"Please don't make me say it.." Jenny begged. She tried to sound sincere and upset despite the nine inch cock buried inside her. "Tell him, bitch!" Shouted the owner of said cock. Bouncing on top of the black man, Jenny turned to face her sobbing husband who knelt beside them. "Honey I'm in love with Jemal, and Jemal's big cock. I love his dick so much that I wouldn't even care if he killed you, I'd still love him." Jenny said through grunts and moans, familiar sloppy sex noises filling the room as they continued to fuck. Her husband released a wimpy sob of defeat as he watched on in anguish.

Beside him knelt their young 18 year old son, pulling his own cock while watching his mother worship a black man. He loved the situation: watching his father crumble under the power of a black man filled his dick with more lust then he knew existed. Growing up around black friends, he always enjoyed the way they teased and feminized him for being slender and soft. Now getting to watch a black man rule his home felt great, like it was the natural order of things. Biting his lower lip he stared longingly at his new owner's large plump balls, and slipped two fingers into his own ass.

Meanwhile Dave's heart ached from watching his wife and son enjoy their new lives. Somehow older white men had become worthless, disgusting trash that needed to be erased from the world. Ever since the Black Dominance Law was set in motion, older non-submissive white men were being killed for fun and sport. Dave couldn't believe how much the world had changed, and despite his own stiff dripping cock, he didn't want to accept it. He knew he would be killed if he stood up for himself or talked back to his black masters, but a black owned world didn't seem right to him. He knew he would do something, he just wasn't sure what.

"Yo wife's pussy is tight, man!" Jemal remarked, thrusting into Jenny again. "I'm 'bout to bust my nut!" He groaned, spanking her ass loudly as his thrusts increased in speed. Dave watched his son Sammy lean in for a closer look, still feverishly pumping his own cock. Dave's sorrows increased as he gave into his own cock's desire for attention, stroking only a few times before his cock erupted across the floor wasting his white seed. Hanging his head in shame, Dave remained quiet as the sex in the room increased in volume. "Ooh, get me pregnant! I love you, Master!" Jenny screamed as another orgasm shook her body. Jemal was in heaven, crossing the edge into orgasm he released his full load into the black worshiping wife, shot after shot.

While he was unloading into her womb, time seemed to slow down enough that he could enjoy the scenes around him. At that very moment, the young feminine son was cumming as well, shooting onto the side of the bed while his fingers darted in and out of his round ass. And beside him was his worthless father, tears running down his cheeks as his small limp dick dripped onto the floor. Jenny's eyes rolled back as she felt the hot jets of cum flooding her. She wanted his cum, and her body was willing and begging for it.

After a moment of roars and moans, the room calmed down to a quiet whisper, and the satisfying sound of Dave sniffling and wiping tears away. Jenny and Jemal kissed and remained that way for a few minutes, enjoying the ecstasy of the moment. Once the trance was broken, Jemal ordered Sammy between his legs. Without hesitation Sammy crawled between them, and was delighted when his mother pulled away. "Clean it up." Jemal ordered nicely, patting Sammy on the head as cum flooded from his mother's pussy and covered Jemal's cock...
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