We were on a single night out in Ayia Napa recently. My wife was having a period and so we were not planning games. She wore a loose white linen dress and panties but no bra. We drank 4 Long Islands and were having fun dancing in one of the bars on the square.

Around midnight we decided to take a walk to other areas near the square. My wife was a bit tipsy and she said she wanted to see if she could pick up some guys in the street and suck their cocks. I was pleasantly surprised about her idea and gave her the go-ahead. She asked me to let her walk alone. She promised she would tell the guys that she enticed that her 'friend' would come and watch but not interfere.

Off she set. I shadowed her carefully; making sure not to lose sight of her. She found her first target almost straight away. A Greek club tout. He took very little time to agree and she gave me the look to follow. He took her to a covered car park and right away she got to her knees, got his cock out, and sucked him. I stood very close by and watched and wanked. He came all over her face in about 30 secs! A great start to her games.

We went back to the main, very busy road leading from the square and she set off on her next target. The next was also a tout, and also Greek I think. He took her to some steps leading from the street. She sat on a step and started sucking his small cock. Almost immediately a group of 8-10 revelers came by! they stopped to make comments and watch. Luckily none took out cameras and they moved on when she looked at them and told them to fuck off! A small group of guys stayed fairly close to watch. My wife got fed up with the guy whose cock she had in her mouth because he seemed nowhere near coming. She stopped. I was on the verge of inviting the three watches to have a go, but I didn't have the nerve and we went back to the busy road.

Her next target was a Swedish or Norwegian tout (they were obvious targets because they were standing still in the middle of the street and keen to chat with a pretty, sexy young woman!) This guy was not keen on having her 'friend' watch, but eventually, she convinced him and they went close by to a quiet gap between clubs. again she got to her knees and sucked. She gave him a nice service and although the guy was hard, he couldn't come under pressure! She gave him 3-4 mins and then we left again.

She tried another few guys, but none could be convinced to do it with me watching so we finished our evening and went home. An original and unusual evening! I feel sure we will be doing it again. Ayia Napa is ideal for this I think.
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