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slutty girlfriend

  1. MyaisMySlut

    WWYD to my 19yo girlfriend mya?

    This is mya she is 19 and we wanna know what you would do to her if you got the chance, we are into CNC and rough stuff so there arnt many limits.
  2. W

    jackattack_347 on snap, trib my slutty 19yo gf

    jackattack_347 on snap, trib my slutty 19yo gf, i have plenty of nudes, ass, tits, face, pussy, whatever you need to cum all over her sexy little body
  3. gustav_jorgenson

    GF wears tights to hang out with Boyfriend and Buddy

    By Gusav JorgensonCindy and Bob attend college together and have been dating for a year and living together for 6 months. One night they decided to invite Bob’s good friend Dave out to see a movie with them. Cindy liked to flirt with Dave, but Bob generally didn’t mind since he trusted Dave...
  4. Want to try something new?

    Want to try something new?

    The man is amazing in bed, I have to say. When we first started dating and having sex I swear it felt like I would burst into flames at times. My boyfriend is kinky, too, willing to trying just about anything and this is where my mind started to wander. I am a very erotic woman. I like to...
  5. Suzanne's Latest Escapades!

    Suzanne's Latest Escapades!

    Well, I love getting my way, I truly do. He was like putty in my hands. I saw him across that crowded bar, or rather felt his eyes on me. He sent me a drink and I accepted it with a smile. He walked over towards me and we started talking. I quietly said yes when he motioned to the dance...
  6. 20210131_023425.jpg


    My ladies tight little pussy
  7. gustav_jorgenson

    GF wears tights to hang out with Boyfriend and Buddy

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Story GF wears tights to hang out with Boyfriend and Buddy. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. gustav_jorgenson

    The Perverted Uncle

    The Perverted Uncle by Gustav JorgensonSheldon and Sarah met attending college in California and had been dating for about a year when he brought her along to his family reunion back east in New England. They were hanging out in his grandmother’s basement den with Sheldon’s uncle Bob, who...
  9. gustav_jorgenson

    Girlfriend Dates Another Guy

    You and your girlfriend have been living together for several years now and have settled into a comfortable domestic relationship. One day she comes home from the store in an excited and chatty mood."What’s up with you?" you ask her smiling. "You are in a good mood today."She blushes...