suzanne2.pngWell, I love getting my way, I truly do. He was like putty in my hands. I saw him across that crowded bar, or rather felt his eyes on me. He sent me a drink and I accepted it with a smile. He walked over towards me and we started talking. I quietly said yes when he motioned to the dance floor. It was a fast paced song so I figured why not. The moment we hit the floor, I knew it was a set up. I could see the slowing of the people dancing, many just moving out of our way.

Ah, I have a player here, I thought to myself, well, two can play at this game. That was when I pulled out all of the stops. The music changed and it was a slow song. Fight fire with fire I always say. So when he tried to be the oh so formal dance partner after the sneaky way he got me there, I changed tactics. I decided it was some time for dirty dancing. I pressed up fully against him. My thin halter dress was the only thing I was wearing. No panties, certainly no bra, so when I pushed my breasts against his chest, he felt their hard tips pushing against him.

His hands were at my waist and I did a very naughty thing. I took his one hand in mine and as I hooked my thigh up on his hip, I guided his hand right between my thighs. I felt the instant reactio from him. His erection was evident against my left thigh. That was when I whispered, "Two can play this game, but only one can be a winner."

The dance ended and we parted as the music tempo picked up again. I smile coyly at him and walked back over to the bar table I was it. I finished my drink. Gathered my shawl and started walking to the door. I turned and saw him standing there, obviously not use to a woman who knows exactly who and what she wants, his mouth wide open in shock. He was watching me leave, dumbfounded.

I looked over my shoulder, flashed him a dazzling smile and said, "Well, are we going to finish where we left off?" I arched an eyebrow at him, a challenge thrown in front of everyone as my voice was not quiet spoken when I said this. I walked right out the door and had not taken two steps before his had guided my elbow and said, "No, my car is right here," he opened the door to his car, as I slip into the luxurious leather bucket seats I can't help but smile.

He gets into the drivers seat and says, "Where to?" Without missing a beat, I turn towards him, spread my legs wide open and say, "Why wait? Finish what you started on the dance floor."

That was all of the encouragement he needed, he reached over with his right hand and started fingering me as he pulled around to the back of the parking lot. Putting the car in park, he lifted me up and I straddled his hard dick and he plunged deeply inside. It was hot, urgent and primal. I felt that pressure building and he did too. That climax was swift and explosive. With a quick laugh he lifted me back onto the passenger seat and says to me, "Ok, the was the appetizer, where shall we go for the main course?"
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