So it was Friday and I’d had a hell of a week! My husband had been away with work and I had been swamped with work myself. I run an Estate Agents and two of my team were away, one on holiday and the other one with sickness so I’d had to do a number of viewings myself. So all in all I was feeling drained and ready for a long bath, glass of wine and seeing my husband who was due back this evening.

As the end of the day loomed my PA came into my office and told me she had a guy on the line who wanted to view one of our listed houses but he was leaving the area to go home for the weekend this evening and really wanted to have a first look at the house so he could discuss with his wife to decide if they would want a proper viewing.

I realised the house in question was one of our vacant listings and was also my way home so despite my fatigue I decided to do it myself so I asked her to set up the viewing for 5PM and she returned a few minutes later telling me that she had confirmed with a Mr Jackson that he was booked for a viewing at 5PM.

I arrived at the property a few minutes before 5PM and I didn’t see any car on the driveway or on the road outside so thought I would just open up and get the lights on, as it was already getting pretty dark outside, which would save some time and make the whole house brighter at first view for Mr Jackson.

I put the key in the lock and turned the latch before pushing the door open and as I took my first step into the house I felt a gloved hand clamp over my mouth and an arm grab me around the chest and shoulder area before a voice whispered in my ear “Don’t struggle and don’t scream. I have a knife but I promise I don’’t want to hurt you, now walk slowly into the house.”

I could hardly breath let alone scream and slowly shuffled forwards into the house, still gripped by whoever had hold of me. He told me to stop and then I heard the door slam shut behind me then he asked me if I promised not to scream when he let go of me. I nodded my head and mumbled a confirmation as best I could and he released his grip on me but told me not to turn around.

As soon as he let me go I told him it wasn’t my house and that it was an empty property and that I was an estate agent meeting someone for a viewing and I had a little cash in my bag which he could take . He called me by my name and told me he knew who I was as he had been watching me for months and it wasn’t cash he wanted it was me. “ Oh my god!” I had a stalker!

All sorts of thought ran through my mind. Who was he? Did I know him? What did he want with me. My thoughts were interrupted by him telling me to turn around and face him. I turned and looked at him, he was standing about 6 feet away from me. A tall black man, athletically built, dressed all in black and wearing a mask in the pattern of a tigers face which covered his nose and eyes. He had little flecks of grey in his short cropped hair.

He had a large knife in his right hand which I stared at and he told me he wasn’t going to hurt me as long as I did as he asked and asked me if I understood. I nodded slowly and he fiddled with some shoulder straps and removed a back pack he had on and threw it onto the floor next to me telling me to open it.

I looked inside and there was a large course blanket at the top which he told me to take out and spread on the floor. I did as he asked and he told me to stand in the middle of it then walked towards me. He again told me he had been watching me for a long time and he had wanted me for so long. He then told me I was pretty and put a hand in his pocket then held out his hand, palm upwards, which contained a hairband and a lipstick.

He told me to tie my hair in a pony tail and put on the lipstick for him. As I dis as he asked told me he had seen me wearing this shade of lipstick and it was his favourite. Although I felt scared there was something about his voice which seemed slightly familiar and very calming making me feel sure he wasn’t going to hurt me so I just took some deep breaths and complied with his request.

After I had done as he asked he stared at me and said “beautiful! Are you going to do as I ask?”

I nodded at him and he told me to slowly strip in front of him. I tried to take my time but I also wanted my ordeal, whatever it may be, to be over as quickly as possible and a few minutes later I was standing totally naked before him.

He stepped forward so he was right in front of me and placed the blade of the knife flat against my left cheek. It was cold and hard and my heart beat raced. He slowly ran it down my neck, shoulder and across my left breast pausing when the tip of it touched my nipple. Perhaps it was the chill of the room or the cold of the steel but both my nipples hardened and he let out a little groan of pleasure at the sight of it.

He stared into my eyes and his eyes looked dark, mysterious and slightly hypnotic behind his mask as he said “I’m sure I can put the knife down can’t I?”

I nodded and managed to say “Yes.” Then I heard it drop onto the floor. He cupped my breasts in his hands which were big and strong yet gentle as they caressed my breasts and gently squeezed my nipples. I stared into his eyes as he told me my breasts were even nicer than he thought they would be then bent his head and sucked hard on one of my nipples.

Despite my plight and obvious fear I felt a sexual tingle run through my whole body as he sucked hard on my nipple and gave it a gentle nibble with his teeth, almost as if he knew that this was something I would really enjoy. I let out an involuntary gasp and slight groan which encouraged him to give my other nipple similar and slightly harder treatment.

After he had sucked on both my nipples for a few minutes he lifted his head up and looked me in the face. He pinched both my nipples and said “You like that don’t you?”

I softly murmured a “Yes” as he tugged on them and used them to jiggle my breasts as he told me how he loved them.

He stopped pulling on my nipples and said “Now you can do something for me! Kneel before me and unzip my pants.” I slowly dropped to my knees and when my head was level with his groin I could see the huge bulge in his pants. He was already hard and clearly excited from playing with my breasts.

I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down letting his hard monster cock spring out in front of my face. He rocked his pelvis a little making his huge cock bob up and down in front of me and commanded me to suck him. I grasped his cock around the base with both hands, as I took in the length and girth of his cock and stared at the big dark head that looked like a giant plum before slowly wrapping my lips around it.

I began to slowly suck him and my mouth was full after taking only the first few inches of his thick shaft but he commanded me to take it deeper. I knew from the tone of his voice I had no choice but to try so I pulled my mouth off briefly as I tried to produce more saliva and quickly took him back into my mouth before he said anything.

I managed to get more of him in this time and the head of his cock was almost hitting the back of my throat so I rocked my head back and forth on him and began to run my hand up and down the length of his shaft. He softly groaned as I sucked on him and then I heard a moan come from within my own mouth, muffled by his big cock.

He must have heard my moan and he pulled his cock out of my mouth, lifted my head so I was looking up at him and said “Your enjoying sucking on my big black cock aren’t you?”

I had no choice but to say “Yes” but, although I shouldn’t have been, part of me was really enjoying the feeling of his monster cock in my mouth.

“Ok you little white slut, open wide and you are going to get it all.” he growled at me. I opened my mouth wide and he gripped my head and plunged his cock into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat and he told me to relax as he ****** his cock deeply down my throat.

I was choking and tears were running from my eyes and as he pulled his cock out I could feel the saliva dripping off my chin onto my breasts. “Oh yeah! Rub that spit into those milky white tits.” he grunted at me as he once again plunged his cock down my throat and began to throat fuck me.

Each time he pulled back streams of saliva poured out go my mouth and dripped down onto my breasts and my nipples were tingling as I rubbed the saliva all over me. As he continued to throat fuck me I could feel the saliva dripping beyond my breasts and down my tummy “Oh yeah! Rub it into your little white pussy and get it nice and wet for me.” he commanded.

I ran a saliva covered hand down to my pussy and as I pushed my fingers between my pussy lips I could feel that I was already soaking wet. “My god!” I thought. “What is happening? I shouldn’t be getting turned on by this brute abusing me.” But my bodily reactions told me I was as I continued to rub my pussy and press my fingers against my swollen clit.

He pulled his cock from my throat and said “Are you nice and wet down there baby all ready for my big cock?”

Although my body was telling me I was aroused my brain went into a spin as I thought there was no way I wanted another mans cock inside me let alone a big black brute forcing himself on me. “I’m wet but your cock is far too big for me!” I whimpered back at him.

“Well let’s see shall we? Turn around and get on your hands and knees.” he commanded.

I reluctantly obeyed him, slowly turning around and presenting my pussy to him, praying that he would realise I couldn’t take him and satisfy himself in my mouth. I felt his rough fingers penetrate my pussy and rub me hard. “Oh Yeah! Nice and ready for me.” he said, sounding very pleased with himself.

I felt the tip of his cock press against my pussy lips and he paused for a few seconds before he gripped my hips and began to force his cock deep inside me. As I gasped loudly he stopped and I hoped he was all the way inside me. My pussy felt like it was going to split and the pain was immense. I felt him pull back a little and as the pain subsided a little he plunged back into me even deeper until his hips slammed against my buttocks.

“Oh god no!” I howled as he began to thrust into me with long hard strokes and I begged him to stop.

“Stop moaning! You love it you little slut.” he shouted at me as he slapped my buttock with his hand. As he continued to thrust into me my pussy got wetter and began to stretch, getting used to his size. Almost to my horror my shrieks of “No!” began to morph into little moans of “Yes!” and he began to fuck me even harder.

My head was spinning, my body tingling and I was beginning to rise to a sexual high I had rarely felt as this brute did things to me I would never have willingly let a man do. I was now begging him to do it harder and deeper. He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of me. “You want me to fuck you hard?” he asked.

“Oh yes, yes I do!” I begged.

“Ok! Rub your clit for me. I want you to cum on my big cock!”

I propped myself up on one forearm and ran my other hand between my legs until my fingers found my swollen, sensitive clit and began to slowly massage it. Once again I felt my captors huge cock penetrate me deeply and he began to fuck me even harder and quicker than before. Then he demanded I tell him how much I loved his big cock and what I wanted him to do to me.

I hated him for it, probably because I knew he was right. I loved that huge thick cock stretching my pussy and how hard he fucked me. Every time his hips slammed into my buttocks my breasts swung forward and my already sensitive nipples rubbed against the blanket beneath me. I knew I wanted to cum on that big cock and I almost craved the pain so I began to urge him on.

“Oh god yes! Fuck me hard. Stick your big cock deep in me. Fill me up. I want it. I need it.” I bellowed out in between gasps and shrieks. He went even harder and I heard him start to breath quicker and louder. I rubbed my clit harder and felt my orgasmic much building.

I continued to urge him on louder. “Come on! Fuck me you bastard. Make me cum.” Then he grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head backwards towards him and I shrieked as he fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Then he grunted and shook as he pumped his cum deep into my womb and with a final rub of my clit my own orgasm exploded and surged through my body.

His breathing slowed and he stopped twitching. His balls obviously drained into me he let go of my hair and I slumped onto the floor panting. My pussy muscles twitched and throbbed as his huge cock slipped from inside me and the cool air rushed into my gaping sore lips.

I was still breathing hard when I felt his hands grab hold of me and he rolled me off the blanket. Then I opened my eyes to see him zipping up his pants and folding up the blanket as I lay there naked. He put the blanket and knife into his backpack then knelt beside me.

Then he held out his phone and told me to look at the screen. I stared open mouthed at footage of me on my hands and knees with his huge black cock thrusting into me accompanied by the sounds of me shrieking and begging him to fuck me. “Don’t worry.” he said. “This is for my enjoyment only but you need to know I have it. I will come for you again and you will let me have my way wont you?”

I almost couldn’t speak as I watched the recording. I looked at him and nodded. “Yes I will let you do what you want.” I said. He stood up and left the house leaving me naked on the floor. I curled up onto my side and sobbed for a few minutes then ran a hand down to my throbbing pussy and began to smile as I felt his seed dribble out of me.

to be continued…..
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