Still groggy from the previous nights cocktails, Jonathon rolled over to find that his wife had already awakened and vacated the comfort of their four post king bed. The aroma of fresh coffee filled his nostrils as he wiped the blur from his eyes and tried to sit up. His creaky bones and sore muscles reminded him that he is no longer a young sailor and shouldn't be drinking like one.

He looked to his nightstand and found the mug that his wife had brought along with a couple of ibuprofen. “She knows me too well,” he thought as he breathed in the steam rising from his cup and popped the tablets into his mouth.

Rubbing his aching shoulders and neck, Jon slung his feet over the edge of the mattress and let them drift into his house slippers. The stiffness in his body slowly started to melt away as he shuffled out the bedroom door toward the kitchen covered in just his boxer shorts.

“Good morning and happy 50th birthday, old man,” Veronica said as she worked a skillet on the stove like an artist at her easel. “Have a seat. I’ll have your breakfast ready shortly. Eggs over-easy or fried hard?”

“There ain't nothing easy about turning 50… I'll have them hard today,” Jonathon replied. He wrapped his arm around her delicate waist and pulled her close to kiss her cheek. He loved how the soft, nearly-sheer fabric caressed her skin and hugged every curve as his hand slid off across the top of her bottom. He admired her 43 year old ass, as did nearly everyone who has ever been within view of it.

“If only everything was hard on a man getting older, I'd be a happy wife,” she sighed.

“Perhaps I'm getting old, too… starting to lose my memory. I can't even remember the last time you even got that thing up!”

“Damn, Ronnie, it's a good thing your cooking is better than your jokes,” Jon mumbled and laid his head down on the table.

Veronica served breakfast and sat down next to him with her coffee. “I hope you're not feeling too hungover, because I've got something in store for your special day.” She seemed all too jovial. The smirk and gleam in her eye gave Jonathon the feeling that she had been planning this surprise for quite some time.

Worried, but not wanting to diminish her pride, Jonathon responded cautiously. “Ronnie, I hope you didn't go overboard. You know that I've been saving up to buy a fishing boat.”

A big grin spread across her face, “Not at all, honey! I guarantee you spent more last night at the bar with your buddies. Hurry up and finish your breakfast! On second thought, just come now, I can't wait much longer!” Veronica jumped up from the table and knocked the fork from Jonathon's hand as she pulled him to his feet. Her petite B-cup breasts bounced beneath the silken nightgown when she yanked at his wrist. “You are absolutely going to love this!”

“How do you know? What if I absolutely don't?”

With an even bigger smile, Veronica pulled him in close, “because… I am absolutely going to love it and I know that makes you absolutely happy!”

She pulled him into the bedroom and bent down to snatch up a cuff that had been tied to one of the posts at the foot of the bed. She quickly slapped it around Jonathon's wrist.

“Hey! What the hell?” Jonathon retorted at the startling realization he was now becoming captive in his own home.

“Calm down, Johnny-boy. I still have to go and get your present and I can't exactly have you following me, now, can I?” Veronica fumbled under the bed for a second wrist cuff and snapped it in place before disappearing into the closet.

“This seems a little extreme, don't you think?” Jonathon tried to protest while tugging at the restraints. “I'm not exactly in the ‘get-up and go' kind of mood this morning anyway.”

Veronica appeared in the closet doorway wearing only a pair of slim black panties. “I think your ‘getup' has already gone, love,” she quipped and casually tossed her chemise over his head.

“Are you still poking fun of my cock and insinuating that it has lost it's luster?” Jonathon dipped his head causing the silken fabric to slide off. Glancing back toward the closet, he hoped to get another glimpse of her perky white breasts only the find that Veronica had vanished once again into it's depths.

“What luster? It's more of a ruster these days!” Veronica laughed as if she was her own best audience. She made her entrance back into the bedroom wearing an orange cotton tee shirt that was so tight it could not conceal her lack of a bra. In one hand, she held a pair of dark blue shorts, and the other a short white skirt. She contemplated which to wear while she continued, “But, you know that I promised to love you no matter what… through sickness and health, thick and thin… all that smarmy crap.” She decided on the skirt and discarded the shorts over Jonathon's face.

Jonathon was beginning to feel less like a husband and more like a piece of furniture as he shook his head just in time to see her struggling to slide the skirts waist hem over her plump round ass.

“Why the sudden dick-shaming and what's the rush? Besides how long am I going to be tied up here?”

Veronica bent over with her flip flops in hand. She kissed him on the cheek. “Awww, is someone feeling a little inferior? You know that I love your little nubbin'. It's my favorite toy, kind of like a security blanket as I lay down to sleep.” After donning her footwear, she pranced off to the bathroom to fix her hair. “As for how long? It will be as long as it takes. You should just be glad that I let you have the bench to sit on. I could have bound you in a standing position, spread eagle with a poker underneath your ass in case you start to tire. But you know I'm not that evil.” Another cackle came from the bathroom that almost caused Jonathon to worry.

Veronica continued, “the rush is partly because you don't want to be bound up all day. But, mostly because I am so excited about your birthday present! You don't know how long I’ve been searching around for this gift! To think, after all this time, it was in a store just down the road!”

Jonathon sank down onto the leather foot bench appreciating the slack she left him. He has never seen her in this manner of youthful exuberance. He resigned himself to just play along and not dash her spirits. After all, it has been a long time since she has displayed such a playful demeanor.

Veronica returned with her dusty blonde hair neatly brushed and pulled back into a ponytail. She straddled her husband's lap and eased herself down. She kissed him passionately and let her hands trail down his chest to the opening in his boxer shorts. Her fingers gently wrapped around his flaccid penis and slowly stroked it. “I love you and your little Johnny, too,” she whispered. “You'll see.” After another deep kiss, she added, “or maybe you won't…” With that last statement, she released his member and leaned back to cover his eyes with a blindfold.
“Wait! What the fuck are you up to? You can't leave me here like this! At least give me a birthday
blowjob or something!” He felt the weight ascend from his lap and her fingernails trailing off his chest. He heard the front door open and shut.

“Ronnie?” his voice seemingly echoed off the walls until her car started. “VERONICA! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE! THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE!”

Jonathon realized his shouts fell solely upon his own ears.


Time seemingly slowed down to a crawl as Jonathon's mind wandered. What the hell is she up to? Her birthday is coming up in a couple months and I'm damned sure to return the favor! I’m gonna buy that sweet new skiff and leave her bound up while I go catch some goddamn red drum! Fuck! How did I not see these shackles when I got up this morning? How fucking far did she have to go to get this ‘present'? Has it really been that long since we've made love? Is my dick really that small?

He realized his hearing had begun to slightly heighten since he could no longer see. At first, he could make out the sounds of a couple chatting as they walked their dog by the front of the house. The songs of birds returned as the dog-walkers faded into the distance. A squirrel scurried across the roof. A diesel truck blaring 80's rock music slowed to a stop about a couple blocks down before revving up and blowing a cloud of exhaust as it shot through the intersection like some wanna-be drag racer.

Jonathon found he could visualize all of these sounds as if the cochlea in his ears were directly connected to his optic nerves.

He feigned an attempt to free himself. He knew that if he really wanted to, he could probably yank hard enough to unravel one of the fastening ties. After all, Veronica wasn't terribly experienced in rope work.

This made Jonathon remember trying to teach Veronica how to tie a fishing knot. He remembered how hard it was for her and the squeals of pride after she finally tied her first hook onto the line. Then his laughter and her shocked disappointment when the first fish simply swam away with her hook after it failed.

These fond visions made Jonathon again vow to let her scheme play out just as she had planned. He did find her sudden aggressiveness rather arousing, after all.


Jonathon snapped back to consciousness as a low idling engine crept back into the driveway. This was followed shortly by the jingling of keys unlocking the front door. His first instinct was to loudly voice his discomfort, but then decided to bite his tongue and listen intently for any audible clues.

“Perfect! You're still here!” Veronica’s step seemed to skitter across the floor with the elegance of a ballet dancer. “Sorry, it took longer than I thought.” She peeled back Jonathon's blindfold and kissed him before quickly replacing it.

“So, are you going to untie me now?” Jonathon queried.

“No, not just yet. Actually, just the opposite.” Veronica began to cinch the ropes tighter, pulling Jonathon's arms wide. She opened his mouth and stuffed her damp panties into it. Jonathan could taste that she had recently been aroused to some degree.

Her voice started to lose it's jovial nature and became more assertive. “Remember a few years back when you suggested we spice up our sex life? You had mentioned singles role-play at a local bar, taking a trip to some hedonism festival in Jamaica, and even playing some strip poker with another couple.”

Veronica had a dramatic flair as she spoke, “at first I was shocked, confused, angry, insecure… I went through a shit load of emotions! Then I started doing some research online. I found some fetish sites, then signed up to a forum so I could ask others my questions. After spiraling down a rabbit hole, another female member seemingly took me by the hand and guided me to one emotion I hadn't even considered!”

Jonathon strained and tried to speak out. Veronica mocked him and acted as if she could perfectly understand his muffled whimperings. “What emotion, you ask? I guess the best word to describe it is ‘empowerment'. She taught me that I was in control and that I was free to take the wheel and steer this ship any direction I desired. She opened doors inside my mind that I never knew existed!”

Just then, Jonathon heard the sharp snips of scissors by his ears. A chill coursed through his spine as they braced against his thigh and began to cut away at his boxers. First the right leg, then the left. After a couple stern yanks, the fabric was pulled from beneath him, leaving him *******.

Veronica forcefully opened the window blinds so Jonathon would be aware of exactly how much on display he really was. She continued, “then came the search. Months on end of swiping through ad after ad, then making my own search posts, and the endless messaging, yada yada yada… until finally I found the perfect gift!”

Then, as if on a precisely timed cue, the sound of knocking at the front door resonated through the house. Veronica slightly lifted the blindfold and stared deeply into his eyes. “That must be Leon, the guy from the bakery…”

Jonathon witnessed a devilish grin just before the darkness was lowered over his eyes again. His mind feverishly trying to figure out a way to cover his bare insecurities. “ She wouldn't dare leave me naked on display in front of the open windows, would she?” Her make-shift gag stifled any objections he would have voiced.

Another rap on the door accompanied the sound of feet racing away and Veronica shouting, “this year… I’m the one who gets to open your birthday present!” Jonathon shook frantically but his attempts to escape were now futile.

The sound of two pair of feet entered the bedroom followed by the scuffling of shoes being kicked across the floor. A few muffled smacks and a zipper later, Veronica squealed, “oh… my God... Jon! Did I mention how perfect this gift was? This thing has got to be at least a foot long!”

A low, deep, soothing voice cut through the air, “I’m deeply flattered, sweetness, but it's just shy of ten inches. However, it never disappoints.” The voice confirmed the presence of a second and apparently more well-endowed man in the room.

“Well then just appoint that monster right over here!” Veronica cooed in a lustful, sultry voice.

After a few minutes of kissing, moaning, and slurping, the deep voice purred, “damn, girl! You got a talented mouth. Are you sure your husband is okay with this?”

“If that tiny little twig between his legs is any indication, he is extremely excited! That's the hardest I've seen him in years!”

Sadly, Jonathon knew she spoke the truth. He was aroused and petrified while intently focusing on the audible perversion that was taking place on the other side of his blinders. Embarrassed, he felt his loins twitch and stiffen uncontrollably as his wife's berating continued.

“Besides, he no longer gets a say in who, or when, I get to fuck! And I've decided that right now, I need to get fucked! I want… no… I need that big black cock inside me!”

Veronica gave away the answer to Jonathon's last fear. But his heart could only sink so far because his strengthening erection kept lifting it back up.
Once again, Jonathon's ears became his eyes as the sound of bodies with entwined lips crawled onto the bed sheets. Against his back, he felt the mattress being laden.

A couple of dull thuds proceeded Leon's voice, “tell me again. What is it you need?”

Jonathon envisioned a massive black cock slapping her mound.

“I need your dick! I need your big, beautiful, black dick inside my married white cunt!” Veronica begged in wanton abandon.

“That's right, sugar, baby. Spread yourself open and let me show you what you've been missing.”

“Yes… show me how a real man fucks. Show me how a real orgasm feels. Show me the Universe!”

The bed began to creak in synch with Veronica's long groaning exhale. “Shit…. Oh my God, shit! Leon! Fuck! I'm about to cum!!!” Veronica seemingly choked on her own words as she clambered to stave off an orgasm.

“Go ahead, baby. Cum all over this dick. I'm barely halfway in and I need that pussy good and wet if you want more,” Leon's deep voice commanded.

With a gasp, Veronica let out a crazed guttural scream. “Aw, fuck!” Jonathon could tell her body was rigid as if to brace for the coming onslaught of orgasmic pleasure waves. The sounds of gushing juices
pierced Jonathon's ears as he imagined her stretched out labia clinging to a monster BBC.

“Goddamn, girl. You are a fucking faucet! That's it. Get that pussy good and wet so I can feed all of it into that hungry little cunt. You want that, don't you? Tell me you want this dick. Tell your pathetic little hubby what you crave.”

“I want this, Jon! I love you but I need Leon's big cock!” Veronica moaned. “Mmmmmm… Holy shit, Jon! He is fucking massive! Fuckin' shit! God… damn! He is stretching me so fucking good!”

For the next 30 minutes or so, Jonathon listened to skin slapping against skin, the bed shaking to various rhythms, orgasm after orgasm, squeals, moans, screams… all while his wife's fidelity was completely destroyed.

Throughout the sexual concert, Jonathon's meager five-inch prick was begging for the slightest touch. Even a small breeze would have sufficed.

Animalistic grunts mixed with Veronica's vocal orgy until a primitive voice finally bellowed out, “oh, fuck! Ungh! Unnnnnnnngh!” as Leon reached his own climax. The bed froze and Jonathon heard a splattering of what had to be Leon's semen plastering his Veronica's milky white skin.

The aroma of semen, sex, and sweat filled Jonathon's nostrils until Veronica’s voice finally broke the silence and she spoke under labored breaths. “Holy fuck! That was insane! I lost count after one orgasm just started crashing into the next!” There was definitely an aura of exhausted satisfaction in her tone. “And, I'm still not done! My legs are still shaking!”

“Shit, girl! That was some tight-ass pussy! You know where to find me when you need this dick again, but right now I got to get back to work. Them cakes ain't gonna bake themselves.” It sounded as if Leon slapped Veronica with his big black snake one last time before gathering his clothes.

Jonathon felt Veronica nudge the back of his head with a foot as her voice regained that devious, playful tone. “That's fine, lover. Thank you for personally coming over to ice my husband’s birthday cake!”

He knew exactly what she had in store for him next.
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