My wife C and I (I am Jim) have been together for more than a dozen years and married for 6. She’s amazing and very adventurous-a natural blond, 5 ft and 1 inch and 110 pounds. She is fit and always tan — tan all over I might add. Her best assets are her 34DD boobs she carries well on her petite frame.

A few years ago we made a decision to visit a swinger’s club because I wanted to share her and she wanted to be a hot wife. It was newbie night and we went not knowing what to expect or what to wear. C wore a nice fitting black top that accentuated her large breasts and showed off her more than ample cleavage and a very tight pair of jeans with her best pair of cowboy boots — yes, she is a Texan.

When we arrived the atmosphere was surprising. There were not a bunch of naked people running around. We were dressed perfectly for the event. It was an upbeat atmosphere with a great dance floor and comfortable seating. There was a nice bar area where you could get ice and any kind of mixer you wanted. You had to bring your own bottle but they provided everything else. Also plenty of food and snacks. A super sound system with an energetic DJ. We found a seat and it didn’t take long for us to feel comfortable. We made ourselves a couple of drinks and settled in to enjoy the sites. We danced a little and began meeting some of the other newbies. Everyone was very respectful and normal. We were pleased and having a good time.

The DJ was bringing it and the dance floor was active. C noticed a tall, older gentleman that seemed to be alone and dancing with several partners. We noticed that he roamed around talking to different people. She told me that he was very attractive. Now I’m tall — 6’2 and he was at least 6’4. Salt and pepper hair and a mustache. C kept her eye on him. When we sit down he made his way over to our table and introduced himself as Mark. He said he was one of only a few single men allowed in the club on newbie night (turns out he does security for the place). We got to talking and found out that they both graduated from the same university. Found out he had a long time girlfriend but was not married. A good old Texas country song came on and he asked her if she could two-step. She said “Of course, I’m a Texan!“ They proceeded to the dance floor.

After some two-stepping there was opportunities for some dirty dancing where there bodies touched and some hands roamed—mainly his. Now I could tell that C was feeling fine and getting horny. The dancing and conversation continues off and on for a good solid hour. During this time we had finished all the vodka we had brought and we were out of alcohol.

A slow song finally comes back on and I get her on the dance floor and start slow dancing with her and kissing her and telling her how hot she was. My hands were roaming and I told her how much I enjoyed watching her dance with Mark. She said, “Really? You aren’t jealous or mad?” and I pulled her close so she could feel just how hard I was.

The song ended and we went back to the table and after a while Mark made his way back over. He asked if we needed more to drink and I said “Yep we are all out.”

He said “I have some tequila behind the bar.”

C said “Oh tequila for me.”

I said “Honey, the tequila is for us—you can be the shot glass. BODY SHOTS!” Mark said there was a table toward the back of the place where we could lay her down and do some body shots off her sexy tummy. He assured us that this was a club that allowed such sexy activities.

C was nervous and said, “I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

She knew that this was a fantasy of mine and we had talked about it after seeing the movie, Coyote Ugly, but she was surprised that I had sprung it on her. Mark said, “Come on, it would be a shame for you to leave tonight without me seeing some of your sexy body.”

So the party moved to the back of club. Mark had a bottle of Patron Silver - nothing but the best - and three shot glasses which we did not have any intention of using. We convinced C to join us for an introductory shot and toasted her sexy body. That got the juices flowing. She’s feeling fine now but still reluctant.

Now for the body shots - She said “You guys are too much-I can’t do that here.”

Mark said “Oh but you can because this club allows it. It’s a private club and as long as it is consensual it’s allowed.” She always loses her inhibitions after she is buzzing well with alcohol so we ALL did another shot and the party was on! She gave us consent.

So we get her positioned on a table and she lifts up her shirt. I moisten the skin above her navel and put some salt on her. I pour some tequila in her navel and unbutton her jeans and when I do the zipper comes down a little revealing the top of her sexy, purple frilly panties. I step aside and let Mark lick the salt and then he takes his shot from her navel... C gasps and I knew we were going to have some fun. He completed the task by taking the lime from her mouth — lingering for some intimate contact with her lips. Yes, she kissed him and the party had started.

Mark now serves me up a shot the same way. Now it’s his turn again. I pour the shot purposely missing her navel so it runs down wetting her panties. Mark says let me move your jeans out of the way so they don’t get wet. I’m all the while rubbing her tummy which turns her on. He pulls her jeans down and this time I swipe the salt right above her panty top where her perfectly trimmed blonde pubes are in view. I pour the shot in her navel and I watch Mark. Before he licks the salt he takes his fingers and slides them under her panties revealing more of her trimmed pussy and caresses her mound. She bucks upward and I can tell she is super horny. He licks the salt lingering to run his tongue all over the top of panty line. He takes his shot. Removes the lime from her mouth with this fingers. Then bends down to kiss her deeply. I then reach down and slide my hand through the top of her panties and down to her slit finding her soaking wet — wetter than I’ve ever known her to be.

He looks up and we exchange a fist bump. He says that was fun and C. says “Don’t stop now boys.”

I said, “Mark are you up for another?” He gave me thumbs up. This time I take the patron and wet her panties. Now the tequila is all over her pussy so I slide the panties down revealing most of her bush. I pour the shot — at this point there isn’t any salt or lime. I tell Mark to get it all. As he goes down to get his shot I see his hand go to her pussy. I reach down and kiss her deeply and she is in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes she bites my lips and moans.

I whisper to her “What is happening?” and she all she says is “Mark has a wonderful tongue.” She is literally shuddering and shaking and I know she’s having an orgasm. We gather ourselves and then move back to the dancing area. She’s glowing and wet and horny. We treat her to some more dancing and then we say our goodbyes for now....

On the way home in the car I tell her to pull off her jeans and panties. She obeys so I say go ahead and get naked and she does. Her nipples are rock hard and her pussy soaking wet. She fingers and rubs herself to another orgasm telling me about mark licking her pussy and thanking me for a wonderful evening. I’ll never forget the look of ecstasy on her face that night!!
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