The man that I arranged to flirt with my wife just walked in the hotel bar and walked past our table. He was even more attractive in person. He was an immigrant Italian about 6’ and 180Lbs. He had brown hair and was wearing a blue slim-fit suit with brown dress shoes. His tie was still pulled tight to his collar as if he were going on a job interview. It was apparent that my wife took note of the single sharp dressed man that had just taken the table next to ours.

I jumped at the opportunity and asked him if he was just wrapping up his day or just starting. He smiled, replying with an Italian accent that he was just starting, but he was officially off the clock. I asked him what line of work was he in and he replied that he was the owner of a massage business who specialized in high end law firms. Making small talk I told him that the line of work I was involved in used a competitor to provide massages for the operators in the plant I worked for. We continued small talk until he was interrupted by a phone call.

While he was on the call I asked Gina if she minded if I invited the gentleman to join us for a couple drinks and she replied of course not. After he finished the phone call he apologized for the interruption. I asked him what he was drinking and he replied an old fashion with top shelf rye. I told him that I would be right back and walked over to the bar and ordered another round of drinks for all. While at the bar I noticed the two of them having a conversation mixed with occasional smiles and laughter. The bar was becoming busier and the bartender asked me to have a seat and he would have the waiter bring them to us.

Upon returning I asked the gentleman if he would like to join us and he smiled saying that he appreciated the Texas hospitality and walked over standing next to my wife introducing himself as Mark before taking her hand gently kissing it. He then asked if she minded if he took a seat next to her. Without hesitation Gina replied of course not, please have a seat. This was working way better than I expected as Mark was now right next to Gina and directly across the table from me.

I noticed that Gina’s breast were standing at full attention and anyone looking at her chest would easily know it. I winked at Mark as an indicator to continue flirting with my wife and he was some kind of expert at doing so. I haven’t seen my wife smiling so hard for so long in a very long time.

Mark asked me how I got so lucky to have such a beautiful wife and I jokingly said that I robbed her from the cradle. Mark paused and asked what did I mean by that? I told him that I met my wife when she was a freshman in high school. He congratulated me for holding onto her saying most girls he knew went to college and experimented with their sexuality.

Mark then says to Gina that she’s obviously satisfied with her choice. Gina’s face was turning pink and she said I sure am, John always sees that my needs are met. The waiter delivered the drinks. In addition to the drinks I ordered was a round of whiskey shots from an anonymous person. The waiter also said that the anonymous buyer also asked him to transfer all drinks to his tab. A little while later Mark stood announcing that he needed to use the toilet and excused himself.

I asked Gina if she was ok and she replied that she was having a good time and Mark was a really nice interesting man. Teasingly, I replied that I thought Mark was interested in her as well. Gina replied “You think?”, she asked me if I had noticed Mark staring at her chest and legs. I smiled and told her she should flirt with Mark and give him a show. I told Gina that she looked sexy and she should reap the benefits of being sexy, it may pay off with a free massage. Gina smiled as she pondered my advice.

When Mark arrived Gina was next to excuse herself and I didn’t waste time telling Mark to talk to Gina about his business and the exclusive opportunity to offer her a great deal. Gina’s a sucker for massages. I also suggest that he turn up the heat because she was noticing it. Mark grinned and answered in Italian. He then said that what was mine was soon to be his. I grinned back at him.

When Gina returned Mark waste no time talking to Gina about massages. It soon lead to him touching her shoulders, neck, arms, fingers, and thighs. He was so cool she didn’t realize that he was feeling her. If I thought Gina’s nipples were hard earlier I was mistaken. They were now erect which soon resulted in Mark commenting that he was sorry for exciting her. Gina replied that she didn’t mind. Before I knew it Mark was whispering into Gina’s ear and she nodded with approval and Mark started kissing her neck. I couldn’t see where Gina’s hand was but figured it was grabbing his cock.

Another round of drinks were delivered to our table and everyone was feeling a little tipsy. Mark was busy making out with Gina and her panties were sitting in the middle of the table for everyone to see. I’m positive Mark had already fingered her. Gina announced that she was going to the room and asked if we were staying. I suggest that Mark ****** her to our room, so he did just that.

They were gone about half an hour when the bartender told me I had a call from my room and I could take it at the end of the bar. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I hen I picked it up I could hear my wife moaning. I listened for a moment and could hear Mark asking Gina if she liked his Italian sausage better than my little dick. Gina kept replying YES, YES, every time Mark asked her that. Gina was being fucked for the first time in a very long time without me being present. This was such a turn on for me. Now that’s all I want for her, and she doesn’t seem to mind either.

That didn’t go as planned, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
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