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  1. Ekk

    Craving to breed some hotwives: (Missouri/Midwest)(Serious post-not a jerkoff fantasy chat)

    I have been trying to breed some hot wives for a while. If you are in Midwest or willing to travel. Let's chat in detail and see where it goes. Please don't mail me to have a jerk off buddy with preggo fetish. Thank You.
  2. G

    A guy I used to be friends with fucked my girlfriend for revenge

    I find myself to be in an 8 year relationship. My girlfriend recently cheated on me with a dude I used to be friends with from University. Until me and the guy had a very serious falling out in our final year. The guy attempted to plagiarise an important part of my coursework for our...
  3. creamed wife

    creamed wife

    A pic I received some time ago from my wifes lover after he came on her well used pussy. I loked her pussy after she came homw
  4. All In The Family

    All In The Family

    "Goddamn Leslie!" I shouted as my blonde cheerleader girlfriend bounced up and down on my dick."I should have dumped Grant a long time ago," Leslie said as she bounced harder on my dick. "You're so much longer than him, and you last longer!"My dick throbbed as she mentioned the starting...
  5. Mrs. TexaKan dripping

    Mrs. TexaKan dripping

    Her freshly creamed cunt.
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  10. Kate with a bbc part 5

    Kate with a bbc part 5

    BBC cums inside her
  11. Ginger Cunt Creamed by Bull Cock.MOV

    Ginger Cunt Creamed by Bull Cock.MOV

    Kelli Speer sex tape
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  14. YOU BRED ME.jpg

    YOU BRED ME.jpg

    I may be in trouble...
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    First time with a new Black Bull..she came like no one else ever
  17. Creampied and cleaned up

    Creampied and cleaned up

    Bi cuck hubby does his duty and cleans BBC cum from wife's stretched pussy
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  20. Easing in.

    Easing in.

    I couldn't wait to get balls deep.