Nancy was always in charge. She decided when I could get my cock out its cage, she decided if or when I could cum, if I could get pussy or ass, or even just jack off. These were the rules and I knew it. I liked being dominated. I liked having my mistress. I loved satisfying her needs while caged, using whatever toys she chose. Her particular favourite was a double ended cock gag, that I had to deepthroat while she sat on my face pleasuring herself to an orgasm. To be honest, it was my favourite too, I loved the view and I knew the dildo was much more satisfying than I could ever be. She always told me that one day it would be a real cock in my mouth, but I have always taken that as a fantasy, rather than ever becoming reality. Its never really been my thing.

It was a weeknight and I was just finishing a long shift of manual labour, I was tired and looking forward to getting home for some sleep. Nancy had other ideas.

She sent me a text. "Head to my apartment, let me know when you are nearby and I will send you further instructions".

I was intrigued as most of our play was at weekends, maybe I was going to get released for a while and finally cum. It had been 2 weeks since my cock was last free and for that one, I had to fuck a blow up doll while she watched and laughed and whipped me with a cane. I had a sore ass for a few days after that, but I shot a mega load into that fucking doll. It was humiliating, but she enjoyed it and I needed to release... Needless to say, I then had to clean up my creampie from the doll and thank the doll for letting me. I must admit the humiliation was always a turn on. Especially with her. She has such a way about her. Nancy was about 5'9 of the curvy variety. 36F tits to die for. Always shaven and she loved to wear PVC outfits that hugged her body form. God I loved that too. The feeling of PVC can send me to the edge, sometimes, in PVC leggings she would make me hump her leg like a dog, and I would cum nearly instantly.

I parked my car and sat there and text her, saying I was nearby as requested.

She text me back "These are your instructions. Please follow them. Enter the apartment and head to the fun room (that was what she called her dungeon space). There you will see a chair. I want you to close the door, strip naked, pick up the mask on the chair and put it on so that you can no longer see. Sit on the chair with your hands behind your back and wait. ".

Now this sounded interesting. I was getting hard already, pushing against my cock cage, desperately trying to escape it, but the pain reminding me I cant. Only Nancy has the key. I get out of the car and start heading to the Apartment. Its at the top of a 3 story building, the only one on the top floor, its pretty big.

I get another text. "If you want to cum tonight, there is one major rule. No talking tonight. You may whisper when you are about to cum, but no other talking. Otherwise you will be punished".

I text back "Understood, mistress".

Now I was really excited, she had told me I was getting to cum! My 2 week build up was finally going to be released. I was hoping it didn't happen to quickly, that's the downside of being a sub, sometimes the thought alone can make me cum with little warning.

I entered the apartment, and headed straight to the fun room. I was in a rush now, my tiredness was forgotten, overtaken by horny eagerness. I entered the room, it was empty apart from a chair. Not just any chair. This chair was small, with metal legs, very low to the ground. There was a leather seat on top, but it was semi circular, so there was hole in the middle. If I sat on it, my ass would be splayed wide open. What was going to happen? Was she going to play with my ass. Penetrate me with a dildo? My cock was trying desperately to escape from its cage as I quickly took all my clothes off. I picked up the hooded mask that was lying on the chair. At this point I noticed handcuffs attached to the chair legs. It looks like I wasn't getting much choice in tonights activities. I put the hood on, it had extra coverage over the eyes. I adjusted it so that my mouth was at the hole. I could see nothing. It was exciting. My cock was aching. I felt like cum was going to explode as soon as I was released from my cage. I put my hands behind me and I waited.

I heard the door of the fun room open. My heart started beating faster. I heard footsteps coming towards me. Stilletto heels I thought, going by the clicking. She walked round to the back of chair brushing my shoulder with her long manicured nails. It sent a shiver through me. She grabbed my arms, one at a time and locked them into the handcuffs. Then the same with my ankles. I was now helpless and sightless. She moved round to the front, teasing my thighs with her nails, before heading to my chastity cage and undoing the padlock. She slipped off the end of my cage and cock sprang up to attention, trying its hardest to impress her. I nearly said "thank you mistress" before remembering I wasn't allowed to talk. She teased me with kisses all around my thighs, before quickly tugging on my balls and at the same time slipping my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around and already I could feel my load getting ready to shoot.

"I'm going to cum miss" I whispered.

She immediately removed her mouth from my cock, then slapped it hard. No cum for me it would seem. Another 3 slaps let me know it was not time for cum yet. She moved back round to my back, she kissed it gently, stroking her nails up and and down my back. Then her hand slipped under the seat and I felt her rubbing my asshole. She squirted some liquid into her hand, and I felt her massage my asshole with it. Was it lube? Was I getting penetrated tonight?

Suddenly she stopped and I felt her go to the floor and slide underneath the chair. Then I felt a tongue. In my asshole. Licking it like it was the tastiest thing in the world. The feeling was immense, the pleasure rippled through me. I couldn't believe mistress was rimming me. I had asked her before and she said I would never deserve it and in fact made me rim her, which I always enjoyed. My cock was throbbing. I was pulling at the handcuffs such was the sensation. I could feel my wrists digging in to the metal. She reached a hand around and grabbed my cock, her hand covered in lube. She started jerking me, short, sharp fast. There was no way I could hold back.

I whispered (More like whimpered) "I'm going to cum",

and with no time to think about it, I could feel cum spurting from the end of my cock. She kept working it, still licking my ass. Firing cum everywhere. I could feel it landing on my feet, my stomach, my thighs. She stopped licking. She came round to the front of the chair and started licking up all my cum. Licking my feet, legs, stomach and finally cleaning my cock. This was amazing. I must have been a good sub to get this from Mistress Nancy. She never swallowed my cum. She stood up, still in front of me, standing between my spread legs. She pulled back my head, then pulled my chin so my mouth was wife open. Then she slowly spat all my cum from her mouth to mine. I knew I had to eat it. I always cleaned up. I was happy she had tasted it first though. Lucky lucky sub.

Suddenly the playroom door opened. I heard more high heels walk in and close the door. They didn't come close though. Then I heard a voice say

"Did you enjoy that, you horny little slut?" It was mistress Nancy.

She had just entered the room. So who the fuck had just gave me that amazing rim and handjob?

"Yes mistress, thank you mistress" I replied

"Who said you could talk? You're lucky I am in a good mood! Apologise slut!" She said, with her voice getting angrier.

Having forgot the rules I quickly apologised "Sorry Mistress".

I heard her walking closer. She grabbed my ankles, undid the cuffs from the chair, then immediately cuffed my ankles together. She moved to the back and did the same with my wrists. She told me to get off the chair and kneel on the floor. I did as she said. Expecting a good flogging for speaking earlier, I could already feel my cock rising again.

"Look at you, you're pathetic. That little cock is getting all excited again, wonder how long it will last this time. Are you ready for your punishment?" She asked

"Yes mistress" I replied.

She stood over me, straddling my shoulders with her legs. I could feel her PVC catsuit against me, her pussy buried into the back of my head. My cock hardened even more. She took her hands and grabbed the sides of my head.

"Open your mouth" she said bluntly

"Yes Mistress" I replied without hesitation.

I heard the other high heels walk towards me. Suddenly something was in my mouth. Not the normal dildo from mistress, this was a real cock. Fuck, a real cock. No I don't want to suck cock. I cant suck cock. My cock was saying different though, it was pulsating with pure ecstasy. Mistress kept hold of my head and thrust me on to the cock. Back and forward. Telling me to suck like the little slut I was. Telling me I needed to reward this man for all the pleasure he gave me. Shit, it was him that rimmed me. It was a man that got me to explode like I never had before. His cock was huge, I could feel it hitting the back of my throat. I was gagging, but mistress just kept making me do it. Pushing my head harder and harder. I heard him groan and mistress told me he was ready to cum. His load started shooting into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. I was gagging, as the salty load slipped down, mistress holding my head hard against his cock, telling me to get every last drop. I did as she said, then she made me lick it clean as he slipped it out my mouth. I just sucked my first ever cock. I cant say I hated it, I thought I did, but my rock hard cock was saying otherwise. I heard the high heels of the man walk away and the door opened and closed.

Mistress removed me from between her legs and told me I was a good little cum slut. She told me I had a special place for her now, servicing cocks she couldn't be bothered with. She said I would be rewarded with rim jobs as long as I never complained. I thanked her. She noticed my cock still throbbing. She pulled off my mask so I could see her. She looked magnificent in her cat suit. The zip low enough to see her fantastic tits trying to break out. God she was gorgeous. Too good for me.

"I see you are still hard slave, do you want one more chance to cum before you go back in your cage, since you have been a good boy?" She said

"Yes please mistress, thank you mistress" I dutifully replied.

She undid all my cuffs. She got some lube and started stroking my cock. Just a few tugs. Then she told me I could fuck her leg like a dog. I mounted her straight away, feeling the lube rubbing on the pvc I was manically thrusting against her thigh, it didnt take long. I asked permission to cum and she granted it, I spilled another huge load. This time dribbling down her catsuit thigh... I got on my knees and started cleaning it up, without asking first as I knew I could be in trouble if I didn't clean up quick enough. I licked it all up and thought of the slight difference in taste between mine and the other man. Mistress made me sit back on the seat. She slipped my cage back on and locked it. She told me to get dressed and leave. I did. As soon as I was in the car, I was already hoping for more orders to come back and service cock. Is this what I had become? A cock servant. Maybe? All I knew was I enjoyed it and I couldn't wait for more.....
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