My wife and I wanted to travel across the States a few years ago and saved up enough for a two-week trip. We started our trip from Washington State through Oregon. Nicole is 5’7, with the lightest blue eyes, and massive tits with light pink sexy nipples. She had plenty of experience with both men and women and savored the idea of strangers using her, we had even discussed truck stop and or rest stop encounters.

Our first stop was in Medford Oregon, a rest stop off of I-5. Nicole was wearing a black bra, black lacy panties, a shirt that hugged her huge tits excessively, and yoga pants. I wasn’t expecting anything and neither was she but hopes were high. As she went into the female restroom I noticed a tall black guy had exited his rig, it was obvious that he had noticed Nicole, I watched as he lit up a smoke and stood watching the restrooms.

I got out of the vehicle and approached the guy, asking if I could bum a smoke, he gave me a cigarette and asked if that was my woman. I replied, "Yes," we are on a road trip and like adventures.

His eyebrows lifted, "I bet she is," he then mentioned that this particular rest stop was great for adventures and that he’d stopped here many times especially because it was rarely used and quiet. I looked around the lot and realized that a family with two kids were getting into their vehicle and aside from that it was just the trucker and the two of us. Nicole then exited the restroom and walked in our direction.

Quickly, I asked him, "Would you like to get sucked off or fuck my wife?"

“Fuck yeah!” He watched us and said he loved her huge tits bouncing along the way.

Head to the men’s room and I will convince her to head your way, he was excited and started speed walking to the restroom. The wife asked who I was talking to?

"A guy you’ll be taking care of," she looked excited and nervous at the same time, anytime I had ever instructed her to do something sexually she was always on board, it was something I love about her. I told her to go meet him in the men’s restroom and do whatever he wants, I said: “Take care of him,” she asked me for a shot of my whiskey from the flask I carry and I swear she drank half of it, lol. She then headed to the men’s restroom for her sexy rendezvous with the trucker.

I patiently waited outside of the restrooms in hopes of catching a moan or some dirty talk since the echo in those restrooms is good due to the concrete. Sadly, I didn’t hear much, she was in there for about 25 mins with Mr. Trucker. I then saw her exit the restroom, her hair was disheveled and her makeup was smeared a bit, particularly her lipstick and mascara. She headed straight for the women’s restroom and came out about 5 mins later, the guy had exited the restroom, lit up a smoke, and winked at me before climbing back into his rig.

Nicole and I walked back to our vehicle in silence, two other vehicles pulled into the rest stop while we were walking. Once inside the vehicle, she poured out the details of her first encounter for our trip, "When I walked in he was slowly stroking his 11" cock, it was thick, reminded me of a spray deodorant can." She went on to say that he pointed for her to get on her knees and had laid his jacket out for her, she was happy to drop to her knees, once she was there he became aggressive, grabbing her by the back of her head and forcing his veiny cock into her mouth. She said she was gagging with only about half of his cock in her mouth when he grabbed her by her hair and tried to force more of his meat down her throat, tears were streaming but she sucked his cock for about 5 mins when he pulled her up by her hair and ****** her to bend over a sink and started licking her pussy and asshole from behind, he then spits on his hand, lubed up his cock even more and put the tip against her sexy pink pussy lips, she was shaking in anticipation. "He took his time and slid into me inch by inch until he has a rhythm going, once he was in his balls were slapping against my pussy, I squirted several times but he never let go and continued to pile drive my pussy." She said he was naughty and kept saying 'Who’s my white slut?' and 'Take that meat bitch!' before he finally pushed as hard as he could and came deep inside her. She said she came when he did and it was explosive.

He zipped up and thanked her and she got dressed and left the restroom. That night in our hotel room, I fucked her good with my BWC and came several times at the retelling of her first encounter on our trip, but, it wasn’t the last.

Stay tuned for more!
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