After reading the title of this story you could probably guess what it's about, but you'll never believe the shenanigans that transpired last summer when my wife and I went camping.

My wife and I had been married for 3 years with no children, yet. Two years younger than me, at age 29, my wife is pretty hot. She's a natural brunette with blonde hair, nice perky tits and as a result of being very athletic her whole life, she has an absolutely perfect ass! It's big, white, round and firm. Her face is cute but she's not a real knockout, she does have a cute button nose and a juicy pair of lips though.

What I love most about her is that she's smart; I mean she has a great job and she makes good decisions, I almost always trust her judgment. For privacy reasons we'll call my wife Donna. We live and work in Phoenix, AZ and we both had wanted to get away from our jobs for a while and we were reading all about this great place in Flagstaff to go camping.

We decided it would be perfect to get out into nature and away form the city for a few days, so we planned the trip for July 4th weekend. We bought a bunch of camping equipment, rented a big SUV, and headed off for our first camping trip!

When we got to the campground we met some nice people who directed us to a more secluded area, since we weren't fishing or boating. We were able to find a great campsite away from all the people and kids and set up our camp. It was around 2PM when we were finished, so we decided to go for a swim. I was in the water cooling off and my wife was laying out working on her tan.

It was a scorching hot day and there must have been a couple dozen guys checking out my wife's body. She did look great in her bikini, but I was still a little surprised at how much attention she received. There were men of all ages that seemed pleased by my wife but it was a teenage boy that actually had the balls to approach her. I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying to each other, but Donna did seem to enjoy the attention.

I stayed in the water longer because I didn't want to make it seem as if their chatter bothered me, but I was a little jealous. The boy was in great shape and was very good looking. I finally gave in and made my way to the shore.

"Honey this is Craig, can you believe he's only 16 and he's up here by himself?" She also said that she'd invited him to our campsite and then he headed off to get his gear. I asked my wife why she invited him. "I feel bad for him being all alone, plus he's really cute." I was starting to get pissed off but just went along with it, in order to avoid a scene.

So the three of us went back to the campsite and Craig set up his tent, Donna started to get dinner ready, and I started the fire. It was ridiculous, all that Craig had was a tent and a backpack, I mean he had no food or anything. He told us his that he and his family live in a town near bye and that he just loves camping so much so he comes here by himself sometimes.

He seemed like a nice kid but there was just something funny about him, I just couldn't put my finger on it. I let Craig drink a few beers with me and Donna was drinking some wine and we told stories and jokes, it was pretty fun. Craig told us that he was a great football player for his high school and that he dated a couple of cheerleaders.

Then something unexpected happened, it started raining cats and dogs. It rains like once or twice all year in Arizona and it had to rain now. The fire went out and we said goodnight to Craig and retired to our tent. We were both pretty buzzed and I was looking forward to fooling around.

That's when Craig appeared outside our tent asking to come in because there was a big hole in his tent. Donna said, "Of course you can, come in and make yourself comfortable, out tent is plenty big enough." He climbed in to our tent and lay down on the other side of Donna, I was so frustrated at that point and I fell asleep soon thereafter.


When I woke up in the morning, Donna's panties were on my chest. I looked over at my sleeping wife and found that Craig was gone. I jumped out of the tent only to find his things were gone too. I went back into the tent and looked under the blanket and sure enough my wife was naked. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy and found a sloppy mess. There was cum everywhere!

I started to shake my wife and she awoke in a daze and as I angrily questioned her she burst into laughter. I just got up and went outside. I was steaming, I went to the truck and got a cigarette and just tried to cool down. Donna came out of the tent and joined me for a smoke. All she had on was my long sleeve shirt and she looked really hot. That's when she told me everything that happened with Craig.

"All I remember is being really ***** and falling asleep with the rain coming down on to the tent. Then I was awoken by a cock entering my pussy. It was dark and my brain was foggy from drinking and sleeping, but it felt good. I was so freaking horny it felt great! I just assumed that it was you and had forgotten that Craig was even in the tent with us. Then I felt how big the cock was and I knew it wasn't you. It kept getting bigger and going into me deeper and deeper, oh my god it was amazing. Then I just felt it explode, it was amazing, we both came at the same time.

"He made such a loud grunting sound when he came inside me that I was sure you would wake up, but you didn't. Then when he took his dick out of my pussy and he stuck it in my ass. I'd never been fucked in my ass before as you know - and it took a forceful thrust of his cock to even get it inside.

"I couldn't believe how good it felt as our cum acted as a lube in my ass, he was like an engine, just non stop. The whole time he had me by my hair and I was making so much noise. He started talking a lot of shit to me, saying that he was going to impregnate me and that my asshole and pussy would never be the same. I can't believe you never woke up.

"He even took his cock and he shot his cum all over my face, it was so nasty. Then after that he fucked me all night, in every hole multiple times. I've never been fucked that good in my life, I'm so soar right now."

I was just standing there with my jaw on the ground listening to the details of my wife's fuck fest and then she burst into laughter again. She was looking down at my cock, which was rock hard and bulging through my sweatpants. "Oh my god, you like it don't you? Do you want to hear more?"

I didn't say anything and my face was red, inside I was saying "HELL YES!" but I wasn't sure if I should tell her that.

"Listen baby," she said. "Early this morning, before he left, he told me the truth. He was lying when he said he was from around here, he's vacationing with his family, and he went back to their campsite. He made all of that up so that he could fuck me last night. Oh, I hope he didn't make me pregnant honey, I don't want a baby right now."

I was now in even more shock and that's when Donna pulled my sweats down and started sucking my dick. It felt amazing; my cock was so hot I could feel the explosion coming on. She stopped sucking and started talking,

"You like getting your cock sucked? After I sucked Craig's huge cock all night? I've never seen your cock this big before, wow; you must like the idea of your wife sucking some guy's huge cock."

It was true, I have a good size penis at seven inches long and five inches thick around, but it's never been as hard as it was then. Even though I have a good size cock I love the idea of an even bigger cock inside of her. I grabbed my slut wife by the hair and shoved my huge cock in her mouth and began to just fuck her right down her throat.

About one minute later I pulled my cock out and jacked it off all over her face. It was by far the biggest load I've ever blown; it was so thick and just covered her whole face. I stuck my cock back in her mouth and she sucked the rest of the cum out of me.

I went back into the tent and had a chance to just think about this potential life changing incident and all of the sudden I got the idea in my head that Craig had fucked my wife. I instantly got another raging hard on and began jacking off furiously. My wife came into the tent and jumped right on my cock. I was lying on my back and she rode me hard while she started talking naughty.

"Do you want me to fuck him in front of you baby? Huh? Do you want to watch me suck his huge cock? I want to fuck him again tonight. Do you want to watch your wife getting fucked?"

"Yes!" I shouted. "You fucking *****!" I grabbed her and pushed her on to her back and started to fuck her so hard and we both came.

I felt pretty secure at that time now that we had a good fuck. I knew it would be hard to face Craig and watch him fuck my wife. I guess I decided to just trust Donna's decisions and make the best out of the situation ahead. If I'd only known then all of the things that were still waiting for us on our camping trip...
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