A LibraLibraries and CuckedCanadian joint story

-Chapter 1-

Brittany glanced past her collection of open ******* tabs as she idly cradled her chastity cage. Her cock was straining at the sides of the plastic pink prison, and as she rounds halfway through week 3 it was a constant source of insatiable arousal. On the current tab was a sissy hypnosis video that her wife had asked her to watch. It was similar enough to the usual ones, showing rapidly changing pictures of gorgeous women sucking big cocks and tranny beauties being serviced by submissive men. This time however the focus seemed to laser in on black cocks, or BBC as it’s been all too familiarly known to Brittany. This was where the whole trouble started for the sissy, with a big black cock. As she watched a series of throbbing, foot-long black dicks spread open both white girls and white trannys alike. Slowly more images began appearing of sissybois just like Brittany, lingerie-clad sluts who were similarly being pounded by black cock. Their faces always really triggered her though and she could feel a load brewing. Seeing those bitches that used to be men, but are now fully feminized cock sluts was too much for her as it reinforced her total humiliation. Allowing his wife to cuckold him, and then feminizing him slowly was too effective and the deep-seated conditioning from her had molded him into a perfect sissy slut.

Brittany had her hair cut in a mid-length bob, with pixie-style bangs that made her look adorably innocent. Her soft and perfectly done hair framed beautiful brown eyes that were always done up perfectly with eye shadow, eyeliner, and all the works. Early on Brian started helping his wife with her makeup, and later she rolled this into his cuckolding training. He would have his cage on and a plug in his ass which would vibrate. Brittany would then have a limited amount of time to both flawlessly apply the makeup, as well as ejaculate through the cage. The failure resulted in lengthened caging times and a spanking so the sissy got very effective at makeup application. Brittany has a vast collection of panties and lingerie, as her wife insisted/enjoyed her being pantied 24/7. “Your cage looks so cute and natural in panties, don’t you think cucky?” she would coo into Brians's ear, as her expert fingers wormed their way into her boipussy. This would be a ritual that happened between them often, with Brittany being solidified in her place in a female-led relationship. Accepting her place as a wife’s sissy cuckold was a rough time at first, but the training was strict.

Now the movie changed again. It was a black bbw dominatrix telling him exactly what his wife had reinforced and played for him on a loop while he slept; his little peanut was too small to satisfy his wife or any other woman, he belongs in chastity to make sure his wife is happy and doesn’t have to worry about him, his wife deserves the biggest (black) cocks that she can find, he should serve his wife’s bulls however he can. This was deeply familiar to Brittany, and by now her clitty was leaking a heavy flow of pre cum that was staining her panties. Her breathing was quick, her boipussy clenching over and over on the black plug inside it. The video switched to one with the same woman, but now she had a white couple with her. She was humiliating both of them and making sure they knew about their place in the BNWO. First, the hubby kneeled before the ebony goddess and began to eat her pussy. She told him he was a worthless white sissy (Brittany felt her load get close) and that this was his place. After he licked her briefly his cock was caged in a tiny steel cage, and she wrote “sissy clitty” above, and “property of the BNWO” on the sides. He was then blindfolded and strapped to a gymnastics horse-like object. His black Mistress whisper in his ear that she was going to fuck him with her big black dick with his wife watching. Though his dick was straining and betraying his lust, he seemed to be begging and pleading to not be fucked. But as he protested the mistress kindly licked and slathered his hole with her tongue and saliva, lightly probing her way in as she went. His pathetic protest faded into whimpering moans as her tongue turned him into a bitch in heat. His wife had her pussy ******* and was rubbing her clit furiously with a look of ecstasy on her face. Her arousal was undeniable and she moaned encouragement to the dominant woman as she took her husband and truly made him her submissive. “You’re going to take this cock and cum like a good girl, just like your slut wife has been doing for weeks” she instructed as her fingers replaced her tongue in his ass. Now Brittany was so close she was shaking, humping her little package up and down subconsciously as her boipussy clenched and unclenched on her toy embedded inside. She began to close her eyes and lose herself in the movie, wishing and imagining that it was her receiving the treatment. As the curvaceous ebony woman finally waddled up to the restrained whiteboi, big black cock strapped to her hips, Brittany was perched on the absolute edge of her sissygasm. “There you go baby, take this black cock nice and slow” she ordered in a husky voice full of lust. The dildo slid easily into the already teased and lubed hole. At once the whiteboi moaned like a bitch in heat all the while his watching wife rubbed her clit to a furious squirting orgasm. The sight of their new mistress taking control of them, as well as the manhood of her husband, was too much to bear and the wife’s eyes rolled back in her head as she was overcome with a series of powerful orgasms. Brittany exploded parallel to the scene, her caged and shrunken penis spraying a tremendous load through the plastic tip of her prison. She threw her head back, cradled her little package in one hand, and rubbed her budding breast’s nipple in the other. The more she watched the more her tight asspussy clenched down on the plug and brought her to even more pleasure. By the time she was done, she had coated her lingerie and desk in front with a tremendous amount of sissy cream. Without even thinking she began to lick it up and was already eyeing the scene with continued lust.

Brian and his wife decided that going to the gym together would be a good bonding activity, and a great way to stay in shape. He had always been chubby and wanted to lean up, especially because his fat always seemed to sit on his ass and chest. High school locker room talk taught him that he had a great “booty” just like a girl, and bigger tits than anyone else in the room. Christy was never judgemental though, they met in college and she was always more intellectual. They were both white and from upper-middle-class families in a small New York State town. Christy was fairly shy, her slender frame and blonde hair perfectly suited to the nerdy college girl look that she lived in. They were a cute couple, though sex was something that never quite went the way they wanted. Brian was always horny and excitable, but with a little under 4.5 inches of an erection, there was a limit to the things they could do together. Christy usually just wasn’t in the mood, and if she was she never seemed very interested in having sex. She’d often lay there (sometimes on her phone) as her brain would frantically pump in and out for a minute or less, before shooting his load. As he’d roll off to sleep sometimes her fingers would wander beneath the sheets and explore her body, lately finding it easier to bring herself to a climax than from sex.

The first day they went to the gym together was a spur-the-moment experience, and had they not passed a new gym that opened up near the brunch restaurant they were at it would never have happened. Ace of Spades Gym looked very neat and was a recent renovation, standing out starkly from the other more rundown storefronts on this side of the neighborhood. But outside the door amongst flags and banners proclaiming the grand opening two employees were handing out flyers and t-shirts. “Hey I’m Jamal, and this is Shanelle, can we interest you guys in a free month gym membership? Comes with a free T-shirt too!” said the man at the front. He looked to be about 6.2, had a very dark complexion, and was nothing but sculpted muscle. Meanwhile, his companion was just as dark-skinned though her body was lush and shapely, with her large breasts on display out of the top of her tank top as much as her eye-catching booty was shown off through her yoga pants. Christy stuttered, taken aback by the forwardness of the approach, but smiled. Brian couldn’t take his eyes off Shanelle’s body and just nodded in agreement. The black couple smiled at each other as they saw the reaction they were getting from the white pair. Jamal winked at Shanelle and she knew they were going to have some fun. “Here why don’t you guys take some pens and t-shirts, and you can come in and see the space?” Shanelle offered. Brain nodded along some more and let himself be led inside first, as Christy followed behind. Jamal followed close behind her and he could see Christy’s eyes darting between him and his body covertly.

The gym itself was immaculate and completely new, with rows of workout machines newly placed and ready to go. As Jamal continued the tour he recommended a specific brand of boxers that he told Brian would be good for circulation and promoting muscle growth specifically in his butt like he wanted. Brian bought 2 pairs from the small gym shop, and Shanelle remarked on how good they are, and that he’s making a great decision. Eager to try them on Brian went right to the change room and opened the first package. It had the gym's logo on it, understandable he thought, but the positioning was odd. These boxers looked almost like girl's boy short panties, with almost 2 inches of Brian’s booty sticking out at the bottom of the shorts, and the spade logo was just above the crack of his ass. He was considering this all when Jamal walked in, “everything alright in here, we don’t do returns on the underwear” he joked. Jamal had to do a double take as when Brian’s back was first turned to him he really thought it was a girl's fat ass in panties he was staring at. But that was exactly the plan. “Wow those look great on you, you’re gonna get more swell now!” Jamal insisted. “Really? Thanks” Brian exclaimed, putting the self-consciousness aside as Jamal continued to look him over. “Yeah I’ve got all the secrets to getting you jacked, so listen up if you’re into that” instructed Jamal. “Ok!” Brain agreed happily, eyeing the statue of a man with jealousy but also excitement at the idea of being that ripped himself. After their workout session, they went back to the locker room and Jamal made sure there was no one around. “I’ve also got these supplements, they’re on the banned side but they work wonders! It’s how I got my shape. You want to give them a try?” he said as he held out a small pill bottle with no label. Brian was hesitant but Jamal seemed nice and getting cut wasn’t easy, “sure I guess” he responded as he took one. Nice alright how about we see you tomorrow for the same routine asked Jamal. Brian agreed and was already looking forward to working out again with his new buddy.

The next day was the same, and the day after but on the fourth day they did more weights than usual and Jamal mentioned that he had to shower as well since he got too sweaty. So as they changed to shower Jamal watched the fat booty in Spade's panties slowly undress and couldn’t help getting a little turned on by that ass. Meanwhile, as Brian straightened up, now completely nude he noticed Jamal’s body for the first time. The muscles were even more defined than he could have imagined, and to top it off Brain had never seen a cock so big before. It looked almost 8 inches while soft, and hung low and heavy with balls to match. He couldn’t help but stare, and only realized he was doing so when Jamal chuckled and asked if he was ready to shower. Since this time was still slow for the gym, there were only two of them there. Brian began to soap himself up and was taking extra care lathering his nipples and bum which has been feeling tingly lately, he assumed a byproduct of the working out. Jamal noticed this and it began to fill his mind with arousal. He casually asked, “Hey I’m too cool to reach my back buddy, can you help me out?”. Brian stammered in nervousness, not wanting to ruin his new friendship “I…umm…yeah, sure” he agreed. So Brain went to Jamal’s shower area and took a squirt of liquid soap from the wall dispenser. As he started to rub in gently into Jamal’s back he became aware of some new sensations. The tingling he kept feeling in his nipples and bum started to feel warm instead, and the more he rubbed the more relaxed he was becoming. Jamal casually exhaled and sighed in contentment as he was lathered by the whitebois small hands. He slowly turned his body throughout to help Brian fully cover all areas but eventually turned to face Brian as he began soaping Jamal’s armpits. That’s when Jamal’s thick black member gently brushed against Brian’s leg. Brian couldn’t explain why but it was like an electric shock through his body as the cock rubbed against him. He let out a small gasp, perhaps it was partially a moan too and hoped Jamal hadn’t heard it. But he had. Seeing his opportunity to put a plan into action, Jamal smiled down at Brian and asked “I’m sorry if this is making you uncomfortable bud” while he intentionally began lathering up his huge cock. Brain stood there transfixed, watching in awe…and apparently, lust? What was wrong with him, he had always been straight?! Why was this turning him on so much? “No..n…no it’s fine” he stammered without looking away”. “I figured” Jamal chuckled, noticing the other man’s package for the first time. Brian’s small penis was standing straight out and erect, straining for attention. That’s all the answer Jamal needed. “Good dude, then let me get your back in return and then we can hop out of here and lace up,” Jamal said cheerfully”. Before Brian could even really react, he could feel Jamal’s strong hands working a soap lather on his back. First, his shoulder, which as more pressure and massage strokes were employed caused Brian to softly moan. And then he could feel the hands drifting toward his lower back as they massaged. The brain was so relaxed and aroused he didn’t even question when the massage went below his waist, and his moans got more audible as the black man groped, rubbed, and squeezed his plush white booty. “Damn boy you’ve got some real cake here” Jamal whispered into his ear while rubbing. Brian just nodded in his daze and kept moaning. Jamal knew he had a potential submissive on his hands and wanted to press to see how far he could go. So as he continued his “sports massage” he boldly brushed a thick digit along the whitebois tight hole. Hearing the feminine moan from the contact was all the confirmation he needed and he chuckled to himself. They were gonna have some fun later. But for now, he played it casual, “okay bud we’re good let’s hop out” he said. Brian snapped out of his erotic daze and turned beat red, mumbling his agreement. His rock-hard dicklet still sticking out obscenely. The two got changed as usual, but Jamal wanted to push the envelope in their dynamic. So this time instead of offering him his “vitamin supplement “ Jamal simply said, “Open your mouth boi”. Brian, in just his tight boy-short “boxers” quickly obeyed and stuck out his tongue. Jamal placed the pill on his tongue, but not without slowly sliding it on much more deeply than was necessary. He felt a throb in his big dick from the way the whiteboi stared up at him with his finger in his mouth too.

The two guys met up with the two girls after the workout as they usually did. Shanelle had been assigned as a personal trainer to Christy and they did their gym sessions together in the women’s only workout room. Christy said it’s been challenging but really rewarding to be getting into better shape, and she said Shanelle was an amazing motivator while they worked out. Today Christy was beaming after the session and Shanelle was all smiles too. The girls were now both wearing tank tops with the gym logo for their workouts, and they matched in their black cropped tops with big white spades on the front. Everyone said their goodbyes and made plans to come back for the same schedule throughout the week.

That night Christy was abnormally horny and for the first time she initiated sex. She had been feeling like her libido was twice as big since she started working out, and since she started taking those female workout hormone supplements Shanelle recommended. She was a kinesiologist so Christy felt she knew what she was talking about. Her pussy was dripping by now and she needed attention, so she went upstairs to try and find Brian. She assumed he was working on something in his office or taking a nap, and was pleasantly surprised to see him already playing with himself too. The desk was facing away from her so she could see the porn he was enjoying, and she gasped for a moment before curiosity gave way to arousal at the content. So many black cocks took up the screen, thrusting into petite white girls, chubby black girls, and everyone in between. Brian seemed mesmerized and was stroking himself very quickly with his two fingers together. As he jerked off his moans and the various BlackRaw videos he was watching were like an electric shock right to Christy’s pussy. Her hand shot down towards her crotch and she slid her fingers in the waistband, slowly lowering them into her dripping cunt. Her fingers were now practiced at getting her off, and she began to build to an orgasm. Her climax came at the same time as Brian’s when he switched to the next video. This one featured 2 couples, a dominant black one and a submissive white one. The black couple took turns being serviced by the white couple, as both used their mouths first to serve their masters. The white “man” was dressed in black and red lace lingerie and his dick seemed to be caged into some kind of chastity device, while his partner was dressed similarly with clips on both their nipples. As the whiteboi licked the pussy of the thic ebony mistress and the white woman dutifully sucked the master's bbc suddenly there was a snap from one and they switched positions. Next thing the whiteboi lovingly took the black man’s cock into his mouth and hungrily sucked while his partner replaced him by eating out the dark women’s slit. At this point, hands on the back of their sub’s heads, everyone came. Brian moaned and shuddered as he sprayed his little load everywhere just as Christy reached her own silent, but shaking orgasm. Brian lay there in post-climax bliss so Christy used the time to stealthy depart. As she crept back downstairs she couldn’t shake the scene from her mind. The way one couple was so dominated by another, the complete transformation and submission of the husband, the beautiful contrasts of colors. The more she thought about it the more wet she became until she had to lock herself in the bathroom and quickly tend to her overflowing pussy. She didn’t assume the vitamins Shanelle was giving her would have any real effects and assumed maybe she was just extra horny from her ovulation cycle. But the last few classes, the way Shanelle was training her, was turning her on in a way she didn’t understand. The strong, confident way her new personal trainer handled her was awakening something inside. Christy always wished she had a big plump booty and she stared at Shanelle’s with wonder and envy. She would often be shown proper squat form and similar demonstrations that would have the trainer’s delicious ass nearly in her face. Other times it was her magnificent DD cup tits, always overflowing from a workout shirt that kept her eye captivated. Especially when in form correcting her, Shanelle would often squish those big tits directly into her. She had always been curious about being with a woman and this experience was blowing her horizons wide

Brian recovered after his huge orgasm and quickly cleaned up his mess. Hopefully, Christy was still busy downstairs cooking or cleaning. He quickly closed the tabs but made sure to save the video to his favorites. He slipped his spade panties on again and was about to get dressed further when he caught sight of himself in the mirror. “This underwear must be helping my gains,” he thought as he looked himself over. His booty had become a little bigger and looked like a girl in the mirror reflection. Also unless he was mistaken, it looked like his chest muscles were getting bigger too! Well it looked like it, but also almost like he was getting breasts. I guess it’ll even out soon he thought.

The next day the four met up for another gym session. Jamal and Shanelle were beaming and Brian noticed Christy was more excited than usual as well when she saw them. It was weights day for the guys and Jamal spent most of it lifting while Brian watched. Brian claimed he was feeling too sore and off today for some reason. So Jamal asked him to sit in front of him on the bench and observe, which Brian was happy to do. Although it was hard to concentrate, every movement seemed to bring Jamal closer to Brian and often had his workout shorts bulging right in Brian’s face. Was he just imagining that? The girls were working on the bicycles and Brian could see Christy first watching Shanelle on one from behind before they switched and Christy was riding. It seemed like her form was terrible because of the way Shanelle kept putting her hands all over her to correct her. After an hour Jamal said it was probably enough for the day, as they had to close early for a building inspection later. As they were all chatting and heading to the saunas Shanelle mentioned the sauna rooms that each locker room had, and how that would feel great after today! Everyone agreed and went to their respective sides. Jamal surprised Brian when they got to the lockers by pulling out a thick joint and lighter. “I love a post-workout smoke, especially in our sauna” he explained. Brian enjoyed weed on occasion but it had been a while. “Oh cool, yeah me too” he answered. So the two of them stripped down and headed into the steam room. Brian did his best not to stare, but Jamal was standing up in front of him to get the joint started. He sparked it up, took a big hit, and passed it along. Brian tried to do the same but woke up coughing a ton. Jamal laughed but didn’t say much else as he continued his tokes. They kept going for a few more hits each before Brian could feel like he was high. “Shit this is dank” Jamal exclaimed as he blew out smoke. Brian just nodded along as he began to space out. He must have been lost in thought for a few minutes because he quickly yelped and got up as the area he was sitting on became more and more hot. Jamal burst out laughing and passed the joint to Brian, “Stand up so we can see if there’s a burn dude”. Brian turned around so Jamal could see, but it was only a little pink. “You’re good,” said Jamal as he glanced over at it. With the weed now firmly in control Brian wasn’t even thinking. “Mhmm” he nodded as Jamal examined his booty. He almost didn’t even realize that Jamal had lightly touched his ass, and was now gently squeezing and kneading it. Between the sensations and the weed, Brian began to moan again to Jamal’s pleasure. From his pile of clothes on a chair Jamal grabbed the pill bottle and popped it open, taking one out and holding it up. “Open your mouth boi” he instructed again, and watched with satisfaction how Brian opened and stuck out his tongue as ordered. Jamal pushed his thick finger in again and loved the look of submission he saw looking back up at him. His new sub swallowed his pill and then opened wide again, mouth invitingly wet and open. “Suck my finger, some of the pill residue got on it” Jamal commanded. Brian was far too lost in weed, emotions, and heat to argue, and willingly took the thick digit in his mouth and then began to lick and suck. “Good boi” Jamal whispered. As he started suckling it became very clear how turned on he was as his little dick betrayed him by jutting out perversely at attention. Seeing the eagerness as he bobbed up and down, the budding chubby white tits and his clitty already dripping Jamal knew it was time. “Keep your mouth open” he instructed as he withdrew his finger from Brian’s mouth. “Close your eyes” he added as Brian panted in arousal. One hand he gently placed behind the submissive’s head to hold him in place, while the other grabbed his meaty cock shaft at the base. He was flaccid but still of tremendous size, and he could already see a thick drop of precum leaking from his tip. Taking his black dick in hand he slowly approached directly in front of Brian’s face and carefully slid his bbc into the whiteboi’s mouth. Brian’s emotions were warring with each other, as he’s confused and not gay, but was undeniably turned on right now. As the thick soft cock invaded his mouth he loved the sweet taste of the precum making it all sticky. The feeling of soft, warm flesh was giving way to a hard, stiff dick as the member expanded in his mouth the more he sucked. Brian was lost in arousal and continued bobbing up and down on the chocolate cock, with Jamal’s firm hand on the back of his head to keep him in place. Not that he needed to. “Damn boi you’re too damn good at this” Jamal moaned as he received sloppier and faster sucking from his new slut. Brian’s clitty was streaming precum down constantly and he whimpered and moaned like a horny bitch. The longer this went on the more rough Jamal was getting, simply mouth fucking Brian like a fleshlight just before he was finished. With a grunt and an incredible spray of cum, Jamal flooded his bitch’s mouth with thick, creamy seed. Brian in his daze swallowed as much as he could, but the rest streamed down the side of his face. So Jamal used his cock to wipe and scoop up the remaining jizz and had Brian then lick him clean. The lack of his orgasm meant Brian was still in a sexual haze, and he didn’t even see Christy and Shanelle watching them through the sauna room door’s window.

When they separated from the other group the girls went to their locker and sauna as well. But Shanelle also loves a joint in the sauna so she brought one with too. “Wanna light this up and share it baby?” she asked Christy slyly. Christy had never smoked weed but didn’t want to look weak in front of her new trainer and friend, so she nodded in agreement and braced herself. “Good girl, let’s spark up! Won’t be needing this though” Shanelle remarked as she lit up her joint but lowered her towel and placed it on the bench. Christy quickly scanned her whole body as her eyes drank in her supple dark skin, jiggling breasts, and fantastic (and delicious) booty amongst other things. She turned beat red in embarrassment but could immediately feel the heat and wetness radiating from in between her legs. Shanelle could see the effect she was having and smiled, blowing smoke out as she did. She passed the joint to Christy who took a big hit and coughed, spitting and choking for air. As she regained her breath she began to feel the effects beginning. “Just relax baby, it’s natural” whispered Shanelle just before she took another deep toke. This one however she leaned forward and blew slowly into the agape mouth of Christy. The white woman inhaled it all hungrily and this time didn’t cough. Her body began to relax, and despite the heat of the sauna, her nipples became hard and erect showcasing just how aroused she was. Shanelle noted with pride how turned on the girl was, and decided to take things a step further. She lowered herself to blow another massive hit into Christy’s mouth, but this time as the blonde tilted her head back Shanelle gently blew the smoke into her mouth while simultaneously locking lips with her. Christy’s eyes flew open but she made no effort to move. Instead, she whimpered a moan into the black woman’s mouth just as the dominant’s tongue invaded her mouth. They shared a deep kiss for a minute, Christy’s tongue being sucked, licked, and ****** in ways she never had been with Brian. When they finally broke the kiss Christy was panting and had lust in her eyes, practically begging for Shanelle to continue. The black woman took another hit and smiled at her eager little sub. She passed the joint to Christy and while she took her hit Shanelle quickly swooped down to suck on her pert nipples. The groping of her tits was a thrill she didn’t expect from the woman, and she didn’t even realize that she had begun to splay her legs open in presentation. Her pink slit glistened with excitement, Christy slowly began to rock her body forward and back to stimulate her sensitive pussy. Her ebony dominatrix ****** the joint back into Christy’s mouth and made the blonde take another sizeable toke. “Hold that in as long as you can” she instructed her sub, and with that, she lowered herself to the ******* petals of her cunt. Christy felt like her whole sexuality was being challenged and she was drooling over it. The black woman’s expert tongue darted in and out, tasting the sweet juices now running freely. She probed deeper, tonguing the blonde’s snatch while she bucked back and forth. As she began to suck her clit hood, all the while drawing our moans of sheer pleasure from Christy, Shanelle took breaks to whisper into the blonde’s ear about how good this all felt and how natural it was. “I’ll bet Brian doesn’t make you feel this good huh sweetie?” she asked, and Christy blushed even harder as she stared at the ground and shook her head no. “Hehe well that’s what I thought. It’s no wonder though, you need a real man to please you, and that whiteboi is pretty much a sissy already!”. Christy tried to argue with her, but the tremendous orgasm that she was getting close to and the powerful effects of the weed kept her silent. “I’ll bet he sucks cock better than he eats pussy” the black woman teased. Christy tried her best to fight against the feelings but she was being dragged to a shaking orgasm and couldn’t stop if he wanted to. “, he’s not” she managed to stammer out. “Oh let’s go try and investigate that claim, honey!” Shanelle ordered as she quickly stood herself up. She lightly pinched Christy’s erect nipples and slightly pulled them bringing the startled white girl forward and to her feet. “One more hit and we ash this out though baby” Shanelle insisted, and she placed the joint back in Christy’s mouth while she was now standing up. As her sub enjoyed another large puff of smoke the dominant woman pushed her breasts into the white girl’s back and pulled her close. Her finger immediately traced the outside of the sopping wet pussy of her sub, and Christy’s moans got even louder. “Good girl” she murmured in her ear, teasing her pink folds with just the tip of her finger, “You so tight…for now,” she said with a smirk. She then gently grasped both of the girl's arms behind her with one hand and led her out into the changing room. Thankfully there still wasn’t anyone else in the gym, and despite Christy’s weak protests, they walked quickly from the women’s locker room to the men’s which was just a door away. As they approached the sauna in the men’s room just like the one in theirs Shanelle placed her submissive on the door and continued her gentle intrusions into her pussy. Christy was lost in all these feelings and could sense another massive orgasm building as the black woman’s fingers sawed in and out of her soaking cunt. “You’re such a good little *****, baby. Just like your sissy husband. Look” Shanelle whispered in her ear as she placed a finger under her subs chin and raised her head to look through the window. Christy’s jaw hit the floor, and she was overcome with emotion and intense orgasm as she witnessed the scene in front of her; she almost didn’t recognize her husband from the position he was in, laying face down on the sauna bench his white booty raised and jiggling back and forth (“was his ass always so big and feminine?!” she wondered). And all the while it was being groped, spanked, and played with by the hulking form of Jamal, who had his massive and thick black cock sliding in and out of the whitebois mouth. Brian looked lost in ecstasy and was moaning as he did his best to swallow and gag on the huge dick, drool all over his face and the member he was serving. Christy could also see that occasionally Jamal would stick his finger in the sub's mouth to lube it up and then would push it into the smooth waiting hole that was being presented, drawing feminine moans from the slut with every deep finger thrust. Almost matching his pace, Shanelle rhythmically continued fucking Christy with her fingers, moaning into the white girl’s ear all the while cooing statements like “Good sluts, you’re both black cock whores, so proud of you both, I told you he was a sissy” into her ear and confused mind. Christy just nodded her head in dazed agreement.

With that confirmation, Shanelle gently pulled Christy away from the door, and just as quietly opened the sauna door and marched her submissive inside. The lewd sounds of cocksucking covered the noise of their entry and they enjoyed firsthand seeing now how horny and debased her husband was in serving the dominant man. Jamal noticed them enter right away smiled at his partner and Christy and made sure to keep his hand firmly on Brian’s head as Shanelle sauntered over. The black couple began to make out over the cocksucker and only then did he glance up and notice the curvaceous ebony woman smiling down at him too. He panicked but could remove his head from the cock, and thus blushed furiously across his whole body.

“Don’t worry baby I get it, I love sucking bbc too” she laughed at him. “Sissy looks like a great cocksucker, but how is she at eating pussy?” Shanelle asked. “Let’s find out” Jamal answered, and with a pop, he pulled his cock from the hungry mouth of the sissy and flipped him over onto his back. “Hehe cute clitty” Shanelle teased before straddling her legs on either side of Brian’s head and trapping it there. Brian’s eyes widened in pleasant surprise and he watched her naked cunt being lowered onto his face. “Ohhh yeah,” Shanelle exclaimed as her pussy began to receive the eager attention of his tongue deep inside, “suck my cunt sissy” she ordered. As he performed his duties the room could see his dicky standing as big as it could, throbbing with each tongue thrust he performed, and coated in a few of his little creamy orgasms. Wordlessly Jamal walked over to the corner where a very horny Christy was absentmindedly stroking her clit and watching her husband's submission. Once he reached her and towered above the petite blonde he simply placed his hands lightly on either shoulder and she immediately fell to her knees. “Good girl” he complimented as Brian’s wife eagerly took his engorged black cock as deep in her mouth as she could. The way she stared up at him with her eager blue eyes, bobbing up and down as hungrily as she could, Jamal knew this was ready to go further. So after only a few minutes more he removed his cock (to her disappointment) and wholly picked up the slender woman then placed her on the bench beside her husband. Brian’s face was still deeply beneath Shanelle’s pussy and booty, eating both to their mutual pleasure, so he couldn’t see his wife positioned on all fours just above his knees, her face inches from his fully engorged little dick. “I’m gonna give you what you need baby, don’t worry” he whispered right into Christy’s ear as he began to rub his thickness against her glistening slit.

Christy was so turned on she already began to rub back against him and tried to hasten his entrance. “See baby, sissys eat pussy, but men fuck pussy” Jamal teased just as the head of his cock pushed into her entrance. Christy moaned a deep sigh of pleasure as the dark intruder pushed deeper than she had ever felt anything before. Each inch gently slid in, then pulled out, and repeating, until finally nearly all of a big, black cock was embedded in her hungry cunt. She fell forward onto Brian’s legs and in her lust sucked his engorged little tool for a moment, not remembering how bitter his cum tasted compared to the sweetness she just enjoyed from her new toy. But Jamal saw her actions and gently grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, lovingly pulling her up and away from him. “Sissys don’t need bjs they just give them” he chuckled to her, as he picked up his pace fucking her tight cunt. Christy moaned loudly as her hair being pulled and being dicked deeply was marching her right towards another shattering orgasm. Brian struggled in vain to get a look at the defiling of his blonde wife but couldn’t see anything from beneath Shanelle’s ample ass and pussy. His frustration only added more to his arousal, as his inability to stop the actions (or even see them) was making him more and more turned on the more helpless he felt. His attention was ****** back to the chocolate-skinned dominant sitting on his face, as she slid her asshole right on top of his tongue forcing it deep inside. “Mmm, that’s right bitch, tongue my ass. Gonna be playing with yours later too” she replied with a low moan of pleasure. Jamal increased his pace as the sound of his ballsack slapping against Christy’s petite form became even more audible, her whimpers of pleasure and animalistic moans matching the increase. As he spanked her tight ass she gasped and threw her head back, only for him to grab her by the neck and force his tongue in her mouth. They shared a deep and passionate kiss while Shanelle drooled on her finger and used the lubricated digit to slowly trace circles around Brian’s hole.

Now his excited whimpering joined the chorus of pleasure. As Shanelle’s strong, dark finger finally began to probe inside his hole and thrust earnestly against his prostate the whitebois moans became louder, inducing more pleasure to the booty he was serving with the vibrations. “Mmm good sissy, isn’t having your boipussy played with just the best? You’re gonna get a lot more of this baby don’t worry. We gonna take good care of you sluts” Shanelle continued her silky words electing more thrashes of pleasure from Brian. “You know this pussy needs bbc now right baby? You can’t go back to that little sissy's peanut right? You deserve to cum baby, and you know he doesn’t make you cum. Just look at her” Jamal muttered into Christy’s ear as he fucked her raw and deep. With each thrust, he spread her cunt open more in ways it hadn’t been before. She didn’t know why, but she found his words impossible to ignore. Looking at her hubby from this angle, with his pale, soft, chubby skin and feminine ass and breast shape, she could see his point. His only male characteristic was his 4-inch dicklette wagging around obscenely as he worshipped his new black mistress with his mouth. Shanelle saw her staring and winked at Christy, humping her form back down onto his face and continuing to see her fingers deeper into his sissy pussy. “You know you’re a sissy if you can cum just from getting ass fucked, my sweet little bitch” Shanelle cooed to Brian. His mind was weak from the weed and immersion in these new sensations, and the humiliation of being called a sissy was pushing his buttons too. “I’m gonna breed this bitch, and you’re gonna clean her after, you hear me sissy cuck?” Jamal ordered as he thrusted in and out of Christy with renewed vigor. Her eyes were rolled back and she was drooling alongside her frequent panting moans of pleasure. Her one hand found her hard nipples and was tweaking them, as her other she used to explore Shanelle’s massive breasts. “Beg for my cum baby,” Jamal told her, and shaking her out of her stupor she obliged “Please mister Jamal…cum in me…this feels so good….I can’t..” she managed to get out amongst her orgasmic haze. “Good slut” he replied as his cock swelled thicker and began to pump thick, white cum deep into her pussy. As she moaned through her climax, the pleasure was almost contagious and the sounds brought Brian over the edge. Shanelle’s expert ministrations rubbed exactly the right spot to make the sissy squirt, and the combination of his Cuckolding, humiliation, and being finger fucked had him shooting his weak seed straight up into the air as he thrashed in pleasure. “Mmm good sissy girl, I knew you were one” Shanelle teased as she watched the spray. The brain simply whimpered in post-orgasmic bliss as Shanelle rubbed his head lovingly and scooped up his spent seed, depositing it into his mouth until it was cleaned. Jamal and Christy broke apart from another tongue kiss, and he slowly rose from the bench, pulling all 10 inches out of her pussy. With it came a slow trickle of creamy jizz that began to appear at her stretched entrance. “Sit on his face, baby” Jamal instructed, and she took Shanelle’s place riding the sissy’s wet face. “Now be a good sissy cuckold and clean your woman up” Jamal ordered, and Brian began to dutifully slurp up the sweet cum that poured copiously from her. As she settled into this new feeling of pleasure Shanelle approached her, lightly pulled her hair back, and stuck her tongue in the blonde’s mouth. As the women enjoyed each other's bodies greedily Jamal swiftly exited the room, only to return a moment later with a few items. While Brian still lay down Jamal produced a small pink chastity cage and deftly locked it onto Brian’s quickly shrinking peanut. “Good sissy girl, you need that clit locked up,” he said approvingly. Brian squirmed at the unexpected tight feeling but could do nothing to resist it. Then Jamal produced a pill bottle and placed the usual “vitamin” into Christy’s eagerly open mouth. She swallowed it without question, and he moved over and placed another pill into Brian’s slackly open mouth. “Good sluts I need you both healthy” he chuckled. “Umm excuse me...-” Brian started, “excuse me, sir, sissy” Jamal forcibly corrected. “Oh umm, ok, excuse me, sir, what am I supposed to do about this thing on my penis?” Jamal smiled as he lightly stroked Brian’s cheek, Don’t worry baby it’ll come off soon…if you’re good. But that’s up to me and your wife” he replied.

The rest of the week followed the same routine of training, but Brian found it harder and harder to concentrate. His little dick was locked up in its sissy cage and he was forcibly horny almost every moment of the day. He and Christy still had “sex”, but now she would lay on the bed and watch her favorite IR/BBC porn while Brian was ****** to service her with his tongue. She had come around to enjoying the new dynamic and was becoming more vocal in both her instructions to him and even her teasing. “Fuuuck yes sissy, eat my pussy, you’re sooo good at it. Which is great because your dick is too small to fuck me now” she would mock him as his tongue would bring her to another orgasm. With no release available he would simply hump the air subconsciously or try in vain to get pleasure from cradling the cage. This would cause Christy to giggle even more. Jamal instructed her to only open his cage if he’s been a “good girl” and Christy didn’t think that level of behavior had been achieved just yet. Besides, Jamal had been so generous with the gifts that they didn’t want to break away from the new friendship. On top of free yearly gym memberships, Jamal paid for all kinds of new clothes for Boem. Christy’s wardrobe expanded to include all manner of more revealing clothing from new (always ruched into the booty) workout and yoga pants, to revealingly low-cut and often transparent tops to go along with them. High heels of a slutty height became the norm and shorts so small her ass hung out the back was all she found herself wearing around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Brain’s wardrobe expanded as well to include similar clothing, though he protested Jamal and Shanelle insisted they were unisex and sexy on him. Still, he felt odd now that the only underwear the three of them allowed him to wear was a variety of women’s looking panties in thongs, boyshorts, and bikini varieties. He didn’t even think black leggings with a scrunched booty could be for guys, but they assured him it was. Also, another black guy at the gym kept complimenting him on his awesome outfit and so he slowly felt like it was alright. His muscle gains had finally started to come in, and he thought it was odd only his pecks were growing in size but wasn’t too concerned due to Jamal’s assurances that was normal. However the “vitamins” he was plying the couple with weren’t what they appeared, and he had already managed to get very far in his plan. Jamal had a friend who was a career drug dealer and created his supply of narcotics, even dabbling in the pharmaceuticals when they had become more popular lately. He had been requested by Jamal and a few other like-minded alphas to create a drug to make the transition easier from whiteboi to sissy in the cases where they could tell that’s what someone yearned to be. So the pill functioned as a combination of a low-level Viagra, creating a mild but constant source of insatiable lust in the user, as well as a healthy dose of estrogen and female hormones. The effects took some time to take hold, but soon Brian felt less concern and stress over small things and more concern with satiating his ever-present hunger for release. As he now looked to be graduating from an A cup to a B cup bra, he was far less concerned than he should be due to the drug. Additionally, the hormones helped him readily accept his new situation, with his form, skin, and shape slowly taking form to be more like that of a woman. His hair seemed to grow longer and was coming in softer, with more body and bounce. His plush white ass was even bigger now, jiggling obscenely when he so much as walked. Thankfully the tight pants and panties Jamal provided fit him perfectly and made him comfortable. It was a bonus that they hugged every curve, giving him the outward appearance of a thic, white gym bunny. Every day Jamal enjoyed feeding his eager submissive her medicine, often incorporating humiliating acts alongside it (such as having Brian suck his cock to completion, and then making him swallow the pill and load at the same time). Brian’s voice also began to take on a higher pitch with a feminine sound to it. Meanwhile, Christy was having an equally good reaction to the drugs, with her breasts and ass growing slowly but surely every day. She was now a C cup from her A before, and her ass was ballooning to be even more round, fat, and shapely than it was before. Her new slutty ensemble showed off these features well and Jamal enjoyed fucking his new bimbo sex doll more than ever. Two weeks into their new roles an average day would see Jamal take the couple into his office for a private session. Brain would fluff his cock passionately, always trying to suck out the load, while Christy would kiss her Dom and allow him to finger her waiting cunt. The brain would guide Jamal’s cock into her dripping pussy and watch in aroused awe as the bbc would pound his beautiful blonde wife, rubbing his cage in vain like a horny woman seeking to get her herself off with only her fingers. He would often like Brian to twerk and dance for him while he fucked his wife, enjoying the humiliation but also not admitting that he was beginning to find the sissy very fuckable. The girl’s little pink cage was the only indication of manhood on a body that was smooth, white, and curvy all over just the way he liked. So after shooting his load in Christy today, he brought the sissy over again to clean up her mess, and as Brian was face down ass up licking his wife’s abused cunt he began to massage the sissy’s girl's ass. Brian instantly moaned like a bitch in heat as the strong man’s hands roamed across his plump booty and circled to the front to grope his budding breasts. “Like that bitch?” he asked as Brian pushed his ass higher and into Jamal’s hands. “Mhmm yes sir” Brian whimpered among his moans. “You gonna be begging me to fuck you soon bitch” Jamal muttered as he pulled down the booty shorts and admired the sissy’s pink thong panties. He kissed the jiggling globes of the ass before administering a few spanks, eliciting cries of pleasure from the submissive whiteboi. When he was pleased with the pink hue they took on, he wet his finger with spit and proceeded to lightly finger the winking hole. Brian was moaning like a woman close to the edge now and muttered “Yesss please, deeper” with every poke of the digit. “Good little sissy cuckold, you take it in the ass so good baby” Christy encouraged as she looked down at him being fingered while he ate her cum filled pussy. Jamal was tempted to fuck the whiteboi raw now and breed him too but wanted to wait until the plan was a little farther along. Before they left that evening Shanelle gave the couple a makeup kit to achieve some pretty sultry looks. Confused at first, she explained that this was for Brian’s practice, as he was to apply it to himself every day, and to Christy when she required it. Though slow at first he quickly got the hang of it, especially with Christy’s motivation. She wouldn’t let him even lick her without makeup on and did her best to train to self-apply it quickly and diligently. So by the end of the 2nd week, both sluts didn’t go anywhere without a fresh coat of makeup on and skanky clothes to match.

-Chapter 2-

Daquan watched the plump ass in black ruched leggings doing squats in front of him at the gym. The babe was a cutie, exactly his type of white girl. It was his first time at the gym but he noticed this bunny immediately, slutty clothes and makeup on a big tell that this girl wanted it bad. But he was the most surprised to see that when she was done her workout the hottie discreetly went to the guy's change room?! He had to know more, so he quickly finished his deadlift set and followed her into the locker room. When he arrived he quietly peaked around the corner of the locker bank and saw the room empty save for the babe he was following. She seemed oblivious to his presence and began stripping down to her underwear. The slut was wearing a black lace lingerie panty bottom that showed off her jiggly pawg booty perfectly and a sports bra with lace detailing on the sides. “Only a hoe would dress like this to the gym,” Daquan thought as he hungrily watched her undressing. As the girl turned Daquan kept back to avoid being seen, but nearly tripped as he saw her front. Her pale skin complimented her small maybe B Cup titties, but his shock came from the bulge in her panties. The lace showed a peak of pink plastic which, as she lowered her underwear, he could see was a small chastity cage attached to her “dick”. “A sissy wtf?!… Hmmm,” Daquan thought, as his confusion and anger quickly melted into arousal whilst watching the feminine form undress. He felt his cock stir as he watched the whiteboi enter the showers, no different than tons of other white girls he’d banged in his time. Without thinking, ng Daquan stripped off his clothes quickly and followed into the shower room. The small shower room had only 6 faucets and the female form was occupying the last one by the wall, her back turned to the admiring eyes that raked across her body. The plump, white flesh of her ass jiggled slightly with every move, accentuated by the soapy hands caressing her as she worked up a lather. Without even realizing it Daquan was sporting a massive hard-on as his dick swayed heavily slightly while he watched the show. Finally unable to control his lust anymore, he moved into the room proper and turned on shower number 4, just a few meters from the soapy sissy.

Brian loved the gym shower, after a good workout nothing felt better than the warm water cleaning off the day’s sweat. It also gave him some time to reflect, although lately, his mind had so much going on it was hard to concentrate like he used to. As he ran his soap-covered hands across his budding breasts he was always a little shocked at both their presence and how sensitive they were. Little jolts of pleasure came from rubbing the white, B Cup breasts that seemed to get bigger every day. He was always horny now, the small pink cage that enveloped his rapidly shrinking penis made sure of that. With his usual sexual and masturbating outlets denied to him, he was in a constant state of repressed sexual arousal. He “clitty” as Jamal and his wife called it now was ever drooling precum and he didn’t mind.

Except for that it wet and stained the panties that he wore every day. But he loved wearing panties, why he wasn’t sure. They fit him perfectly, hugging his curves and progressively growing fat ass, but they also just felt right for him. Looking in the mirror he felt like they just suited him, and Shanelle, Jamal, and his wife constantly agreed with him and reinforced that idea. He was already getting worked up just thinking about the 3 of them. He just had a training session with Shanelle today in a private room and she left him absurdly horny. She loved to put on porn videos onto the small workout room’s corner tv, and this time it was all sissy hypno vids and clips about white sluts serving in the “BNWO”. While they watched Shanelle had him eat her to several orgasms, working both her pussy and ass, all the while she would thoroughly enjoy fucking him with her thick black strapon. Brian would always spray his cum by the end of their session but it never seemed to satisfy his insatiable desire or give any relief to his horniness. Currently, he knew his wife was still in her private session with Jamal and that wasn’t helping. Thinking about her tight cunt being ravaged by his thick black tool was too delicious to put out of his mind and he found his cage getting tighter just thinking about it. As he felt the heat of his arousal spread through his body he slowly took his lathered hands behind his back and began to caress his cheeks. They were soft and pillowy, so much bigger than he remembered but everyone seemed to love them. As he lightly groped himself he took a soapy finger and easily slid it into his stretched-out hole. A little feminine moan escaped his mouth as he began wriggling and pushing his fingers in deeper to scratch the itch of his desire the only way he still could. Lost in his self-pleasure the sissy was oblivious to Daquan until he was right beside him. The black man had seen enough and gently but firmly grabbed hold of the small creature’s wrists, pulling his exploring fingers out of the whitebois asspussy and pinning them to the wall. Brian’s fear and surprise were short-lived as he assumed this was just more domination from Jamal and in his current state he was welcoming any touch. Some instinct and deep hunger made him force his ass-backward, wiggling it enticingly to the stranger. Daquan smiled as he smacked his thick and stiff bbc against the sissy’s booty, cheeks rippling with each hit of the iron-hard rod. After a reddening slap he delivered, Daquan wasted no time and began to feed his dick inch by inch into the busy which accepted him hungrily. Brain's moans became louder and he continued to thrust backward against the fucking like true *****. As Daquan ****** Brian’s arms to his side and continued to dick the slut deep, he used one hand to force the slut’s head up and to the side and met the mouth with his own. As his tongue invaded the whimpering sissy’s mouth he could hear her moans muffled, as well as the gasp of surprise as Brian opened his eyes and saw it was a stranger fucking him deep and bottoming him out!

-Chapter 3-

Christy turned the handle to open the front door of her apartment and was greeted by an unusual sight. In the living room, a cute brunette with pixie bangs in baby blue lingerie was sandwiched between two black men servicing them with her body. An obese man sat on the couch smoking a large blunt while his equally huge and hard cock was being slobbered on by the white gurl, his face a look of delight as he stared down at his servant. Meanwhile, another man, this one much more fit and young, was railing the cutie's ass deep and hard, spanking her ass as he went. “That’s a good sissy, know your place bitch” he grunted as he thrust in and out of her tight hole. The “girl” had her eyes rolled back in a look of Chicago-like pleasure and moaned in agreement with each statement. Her lace bottoms were soaking with a wet spot on the front, visible in the area where her panties bulged out due to her chastity cage. The small pink object flopped around as she was taking her punishment. Her ample tits swayed as she continued having her ass fucked by the muscular man, and Christy noticed a cute small spade tattoo imprinted on the left breast. About two months into their new lifestyle and Brian had converted into quite the sexy shemale. She pinched her nipples and rubbed her tits together in pleasure and elicited overtly feminine moans of pleasure each time. “Who owns this ass bitch?!” The hulking man shouted as he quickened his pace of fucking. “Mmm, you do daddy! My white pussy belongs to you and the BNWO” the sissy purred as she thrust her hips back to meet his every intrusion. “Good slut you got here bro” the fat man chuckled as he watched the gurl’s debasement. He took her face in his hands and slowly ****** her head back down over his cock, which she took to with no protest. Christy could see the heavyset man take out a blunt and light it, producing a billowing cloud of acrid weed smoke. “Here baby take some,” he said as he gently pulled the ***** off his cock. The sissy reluctantly released the organ from her mouth and made to take the smoking object from his hands. “Haha not like that little slut” chuckled the fat man after he delivered a playful slap to the *****’s face. He took another mouthful of smoke and held it in, slowly releasing a thick stream of it right in front of the sissy’s face. She inhaled greedily just before he pulled her close and clamped his mouth around hers, depositing the smoke slowly into her mouth while invading it with his tongue as well. The combination of the sudden weed high, her prostate being fucked thoroughly and the tongue forcing its way into her mouth was far too much stimulation and the sissy was rocked by a powerful orgasm. Christy watched with hungry eyes as she lowered her hand down to her yoga pants and began to rub and tease her mound from the outside. She was so turned on by what a ***** she’d turned her husband into and was equal parts jealous that the sissy was getting to enjoy such beautiful bbcs. Jamal fucked her after their private gym lesson again today and the load he left in her was still dripping out, but ever since he started taking her, not to mention giving her workout vitamins, she couldn’t get enough cock. Her breasts had swelled in size and were now DD Cup, an effect he only mentioned after could happen, but Christy had a hard time being mad at him. She had a bit of a hard time focusing on anything but getting filled with big black cock lately, and Jamal loved her big titties. Almost as much as she loved squishing them around his dick. Her mostly transparent sports bra gave everyone a great look at her tits anyway, and the QoS brand ruched leggings she was wearing today were the perfect garment to show off her booty. The pills caused her to put on considerable weight back there, and she now had developed into quite the PAWG instead of the petite thing she was before. With her one hand, she began to grope her big breasts while the other slipped inside her waistband to finger her used cunt. As her husband moaned in delight Christy watched the sissy’s orgasm peak, with her cage clit shooting rope after rope of weak cum through the cage and panties and onto the floor. At the same moment, the muscular man roared and grunted, giving a few deep stabs with his cock as he shot his load deep into her ass. The two lay there in ecstasy for a moment before he pulled his cock out, walked around to her front, and presented it to the sissy, who without hesitation greedily began to lick and suck the slimy member clean.

Christy chose that moment to appear in front of the threesome, with a sultry walk swaying her new curvaceous ass and tits. “I see you having fun hubby, any left for me?” she cooed seductively to the room at large. The two black men looked up in surprise, with faces immediately turning to looks of hunger. Her sissy husband turned beet red with embarrassment but couldn’t react as the muscular man had a hand on the back of her head and was forcing her down to lick up her cum off the floor. Christy approached the pair and immediately locked eyes with the strong man, kissing him deeply as her hand wrapped around his thick but softening cock. As they made out she saw the fatter man start to stroke himself while watching the display. “I have a present for you sissy,” she said while seductively lowering her tight pants, followed by her white thong with a black spade on the front. Her husband looked up in excitement, thinking he’d finally be able to fuck his wife again. However before he could imagine more, she ****** her pussy tight to his face and tightened her muscles, forcing the earlier deposited load into his mouth. “Mmm good girl, I know you love the taste of cum” she teased. The fat man laughed as he watched the display getting up and walking over to the threesome. He lightly caressed the sissy's chastity cage with his foot while eyeing his piece of fuck meat. Brian was humiliated but the pleasures were hard to argue against and he began to moan into his wife’s used pussy from the contact. The muscular man broke off his kiss with Christy and pushed her down onto her knees slowly as he began to rub his cock against her face, inviting her to suck it. Meanwhile, the obese man grabbed a handful of the sissy’s hair and did the same, forcing her face into his balls and painting her lips with his precum. The married couple dutifully began sucking their respective black cocks together. As they both looked up hungrily with lust-filled eyes as their masters, both had a hand drop to their crotch, with Christy’s rubbing her soaked pussy and Brian’s fondling his cage for the limited pleasure it could bring. As the wet, sloppy sounds of oral pleasure filled the room both men let out contented moans as the white sluts served them dutifully. Christy cast a sideways glance at her “husband” and felt as embarrassed as she was fiercely turned on by seeing him now the perfect slut. He looked just as good as any ***** in the IR porn they loved to watch, and she felt proud of how her direction (and that of Jamal and Shanelle) had coaxed the sissy out of him. His now prominent tits were smattered with drool and cum, and his lingerie was similarly disheveled. But his plush booty jiggled invitingly as he sat on his knees serving the bbc. His master noticed this and leaned over to spank the flesh while his cock was deep in the sissy girl’s throat. “Let’s breed these whores” proclaimed the fatter man as he continued his assault on Brian’s ass. He then guided the sissy into a standing position and leaned her over the side of the couch. Simultaneously the muscular man removed his meat from Christy’s mouth and scooped her up into the air, carrying her to the couches on opposite sides before depositing her down across from and facing her husband. Brian was turning red from the humiliation of being a cock hungry sissy who couldn’t contain her lust right in front of his wife, but Christy was loving it. From this angle she could appreciate it all, his pawg booty being groped by the fatter man, the new tits already slick and shiny with men’s cum and the sissy’s spit, and the sexy (and makeup-covered) face of the tranny fuckmeat. Her face was a mask of bliss as the muscular black man began probing his tongue into her ass. As he licked and sucked on her hole she purred in delight, smiling and winking at Brian all the while. “You know I love my ass-licked hubby, and you’re gonna have to do this for me right after. I want you to clean up whatever loads this hot guy gives me baby?” she said. Brian could only moan in approval as his pussy was being teased to its limit, with a thick black buttplug being inserted and removed in a practiced display that told her it wasn’t their first time doing so. “Play with your tits bitch, I want you to show your wife your new ink” the fat man chuckled as he spanked Brian’s booty loudly. Brian moaned and obliged, pulling his lingerie bra down to reveal his new and well-sized tits, squeezing them together and pinching the nipples enough to elicit moans of pleasure despite his debasement. The tattoo became more visible to Christy as he played with himself with the small black spade marking on his breast showing in stark contrast to his fair skin. She didn’t even know when he got it but it completed the image of the transformed ***** she had become. “You want a mark like that baby?” teased the man currently rimming her, and Christy laughed it off at the moment unsure. But as his cock replaced his tongue on the outside of her asshole she began to feel the intense pleasure and deep feeling of submission creep up and begin to take hold of her again. Inch by inch he began feeding his thickness into her, forcing her down and reveling in the beauty of his conquered *****. She panted in lust as the strokes became faster and her body responded to the pleasure, only wanting more. As her lover fucked her ass deeply she was privy to seeing the same happen to Brian, as the plug was replaced by the obese man’s equally huge cock, which he took much less time and gentleness to insert. Spitting on it for lubrication and bottoming out the sissy on only a few deep strokes the pair began an extremely erotic demonstration of true dominant and submissive sex. Brian lowered a hand to play with his cage but was caught by the man who grabbed his hand away and pinned it to his side. “What’d I tell you bitch” he shouted playfully as he continued to thrust to the hilt inside his fuck toy. “…oh…mmm…sissy gurls don’t… yes…touch their clittys…daddy” she strung together between moans of pure sexual pleasure. “Exactly slut. And that’s exactly what you are. Tell your pretty wife what your real name is” he commanded. “…yess daddy…mmmm…I’m Sissy Brittany and I’m a slut for big black cocks” she managed to get out before collapsing on the couch as an orgasm rocked through her body. The tightening and convulsions felt incredible on the man’s cock as he thrust into the tight hole, pushing out shots of sissy cream from her cage with every intrusion. Brittany was in a state of total bliss and continued feeling her orgasm as she watched her wife fucked thoroughly up the ass as well. “We ain’t done *****” the fat man chuckled as he continued to fuck her, but he then removed his cock and brought it around to the sissy’s mouth. The dazed tranny happily took the still hard and slimy member in her mouth and cleaned it passionately, all the while her daddy grabbed the plug off the couch and leaned over to slowly ease it back into her pussy, locking his spent load into her and keeping her stretched. She moaned onto his cock as he did so. The sight of all of that was too thrilling for Christy who was so close that she erupted with her powerful orgasm, pussy clenching and tightening on her dominant’s cock. This started a chain reaction, as the more her cunt squeezed and contracted on the bbc the better she made him feel culminating in her pleasure bringing the man to his orgasm too. “Damn girl I’m cummin,” he said breathlessly, surprised by the suddenness of it. Her tight, wet pussy milking every drop of his seed and gripping him for more. In the back of her mind, Christy was concerned about her fertile womb being shot full of a stranger's cum, but her desire and hunger for more cock deep inside was simply overpowering the worries. She simply moaned a contented sigh as she felt the hot load being squirted inside her. She opened her eyes and lazily looked over at her sissy slut, whose own eyes were glued to her mating display. The fat black man had sat down on the couch to watch her debasement, and had one heavy arm over Brittany’s neck and shoulders, holding her in place in his lap and against his flaccid cock. He kept her there, instructing her to lick and suck him clean, from his cock head to balls, and she was distractedly lapping at them while her eyes remained transfixed on Christy and her mate. “Looks like you’re getting round 2 baby” Christy teased as she slowly got up on her unsteady legs, and walked towards where the sissy was fellating her daddy. The fat man grabbed Brittany’s hair gently and pulled her head up, then angled it upwards to receive her wife’s cunt. Christy moaned softly as she sat on her “husband's” face, enjoying the therapeutic sensations the licking was having on her sore pussy. All the while she began to push the load inside her back out and into her sissy’s mouth, ensuring she didn’t miss a drop.

-Chapter 4-

Alex couldn’t believe his luck. He was just going to get a coffee when he passed by a new gym that must have recently opened, and the girl working in front handing out flyers for it was gorgeous. She was a cute brunette with bangs, nice tits and wore the sexy gym clothes all girls seem to wear, but with the gym’s spade logo on them. What was most surprising to him was that she talked to him! Being a small white guy he never had too much luck with the ladies, his shyness didn’t help either. But this “Brittany” as her name tag read, was acting like a total flirt. As he passed she called him over and asked if he liked to work out, lift, etc. Embarrassingly he admitted he didn’t, but that didn’t seem to put her off at all, and she was more interested in talking to him. After giggling at his jokes and being touchy and hands-on with him, Alex was smitten. So when she suggested trying a private lesson with her now he couldn’t refuse. He was already dressed for a jog and was able to go right in, and was led to a 1 on 1 practice space by the cute instructor. She started by giving him stretches and instructed him on how to bend and do some basic yoga. Alex’s eyes were glued to the cutie's ass and tits though as she bent over in front of him and tantalizingly displayed herself. Brittany of course knew the reaction she was getting from the horny white boy andkneww she would be getting a new friend soon. She asked him to apply pressure to her lower back while she stretched and made sure to brush her booty against his crotch as she did so. Feeling his cock straining against his shorts made her giggle and knew she could pick things up. “Umm you can’t exactly work out with one of those can you” she teased as she ground her ass harder against the bulge. Alex turned red in embarrassment and began to stammer an apology, when Brittany turned around, sank to her knees, and stared up at him. “Want me to suck it, baby,” she asks seductively while licking her lips. An impossible offer for a virgin to decline, Alex couldn’t even reply. After a few seconds of stunned silence, he vigorously nodded his head, allowing Brittany to moan in approval and she began kissing his cock through the material of his shorts. Alex was frozen in pleasure and watched as she slowly worked his shorts and underwear down, kissing his package all the while. Eventually, his cock popped out, sticking straight out and throbbing. She smiled up at him and licked from the tip to the base and back up again before taking his whole cock in her mouth in a smooth motion. Alex almost collapsed from the sheer pleasure of her soft, wet mouth now encompassing his dick. Brittany expertly bobbed up and down, pleasuring his virginal cock and causing the guy to moan passionately. She knew she could bring him to orgasm soon and needed to for step one of her plan. So as she continued her oral, she used her hands to play with his balls and nipples, both amounting to so much pleasure that he began to grunt and spray his load right away. Brittany was shocked at how much cum he had and did her best to swallow the big load as she stared into his eyes. “Mmm fuck that was incredible!” he proclaimed as she opened her mouth to show him it was empty and that she swallowed like a good slut. “Glad you liked it babe, you’re just so hot I couldn’t help myself” she giggled. “Want another private lesson tomorrow?” She asked. Of course, he agreed.

The next day Alex came back and met Brittany at the front of the gym again. She was wearing a pink sports bra and pink ruched gym leggings with a little white spade on her booty, it was a stunning look. She greeted him with a peck and led him to their usual room, beginning the same workout routine as yesterday. This time however near the end Brittany pulled out a sturdy-looking table that stood diagonally upwards with cutouts along the middle. She explained it was for deep tissue massage and offered that Alex try it if he wanted, to which he quickly agreed. Brittany had him stand/lay on the table and take off all of his clothes. He was hesitant but she helped take off his shorts and gave a few cursory sucks to his rapidly hardening cock to ensure he was compliant. The table had straps folded on the underside that she then loosened without Alex noticing, and slowly fed them around the other side so that she could lightly restrain Alex. He was hesitant and made to move away but the seductions by Brittany left him powerless and in a deep want of more of her oral ministrations too. So he let her tie one of the straps around his lower back and head, which she explained was just a support for the massage table. To ensure he didn’t want to go anywhere she began kissing his neck, nibbling, and slowly making her way down his back doing the same until she reached a cute ass. Though he began to protest, she wasted no time immediately diving in and licking his hole with her expert tongue. Alex began to squirm and question what was happening, but Brittany could hear the undeniable sounds of pleasure and lust in his voice and attempted repressed moans. She spit on the hole for more lubrication and began working her tongue deeper, slipping it in without resistance and eliciting whimpers of pure pleasure from the confused whiteboi. She continued this treatment for 10 minutes, bringing Alex to a state of confused bliss as his first rimjob already had him close to an orgasm. At the peak of it, she worked her first two fingers in slowly, gently stretching his pole and prodding deeper inside. Again he tried at first to remove himself but the straps kept him down, and within moments he was panting in pleasure like a ***** anyway. She continued to finger fuck him but managed to rotate herself around to the front so she could keep sucking his hard little dick through the hole in the table while she worked on his ass pussy too. She knew he was only moments from cumming but slowed her pace down to edge him for as long as possible before the orgasm. And from a crack in the door, Jamal became witness to the delicious and perverse sexual show, his massive cock hardening at the sight of his newest sissy slut corrupting another whiteboi to go down the same rabbit hole. From this angle, Alex had a cute ass as he’d fucked on lots of white girls, and Jamal knew the sound of a bitch in heat when he heard it. His horny nature won out over his better judgment Jamal quietly entered the room and observed the pair before the deflowering was to take place. Brittany noticed him watching and smiled, leaving Alex’s cock alone immediately to keep him away from cumming and locked in his malleable state of arousal. She stood up and kissed him through the hole in the headrest and asked “Do you want to make me happy baby?”. Alex nodded a yes quickly and she smiled, lightly touching his hard penis and slowly moving around to the back. “Well I think we should play around like this every day, wouldn’t you like that?” Again Alex vigorously agreed and nodded his head, trying to wag his dick towards her and some kind of resumption of their activities. “Good, well then baby you have to play along and be a good little sissy for me, ok?” “Umm, well I’m not a” he started before she cut him off. “Shh baby don’t knock it until you try it! If you’re good and play along, I’ll put my mouth right back on your dicky, ok?” She asked coyly, licking his lips after she spoke. “Uhhh mmm ok yeah I guess” he responded, “what do I have to do?”. “Just relax” she answered as she dropped to her knees again and sucked him for a second before rotating to his back once more. There she again began to lick deeply into his asspussy and stretch it with her tongue. She collected her pink and black lace thong that was on the floor and brought it to his face, winking at him as she said “Open up, and keep it in there”. He hesitantly agreed and opened his mouth allowing the beautiful sissy to stuff her (pre cum filled) panties into his waiting mouth. This humiliating act only caused him more pleasure and Jamal couldn’t wait anymore, still silently he maintained his distance in the room from Alex. But suddenly Brittany teased her booty out towards his, wiggling it and trying to seduce his cock into action. She wants to see him fucked by her master. So she finally announced “daddy I have a girl for our playdates” as Jamal slapped his thick rod against the naturally thick and jiggly ass, Alex was too aroused and scared to question it. “Good baby” he cooed to Alex as he moaned. Brittany sucked his cock through the hole in the front that let it through, meanwhile, Jamal was slowly guiding his thick cock meat into the plush ass from the back. The head strap kept him from pulling away or yelling, but Brittany could feel how turned-on he was, and her rimming had got him more than ready to take the big dick. As she continued to bob up and down on his small member Brittany used her tongue to lick the underside of it and slathered her drool across his balls too. “Yeah, baby I know you need this dick deep don’t lie” Jamal taunted as he slowly stretched out the future sissy’s boipussy. Alex’s muffled moans took on a higher pitch as his pleasure became more obvious despite his protests. Jamal had his hands on the whitebois back and love handles as his penetrations became quicker and deeper, eventually settling them into a rhythm of deep fucking. Alex was now panting in pleasure and that’s when Jamal ordered her to step back. “You gonna cum like a real slut, nothing touching her clit” With that order, Brittany released her suction on the dick and instead stood back to watch the show. The black man continued pumping into his new slut as he continued to moan in pleasure from the intrusions. “You’re gonna be addicted to bbc now slut” Jamal whispered into his sub’s ear as he slowed down to bottom him out completely for a few strokes. As he said it from the tip of an incredibly engorged dick Alex shot a huge load of his cream onto the floor, even splattering some on Brittany’s leg who was standing in front. The orgasm had him tightening his whole body, and that set Jamal right off after as he grunted and shot his load right into the slut’s boipussy. As he was still in his post-orgasm daze, Brittany helped undo the restraining straps keeping Alex on the table, and as soon as she loosened the head one she gave him an intimate kiss with her tongue exploring his deeply. Alex melted into it and kissed back with vigor, although even submissive in the way he kissed. “You did amazing baby, you’re sooo hot” she whispered into his ear between kisses. “It took me way longer than that to take Jamal’s huge cock that well!” she continued snuggling up to him as they lay against the table. Jamal appeared holding a small pink item Alex couldn’t identify and as the two white sluts were busy making out he went to the front of the table where Alex’s soft cock now lay. Without ceremony, he quickly slipped the small chastity device on and clicked the lock shut. Alex felt the pleasure from getting hard in the confined space and didn’t realize what had happened. Though as she broke the kiss Brittany dropped to her knees to inspect the work with a smile and began to gently lick Alex’s ******* small sack. “You sluts gonna clean me up or what?” Jamal asked as he reappeared with a water bottle, watching the two. Brittany instantly crawled over on her knees and began to suck the large and black deflating cock, while Alex just stood there nervously feeling over his new caged appendage. “Come on baby it’s delicious,” said Brittany happily as she waved the dick in his direction invitingly. “Nah I got a better idea” Jamal interrupted as he sat on the nearby counter. He called Brittany over to resume blowing him, but at an angle where she could stand. He then pointed to the cum splatters on her leg below the line of her slutty workout shorts. “You gotta clean those off first boi” he instructed Alex. Alex thought this was less humiliating than having to suck another man’s cock so he was relieved at the chance to lick this girl's pussy hopefully. As he began lapping his cream off her thigh, the girl slowly lowered her spandex shorts to reveal her own small (but extremely swollen) balls and dicklette in a pink chastity cage. “Hehe, surprise baby” Brittany giggled while blushing, taking a pink manicured hand and placing it on the back of Alex’s head softly. He couldn’t believe the shock that his first sexual contact, that incredible first blowjob, was by…a guy?! Impossible! But as his head was spinning Brittany still gently coaxed his head to her thigh so he could lick up his cum. He did do so, never once taking his eyes off the caged phallus that hung there, filling his mind with absolute confusion. As the cleaning took place Jamal strutted over and took Brittany’s chin in his hand bringing her in for a deep kiss, his tongue forcing into her small mouth. As she moaned into the French kiss, without even realizing it she ****** Alex’s head into her crotch and onto her cage. She’d been locked up a few weeks without release now and the buildup and edging was way too much for her. Alex was again so conflicted, but most definitely aroused, and did his best to pleasure the strange creature in front of him. He licked all across her thighs until he was ****** to her cage, and instead began to gingerly lick at the ******* sack at the bottom. From there he would take the tip of the cage into his mouth and suckle it, eliciting loud moans of delight from Brittany. “Haha good, I love seeing my white sissy whores getting along so well,” Jamal said aloud as he watched the perverse show. Alex seemed very uncomfortable with his ****** feeling of shock, but this only added to Jamal’s arousal. His cock began to grow again, lifting to its full potential slowly in front of Alex’s eyes. As he stared in mute awe at the sheer size of the cock that just took his manhood he was ****** to admire its girth and veiny appearance. “Give it a thank you kiss bitch” Jamal instructed after seeing the look on his face. Brittany tightened her grip around his hair and pulled him away from her locked clitty and onto the massive bbc, rubbing his face against it. Alex gingerly opened his mouth and planted a few kisses along the length, before trying to retreat. Jamal gave him a playful slap, “not like that slut” he said. And with that, he placed the cock head in Alex’s waiting mouth and held it there. Alex did his best to take the cockhead in his mouth but it was huge and barely fit despite Brittany’s helping hand. Eventually, he licked it enough to be wet enough to slip in, and so from there he just managed to bob up and down on the large mushroom-shaped head. “Good little *****, now look up at me” Jamal commanded while looking down at his new fuck toy. He could see the innocence and lust in the new cock sucker’s face and was enjoying it immensely. Turning out whitebois into bbc addicted sissy whores was his favorite hobby. This bitch was going to do just fine at the upcoming party.

The next month the gym hosted a get-together for its inner circle, a “white party” as they called it. The dress code was white clothing, as sexy as can be. As Brittany licked submissively at Shanelle’s ass the dominant woman explained to her that some gurls were needed there to be entertainment. She told Brittany she’d been selected and offered to help her shop for an outfit, but Brittany already had one in mind. Since Christy got knocked up she didn’t fit into a lot of her sexy clothing and she figured borrowing would be fine. “There’s gonna be 3 or 4 of you sluts there for entertainment, so you keep our guests happy you hear?” She asked the room, getting muffled responses from both sissys serving her. Alexis had her face buried in the black pussy and was moaning deeply as she licked at the soaking cunt. Her ass was plugged as usual with a large size toy that slightly slid in and out as she clenched down in arousal. Alex was interested in taking double the “workout supplements” at Brittany’s suggestion and the effects were doubled, with her breasts a swollen DD cup, her ass massive and always jiggling and her dicklette seemingly shrunken though it was hard to tell in the cage. Her balls remained and were constantly swollen to a painful blue color from the perpetual arousal and denial, now over a month without being unlocked. In between the tonguing of their dom’s holes, the sissy sluts would break apart and kiss, tongues swirling in each other's mouths, knowing how much their masters like to see them debase themselves. In the corner Christy was laying comfortably on a couch with her one leg up in the air as Jamal gently fucked her deeply, careful not to jostle the now pregnant white woman too much. Her tits had grown even bigger and Brittany watched with insatiable lust (and a twinge of jealousy) as Jamal took one massive white globe in his hand squeezed, and then bent his head to place the nipple in his mouth. As he sucked she let out a low moan, the other hand rubbing the other heaving breast. Watching them mate always had a conflicting effect on Brittany but by now she was used to the sight. Still, her cage was unbearably tight from the spectacle and it only drove her to seek more pleasure from the limited range of activities she could. She took Alexis’s new tits in her hands to play with and sucked the sissy’s tits in place of her wife’s. Noticing the absence of a mouth on her hole, Shanelle look down and tutted That’s enough of that sissy” she said as she pulled the girl’s long brown hair, forcing her head back to her booty. Once the tonguing had resumed she sighed, “You know you don’t get none of that, you don’t deserve it slut. You deserve to serve” she said condescendingly to the sissy licking her. “Yes mistress” she mumbled into the ass she was licking. “If you’re good maybe I’ll let you out soon, maybe” she teased as she looked down on the two pretty formerly male submissive whores that served her.

Two rooms over Tommy was just waking up from his deep sleep while the obese black man rammed his cock in and out of his loose hole. Tommy was vaguely aware of the restraints keeping him on his table, and equally as aware of the full-body fishnet suit he was wearing. Last he remembered he’d insulted the black owners of the gym with some racist slurs and homophobic ones to the tranny workers, and now he was waking up a ***** with a stranger’s dick in him. He couldn’t hear properly but realized that was owing to a pair of large headphones tightly covering his ears. The sounds were confusing and seemed a medley of different audio tracks, some pleasurable female moans, and other sex noises, and the rest a hypnotic track of subliminal messages. Instructions and commands that seemed almost too quiet to hear, but often he could make out words like “cock sucker, be a good girl, you're a sissy for black men” and similar. They seemed to match with the large television screen that sat directly in front of him and dominated his vision, the table’s restraints making him unable to turn around. Fast-paced slideshows displayed all manner of perverse and lewd content, from beautiful sluts slobbering all over huge cocks to pretty sissy girls in chastity taking it in the ass. As he tried to move, barely able with restraints, his cock felt like it was going to explode but he was unable to touch it. Looking down as far as he could he noticed his penis was fully encased in a pink plastic prison, similar to the ones he saw in the hypnotic movie he was ****** to see. The cage stuck out awkwardly from his hosiery-clad body and drooled a thick, steady stream of precum. Just as he was awakening more and getting his faculties together his body was wracked with a tremendous orgasm as simultaneously the fat bull bottoming him out reached his own. The thrusting against his prostate and the lack of room to grow around his cock proved too much stimulation and as he felt the dick inside get even bigger suddenly the hot jets of cum being shot took him over the edge. The bull roared as he climaxed, grabbing Tommy’s plush ass cheeks and burying himself to the hilt, just as squirts of the sub’s cum pooled on the table under them. As he pulled his cock out with an audible *pop* the large man walked around with his still-hard dick and presented it to Tommy at mouth level. This was too much and he began to protest, “wtf no I’m not sucking that, where am I? How long was I out for??”. The large man just sighed in disappointment and walked back to the stretched ass he just conquered. Tommy couldn’t see too clearly what he was doing but suddenly felt the loose hole plugged up, as a black butt plug with a spade gemstone on the base was fixed into position inside him. He let out an involuntary moan as the object filled him, and then felt a sharp prick in his cheek before becoming very drowsy and falling back asleep. The “sissy serum” that Jamal had requested from his chemist friend had been a resounding success, allowing for a high dose of estrogen and female hormones delivered alongside other additives to weaken the mind to outside influence and to create a constant state of arousal. It seemed like this bully needed another dose, but not matter, while “she” was out there was still fun to be had. The fat man waddled away chuckling, content with his load now spent. He entered the room next door to see Jamal slowly finishing off fucking his newly married slut and to see the two sissies making out beneath Shanelle. He had bred both of them enough and was in a good mood so he had an idea. “Yo Shanelle I need some more cum to fill up this bitch in breaking next door. Jamal I see you busy so if you think these whiteboi sluts have been good girls then maybe we let them use those little dicks again”. Shanelle laughed as she saw the look of excitement pass between the sissy slaves beneath her, could they even still get hard? Let’s find out! “Okay sluts you get a real treat today, I think I’ll let you out of chastity for the first time today, how longs it been anyway? Weeks for you Alexis and months for pretty Brittany?” She laughed as she reveled in the ****** sexual repression her submissive sluts were undertaking. “Well let’s see if you can use your little peepees again anyway, we want you to help train a new girl”. Shanelle finished speaking and moved away from the hungry sissy pair, pulling her panties and workout pants back up. She ordered the girls up and watched as they sashayed down the hallway as instructed, both in the “uniform” of the gym; a white sports bra with a spade on it and black bootyshort yoga pants with a white spade again on the cheek. Both had come around to perfecting their makeup application skills and hair styling, and the two looked like a stunning pair of 19-year-old slutty gym bunnies.

As they reached the room they found Tommy still restrained to the table, however, it was shaped like a gradually sloping triangle now, with his head and ass on either side respectively, and at around waist height. The headphones were still on the ears and the plethora of interracial and trans porn was still playing on a loop while he was sleeping. Shanelle nodded and mumbled her approval as she circle him, long nails gently raking his fishnet-covered ass and back. She eventually stopped and carefully worked the spade plug out of the now loosened ass, seeing the trickle of several cum loads follow behind. “I want you to try and fuck this naughty slut and help your masters break in a new girl. Don’t disappoint us sissys” she instructed the excited pair. Both were always convinced they were straight, but the combination of the experiences at the gym, the pills, and the lack of any other sexual outlets meant both were eager to use their penises again. With that Shanelle produced two small keys and unlocked the pair of sissy girls respectively. Brittany was first and as soon as the device was removed she felt an incredible sensitivity and desire for use in her dicklette, precum already freely flowing down her flaccid member. Alexis had hers removed a moment later and it instantly hardened, thick strands of precum dripping from the head. “Ooh already hard, didn’t think you still could get boners. Well sorry, Brittany I was gonna let you fuck the new slut first because you’ve been here longer but I don’t think your clitty will let you” Shanelle teased, kissing Brittany on the lips while grabbing a handful of her breasts. The sissy moaned with pleasure from the denial but still attempted to shake her flaccid peanut into some kind of an erection. Shanelle just laughed at her more and instructed her to move to the slut’s mouth instead for something like a blowjob. Alexis took Brittany’s position behind the restrained sub, squeezing handfuls of the girly booty encased in hosiery that lay in front. “Now fuck her, slut” Shanelle encouraged. Not needing to be told twice, Alexis placed her cock at the entrance to the asspussy and slowly pushed it in, shuddering from the sheer pleasure she had never experienced. This was the first time fucking anything and she could barely hold on. She quickly inserted her meager cock into the base and was close to shooting her load already. The tightness of the ass and the warm, slippery collection of cum in there proved a hard challenge to endure. As she kept attempting her small pumps in and out she watched as Brittany rubbed her limp cock on Tommy's lips. His lips parted subconsciously and she slipped her shrunken meat into his mouth with a shuddering gasp of pleasure. She moved her dicklette around inside, guiding it around with her hand and rubbing it all over his mouth and tongue to stimulate herself. As one sissy eagerly pumped in and out of the asspussy the other received an approximation of a blowjob as they effectively spit-roasted their new bitch. Tommy hazily opened his eyes to the sight of a sexy girl standing over him but with something in his mouth. His expression went from startled briefly to one of pleasure-induced submission as the high injection dose of the drugs combined with the sensations and cute gurls settled him into a state of pleasure. Without knowing what he was doing or why he began to actively suck and lick the still soft dicklette in his mouth while moaning loudly as the small cock in his ass easily entered and reentered each time stroking his prostate. Tommy’s cock began to twitch, moving his whole chastity cage around for all to see his arousal. “Good girl, now you’re getting it” Shanelle spoke into Tommy’s headphone-covered ear, enjoying seeing his tag-teaming finally breaking him down. She grabbed a hold of his cage and shook it lightly, eliciting a high-pitched sigh of pleasure from the attention. His lust was driving him to suck in earnest on the cock in his mouth, providing too much stimulation for Brittany, who herself was now moaning like a porn star. She held on hand on the table to stabilize herself but couldn’t hold back anymore and an orgasm overtook her wholly. She spurted thick shots of sissy cream from her still-limp cock into Tommy’s mouth, filling it nearly as fast as he could swallow it. The sight caused the other sissy to watch too much stimulation and she picked up her thrusting pace briefly before letting out a shrill cry as a climax shook her body and sent creamy jizz into the already stretched and flooded hole. As Shanelle continued to gently fondle his cage, Tommy was finally driven over the edge, and with cum streaming from his mouth and boipussy he shot his load from the cage with only the barest of stimulations. “Good little *****” Shanelle said approvingly as she watched his little sissygasm squirts fire straight up and cover himself as they landed. She picked up the jeweled spade plug and very easily slid it back into the spent hole, to a satisfying moan that Tommy produced. Then she instructed the sissies to lick each other clean before she simply walked away as the three caught their breath.

The redhead beauty was blindfolded, her arms shackled above her head with fluffy

fetish handcuffs. Her button nose and pouty lips were showing the full effects of the pleasure she was receiving from the nipple clamps attached to her pert breasts and the vibrator fastened to her smooth pubic mound. Brianna was so close to cuming but was unable to as the vibrations were only strong enough to keep her on the edge without letting her go over it. As Shanelle entered the room she looked over Tommy’s girlfriend with lust and satisfaction. The girl was nice enough when she first came to the gym but was caught stealing from the lockers by the staff, and when she was confronted she punched another trainer working there. And that was aside from the plenty of racist remarks she made too. So Shanelle was thrilled to have her in her grasp here, a new plaything to teach a lesson to. “How are you feeling so far sweetie?” Shanelle asked while grazing the restrained beauty’s breasts and taught stomach with her long and manicured nails. “I…I’m…gonna fuck…you up… ugh…as soon as I’m….mmm…out” Brianna managed in between impossible-to-resist moans of pleasure. “Wait till…oh yes…wait till my boyfriend finds you guys… hanging…he’ll kill you…” she ****** out. “Haha is that right baby? Hmm well why don’t we take a look at that idea” Shanelle said with a smirk as she grabbed a large iPad from the wall and walked over to her prisoner. On it she pulled up the camera footage from earlier today, all the rooms had high-quality security cameras installed, and it made for perfectly HD video that she could watch anytime. Shanelle pulled Brianna’s blindfold down and turned the tablet around so she could see. “Your boyfriend, right?” Shanelle asked grinning while they both watched the video unfold. The redhead’s face was a mask of pleasure as Shanelle lightly teased her clamped nipples and the vibrator kept up its assault. The footage showed Tommy in one of the personal training rooms, along with a very large black man. He gave Tommy a cup of water (and a pill to take?!) and he had both. Though there was no sound it was clear the fat man was giving instructions to Tommy. First, he slid on a fishnet body suit, rubbing his ass sensually once it was on, his thic cake looking very feminine in the video. Then he pulled on a white lace thong with a black spade of the front, to the nodded approval of the black man. Brianna couldn’t tell what was being said but slowly the man sat in a chair in the corner and Tommy began to dance for him. First twerking and then something akin to a lap dance as he sensually ground his ass into the man’s lap and let him spank Tommy’s booty. Tommy appeared to be getting excited as the front of his thong was bulging out obscenely, something the large man noticed. He grabbed Tommy’s panty-clad boner and squeezed hard, eliciting a look of pain and dropping him to his knees. While down there at his dominant feet, suddenly Brianna watched the unthinkable. The fat man pulled out a massive black penis from his trousers and waved it in front of Tommy’s face. He looked transfixed, and as she watched the large man ran his slowly hardening cock along Tommy's lips. Though she couldn’t hear what was being said, the way he quickly began licking the sides, then the tip, fully engulfing it to suck made her believe he was enjoying himself immensely. “Looks like he’s a good bbc sucker, huh babe?” Shanelle asked arrogantly as she gave her left breast a sharp, clawed squeeze. Brianna was utterly shocked and left hopeless for the rescue that she thought was coming. She continued to watch the black man weave his finger through her boyfriend's hair and pull him deeper into his thickening cock, a big grin spreading across his face. She wanted to turn away but the scene was turning her on in its depravity, and the teasing she was enduring from her captor was only heightening the pleasure. “Have you ever sucked a black cock?” Shanelle whispered in her ear as she continued her teasing, gently running her nails down and across the girl's pert ass. She tensed again and tried to stifle a moan of pleasure, her body betraying her to the vibrations and raking nails. “Doesn’t it look fun?” she giggled as they both watched her boyfriend further debase himself as his enthusiasm during the oral increased, with both hands now sliding up and down the cock in tandem with his mouth. Thick drool was running down all over and he seemed unable to stop wagging his ass in barely contained anticipation. Shanelle stepped away and retrieved something from a drawer, returning with what Brianna’s eyes went wide noticing was a black life-like dildo. “This is a modest size, smaller than the one your sissy is sucking, but should be good for a pretty bbc virgin like you,” she said seductively as she stroked the toy slowly. She stood in front of the restrained redhead and places the rubber cock on her lips. Brianna snapped them shut, but Shanelle tutted her disapproval and spanked her bum with a loud crack. As Brianna gasped in pain and shock Shanelle pushed the cock into her newly opened mouth. “Mmm much better baby” she purred and she fed more into her sub mouth, forcing it slowly in and out. “No teeth now” she teased, content with knowing the fake cock couldn’t be bitten and hurt by her defiant submissive. She felt her pussy wet with the invasive perversion of breaking in this new slut to the BNWO…

-End for Now-

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