Hey all.. I am going to share my experience with my sexy petite girlfriend and how we opened up to each others wild fantasies. I'll call myself N in this story, I'm a 23 year old guy. Let me start by describing my fuckdoll, she's 23 years old and has a body to die for. She's so cute and petite and has the most amazing pair of tits any guy could ask for. Seeing those amazing tits on such a petite frame is an absolute delight. She has a nice milky complexion and lovely long hair. She makes sure she smells great all the time, ufff her scent when I dig my face into her neck is to die for. She has a cute ass which I can't seem to get enough of. And my fuckdolls pretty face is such a turn on, I love seeing her moan in pleasure..She always kept her milky body nice n shaved before we meet. She is the most perfect fuckdoll I could have asked for. Her name is Rhea and she is very innocent, at least that's what I thought until she took a trip with me.

We've been in a long distance relationship from quite some time and we both were really looking forward to this trip. I had made bookings in a 5 star hotel which has a bathtub as well. I knew me and my little sexdoll were gonna make full use of it. Finally the day arrived and we checked in our hotel. We loved the room and the ambience was perfect for a nice fucking . We changed and rested until we had to go for dinner. This is where all the fun began.

I've been having a bit of a cuckold fetish with my girlfriend for a while now. I am really possessive of my girl, I really don't know how I even developed this. It's kind of embarrassing at times but this fetish only arises when I'm horny. ( which I am most of the time :p). My idea of having this fetish is getting turned on showing off to other guys what they can never have. Mmmm I mean I'd love to show my sexy little sexdoll to guys and get them hard, seeing other guys fantasize for my cum queen would turn me on like crazy.

I guess one of the first instances I had this cuckold feeling was when she went to her college seniors farewell party. She looked like an absolute treat in that party. She wore a hot tight sleeveless crop top over the sexiest little mini skirt you would have ever seen. I was awestruck when she showed me her pics from that party, she looked like a complete sex bomb. Her beautiful tits fit so well in that top. Her milky arms looked so yum in that little sleeveless top. Her beautiful waist was visible just giving us a tease of her lovely navel, and man those milky thighs of hers in that little skirt. Her cute ass looked spank worthy in it. She mentioned to me that one of her seniors commented to someone that she looked very hot that night, I could barely control my boner. But I couldn't help but agree with her senior, she did look like a treat that day. I don't blame him, she showed me a video of her dance performance in that sexy attire of hers. Ufff the way her sexy body moved, her skin glistening from her sweat and her dancing so freely with that sexy little skirt, I am sure she would have raised quite a few dicks that night. I wish I could know how many guys fapped that night thinking of her , I'm sure it would be a good number .

Coming back to our dinner date, my bitch had gotten ready now. She wore a tight yellow top which fit her so damn well. Her entire bra shape was visible through it. I loved how the top complimented her milky arms as well, it gave an amazing view of her underarms when she raised her hands. Ufff she looked so yum I could eat her right there. She wore a low waist jeans which showed off her cute little navel perfectly. She was a bit conscious about her bra showing so clearly but we were already pretty late so we left for dinner anyway.

At the restaurant I could literally see guys staring at her from the top to the bottom. Standing besides her I had the best view of her milky cleavage, the top wasn't doing a great job hiding my fuckdolls assets and I for once did not mind. Seeing guys droll over her was getting me really horny. I thought l really should try opening up about my fantasies tonight to my bitch. I called the waiter who seemed to be very interested to take my girls order, probably due to the great view he got when she sat down. I ordered drinks, a bit more than usual because I wanted to get her really *****. I know she gets really horny when she drinks with me. So we drank and got tipsy and headed back home after dinner.

We started making out as soon as we entered the room. I pulled her close and stated feeling her over her tight top. I pulled her close to me and started smooching her lips, I would taste the alcohol when we exchanged our saliva. I took my phone out as we stood in front of a full length mirror. Her ass was touching my dick, I grabbed her waist tight and pulled her closer to me. I was playing with her navel with my finger now, I'm sure she could feel my bulge on her ass. I continued smooching her when she raised one of her arms and grabbed my hair. I looked up at the mirror and I could see her perfectly smooth underarms which looked so tempting. She was teasing me with my armpit fetish. I took my phone out and stsrted clicking pics of us in hot poses. Needed Something to remember this hot weekend by.

After a lot of making out I picked up my little sexdoll and got her to bed. I had already taken off her pants by then. She was just lying in bed with her little black thong on and that crop top which looked so much more sluttier now. I took my panrs off as quickly as I could and jumped in besides her. I was playing with her pussy while I licked her neck. Me licking her neck was a massive turn on for her, this combined with her being fully ***** n horny was a sight to watch. She was moaning in pleasure. I went up to her ears and told her how hot she looked today. This was my chance to slip in my wild fantasy and explore this dark but hot fetish with my sexy little girlfriend. She moaned and said " only for you babe ". I started kissing her neck and told her why only for me babe? I'm sure there are a ton of guys out there who would kill to do what I'm doing with you right now. She was a little taken aback I guess but her being ***** n horny played to my advantage. She said mmmm I don't know but I want you so bad right now. I asked her tell me who's slut you are, she replied I'm your slut baby. I kissed her near her ears again and mustered the courage to ask, why can't you be everyone's slut baby? I definitely caught her off guard when I said this, she pushed me aside and asked in the most seductive tone, you want me to be everyone's slut?

I held her tight and was now wildly rubbing her pussy, I could feel her getting wet for me. I told her I wouldn't mind if you are everyone's slut, I might even get turned on seeing you like that. I could see the look of shock on her face, she didn't see this coming. Wow that's new she said, so me being everyone's slut would be a turn on for you baby? I said yessss I'd love that, I'd love to show off to other guy's what they can never have. I could not believe it, I actually let out my darkest fantasy in front of my girl, and the best part was that she seemed to play along with it.

Mmmm so you'd love if I show off in front of other guys? She said. Then you would have loved the attention the girls were getting in the restaurant today , she said holding her perfect tits in front of my face. I started licking her tits and told her of course I noticed all the attention she was getting. I loved how horny she was at the moment. She was now playing with my dick too, she was stroking it with one hand. She slowly got her mouth near my ear and in the softest of voices she asked, what if I don't stop at showing off for other guys? I'm sure she felt my dick harden in her hand when she said this, not sure if it was the alcohol speaking but hearing my cute little innocent girlfriend say these words was turning me on to another level. What..what do you mean ? I mumbled. My heart was beating so fast at this point. She continued stroking my dick slowly, she was looking at me straight in the eye when she said, you know I atleast saw three guys drool over me today , maybe I could let them use me in front of you. I could not believe my ears, my cuckold fantasy could actually come true, not sure how I felt of that. Ufff I said, so you would let three guys use you? They could take turns with me baby, she said stroking my cock and almost making me cum. Mmmm would you like that baby? I said. I could sense she was trying to open up about something so I persuaded her. She suddenly became very shy but after a lot of convincing she mumbled, I...kind of have a fantasy..of being ****** to have sex..I know it's really bad to think of also but I can't help it. I could not believe my ears, never in a million years I could have imagined my innocent girlfriend having such a wild fantasy. I seriously loved her more at that moment, I got her close and whispered in her ear, I think that's really hot. My bitch got shy hearing that and leaned in to kiss me. I undressed her completely and started fingering her. I told her how hot it would be if those three guys picked her up forcefully from the dance floor of a bar and took her to the toilet. I could see how wet she got at that thought. She moaned in agreement and told me she'll allow them to take turns with her. I winked at her and told her I don't think their gonna ask you for your permission. I'm sure one of them will tie your hands to the ceiling with ropes, another would tape your mouth shut and the third guy will start enjoying your sexy body. She kissed me and told she loved the idea of being a slave to three guys, the huge boner I had listening to this indicated I loved the idea too.

The thought of her being tied up in front of 3 guys was so hot. I wanted them to enjoy my girlfriend's milky body. They would go so rough on her, the thought of that infuriated me and I wanted my fuckdoll right at that moment. I was not thinking rationally, maybe it was the alcohol acting up combined with my wild sex drive, but I wanted to fuck my girlfriend and make her scream. How dare she say she wants to get fucked by three guys? I'll fuck her harder that those three combined I thought. I took a towel and tied her to the bed, her arms above her head. She looked so hot there lying helplessly. Her nipples were now erect and her pussy wanted my dick so bad. I got under her n spread her legs wide apart. I started licking her wildly and she was loving it. I could taste all her lovely juices flowing out of her pussy, I gladly licked every last drop. I then went up and started giving her hickeys on her cleavage. She screamed but I didn't care , this is what u get for wanting to be fucked in turns by three dicks bitch. Her entire cleavage was covered by my hickeys. I went on to suck her tits wildly, she noticed I was being extra rough on her, I'm sure she loved it. I felt my dick throbbing after sucking her nipples. I started rubbing my dick over her pussy. She looked down and saw me teasing her pussy with my dick without a condom. She was still tied to the bed but her mouth was free, she screamed my name and said NOOOOO....I don't know what took over me at that moment. Maybe it was the fact that she was denying my dick from touching her pussy, combined with the thought of her getting tied up and used by three guys, in one swift motion I covered her mouth with my hand, climbed over her and started fucking her pussy raw. She kept screaming at the top of her voice, I had never fucked her raw before. There was no stopping when I felt her warm pussy on my dick without any condom, I was thrusting wildly in and out of her. She was still trying to scream but I pinned her down to the bed with my hand covering her mouth and fucked her pussy hard. It was wild to think how she was living her fantasy that night, getting fucked so hard without her consent. I continued fucking my bitch for around 5 more minutes, her screams were now drained out and my bitch was tired from all the fucking. Her screams were now replaced by moans, I pulled her hair, took my hand off her mouth and cummed inside her warm pussy. She moaned in pleasure and so did I. I withdrew my dick and saw my cum flowing out of her pussy, I was coming back to my senses and realized what I had done, I had forcefully fucked my own girlfriend. She was lying there still breathless from all the fucking, she pulled me closed and whispered to me, that was the best anyone's ever fucked me.

It was a wild night where we both got a glimpse at our fantasies being fulfilled, maybe her more than mine but I didn't care.I pulled her close to me and whispered in ear, so who's slut are you? She winked at me in the most seductive way and said, everyone's slut baby ;)

If you want to interact with us and get in touch please do mail us at thecuriouscouple1617@gmail.com. Pls share your feedback on the story here and let me know if u wanna know more about our adventures in the bedroom. couples are be preferred.

The end
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