IMG_20240505_231627.jpgI play squash in a league on Friday nights. I chat with the other guys that play; we're more acquaintances than friends. I wouldn't socialize with them outside of squash, but I have known a few of them for a long time. One Friday, I was chatting with a guy called Tony. We got onto the subject of gyms—where we went, what kit they had, etc.—and Tony whipped out his phone.

"Look at this," he said. "You should check out my gym; there's a milf there who sucks guys off in the changing rooms."

"Really?" I replied, as Tony was searching for something on his phone.

"What gym do you go to?" I inquired.

"DB's. Let me find this." He was flicking through a What's App conversation.

DB's was a gym for heavy lifters; a lot of meatheads went there, mostly guys who were pretty big. Tony himself was well built; it didn't surprise me much that he went there.

"Is she fit?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, she is; I've seen her a couple times; she sucks guys off in the changing rooms and sauna; she fucking loves it. Dirty bitch. She's the talk of the gym. Guys have been talking about her, but I don't think she knows that they know each other. I've been trying to catch her when she is there. Look."

"Haha, fucking hell, I do need to go to your gym," I said as Tony moved his phone towards my face. My quip was slightly before I had seen the screen.

What Tony presented to me was a picture. It was of a naked guy, very buff. He was taking a selfie in a mirror with his head cut out of the picture. In front of him was a naked blonde woman on her knees, sucking his cock. As the picture was in the mirror, you could just see her from behind, the back of her head obscuring his cock. My blood pressure felt like it plummeted, and I felt a rushing sense of alarm. I tried to stay as straight-faced as possible so as not to alert Tony to my reaction to the picture, for what I saw before me was my wife's arse.

She had a very distinguishing flower tattoo on the small of her back; there was no mistaking it was her.

"Wow," I said blankly. I felt as if my face was blushing.

"Yeah," said Tony, laughing. "Look at that arse. Fuck, I'd love to go on that."

"Who is that guy?" I asked, looking to probe for more information.

"His name is Paul; he sent me this the other day."

"And... how many guys is she blowing?"

"Hmmm.." Tony put his head back as he pondered, "There's Paul... a regular, a Polish guy, two lads who work at the car garage on Chaucer Street; Paul saw her with a newish guy last week coming out of the changing rooms... Not sure who else, Paul's mates with the lads at the garage, so they figured out what she was up to... Little *****.. I can't wait to catch her there next; they say she's fucking amazing, the best head they've had."

"Oh wow!" I tried to summon a fake laugh back.

"Fancy your chances, then?" Tony joked.. "She only likes big guns, apparently."

"Ha, yeah.. errr.. maybe. Anyway, I've got to dash, mate." I gave my apologies and left. Lucy had some explaining to do.

I got home, and Lucy was just getting out of the bath. I had thought she went to my gym! We went at different times; I went before work in the morning, and she usually liked to go later in the evenings.

"Hiya!" she beamed when she saw me. "How was squash?"

"Hi. Great. It might have been better if one of the guys hadn't shown me a picture of you sucking some random guys dick."

"What!!?" she exclaimed, genuinely horrified."

"DBs gym... You go there?"

"Oh, my god. yes..." She looked like she'd seen a ghost.

"And you're just sucking everyone's cock?" I asked, still incredulous.

She slumped and sat on the bed. She began to explain what had happened.

Lucy was a hotwife; she had a pass to meet guys if she wanted. We'd been open for several years, but she'd usually tell me when she'd find a meeting. She was a great-looking woman. 40, tanned, trimmed, blonde with an hourglass figure, and sucking cock was her favorite pass time. She said she had left our gym to join DBs on the advice of her friend, as the guys there were buff. Lucy loved gym guys with muscles and roid types; that was her usual bull type she sought out. She said she went to look at the guys there and see if she could garner any attention. She met a guy called Lukas; she said she saw him there whenever she was in. He was Polish, very buff, and lifted huge weights. She said he was always looking over at her, and she purposely walked on the stair machine and treadmill to show off her arse for him.

She said he came over one day when she was doing some pull-downs to give her some tips. He pushed her elbows in and held her shoulders back. She was instantly turned on. She chatted with him for a while, and he offered to show her some stuff when she was next in. She gleefully accepted, and they agreed on a date and time. He put her through her paces when they met; she told him she wanted to tone her arse up, giving her ample opportunity to show him her prized and best asset. He showed her some exercises and gave her encouragement, touching her to coach her as they worked through the session. At the end, she had worked up a sweat, and she thanked him for the session. She said the tension was palpable. He asked if she was single.

"I'm not, but I am allowed to play," she smiled.

She then discussed the ins and outs of what she could do with the intrigued meathead. She told him she could play with guys that met her needs; if they were dominant, that's what she liked. Lukas informed her that he indeed liked to be dominant.

The conversation had Lucy wet at this point. She decided to make a move. "Y'know, I'm really grateful for your time... I wish there was something I could do for you in return."

As Lucy said this, she twisted her long blonde hair around her finger and tilted her head to the side. She parted her lips and slowly ran the tip of her tongue along the underside of her top teeth.

Lukas smiled and looked her down with his eyes, then back up. "What did you have in mind?"

Lucy moved closer to Lukas and lowered her voice to a near whisper. "Well, I'm married... but I really love sucking cock... ummm, would that be a fair trade, you think?"

"We'll see," said Lukas... "Go to the men's changing rooms. Wait for me."

The gym was quiet; the only other guy there was just on his way out. Lucy walked over to the changing room, being sure to wiggle her arse as she sauntered over. She looked around and slipped into the room. A couple of minutes later, Lukas came in. He walked straight over and grabbed her in a passionate kiss. He put his hands all over her, running them both down to her arse and squeezing hard. Lucy was wearing a matching gym set, a beige sports bra, and matching tight yoga pants; she never wore knickers with them. A white pair of socks and trainers completed her look. She kissed him back, matching his energy. She threw her head back, and he was into her neck, kissing her collarbone, neck, and biting her ear. He grabbed her hair in his hand, wrapped it around once, and spun her around, holding her in front of him, facing her forward with a tight fist of her hair. He walked her forward forcefully, taking her around the corner to a secluded row of lockers at the back of the room. Her pussycat was dripping as this strong man marched her to the lockers.

Once there, he released her hair and turned her around. He put his hand around her throat and pushed her up against the lockers, holding her there tightly. "Pull your leggings down." Lukas said it with authority.

Lucy did as he said and pulled her leggings down; he was holding her in place and didn't give her an inch. She had to face him and wiggle her arse to get the tight leggings over her hips before letting them drop around her knees.

"Put your arms down by your sides." She immediately obeyed his next instruction.

Her hard nipples were visible through her sports bra. Lukas, still holding her throat, moved in and kissed her again. Holding her in place, he licked her open mouth.

He released her trot and spun her around. Grabbing up her hair again, he gripped tightly and pushed her head against the lockers. He ran his other big hand down her side and then slapped her big, fat arse nice and hard.

"hmmmmpf." was Lucy's reaction to the slap, followed by a pleasurable-sounding "mmmmmm!" signaling her apparent enjoyment.

Lukas moved close to her ear. "Are you going to tell your husband about this?"

"No," said Lucy.

Lukas smacked her arse again, harder this time. "I want you to tell him... Tell him exactly how I feed you my cock."

He smacked her again, same arse cheek again, even harder.

"Oooh, fuck," gasped Lucy.

"Do you understand?" Lukas growled before he smacked her again, almost as hard as he could this time, leaving a bright red handprint on her right arse cheek.

"Ooww, ahhh. Yes.. Ill tell him." She was pitchy, gasping, and very wet from her spanking.

"You tell him what a ***** you've been for me."

"Yes, sir," she gasped out. She relished the opportunity to call him Sir.

Lukas pushed his knee into the back of Lucy's to send her down onto her knees. She turned her around, released her hair, and pulled off her vest and shorts. He stood before her, his cock rocking hard.

Lucy said he was very big. When I asked her to compare against my 7 inches, she said he was longer, by about a third, and thicker—much thicker. His body was all muscle—6-pack abs, thick thighs—and she was creaming at the thought of having him in her mouth. He grabbed her hair again behind her head and tightly gripped her face with his other hand.

"Look at me," he barked at her. She looked up at him as instructed.

"Lick your lips for me..." she readily started running her tongue around her lips.

"Open your mouth." She opened wide and stuck out her tongue, anticipating his thick cock.

He stuck his thumb hard into her mouth, and she instinctively started to suck it.

"Mmmmm," he murmured, "are you going to suck my cock like a good girl?

"Lucy nodded. "Mmm yeshsh Shhhir," she garbled over his thumb.

He grabbed her by the face again and moved his cock towards her mouth. He slid it in. Lucy exhaled through her nose and moaned in delight, moving her eyes down to get to work.

"Look at me," he said, stopping her and slapping her face, her mouth full of his cock. She pointed her gaze back up toward him.

"Do you like that cock? Does it fucking taste good?".

Lucy nodded. "Mmmmm, yesssh, itshsh, sshoo goood."

"Tell me your husband's name." Lucy responded again.

"Chriss Shirrr...itsh Chrisss hmpfffll" Lucy tried her best to sound out the syllables over his still hardening cock.

"Show me your wedding ring," Lukas barked again.

Lucy held up her left hand, showing the brute her ring finger.

"Mmmmm, your my ***** now." Lukas sounded genuinely satisfied.

"Yesssh, Shirrrrr... Mmmmm." Lucy loved his hot, big, warm cock.

Lukas enjoyed hearing her garbled words over his dick, feeling the vibrations through her mouth. Lucy was starting to drool down her chin.

Lukas, still gripping her hair, slid his other hand around her throat and started sliding in and out, gently at first to get a rhythm going, and then, after a few seconds, faster and more aggressive, until he was fucking her mouth.

Lucy spluttered and choked as he fucked her face. "Fucking look at me."

He wouldn't let Lucy's gaze drop from his; he stared at her intently as he fucked her sloppy, wet mouth.

Lucy spread her legs and started rubbing her clitoral area; her pussycat was swollen and standing proud. She was so turned on by this wall of muscle skullfucking her.

She moaned all over his length. He was fucking her face but only getting half way down her throat. After a minute or so, she erupted into an orgasm. She closed her eyes as her climax screams were muffled by the hot length of thick meat that filled her whorish little mouth.

She was dripping drool onto her sports bra; her nipples were nearly ripping through it. She was so turned on. She squirted all over her leggings.

Lukas pulled back and moved back a few feet to sit on the bench just behind him.

He snapped his fingers and pointed to his feet. Lucy dropped onto her hands and crawled towards him, resting to a stop inches from his throbbing, hard cock.

"Keep your palms on the floor. Show me what you've got."

At the invitation, Lucy threw her mouth over his dick. She started hungrily sucking his cock, putting all her skills to use. Swirling her tongue around his thick bell end, alternating hard and soft sucking, rocking her head from side to side to corkscrew her mouth around his shaft, forcing herself down to try and deepthroat him... He was far too big for that.

She moved her hand up and grabbed his massive balls; she gently squeezed and played with them, feeling them tighten as she expertly bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

Lukas realized he had a hungry little cocksucker on his hands, one with Premier League-level skills. He'd be having her again.

He could easily have taken her pussycat there and then, but he allowed her to blow him to climax. Her rhythm and moaning set him on climax; he grabbed her hair and moved her up and down, finding the rhythm that would make him blow.

He came into her mouth; she choked and slurped at the first stream of hot spunk, but quickly readjusted to swallow his load.

He was a heavy cummer; she had to swallow him three times to consume him, and then twice more as she was cleaning him up.


Lucy stayed on her knees, her leggings around her ankles, covered in her pussy juice. Her mascara was running, and she had drool down her bra; it was running all the way down to her pussycat.

Lukas stood up and moved over to one of the lockers. He unlocked it and removed his bag. He slid a business card out and flicked it in Lucy's direction. It hit her on the shoulder and fell to the floor.

"Message me."

With that, he put on his clothes, grabbed his bag, and gave Lucy an intense stare as he turned away and left.

All Lucy could think at that point was how much she wanted that massive cock inside her pussycat.

That's what got her on her way to becoming the resident gym cocksucker.
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