The Sweet Spot​

The lines are defined, by hills, plains, and valleys
The forest lies along a chosen path.
The goal for adventurer is rich and sweet,
It drives his passion for discovery,
But tread with care he must.

For he has a map, but not on paper,
A map he has followed many times before.
The start of his journey is well defined
Two red thick lines, curved and pouting
Lead towards a soft peninsula.

It begins to stir the excitement in him
Lines are the start and lines will be the finish
But neither line will be the same.
After touching the lines, he climbs down the cliff
Only to find a dry apple well.

The distance shows two hills to climb,
Guarding the way to the plain.
He takes the first hill so smooth and curved,
His fingers caressing the ground,
Feeling the heat beneath his touch.

The ground almost moves, to let him know
He has gained entrance to its attentions.
He rests at the top of the first of the hills
Reflecting in thoughts as in takes in the view.

The next hill he spies, just like the first
Conquering that, he knows he must do.
As he finishes atop the second climb,
A pointer raises before him.
He knows it is time to travel the plains
and onwards the valley below it.

Across the plains, flat and yet round
Again, his fingers trace across the ground.
But the valley is waiting, forcing his pace
Knowing what lies beyond this place.
At last, he arrives at the start of the forest
Its dark bush beckons him deeper inside.

His ultimate goal is not long away
The honey sweet smell fills the air.
A small-hooded flower its bud standing proud
Opening towards him, his strokes are required
To further his goal, he knows the cave is below him.

The last of the markers uncovers itself
For he has now found the finishing lines.
Between these lines a river now flows
He reaches down to drink from the river.
His journey complete, the cave he has found
But as for the adventure, that is just beginning.

For as he knows, the river that flows,
Leads to greater treasure.
To explore the cave is his only desire
It stirs his passion one last time.

For now, he knows, his true goal
Is waiting deep inside.
With a simple touch, the lines’ part to show him the true cave.
The cave opens to guide him inside
The prize is not his, but his is the prize.
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