Tom and Mary Waters lived happily in the suburbs, in their modest home, with their two fine young children. Mary was a very loving mother and a pretty young wife. She had a small frame with short dark hair and bright hazel eyes. Mary was very well proportioned and worked out regularly. Her pear shaped breasts were just the right size for height and weight. She had a forceful, but not overly dominant personality. She loved and respected her husband but she would be considered the stronger member of the couple.

Tom was a good husband and able provider. He worked hard at his accounting job and loved his pretty young wife very much. His personality though was decidedly weaker than Mary's was. He mostly went along with whatever she wanted. Like his wife, he had a small frame and dark colored hair. Tom wore those round wire frame glasses that really gave him the typical "accountant look."

Mary was very close with her mother and her sister Lauren. All three women spent a lot of time together and got along unusually well. Their mom had a very strong influence over the two girls, sometimes to Tom's displeasure. It was not unusual for Mary to end up doing something for her mother or for Lauren that Tom didn't approve of. He had learned long ago, however, that he was better off just to be quiet and stay out of it.

Lauren's husband Larry, was kind of the black sheep of the family. He worked construction during the summer and mostly loafed around the house and drank beer all winter. This was clearly evidenced by his fat beer gut that hung distastefully over his belt. He was big and strong though, and had a crude manner about him. Lauren and Tom didn't approve of Larry and they both considered him vulgar.

Mary didn't care to be around her ill-mannered brother in law too much. She always felt he was leering at her, trying to undress her with his eyes. Sometimes Mary would be inadvertently wearing a tight fitting outfit when visiting her mother and sister. She could always count on old unemployed Larry to corner her somewhere in the house and whisper vulgarities like "nice tits sis" or "that's some nice piece of ass" in her ear. She always tried to wear something bulky to ward off his mocking disrespect.

Mary's sister Lauren was not too pretty with her buckteeth and pug nose. Her hair was died blond and stiff as straw from over application of dies and rinses. She didn't have a clue about the uses and purpose of makeup. She was always painted up to the hilt. She had a pear shaped figure with too little on top and too much around the hips. To Tom, Lauren looked just like her mom. He figured that she was perfect for her deadbeat and brutish husband.

Lauren, of course, was very jealous of her sister Mary. She was jealous of her good looks, of her nice home, and her loving obedient husband, Tom. She was particularly jealous of Mary's two children, a boy and a girl. Lauren wanted children of her own but the clinic told her that she was not able to conceive or carry any. To make matters worse, because of Larry's irregular work habits, the couple was unable to qualify for adoption.

Lauren's inability to have children would, from time to time, cause quite a bit of friction between the two. Lauren, it seems, found it offensive that Tom had a vasectomy after the two kids were born to prevent any unexpected surprises. Lauren would fly into this jealous rage over the fact that Mary had everything and how she was "as fertile as a freshly tilled garden" while Lauren was as barren as concrete.

One night, when Tom arrived home from work, Mary cornered him to discuss an unusual scheme that her mother and Lauren had concocted. She sat her husband down on the couch, held his hand, and began to unveil an unusual proposal.

"Tom darling," she started "you know I love you very much. I wouldn't ever do anything to make you unhappy. I love my sister Lauren too. I feel so bad for her not being to have children and all. Her and Larry really want to have a baby of their own and I think it would be good for her. She and Mom think it would be good for Larry too. Maybe it would give him something to go to work for. Don't you agree."

"I can agree with that." Tom offered honestly.

"Well that's what I want to talk to you about." Mary held her husband's hand tighter. "Mamma and Lauren and I have been talking and . well they'd like me to be a surrogate mother for Lauren and Larry. They want me to carry their baby for them."

Tom pulled his hand away. He was more than a little concerned. "That's a big commitment Mary. I don't think you've thought this through."

Mary answered him in a firm tone "Well I HAVE thought it through. Lauren is my sister. If she needed a kidney or a piece of my liver I would give it to her she's family!"

Tom was unconvinced "This isn't the same thing, Mary, this is a big commitment with emotional consequences. It affects me too!"

"You're just being selfish!" Mary shot back "Now I've decided and that's that!"

Mary was fuming. She expected loving support from her husband. Her dominant personality began to take over. She was determined to get her way.

"Tom, you just don't understand what it means to a woman to have a child of her own. Now I've decided to help them. Either you agree with me or we can fight about it from now until doomsday!"

"Okay, Okay!" Tom gave in easily. "What clinic were you planning on using?"

"Clinic! Clinic!" Mary was still on the offensive "Larry can't afford to use a clinic! That costs thousands of dollars. Besides Larry insists that he wants to have his baby the normal way. He says that it's better and cheaper. I think I agree with him."

"You mean intercourse!!!" Tom was in shock. "You're suggesting that I allow my wife to have intercourse with that rude, dirty, vulgar, deadbeat brother-in-law of ours?"

The thought of it filled Tom's heart with dread. Mary tried to look on the bright side.

"It will just be for a week" Mary was trying to minimize the whole thing.

"We will have him over every night this week, during my fertile time, and then it will be all over. Hopefully I will be pregnant and when the baby is born we turn it over to Lauren and Larry. That's not so complicated is it?"

"Mary, now you really haven't thought this through. What's the rush? Lets take our time before we completely decide on this." Tom was trying to head the whole thing off.

"This is my fertile time." Mary insisted "Mamma wants me to do it now before I change my mind or you talk me out of it. We are starting tonight and that's that. I've already dropped off the kids at my mother's house and Larry will be here in an hour!"

Tom was in shock. He sat there silent, looking down at the floor, while Mary explained the ground rules.

"Now you know Tom that sometimes Larry can get a little out of hand. So I made him promise that he could only come over when you were home. I told him that my husband would be right here, the whole time, so he wouldn't try anything funny. I insisted that we had to leave the bedroom door open so I could yell to you if need be. That way you could check on us too, to make sure Larry isn't getting out of hand! Now he will be here in an hour so I have to get ready. I'm sure this won't be as bad as you're thinking."

Feeling depressed and defeated, Tom just sat there stunned. He couldn't understand how his lovely wife could do this to him. How she could have sex with the brother-in-law that she so utterly despised. Worst of all he had to be there! Present when the whole grossly obnoxious event was taking place. A feeling of dread fell over him.

Meanwhile, Mary was busying herself getting ready for her brother-in-law's arrival and their ultimate coupling. She lay soaking in a hot bath while she removed any signs of stubble from her pretty legs. The young wife carefully trimmed her pubic area, forming a neatly manicured V shape in her dark curls. She had convinced herself that this wouldn't be so bad. After all if her sister made love to him how bad could he be?

Mary dressed in a silk nightgown. The pink material clung to her firm and perky breasts. A tingling in her nipples made them stick out and press against the soft material. The hemline came just bellow her matching silk panties, which from time to time became visible, as she walked around her bedroom. Mary checked herself in the mirror. Yes, she was ready to go ahead with this and prove her love for her sister Lauren.

Larry arrived late as usual. Mary greeted him at the door and gave him a little peck on the cheek. His breath smelled like a beer. Larry was carrying a six pack; he broke one off and gave the rest to Mary. While she deposited them in the refrigerator Larry made himself comfortable in the living room. He sat in the big chair across from Tom but said nothing to him.

Larry opened his beer and took a sip. He sat there in high anticipation. His sister-in-law was the best looking woman he had ever known. He couldn't believe his good fortune. His lucky break to be fucking this pretty young housewife and right in front of her old man too! This was going to be some week all right! He had a hard on already.

Mary entered the room and stood in front of Larry. "I'm ready . I guess" she told him.

Larry looked up at the angelic creature before him. He smiled that vulgar smile of his, his gaze pulling at her nightgown in mocking lust. Mary was a little taken aback with his visual intrusion but did nothing to thwart his leering. It somehow seemed to make her breasts swell and her nipples stick out further.

Larry reached over and placed his coarse hand on the young housewife's soft thigh, just above her knee. She shuddered a little but didn't pull back. Her husband stared silently, very much in despair.

"Nice. Very nice." He said as his hand glided up and down. Larry was really enjoying the smoothness of his sister-in-law's freshly shaved thigh. As he slid up and down he moved his hand higher, purposely brushing it against the softness where her legs came together. A soft sigh escaped Mary's lips.

His searching fingers moved along the narrowing of her panties. He tugged the material to one side and plundered her opening with one of his fingers. Mary trembled a little at the unexpected intrusion.

Larry found the spot he was looking for and started applying practiced pressure. Mary felt herself getting wet and knew that there was no way to hide it. Her teeth nibbled on her lower lip as she strained in anticipation of his every stroke. Larry smiled rudely and took another sip of his beer.

Mary was not shocked at her brother-in-law's lack of gallantry. He was crude and rude and now he was taking advantage of her sincere good nature. In spite of her disgust she stood there letting him molest her right in front of her own loving husband. Larry kept stroking while he sucked on his beer. Mary had never been touched in such a way. His strokes were getting her aroused and she could feel her own self-control leaving her.

"Take off your top" Larry suddenly commanded as he put down his beer.

Mary looked over to her husband for some show of support.

Tom lowered his gaze to the floor and said nothing.

Mary grabbed the hem of her nightgown and pulled it over her head in one fluid motion. She dropped it on the floor and stood there humiliated. Her unprotected breasts were now lewdly on display in front of her sister's husband. Her panties were pulled to one side, her pink and moist pussy lips protruding shamefully.

Sensing his upper hand, Larry took her by the arm and pulled her onto his lap. He molested her soft white breasts with his large coarse hands, pausing now and again to pinch and pull on her pink puffy nipples.

"Yes nice! Very, very nice! I always knew you had nice tits sis." Larry complimented "Hey Tommy boy, your wife is one nice fuckin piece of ass man." Tom looked up long enough to take in the picture, and lowered his eyes quickly back to the floor.

Larry took one of the milky white globes in his hand and lowered his mouth to suck on the nipple. His day old beard felt prickly against the soft flesh. Mary pulled back and rose from his lap.

The young wife took her brother-in-law by the hand and led him to the master bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed facing Larry and started to unbuckle his belt. Larry, anxious to seize the moment, was quickly unbuttoning his shirt, and kicking off his shoes.

Mary lowered his jeans to the floor and out bobbed a huge ten-inch cock pointing right at her face. She was amazed at the size. The only other cock Mary had ever seen was her husband's. Larry's was easily three or four times the size of her husband Tom's cock. She was more than a little afraid of what she had gotten herself into.

"Suck on it." Larry mumbled in a crude and domineering tone.

Without thinking Mary took the huge cock into her hand. Her fingers barely circled the girth. She had never put a cock into her mouth before, but she obediently leaned forward and curled her lips over the big pink head. Larry clutched the back of her head and started thrusting his hips causing the huge cock to ricochet off the back of her throat.

"Man that feels good! You are one good fuckin cocksucker, there sis!" Larry declared as he continued his indecent assault on Mary's virgin mouth.

The pretty wife willingly let him do as he pleased but this was not proceeding the way she had planned. She loved her sister Lauren and had agreed to help her out but Mary was now facing the stark reality of the situation. Larry was crude and vile. He cared not for her feelings, nor for her, just his own vulgar male pleasure.

No, she thought to herself, this was not like those romantic lovemaking sessions that she enjoyed with her husband every Saturday. There would be no magical kisses tenderly placed. There would be no gentle foreplay to soften the mood. No this was different.

The reality hit her like a ton of bricks. She was about to be fucked. She was about to be brutally fucked by her sister's roughneck husband and his monster cock. The same huge cock that was in her mouth would soon be used to fuck her severely. Mary pulled back, breaking away from her brother-in-law's grip.

"Let's get this over with." Mary whimpered "Do you want to make a baby or not?"

"It will be my pleasure!" Larry answered self-content with his seeming politeness.

Larry positioned his sister-in-law on her hands and knees. He grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them down to her knees. He positioned his cock at the threshold to her opening and rubbed it against her moist slit. Suddenly he rammed his cock home in one searing stroke. He began pumping vigorously in and out of his wife's sister.

"This is nice, very nice! You've got a nice tight pussy here sis!" Larry exclaimed

Mary felt trapped. Larry had hold of her hips and was pounding his huge monster cock in and out of her. She was amazed at how big it felt inside her. She tried to spread her legs wider but her panties were holding her knees together like handcuffs.

She managed to fall over on her side and Larry's cock slipped out. She quickly removed her panties. Larry took up a new position by the pretty wife's side. He raised her leg closest to him, stuck his big cock into her from the side and resumed pumping while he fondled her tits.

"Is this how you and Tommy do it sis?" He asked lewdly. "Is this how you like to be fucked?" Mary wasn't used to talking during sex, especially dirty talk! She said nothing.

Larry stopped playing with her tits and reached down to her pussy. He quickly located Mary's clit and started to apply expert strokes designed to please her. The young wife immediately reacted with soft whimpers and moans. She could feel her own self-control begin to fade, and started to buck her hips in response to the stimulation. She had never been touched like this before and it sent wild waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She suddenly found herself totally enjoying her brother-in-law's fucking.

Before long Mary was lost in her first ever climax. Her body tensed then shook and shivered as the wild waves of erotic pleasure reached their ultimate zenith. She breathed hard, harder than ever before in her life, and suddenly lost all self-control.

"Yes! Oh Larry Yes! Oh fuck me Larry! Fuck me and make me pregnant!" The young wife blurted out spontaneously during the heat of her orgasm.

Obviously pleased with this turn of events, Larry stepped it up a bit pumping harder and stroking faster. "You like this don't you Mary. Same as you sister, Lauren. You like getting your clit rubbed while being fucked from the side. You like it don't you?"

"Yes! Yes don't stop, faster, fuck me faster!" She answered breathlessly.

This little exchange drew Tom over to the doorway. Tom peered into his own master bedroom to see his beautiful wife being plundered by his crude brother-in-law. She was lying there facing the doorway with Larry on the far side. Larry had his arm under her knee as he held her leg high enough to get his cock in from under her hip. Larry was pounding this huge cock in and out of Tom's wife while he vigorously rubbed the front of her dark curly mound. Mary's tits bounced and shook violently as he hammered her.

It looked to Tom like his wife was really getting into this. There she was, naked save for her wedding rings, getting fucked with this huge monster cock. Sweat poured off the both of them as they wildly bucked their hips. It looked like his wife was pounding back at Larry's cock with increasing enthusiasm. It was a highly erotic sight to behold.

Tom had never seen live sex before, not even in movies. The sight mesmerized him. A feeling of lust overcame him as he watched his pretty wife getting fucked and fucking back. Tom reached in his pocket and started to play with himself to maximize the pleasure of watching. His mind pleaded with her to make Larry cum so he could see it happen. He was amazed at himself for having these feelings, and couldn't tear himself away from the vision before him.

Soon Larry's body tensed and he slowed down the pace. "Oh Baby I'm cumming, I'm cumming for you Mary, oh yeah!"

Mary smiled a half smile half smirk as Larry filled her with his seed. The pumping slowed way down and eventually stopped. His long cock slipped out as Larry rolled over on his back still breathing heavily. Both Mary and her brother-in-law lay there for a moment in silence. Tom slipped away silently, back to the living room.

Larry was up and dressed in an instant and made his way back to the kitchen for a fresh beer. He popped his head into the living room to speak to Tom.

"I'll tell ya Tommy boy, your wife sure likes to fuck! You are one lucky bastard! I guess I'll see ya tomorrow night, gotta go now. Say bye to Mary for me!"

Tom flew to the bedroom to be by his wife's side. She lay there sweaty, naked, and silent. White liquid was dripping from her pussy making a little puddle on the bed.

Tom broke the silence with his soothing voice "Are you okay honey?"

Mary opened her eyes and turned to look at her husband. "You don't hate me do you?" she asked. "I'm only doing this for my sister Lauren."

"I hope she appreciates it." Tom consoled her.

"Do you still love me?" Mary asked in a soft quiet tone.

"I still love you. I will always love you Mary." Tom answered.

Mary took Tom's head in her hands and held in to her chest. They both fell asleep in each other's arms.

The following night was almost a repeat of the first. Larry arrived late, looking unkempt and reeking of beer. Mary was dressed in a tiny red nightgown and decided to forgo wearing panties. Larry made a big deal out of his sister-in-law's sexy appearance.

"Wow sis! You look real hot!" Larry smiled his vulgar smile. He walked up to her and took her in his arms. He planted a big wet kiss right on her lips and ****** his tongue into her mouth. His hand dropped to Mary's butt and he fondled her backside liberally.

"Man, you are one hot fuckin bitch." Larry complimented. He looked over and saw Tom in the next room. "Looks like your wife is ready for her fuckin Tommy!" he chided.

Larry pulled Mary to the Master bedroom and pushed her down on the bed. He threw off his clothes and smiled down at the sexy young beauty. His huge cock stood straight out and bobbed ominously. "Roll over and spread em." He commanded her. Mary obediently rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs shamelessly. She arched her back and raised her butt in the air to better receive her brother-in-law's penetration.

Tom moved over to the doorway and peeked inside. He was immediately aroused at the erotic sight. There was his pretty young wife lying face down on his bed, her red nightgown pushed up to her waist. Her legs were spread wide and her sister's husband was behind her rubbing his huge cock against her slit. Suddenly he penetrated her in one searing thrust and started wildly pumping away. His wrinkled ball sack slammed against her with every stroke. Tom reached into his own pants and began rubbing himself.

Larry continued pumping wildly for several minutes. His big beer gut was shaking like Jell-O as he pounded his hips against Mary's ass. Finally, all the exercise caught up with him and he collapsed breathing heavily.

"Get up here and sit on me" Larry insisted in his domineering tone.

Mary silently complied with his request. She straddled her brother-in-law's hips and gently guided his big cock into her pussy. She began rocking slowly causing his cock to move in and out. "That's real good sis. You feel real good!" He breathed softly.

Larry pulled the straps of the nightgown from the pretty wife's shoulders causing the garment to fall to her waist. Her breasts swung free and unprotected openly on display to his leering gaze. He smiled rudely, watching Mary's sexy tits jiggle playfully as he bounced her on his hips. He reached up and took them both in his coarse hands. Larry played with her tits to his hearts content pulling and pinching her pink puffy nipples

"You've got nice tits sis, really nice tits! I could do this all day." He commented.

The thought of doing this all day was repulsive to Mary. She couldn't wait for this ordeal to be over, to become pregnant and forget about this humiliating experience. She looked over at the open doorway and saw her husband lurking there, almost in a trance. Tom's cock was in his hands and he was stroking it rapidly while he watched his wife and her sister's husband soil their marital bed.

The site of Tom in the doorway had a strange and erotic effect on Mary. The thought of her loving husband watching her engage in sex with her crude brother-in-law was turning her on. She reached her hand down to the spot where Larry was touching her yesterday. Mary started rubbing her own clit while making serious eye contact with her husband. Their gazes met. Both Tom and Mary were locked into an intense masturbation experience while Larry fucked happily away, fully engrossed with his wife's sister's tits.

The rubbing stroking and fondling all had their desired effect. All three of them reached a climax at precisely the same time. Larry pushed Mary off of him and got up off the bed. He immediately began dressing while he spoke to Mary. "Yeah, you are one real good fuck there sis! I'm really enjoying this a lot! Make sure your ready for tomorrow night!"

As soon as Larry left Tom was by Mary's side. They stared into each other's knowing eyes but saying nothing. Tom reached over and lifted Mary's leg, she guided his cock into her warm wet pussy. Tom began pumping his wife from the side with vibrant enthusiasm. Mary reached down and began rubbing her own clit. Before long the pair reached a simultaneous orgasm. They dozed off contented in each other arms.

For the next three nights Mary continued to have intercourse with her ill-mannered brother-in-law. Tom would watch from outside the room and couple with his wife afterwards. Larry was oblivious to the erotic effect he was having on the couple. He would just do his thing and get out of there.

The scheme was successful and Mary became pregnant. She delivered a healthy baby boy and gave it up to her sister Lauren. It seems that everyone learned something from Mary's selfless gift to her sister.

Lauren learned that her sister loves her very much and would do anything for her. Mary learned more about her own body and how to add more pleasure to her lovemaking with her husband. Tom learned to try new things and experiment with fantasies and different positions. Larry, well, he got extra practice dressing himself and tying his shoes.
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