SQ.pngThe man is amazing in bed, I have to say. When we first started dating and having sex I swear it felt like I would burst into flames at times. My boyfriend is kinky, too, willing to trying just about anything and this is where my mind started to wander. I am a very erotic woman. I like to explore, experiment, use toys, have multiple partners at the same time.

I knew that he had never done anything like that but when in throws of our wildest moments I sometimes start to talk. It turns him on, I can see it in the way his body reacts. His cock gets harder too and with that in mind, I knew that tonight was going to be something special.

He came over after work, I had a fantastic meal planned out, a nice bottle of wine chilling. We laughed, we ate, we drank that whole bottle of wine and then moved to the couch. I went on the attack. Just a full sexual onslaught of kisses, touches and eventually half undressing him to get at that beautiful, big hard dick that I wanted to fuck. I knew it was almost time and I could feel the excitement building up inside of me.

I was riding his cock when the doorbell rang. He froze and muttered and oath under his breath, I didn't bat an eyelash as I said, "Come on in, we are in the living room."

"Suzanne, what the hell?" He was trying to move me off of him and to reach for the rest of his clothes when I just pressed my fingertips to his lips and said, "Sshh, it is ok, trust me," flashing him a brilliant smile as I said this.

SQ1.JPGMy mysterious guest walked in the room. He stood there, gorgeous, tall, well muscled and he was naked with the biggest erection I had ever seen. "Wonderful! Now we can really have some fun!" I said as he walked up behind me, I could feel him rubbing that huge throbbing rod up and down the crack of my ass.

I looked down at my boyfriend, he was speechless. Kissing him full on the lips, I was slipping my wet pussy up and down on his hard shaft as I whispered in his ear, "Remember that threesome you always wanted? Well, let me have the one I want first. We will have the one you want tomorrow, deal?"

Not even waiting for his reply I said, "Now, grab my ass and spread those cheeks wide for his big cock, it is time for the two of you to double team Suzi Q, baby!"
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