I need it bad

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Jul 6, 2005
Come on guys I'm horny as hell.


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where are you loacated?
Hey Sexy..

You have to tell us where you located Mami. I would love to be there for ya. I am located in Orange County , Ca. Drop me an email.. so we can correspond. my email is ccedeno@sbcglobal.net. also my messenger prifle has my pics and it is phantasmic007@yahoo.com. Look me up. You are smoking Hot!!


I can scratch that itch for ya

I got 8.5 x 6.5 for ya baby. Dam you look good.


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ok maybe you need to see it exposed

r u ready


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damn that looks nice. I bet you could do some serious damage with that thing, huh?

Yeh I'm ready, where are you?
Where are you located?

I'm willing to be a part of this! Where are you located?
I'm in North Carolina

Hey there gangbang,

I live in NC and can travel with enough notice. You are worth the road trip. :D Would love to send you a pic. You have an email address?

I'm in the philly area!!!! let hook up!!

Hi Gang bang girl,

I'm in the PHILLY AREA... the burbs where are u located??
what part of philly i'm in the king of prussia area. if u need
it BAD let me give it to you. email me at markstip2001@yahoo.com

Your needs

You are definately a fine specimen. I can and would set up a gangbang for you whenever and wherever you live. I look forward to your response. usmcexplosive@yahoo.com
very nice!

:wink: One fine lookin lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What part of the philly area??

Hey gang bang,

Lets hook this up, i would LOVE to CUM
and give u what u need!!! get back to me
at markstip2001@yahoo.com
This is waiting for you

Hey Gangbang,

Whenever you are ready give the time and place! Hit me at shadowamen@yahoo.com


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Girl I got what u need...
Do you travel a lot...
I,d take care of u till u can,t walk :D
Let,s touch base
let me be your cuckold!

R u married or have a bf? Let me be your white cuckold bf. I'm a hot, white, professional male who would love to spoil you. Let me know if your interested. I live in bucks co. We could meet over some drinks. look forward to hearing from you.
yamah......what your offering I already have. A BF that spoils the shit out of me.
Thanks for the offer