips off my cock onto her pic, and I hear a nice mmmmmmmm from Lea. Lea asks, is that cock got a nice nice load of cum for her pretty face. I told her how close I was, how bad I want to blast her pretty face, how much my cock likes her.

2 - Lea sounds now I want to see you stroke every inch of that cock, every inch, a nice medium pace every inch from base to head. Stroke it for her, look at her bikini pic, her open mouth. My cock was so ready, it felt so good stroking it, every inch, up and down, up and down, up and down. Lea just kept saying yes baby, stroke that cock for me, mmmmmm stroke it. I kept waiting for the 1, but nothing, just stroking my cock, up and down, feeling so good, i can barely hold out, i'm trying so hard to focus on my breathing. A good almost 2 mins goes by of me stroking like this and finally I hear Lea

Lea says - 1 - I want you stroke that cock as hard and fast as you can, and YOU BETTER NOT CUM til' I say zero, remember. Stroke it as hard and fast as you can.. Oh my gosh I'm not sure how much more I can take, but I start stroking my cock, hard and fast, I mean fast. Just so trying to concentrate and breath, but my legs are getting weak. My hand just flying up and down my cock. I hear Lea say good boy, keep going 3/4. WTF, 3/4, omg, dammit. I'm stroking so fast my hips are thrusting a bit now. Lea says good boy, don't you cum 1/2. She can hear how hard it's getting for me, I can't control my breath anymore, I'm moaning, almost panting, i'm stroking so fast. Lea says good boy keep going stroke it, stroke it. Look at her open mouth, stroke that cock. A good minute has gone by, i'm sooooooo losing control. I hear Lea say 1/4, yes baby, yes baby stroke it.

Finally I hear Lea say "Zero' and my gosh when I say 'Eruption' I mean eruption. Spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of cum, shooting from my cock onto her pic. I felt like I was not going to stop cumming. When I played my vid back, it was 10 spurts of cum, and 4 really really strong ones. Her face in pic was absolutely covered, not to mention the uncontrollable amount of cum that missed the pic too. My gosh, my cock felt incredible. Was one of the most amazing cums, i've felt.

Lea told me how much she enjoyed it, and that I was a "really good boy". She asked if I'd be interested in doing this again, from time to time, which of course I was like "heck yes". We sat and enjoyed some convo for a bit and said good bye til' next time.

It felt soooooooooo incredible the way she controlled my cock, and made me cum. It was one of the most uncontrollable, pleasurable cums I've ever had. I hope you enjoyed.
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