Ellen and I are in our 40's during this post. Our kids are older and not at home as much. Her body is wonderful and still looks much younger than she is. Our sex is great when we have it, now once or twice a week. to spice things up and change things up I purchased another vibrator without her approval. She was not happy I made the purchase.

This vibrator is bigger and black. I thought the color contract would look great against her skin. it looks more life like. At first, she did not want it in the bed. But one night with the smaller vibrator in her ass, I brought out the new one. Ellen rolled onto her side and spreads her legs. I whispered she should use it as she wants. Ellen proceeded to rub it across her c*nt spreading her c*nt lips with each stroke.as the black vibrator entered her c*nt the smaller vibrator slid out of her ass. She rolled onto her hands and knees asking me to fuck her with the black vibrator. I went slow at first and was surprised how deep it went into her c*nt. A depth I would never reach. Her c*nt became very red as she pushed back against the black vibrator. she just could not get enough and she fucked the vibrator longer than anytime ever fucked.

Ellen feel to the bed not saying a word. The black vibrator between us as we spooned. I reached down to the black vibrator switching it off. The toy was wet with her vaginal juices deep from within her c*nt a place I will never reach with my 5 inch cock. I brought my wet fingers to my noise, the scent was wonderful.

The two vibrators became a normal part of our erotic nights but eventually we returned to once a week or every other week. We had other life things that got in our way and Ellen found a new outlet. DANCING.

I think I am a typical male. My slow dancing was mostly rocking back and forth with Ellen in my arms. That was not enough for her. She enrolled us at a dance studio in a group setting. It was actually fun and I learned to dance with my wife as it should be done. After 12 weeks we felt brave enough to find bars, hotels and restaurants that hosted events. We had a great time. Then the dance event at a Sheraton Hotel that had been advertised for weeks.

We made reservations at the hotel to avoid drinking and driving. After checking in we showered and played in bed with the two toys. Ellen had enjoyed the black vibrator so much it became the replacement for my small cock. I had become regulated to getting off after her and usually in her hand which is my fault. Watching her with the two vibrators, the small one in her ass and the other in her c*nt. She had mastered using both toys at the same time tightening her anal muscle while loosening the vaginal canal. She looked so erotic.

We took a brief nap before dressing for the night. I so enjoy my wife watching her dress and remember that day like it just happened. She wore a grey bra and panty outfit, and a grey knit dress that clung to her body like skin. The dress showed every curve and a small sensual tummy bulge that she had gained. The hem of Ellen's dress was just above her knees.

As we went down the the hall to the elevator we noticed couples dress to the dance. One lady commented to my wife how lovely she looked and said the men will love her. As we approached the ballroom I became concerned but did not mention it to Ellen. She walked in with another couple chatting with them. I went to the table to pay the cover charge. As I entered the ballroom I could not spot Ellen. I made my way around the bar and there she was with a drink in her hand. The music was so loud i felt I was screaming asking where she got the drink. She just shrugged her small shoulders and pulled my out onto the dance floor. As we danced she looked very happy and sensual way a 40+ year old mom of two can look. I motioned her to follow me over to the side. I asked her if she noticed that we are the only white couple in the room. She said I was silly. And she started back to the dance floor.

Half way there a drink was handed to her. And then another when we finished dancing. I stayed sober to keep my wits but Ellen was on her way. Everybody was friendly and eventually we were invited to a table with others. Ellen sat between two black men. I could barely hear the conversation but they asked about us, our family and of course they laid complement after complement on her.

One man stood up and took Ellen by the hand. He had the curtesy to ask me is he could dance with Ellen. She resounded for me that I would not care. I had never imagined my wife could dance that way. Her legs apart and his hands sliding part way up and her hands on his hips and rubbing his cock. Sitting there i wondered what I should do. Paralyzed, I did nothing.

Part three will be how things had changed.
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