“Are you getting up?” My wife asked again as I lay in bed watching her pull up a pink thong and wiggle her sexy ass inches from my face. Her full firm buttocks looked great from this angle with the tiny lace thong covering her plump female parts between her legs.

“Mmmm” I mumbled reaching out to grab her ass as she pulled away.

“No get up I’ve been trying to get you up all morning lazy.”

“You did that deliberately it looks so good.” I protest sitting up in bed and smiling. She grinned back at me.

“Well maybe if you got up when I shouted to you instead of sitting up watching cuckold porn all night I’d let you grab it.”

My wife is 16 years younger than me and very sexy which drives my cuckold porn addiction but causes some problems.
We’d even tried a meet with a guy online a few Fridays before but I was still not cured shall we say of my dirty thoughts.

“Anyway, it’s Friday so it’s not yours tonight either so you can watch as much porn as you like” She sternly said pulling on her jeans.

This got my attention and I too sat on the end of the bed now putting on my jeans. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, you should not have been still sitting up watching porn liked a bad daddy?” She gave me a look as she pulled on a vest with no bra her nipples still poking through the material putting me off somewhat.

“So if you’re going to be bad then I’m going to be bad and give you what you deserve daddy.” I stood up facing her wondering if she was calling my bluff or serious and she raised her eyebrows. “I’m going to visit Paul again tonight you do know he wanted to make it every Friday." This was the guy from online and I did know that but didn’t think she was overly keen we hadn’t discussed it since the event which we’d tried to see if it would get me over my fantasy.

“We never agreed on every Friday”. I stuttered still wondering if this was a game or not.

She stepped closer to me. “It’s your dirty fantasy daddy and you aren’t over it cause you sit up watching cuckold porn all night true?”

Her eyes were fixed on mine still looking annoyed as I tried to think. “Yes but I just wasn’t expecting this”.

She grinned now at my obvious predicament. “I told you I was fed up with you sitting up watching porn and not getting up in the morning so this is your punishment I think it fits the crime and I get some fun.” I was frozen to the spot trying to work this all out in my head feelings of jealousy and arousal filling my mind at the same time.

“Fun so it’s for you, you want to see him again.” Was all I could think to say. She grinned even wider at my words and obvious state.

“Oh are you, jealous daddy, I thought it was your fantasy to be a cuckold?” I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and she knew it grinning sadistically which seemed to arouse me more. Reaching down to my semi-erect penis now still grinning she rubbed it. “See it turns you on dirty daddy but it’s good you’re jealous after all you should be.” My cock was betraying me a bit getting harder at her new sadistic attitude and led by my dirty mind.

“What do you mean I should be”? I asked her hand rubbing my now almost erect cock through my jeans.

“Well it’s good for you to be punished and tormented for being such a pervy Daddy and well I didn’t tell you just how good a night I had with Paul the last time.” I felt a flood of emotions now jealousy making my heart thump but her nasty way making my cock hard now pumped full of blood. “He fucked me so hard Daddy and so many times he was relentless I’ve just been dying for you to be bad so I could see him again.” my cock twitched as she rubbed it which she noticed and giggled a bit. “Oh you are bad that turns you on, you old pervert don’t worry I’m soaking thinking about it too.” She giggled slipping her hand down the front of her jeans and bringing out a wet finger. “See I can’t wait to have him fuck me so good again Daddy and it’s all your fault.” With that, she suddenly left the room telling me to get ready for work.

When I was at work I messaged her still wondering if that morning had been a game asking her if she meant what she said. “Oh yes Daddy you’ve been bad watching porn and staying up I meant every word of it I’m going to punish you.”
Even through my jealousy, this made me insanely horny, especially in a message, then another message came through. "If you’re going to be bad then I may as well have some fun and Uncle Paul says he’s going to punish me, Daddy, so hard.” My cock sprang to life despite my torment and I had to message back asking what he’d said? “Well I told him I wanted to teach you a lesson and he said he couldn’t wait to get his hands on me again Daddy he wants to teach me a lesson and doesn’t care about you” I could hardly think of anything now my cock so hard it was painful in my jeans.
I replied asking what she had said to that. “Are you sure you want to know Daddy I don’t want you too jealous?” She replied with a laughing face at the end. My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding and my cock was so hard it hurt.

"I wanted to know?"

“Kind of feel bad telling you this Daddy but I told him I was dying to take his big cock again too and he could be as rough with me as he liked I want him to teach me a lesson” I was struggling not to start playing with my cock right there and then as I read it again. I was still trying to come to terms with that when another message came through, she’d sent me a screenshot of their conversation.

He’d replied. “Oh my, you wee hottie I’m going to teach you a lesson alright I want to fuck the daylights out of you all night long.”

“Yes please, my husband isn’t that rough and usually only fucks me once even though he’s a pervert.”

“You won’t be thinking about him tonight girl I’m going to enjoy every minute of making you forget him and pounding that sexy young body of yours I’m going to make you scream my name that will be his punishment the perv.”

I read them filled with tormented jealousy and heart racing but my cock was still throbbing wildly in my jeans almost cumming without me touching it. My phone buzzed again with a message from my wife. “Oh, my did you read that Daddy? Uncle Paul is going to make me scream his name and he’s not a fan of yours it seems” I was lost in my cuckold fantasies a total and utter mess now reading this.

“Yes I read it it’s hot but it’s making me a bit nervous.”

“Daddy you are meant to be jealous and tormented that’s the idea remember and isn’t he just perfect for that he has a big cock a great six-pack and he fucks me relentlessly not to mention he doesn’t like Daddy much.”

I couldn’t deny the theory I guess and I replied. “Well, I guess that is the idea.”

My phone buzzed again. “Yes, it is your fantasy Daddy after all admit it your as turned on as me by it I want you to tell me.”

“Yes my dirty mind can’t help but be turned on you know that.”

“Good I love tormenting you and turning you on Daddy it’s so horny”

To be continued…….
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