My wife and I live in Seattle. We are in our mid-40s, both professionals and empty nesters. We have experimented with swinging a few times over the years. We played with couples a few times in the beginning, but found that she wasn't a fan of me with being with other women. But my liking watching her with other men coupled with the difficulty of finding 4 personalities to all mesh together made it so we eventually just looked for single men when the mood struck. That mood for including others in our sex life didn't strike her as often as it did me. I was always the one pressing for it but I knew not to bother her too much or too often for fear she would get turned off by the idea all together. We have a great sex life and often share naughty fantasies about including a third person much more often than actually doing so.

Once after hot and passionate sex fueled by a shared naughty fantasy of her with another man, she confided that she knew I wanted more real encounters, but she was self-conscious about her body. She's 5'7", 36C, with a gorgeous round plump ass. She is a little on the thick side but still damn sexy, and I conveyed those thoughts to her often. Her tits were definitely not as perky as they once were and she never was able to lose the tummy she earned during the pregnancy and subsequent birth of our son 22 years earlier. She had gone to a plastic surgeon a year back to see what cosmetic enhancement options were possible. She reported that "Mommy Make-Overs" were all the rage and explained that it consisted of a boob job coupled with a tummy tuck performed at the same time. She said the doctor told her the recovery would be a little harder, but the expense of the procedures is high due to the anesthesia. By getting both procedures done at once, she'd save on the anesthesia expense and have the benefit of a more pronounced and immediate outcome. Her interest and enthusiasm about the procedure eventually subsided and I never brought it up.

A year or so later, my wife received a promotion to a department head position in her company, a fairly large one. The promotion came with a nice little sign-on bonus since it happened in the middle of the company's performance rating period. My wife was so excited. She decided she wanted to celebrate her achievement by spending the bonus on the "Mommy Make Over". I was supportive. I was happy with her appearance as it was but wanted her to be happy with herself. I also selfishly hoped that she would be more open to including a third person in our sex life more often as she had eluded to previously if her self confidence improved with the procedures.

The procedures resulted in a recovery that was much more painful and lasted much longer than my wife had anticipated. She was grumpy and irritable. When I did get a glimpse of the surgical results, I was pleasantly surprised but didn't make a big deal about it since she wasn't in the mood. After she was well enough to return to work, she wore less-than-revealing outfits. Particularly because she was sore, but also because she didn't want the transformation to be blatantly obvious to her co-workers. Time passed and she eventually recovered fully and began to be more herself. One Friday morning as we were getting ready for work. I walked into the bathroom to find her naked, standing in front of the mirror, admiring her new body. She was cupping and caressing one of her new full and firm 38Ds with one hand and sliding her other hand down her new slimmer and more firm abdomen. I asked her if she was still sore. She replied no and said she was sorry for being so irritable over the previous few weeks and thanked me for being patient.

I gave her a nod to say "No problem babe."

She smiled and said, "I'm now 100% and ready to let you take these puppies for a spin" as she cupped both of her gorgeous full new tits in each hand and gave them a playful bounce.

I exclaimed, "Right Now?!?"

She giggled and said, "not now silly, we have to go to work. In fact, tonight might be a stretch since we have tickets to a play and I will probably be worthless after a night out. Let's count on a nice leisurely romp in bed tomorrow morning since it will be Saturday".

I smiled and said, "deal!"

I then asked her if she was happy with the outcome and happy she went through with it. She said, "I am definitely happy with the outcome. I think both procedures came out better than I anticipated, but I am not sure I could do it again if I knew just how much it was going to hurt and hurt for so long!"

She asked me what I thought. I replied that I thought the end result was fantastic and I would have happily shouldered the pain for her if I could have.

The following morning I was awakened by my wife saying, "good morning" as she walked into our bedroom with two cups of coffee wearing her short little kimono robe. She set the coffee cups down, bent over me as I lay in bed, and gave me a kiss as her robe fell open, ******** her new big beautiful tits. She smiled as she caught me staring. She opened her robe fully and cupped one of her breast in her hand and brought it to my lips. I eagerly took her nipple into my mouth and reached up with both hands to cup each breast. They felt heavy and definitely firmer. I was extra gentle in my fondling since I had seen her in so much discomfort over the previous weeks.

She said, "you don't have to handle them with kids' gloves, I'm fully healed."

With that, I gave them a little squeeze as I sucked on her nipples harder as I knew she liked.

She moaned, "mmm, that".

I flung her over me and onto her back and continued to suck and play with her tits. I kissed down her torso as she opened her legs. I licked her pussy until she came hard and loud. As she recovered, I crawled back up on top of her as she grabbed my rock-hard cock and guided it into her wet and wanting pussy. I slid in and out of her with joy. It had been such a long time since we had last had sex. I thought about whispering into her ear a suggestion of sharing one of our back-and-forth dirty fantasies but thought better of it. I didn't want her to think I had a one-track dirty mind. But I did. And in reality, she knew it. Still, I enjoyed our sex together without suggesting any extra verbal stimulation.

As I was nearing my climax, I breathed into her ear, "do you want me to pull out and christen your new tits?"

She smiled at me mischievously and said, "no, I want to go out after breakfast in a tight tee-shirt and no bra and show these puppies off...and hopefully find a handsome hunk to bring home and let him christen them."

To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement, but her following comment completely blew me a way. She followed with, "and maybe you can clean up the mess" as she smiled even more broadly.

Months earlier during sex and sharing one of our nastier fantasies, I had uttered similar words in the heat of the moment. I had always wanted to taste another man's cum but was always too chickenshit to say as much to her. I had beaten around the bush (so to speak) during previous fantasy sharing, but that particular time I was completely overcome with lust and so in the moment that I blurted out my true inner desire. We had never spoken of it after that moment. Until...

Now Marie laid below me as I fucked her with a great big smile on her face and her just saying those words to me so bluntly resulted in a rush of numerous mixed I was at the brink of climax. I was embarrassed and of course excited. The reality of the situation started to become more clear...this THING could very well happen THIS day! The result was me cumming harder than I ever had before. I collapsed on top of her, spent and breathing as if I just finished the Boston Marathon in record time.

Marie piped, "that was fun and a bit of a surprise. Let's get up and get this day going!"

We finished our breakfast and morning routine and then showered and began getting ready for the day. I walked into the bathroom to find Marie working on her hair and make-up. She was in heals, tight jeans that showed off her fantastic full ass, and still topless. She exaggeratedly frowned in a mock-pout and complained that she didn't have any tee shirts that worked for what she had in mind. We lived only a few blocks from a trendy area known for it's boutiques, restaurants, and bars. I suggested that we go to the vintage boutique that catered to the younger sexier crowd.

Her face lit up and she beamed "will you help me pick out a sexy tee-shirt!"

I replied, "of course I will".

Then that mischievous smile re-appeared on her lips and she said, "are you looking forward to seeing some hot guys' cum splashed upon your wifey's new titties hunny?"

I was again shocked. My wife had always been very timid before and after any of the handful of sexual trysts with others we had had before. She always enjoyed herself when she was in the moment, but the "lead-up" and "after" had always been somewhat awkward. I understood her self-image had improved with the surgeries and it would have an effect on her confidence and outlook on sex, but this was much more sudden and much more elevated than I had anticipated. I was embarrassed, nervous, and excited.

My wife asked again, "well....are you!?!"

I stammered a, "yes...a-absolutely."

It was just after 2pm when we got to the boutique. There were a handful of young girls browsing the racks of clothes. The attendant at the cash register was a young flamboyantly gay kid, maybe 25 years old. He looked at us a little sideways. I doubted there had been many mid 40s couples in that store that didn't immediately leave after taking stock of the fashion and the clientele. My wife immediately made a bee-line for a rack of vintage rock tee-shirts. I had always been irritated by seeing young kids sporting tee-shirts with graphics from the Ramones or the Clash. Like they would know a Joey Ramone lyric if they heard it! I always wondered where they got the shirts. I figured they found them in their parents' boxes of clothes from years gone past. I was wrong. They are made new and sold in stores like the one my wife and I found ourselves in.

She quickly ran through the rack and pulled out a handful of shirts and tucked them under her arm as she spun around and barked at the the gay store attendant still looking at us quizzically... "which way to the dressing rooms?"

She bounded off in the direction the attendant gestured in, slid the drapes open to a dressing room and then disappeared. I heard lots of, "ooh, this might work" and "Yuck, no way". She thrust out a white tee-shirt from behind the curtain and said, "hunny, see if this is one is on that rack in a size small".

I took the tee-shirt and held it out. "Led Zeppelin" was printed across the top with the popular blimp associated with the band below on flimsy thin white cotton fabric. I looked at the tag. It read "Medium". The garment already looked like a "small" all day. Like small for a teenager. I shrugged my shoulders and did as requested. I reached into the dressing stall with the small Led Zeppelin tee-shirt and it was immediately snatched from my hand with a "thanks babe".

Moments later my wife dramatically flung the curtain open and said, "whadda ya think?" with one hand on her hip and the other flung up and away like a magician saying "Ta-da!" after a magic trick.

The shirt looked as if it was painted on. I had to do a double take to see if I could see any signs that what she was wearing was in fact fabric and not a thin coat of paint. And when I say thin coat, I mean thin. She strutted out of the dressing room and walked between me and the attendant, spinning around and retracing her steps like a fashion model on a catwalk. Her nipples were erect and pronounced...and were prominently poking out of the middle of the "D" and the right between the "L" and the "I" of LED ZEPPELIN. The slightly darker shade and outline of her areolas were plainly discernible under the thin almost opaque white fabric of the tee-shirt. She stopped between the attendant and myself and for the second time in an hour impatiently asked, "well?!?"

The gay store attendant spoke up and said, "Hunny, your husband's stupefied silence should be an obvious 'buy it!".

I nodded, unable to speak.

My wife said, "Great then, we'll take it".

She reached over, and pulled the tag off of the sleeve and handed it to the attendant saying "I'm wearing it out of the store and he's paying".

It was a beautiful sunny spring day in Seattle. Not quite tee-shirt temperatures, but I think that was all a part of her plan. As we walked down the street flanked by the new trendy bars and restaurants, my wife asked where I thought we should "wet our whistle". People gawked as we passed them on the sidewalk. A husband was elbowed sharply in the ribs by his irritated wife as he unabashedly eye-fucked my wife's bodacious rack as we passed one another. A bum blurted out "Great Tits!" as he drunkenly stumbled towards us from the vestibule of a closed store front.

I nervously shrugged off the attention my wife was getting and I suggested a few of the up scale places we normally enjoyed and she wrinkled her nose at each suggestion.

Then she said, "didn't you say the Mariners were playing today?".

They were.

She then said, "How about "Home Plate"?".

Home Plate was the only grungy bar on that street. It was a sports bar. Neither "grunge" nor "sports" had appealed to my wife in the past. I used to go to the bar by myself occasionally when Marie was out of town or out shopping on a weekend with a girlfriend. It was walking distance home, televised multiple games, and had cheap beer.

I said, "Are you sure? It's usually packed on a day like this."

She replied, "Perfect!"

We walked into the bar and my suspicion was immediately confirmed. The long bar on the right side of the room had butts in all the stools and all of the high tops on the left seemed to be taken. We made our way past the throngs of people booing a bad call made by the ump during the Mariner's game playing on the TVs above the shelves of booze.

My wife said, "I think there are empty seats down there" as she motioned to the far end of the bar.

Sure enough, the bar made a hard 90 degree turn at the end leaving enough room for three patrons between the corner of the bar and the waitress station. Two of the three seats on the short perpendicular span of the bar were occupied by two large black men in their 30s.. We approached them but held short seeing there was in fact only one open seat between them and the waitress station. By then, my wife already had both of the guys' attention.

My wife smiled and one of the guys immediately said, "you looking for a seat? We'll make room".

He grabbed the one bar stool that was between him and the waitress station and swung it around so that it was etween the two of them.

He said, "have a seat right here little lady".

He gestured to a few stools that were at the back of the room and against the wall and told me I could grab one of them and bring it over. The guys were friendly enough to me but there was no doubt in what caught their eye and what had their interest. My wife proudly had her shoulders back and rack on full display as many of the guys down the bar took notice. Our two new friends introduced themselves as Taylor and Mike. They asked my wife what she wanted to drink and passed the order to a stout and awnry woman bartender. I had to fend for myself after my wife was served.

I could only catch little bits of the small talk between my wife and the two men. I heard her ask a few "dumb" sports questions. She was obviously playing a ridiculous role as a dumb bimbo. Marie is extremely intelligent and professional and it was a little difficult seeing her act so contrary to her real nature. She was having fun and enjoying the attention, and truthfully I was enjoying her getting the attention as well. After Marie's second martini, I could tell she was getting more brazen, as were the guys.

Taylor exaggeratedly looked down at her chest and asked "What does your tee shirt say?"

My wife shot me a quick glance around Mike, smiled, and then back to them said, "It's Led Zeppelin! It's brand new! The tee-shirt, not the band. I just got it!".

Mike made a similarly exaggerated motion careening of his neck to get a good look at the "tee-shirt" and said, "ah...the band" in mock revelation.

Taylor said, "and those are some pretty Zeppelins in that shirt".

My wife smiled and said, "thanks, they're almost as new as the shirt" as she pulled her shoulders even further back and exaggeratedly thrust her chest out.

The male patrons on our end of the bar quit trying to pretend to look our way at something behind us and now just glared at my wife openly.

Mike said, "new titties! damn, they're nice."

He looked over to me smiling knowingly and said, "I bet you gotta love that new titty feel".

I smiled and nodded.

Marie exclaimed, "you wanna feel 'em?" as she reached down and grabbed one of Mike's and one of Taylor's hands and brought them up and placed each hand on each of her pert full tits.

Taylor said, "ah yeah, that's a great titty" just as the linebacker of a woman bartender got sight of the spectacle and bellowed, "Oh! no fucking way! There will be none of that shit in here!"

Both Taylor and Mike immediately pulled their hands away and placed them in their laps like scolded children getting caught red-handed stealing a cookie.

My wife feigned disappointment and said, "ahhh, what's the big deal?"

The bartender now right in front of us said, "I'll tell you what the big deal is...this is my bar and I'm having none of that bullshit. This is your only warning. Any more of that crap and you are outta here!".

If we didn't already have everyone's attention in the bar before that moment, we certainly did then.

Coincidentally, the Mariners were in a tight game and behind in the 9th inning with two outs. At that very moment, the player at bat for the Mariners hit a 2 run walk-off homer to win the game and the bar went crazy. My wife started jumping around. All the guys at our end of the bar were watching one thing, and it wasn't the replay on the TV. It was my wife's tits bouncing in that almost see-through tee-shirt. The bartender was glaring at her, hand on her hip wanting badly to eject her from the premises but knowing she couldn't...just yet. On the TV the team met the winning run at home plate and put the player on their shoulders. My wife asked why they were not popping bottles of champagne and spraying it everywhere like you always see teams do after they win a game on TV. I replied that only happens during championship games and this was simply a good close regular season game. My wife again gave a mock pout by jutting out her lower lip.

Then her face got bright and eyes big and said to Mike and Taylor, "we should find something to spray all over in celebration of my new titties!"

The bartender shot over to us and said, "that's it, you and your new tits and your new friends get the hell outta here!"

My wife said, "no problem-lo" as she grabbed Mike and Taylor under each arm and started to walk away continuing, "we were just leaving."

To me she said, "Please pay our check and leave our host a nice tip and meet us at home...but don't be too long, I need you there to make ALL the things we talked about this morning happen".

All eyes in the bar were on the four us... and then just my wife as she started to walk out of the bar with Mike and Taylor on either side of her. She shot me a quick mischievous grin and then said loudly to everyone in the bar, "How about them Mariners!" as she pulled her t-shirt up up around her chin, fully ******** her glorious new big tits.

She gleefully swayed them back and forth which resulted in immediate and more raucous cheering from the patrons...far more raucous than the cheering they gave up for their winning baseball team. Marie shot the bartender one last defiant look as she pulled her shirt back down and continued her exit with our new friends, the cheering and cat calls from the mostly male clientele continuing.

I could see Mike and Taylor talking to my wife but I could not hear what they were saying as the made their way to the door. Taylor had one of his large black hands firmly planted on my wife's full plump ass. I saw Taylor's eyes get big with whatever it was my wife had just said to him, along with two guys at the bar next to them who must have overheard the conversation. Taylor, Mike, and my wife looked back at me and smiled and then continued out the door. The guys that overheard the conversation looked down the bar towards me and sneered...much like the bartender immediately did as she demanded her payment. I paid our tab, as well as Mike and Taylor's, and made my way to the door myself.

Half way down the bar, a guy grunted over his shoulder, "have fun cleaning up those black guys' cummy mess off of your wife's tits".

He and the guys with him roared with laughter. I had no doubt what was uttered from my wife and heard by Mike, Taylor, and the guys at the bar. I was a little dizzy from the beer, embarrassment and excitement of the moment. I got outside and took a deep breath to clear my head. I looked up the street and saw my wife still arm and arm with Mike and Taylor making the turn onto our street. She definitely walked with a pep in her step.

I started to follow them, my whole body seemingly vibrating from the events that just unfolded and those that were undoubtedly about to happen. I decided to walk a few blocks out of my way to give them some time to get settled and into the swing of things. I also needed the extra time to steady myself and I knew from previous experiences that my wife liked a little space to get acquainted with new partners without me being there and making it awkward.

As I made the final turn onto our block I saw our neighbor Neil standing on the threshold of his car, door open, taking the ski racks off for the season. He was looking towards the bedroom window of our condo instead of concentrating on the task at hand. Our bedroom window opened directly onto the sidewalk and was only a few feet from Neil's parked car. As I got closer, our Neil looked towards me panicked just as I heard Taylor's deep and distinctive voice emanate from our bedroom window, "damn, this bitch's pussy is nice" along with rhythmic grunts and moans that were undoubtedly those my wife.

She was obviously being fucked...obviously fucked by Taylor.

Neil was completely at a loss. He stammered, "uh, hi...uh, I think your wife just, just got home a little while ago".

I sheepishly smiled, nodded, said, "thanks" and hurried by him towards the door of our condo.

As I walked into our bedroom I couldn't help but notice moaning and grunting from the naked pile of bodies writhing on our king size bed, my wife's pale skin bracketed by the two larger ebony naked bodies. The thick and musky scent of sex filled the room despite the bedroom window being open. The window which I immediately walked towards in order to close so to abate the audible spectacle being taken in by our neighbor just outside. I parted the drapes and locked eyes with our neighbor who was still completely beside himself wondering what the fuck was going on.

Before I got the window closed, Mike loudly said, "I can't wait to get a piece of that married white pussy, but man, you got to get your cock into this talented lady's mouth before we're all done with her".

He stood at the edge of our bed feeding my wife his long powerful black cock. I started to slide the window closed but not before my wife took Mike's cock out of her mouth breathlessly grunted in rhythm to Taylor's powerful thrusts, "oh gawd yes, your big cock..feels...feels so - feels so fucking good. Fa-fuck that pussy. Fuck my pussy hard. Ye-yes, yes like that!"

The sounds of his body smacking hers with every powerful thrust was plain and primal.

I closed the window and turned away from the bewildered look of our neighbor and finally focused my attention on the spectacle that had unfolded on our bed. Both Mike and Taylor's cocks were skewered into each end of my a spit-roasted sow being cooked over a fire. Her tits were high and proud, even while she was on her back. They swayed stiffly in time with the vigorous pounding her pussy was receiving from Taylor. Both men were thick and long and both were thoroughly enjoying my wife. The lips of my wife's pussy were wrapped tightly around Taylor's massive cock. A cock that was covered and shiny with wetness from her cunt as it slid in and out of her effortlessly. Taylor began to pick up his pace even more and my wife moaned deeply in orgasm with Mike's cock in her mouth.

Taylor announced loudly, "I'm gonna cum, it's time to dowse those pretty new titties with this black man's seed".

With that, he withdrew his massive black cock, shiny with the juices of my wife's well fucked pussy and shuffled on his knees around her until he was perched over her beautiful new breasts. She stopped sucking Mike's veiny fat cock in order to focus on what Taylor was doing. What Taylor was doing was stroking his monster cock, being careful with his aim. He let out a mighty roar as thick ropes of cum erupted from the head of his cock across both of my wife's tits. The amount of cum he sprayed across her chest was impressive. Gobs of cum lurched from his cock and splattered her tits until his cock spasms subsided with a final dribble of thick white cum.

My wife's gaze turned from the cummy mess on her chest, to me as I eagerly undressed, mesmerized by the sight before me.

My wife smiled as I removed my last article of clothing and said sweetly, "now for the moment you've been waiting for sweetie."

Taylor's cum was slowly running down the sides and middle of my wife's heaving and proud chest. She added, "hurry hunny!" I was already making my move to kneel beside her. I hesitated a split second as I looked into my wife's eyes for just a moment. Her face was beaming. I then took a deep breath and eagerly licked the cum from her tits, being sure to get the cum that was streaming down the sides first in order to get it all. I licked from the side of the breast closest to me, up to her nipple, down the valley of her cleavage and up to the breast furthest away from me.

I heard her coo, "mmm, that's nice baby. Do you like it?".

I closed my eyes as I sucked the last of Taylor's cum from her right nipple and emitted a satisfied "mmm".

Mike exclaimed to his buddy, "damn, look at that boy hoover up your cum...seems like he likes it!"

Taylor added, "yeah boy, lick A-L-L-L-L my black seed from your wife's new titties".

I then sensed Mike move around me and position himself between my wife's legs as I continued to suck on each of Marie's nipples with my eyes closed. I felt her body shift below me as he entered her and began to pump away. I slowly opened my eyes to find Taylor's still hard cock an inch away from my face, one last glob of cum precariously hanging from the head of his massive cock.

My wife intently watching said, "you want that last drop, don't you baby?" as I felt her hand caress the back of my head.

She continued, "do you want to lick that cum from his cock baby?"

I said nothing as I felt pressure from her hand on the back of my head coaxing me forward. I parted my lips and extend my tongue until it made contact with the suspended drop of cum, it melting onto my tongue.

The pressure from my wife's hand on the back of my head continued and even increased as she sweetly said, "go ahead baby, take his cock into your mouth. I know that's what you really want."

I relented and let her push my mouth fully onto Taylor's big and meaty cock. I began to suck earnestly.

Taylor said, "ah fuck yes. That feels so good. Suck that cock. You like the taste of your wife's cunt on my hard cock, don't you?"

I did.

Mike continued to plow away between my wife's wide open legs. Thrusting with even more vigor than Taylor, causing my wife to cum over and over again.

Mike said to Taylor, "you already got her titties with what they wanted, I'm gonna bust my load in this bitch's pussy right now!"

He immediately began to growl as his thrusts became more pronounced and focused. Taylor's cock slid out of my mouth as he fell back onto his back with exhaustion. I stood up and backed off the bed and watched Mike finish in my wife. His big cum filled balls began to tense and pulse as he ruthlessly drove his cock all the way into my wife, filling her with his cum. Completely our of breath, Mike flopped off of her and onto the bed.

Panting he said, "there's another load of cum for you to gobble up there hubby!"

Without word, my wife shuffled her ass to the edge of the bed to give me better access. I lowered myself between her legs. Her pussy was puffy and swollen. The lips of her pussy were slightly gaped and spasming open and closed. Like the mouth of a fish thrown onto the dock, struggling to breathe. Mike's cum began to ooze out of my wife's well fucked and swollen pussy and down the crack of her ass. I frantically lurched to get it before it dribbled down the side of the bed and onto the floor. I intercepted the flowing river of cum as it oozed past my wife's sweet pink asshole and licked it up to its source. I licked my wife's pussy eagerly and as deeply as I could, trying to get it all. She sensed my urgency and sat up and scootched a little off the side of the bed in order to help me get all of Mike's cum.

Taylor then coaxed my wife to pivot up onto her hands and knees saying, "Mike said she's got a talented mouth, I'm gonna see how her cock sucking skills compare to her hubby before we go".

He shuffled on his knees up to her wanting mouth. She opened her lips and took him deep to her throat as I continued to lap Mike's cum from her well fucked pussy from behind.

I heard her slurping as Mike flatly stated, "yes, this freak can suck a cock. You're right Mike. Her and her husband make quite the cock sucking team."

It didn't take long for my wife to bring Taylor to his second orgasm. He again roared loudly as he emptied a warm load of semen into my wife's mouth. She rolled over onto her back and I crawled up to her and kissed her deeply. Her tongue baring Taylor's salty gift darted into my mouth. I was ***** with lust and loved every moment of it.

I heard Mike and Taylor rustling around as they gathered their clothes to get dressed. They watched Marie and me kiss deeply, her continuing to feed me Taylor's cum.

Mike laughed and said, "damn, that boy DOES like it. He's like a hungry baby bird getting fed from his momma!"

Taylor laughed with him as they said goodbye and let themselves out.

Mike remarked to Taylor, "we gotta bring the neighborhood brothers back here soon and let them fuck that bitch".

Taylor replied, "fuck yeah, they aint gonna believe it when they hear her husband will happily clean up between seedings".

They both continued laughing heartily as they shut the door behind them.
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