The town of Jefferson is located just outside one of the biggest cities on the east coast! It dates back to pre-civil war times. Although none of the city's older buildings were still there! It seems that Jefferson has become a hot spot for black migrants due to some of their relaxed laws and the mayor!

Mayor Kareem who was just elected mayor is trying to change Jefferson from a mostly white city to a majority black city. He is accomplishing this by taxing white-owned businesses three times the amount of black-owned businesses. One of those white businesses is the Williams and Williams Law offices.

Williams and Williams Attorneys at Law is owned by the Williams sisters, Nicki and Jessica Williams. Nicki and Jessica age 31, are twins both having great bodies with measurements of 34 24 34, They are both on the short side at 5’3″ and have naturally blonde hair, Jessica has dyed her hair more of a strawberry blonde so people can tell them apart more easily.

Mayor Kareem had bought an old motel on the west side of town called the Wigwam. The old three-story motel has been renovated into a one hundred room motel with two conference rooms, and an office space! Inside the office space is the BPM (Black Power Movement). The BPM is a new administration for immigrants and the black community.

The Williams sisters decided to file a lawsuit against the city of Jefferson on behalf of the white-owned businesses for improper taxation! The BPM has also filed an injunction against the Williams and Williams Law Office for racial discrimination. The Judge presiding over the conflict has told both sides they must work it out together and not involve the courts with racial issues as the court would fine both sides and dismiss both cases!

Sitting inside the banquet room of the Wigwam Motel both Williams sisters and two representatives from the BPM both middle age black men! Cannot come to a mutual agreement! Jamal from the BPM finally ask Nikki and Jessica if they would be willing to go around with Mayor Kareem, Darius the shorter of the two BPM representatives, and himself to some of the black-owned businesses to talk to the owners of said businesses to hear their side of the racial arguments. The Williams sisters decided to do this if the two representatives from the BPM do the same with them at some white-owned businesses, both reps looked at one another smiling and agreed, good Jamal said to meet us here first thing in the morning and we will start our tours!

That evening Jessica sat on her plush leather couch discussing what was going to happen tomorrow with her husband Mark. Mark is an older man in his late 60s and was lucky enough to marry a woman half his age. Nikki didn’t agree with her sister's marriage to an older man or even marriage. Nikki never married as she was more of a wild child compared to her twin sister. Nikki had a few boyfriends but ever since her first time she wasn’t really into relationships or sex! She figured there was time for that later!

Jamal had decided to visit Darius to discuss their plans for tomorrow! Jamal pulled up in front of Darius’s, walked up to his front door, and knocked! Jamal heard Darias yell come in! Jamal opened the door and stepped inside. A big grin came across his face as he shut the door behind him. The scene in front of him instantly made the heat in his loins. Darius had a middle-aged milf bent over his couch and was slamming his big black cock into the white woman's wet pussy! She was grunting every time he bottomed out! Take my black cock you slut! Darius said. Jamal walked over and raised his fist in the air as he chanted black power over and over. Darius motioned for Jamal to get in front of her. When Jamal stepped up with his cock in hand the woman gladly took him into her mouth. Darius slapped her ass and told her to suck his friend's cock! "Yes sir!" She gurgled out from around Jamal’s hard black cock. The white girl struggled to suck Jamal as Darius gave her every inch. The white woman was moaning and grunting as Darius hammered her from behind holding onto her hips! After a couple minutes of Darius’s cock stretching her tight hole she orgasmed, her whole body shook and spasmed. Her pussy was contracting and releasing which caused Darius to explode, Jet after jet of cum splashed her insides causing her to orgasm even harder! Just then Jamal’s big black cock erupted in her mouth causing her to choke on his potent black seed! Darius pulled his deflating cock from her pussy and he collapsed beside her on the couch. Jamal let her clean the cum that had leaked from her mouth off of his cock then he took a seat on the couch. Darius told the white slut to get dressed and leave as Jamal and himself had something they needed to discuss!

The Breeding Ranch chapter two

The following morning Jamal and Darias met the two Attorneys Jessica and Nikki at the front office of the Wigwam, BPM headquarters. The two representatives first took the two attorneys to the home of Latisha.

Latisha is 38, a single mother of two teenage boys! She is a black business owner running her delivery service from her home! As the group walked up to the dilapidated house as an old beat up minivan came screeching to a halt in front of the house! A young black man stepped out and walked towards them! Darius says, "Hello LeBron, how are things this fine morning?"

"Just fuckn great thanks to the racist cracker POS at the gas station!" As the young man told the group about how he was treated at the gas station Jessica couldn’t help but notice his bright yellow basketball shorts were dirty and stained. After telling them his story and getting introduced to the two attorneys he led them inside!

Lebron was the oldest of Latisha’s two boys at 19. He worked for his mother delivering goods and people. Latisha was an attractive woman at 5’9 with long black hair! She greeted the guests but you could tell she did not like them being there. The youngest of her two boys Treyvon came from a back room wearing only his boxers! The first thing the two female attorneys noticed was the bulge in his boxers swaying back and forth. 'My god, he is packing some meat.' Nikki thought! As much as she tried she just couldn’t take her eyes off of it. The younger boy noticed that the white attorney was staring and grabbed his cock while playfully swinging it and ask her! "Like what you baby?" Nikki came out of her trace flush but ignored him as he walked by hoping that no one else saw her!

Jessica and the two reps from the BPM were busy talking to Latisha and her oldest son about the racial problems they encounter daily and hadn’t noticed the younger boy or Nikki! The group talked for another 45 minutes. As the group of four we’re leaving Treyvon slid up next to Nikki and handed her an envelope, don’t read this until you get home! Thinking nothing of it Nikki folded it and slid it into the back pocket of her blue jeans.

They went to four other black-owned businesses and two white-owned businesses including the gas station where LeBron had issues just this morning. As the four walked in the old man behind the counter told Jamal and Darius, we don’t serve your kind here, and take your white hoes with you! Appalled they left! When they got back to the BPM office they all agreed that something needs to be done about the racism that plagued this city! The two BPM official’s stayed after to discuss how they could turn the two white snooty lawyer bitches into their black cock sluts!

Later that evening Nikki took her hot bubble bath that had become a nightly ritual! As she sank into the nice hot water her mind drifted too early that day when the young boy had shaken his cock at her! Then she remembered the envelope, naked she went from her relaxing bubbles into her bedroom and found the envelope inside was a handwritten letter.

I know you were impressed with my big black cock, All you white sluts are! Meet me tomorrow at 10 pm in front of Monique’s beautiful clothing and more, then his phone #.

Nikki turned red, her cheeks flushed as she read the letter. Nikki never considered herself a racist but how could she 'hook up with a black guy?' She thought to herself, 'he's way too young, my god he's cute and all but I’m old enough to be his mother!' Then her orgasm crashed wrecking her train of thought. Nikki now realized she was masturbating! Nikki spent the evening in contemplation until sleep overtook her.

BPM Office

Back at the two BPM officials were discussing how they were going to fuck the two pretty lawyers when the office phone rang. "Ohh, hi Treyvon, what can I do for you? The blonde lawyer's phone number, what for?" Darius gave his colleague a questioning look. "Oh, I see, well let me see if I have it, Jamal gave Treyvon Nikki’s cell number! After Jamal hung up with Treyvon he looked over at Darius with a cat that ate the canary look.

"What was that about?"

"Well, I think one blonde sister is going to help us convert the other married one! It seems our good friend Treyvon is going to black the little blonde slut!" Both men started to laugh, this calls for a celebration!

Nikki’s apartment

It was 7 am and Nikki had just woken up, looking at her phone she sees one New Message. "Who could that be?' Nikki thought, no one ever texts me everyone I know calls. Opening up the message she about dropped her phone! Her mouth fell open as she stared at her phone! The picture she was staring at was the biggest cock with veins that stood out throughout its length with the most perfect mushroom shape head. Next a huge set of balls filled with semen looking heavy, it made her mouth water just looking at them! Then at the bottom of the picture was a message, 'YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT, WHITE GIRL!' immediately Nikki knew who sent it and hit the power button making the screen go black!

Nikki went to the office that morning to get some paperwork finished from a previous case. She was sitting behind her desk in a daydream getting nothing done! She wanted to look at her phone, at the pics, but she knew she shouldn’t.

Then the door to her office opened snapping her out of her back to reality as Jill her secretary came in. Jill was gorgeous, 29, brunette with the nicest set of tits. Men stared at her breasts all day long. Even women would look at them! Jill knew this and always wore a button shirt leaving the top two buttons undone!

As Jill approached Nikki’s desk she giggled "There is a really cute guy here to see you." Nikki’s heart raced thinking it was Treyvon. She didn’t know whether to run and hide or lock Treyvon in her office with her and go for it! Then the young man walked through the door.

Nikki’s heart slowed as she felt relieved when it was LeBron, Trayvon’s older brother walking up to her desk! "What can I do for you today LeBron, I am working?"

"I just brought a letter from the BPM!"

"Oh, ok, well thank you." taking the manilla envelope from him.

"Also ma’am, I have a message from Treyvon also."

Nikki’s heart skipped a beat, she swallowed hard "Oh, and what’s that?"

"Treyvon told me to tell you that you know you want it!"

Nikki’s face turned red, "Thank you, you have to go now." Lebron chuckled and walked to the door, stopped turned around

"Is there anything you want me to tell Treyvon?"

Nikki sat there for a few seconds staring off into space then she told LeBron "Tell Treyvon, I will meet him tonight but do not expect anything."


Nikki dressed in blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt stood in front of Monique’s waiting for Treyvon. Suddenly a man’s arm wrapped around her waist pulling her to him! Nikki was about scream when the man softly said into her ear, "I knew you wanted black dick white girl!"

Nikki was mad instantly, she spun around breaking his hold. "Listen Treyvon, I don’t want black dick, especially from a young boy!"

Treyvon smiled, "shit, white girl, I know you want this black cock. I saw you starin at it!

"Yes, I started, but that doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you, I just got distracted!"

Treyvon stepped up and again put his arms around her pinning her to him almost nose to nose, "All white girls need black cock!" Then pressed his lips to hers. Nikki froze, she could feel his cock pressed against her belly. After a couple of seconds, she let her guard down just enough to kiss him back. When she did Treyvon dropped his hands down to cup her ass cheeks. Nikki felt this, she has always loved having a guy grab her ass. Treyvon squeezed with both hands causing Nikki’s body to relax against him! Treyvon felt her melt against him so he parted his lips flicking his tongue against her lips.

Nikki was thinking to herself, 'What the hell are you doing, you can’t be doing this!' Feeling his tongue on her lips and every ounce of resistance fading she allowed her lips to part letting his tongue into her mouth. As their tongues started dancing Treyvon squeezed her ass again, Nikki melted and moaned into his mouth! Treyvon broke the kiss and pulled away letting go of her! Nikki looked up into his eyes, "fine you win, I want you!"

Treyvon smiled, "You want me to what?"

Flushed, Nikki whispered, "I want you to fuck me!"

Treyvon smiled, "White girl, I need to hear you say it?"

Nikki looked down in defeat and quietly said, "I want you to fuck me with your big black cock!"

"Let’s go to your house, white girl!"
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