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A few fun pics with my young blonde wife Emily

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A lovely body thats needs to be serviced.

You haven't gotten more comments because you told folks she isn't nearly ready. We all know--you, me AND her--that she wants it now. Just get her to acknowledge that she is shy but she is dying for a huge, thick, blck cock and she'll get lots of comments! She is HOT!
She has a nice ass were is she located
I would love to suck on those lovely titties, lick her all over and spend some tome tongueing that lovely pussy. Lets see more of it!
Mmmm...you wouldn't be the first black to tongue that pretty pussy ;)
Emily don't be shy... follow your lust and do what you want to do... no more no less... leave hubby with his fantasies and go your own way!!!
are you close to michigan?

i'd love to bang her silly...her body is perfect...what's your location?
these pictures and msg.'s date back almosy 3 yrs di the pretty ladie ever get her some black cock. she surely looked like she could use some. its may 2007 if she hasn't had it by now. its a waste of some really fine looking pussy and ass- not to mention some fine tits
Hoq unique!

She has a pussy, an ass, a hand, and you have a cock. Wow, we've never seen those things before!
Just an update....Emily has admitted she finds "larger" men attractive and that many of her crushes are black. I got her to kiss one last weekend when we went out, and some dirty dancing and groping, but that's all so far.
Her body is very hot would love to give her my big fat black cock bareback
Omg, so hot! I'd love to watch her take black!

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