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:twisted: not too shabby!
lets hook up

yeah man.. now dats wat i am talking abt... dats a fine uk baby.. aight kirsty.. i am in bristol, where in the uk are you from.. hoook me up - aight... i wanna tap that ass.. damn!
Have you had contact with her sir?

Hello sexy, what city do you live in?
I am UK based...(Cardiff)

Hi Kirsty,

You don't need to travel to the USA to find big black cocks... We have homegrown mega-schlongs for you right here in the UK. If you Are serious about meeting someone, email me and lets arrange something.
By the look absolutely stunning!




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Let me know if you're ever up in the north-east

Cause you are too good to miss :D
you look stunning, great smile
Outstanding pics!! I have little doubt that you now have 1000's of suitors!

Best of luck.

You look quite lovely indeed, where in U.K are you from if i may ask?. I grew up in London to be Exact but i live in los angeles now for quite sometime. Ever being here before?, will you be interested?, will like to know more about you. Email me :
Fucking NICe
very nice and sexy
Love the pictures
Love the smile
oh hell, love that whole dam body lovely lady....mmmmm!

Hey if your still around let us know when your back in the US.
You could never put too many pictures up, you are exquisite.
I like very much...
you look so hot babe. would love to creampie you
i would love to fuck that pussy. maybe with a few friends and gangbang them holes.
i want some of that pussy
what a sweet pussy kirsty
got any more pics to post sexy
wow you look hot