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New around here...
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Apr 16, 2004
hi all you guys.........been asked to put my pics up on here.......hope you like it...kirsty


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another one

hope you like guys


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gorgeous pics kitsty

Great pics kirsty. you are truly gorgeous, with a great smile, the rest goes without saying. I truly hope you find what you are looking for on here, if anything :)
Good looking!! I would love to get it on with you!!!!
You are a very sexy lady hope you get treated the way a lady like you should, Like a queen.
because you guys are so nice

what u think??


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Kirsty, you are very beautiful and very sexxxy. I would love to see more of you.


What a nice set of pictures they are.

Many more in the set?

You look gorgeous both dressed and undressed :lol:
beautiful smile
I would love to own you.
unlikely combination beauty and body, i guess perfection is still available, let me know if u are ever in florida
hi guys

hi guys my bf is talking about holiday in usa in oct/nov....orlando or las vegas......anyone around does not kirsty
very nice white girl - make sure you hook a brother up that sweet thang

Well, if you end up meeting with me you're going to have to take that hair down, I bet it's real sexy like the rest of you.

If you're coming to the States, you might also want to consider New Orleans/Houston area. It'll certainly be an experience.

And post more pics of yourself, please!
kristy. Hope to see pic's of you getting deep seeded. Soon. Your already "hooked" I bet. :D
kristy baby...bring dat nice azz of yours to cali!
I wanna tap it real good n deep!
she should be the poster-girl for all black cock loving women out!
:D very sexy kirsty
:D very sexy kirsty
Hello Kristy

Mmmm, mmmm Kristy I like!!!! :D