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Apr 17, 2004
Hello. Been fantasizing about black men for awhile. An internet friend sent me a link for this site. Have been watching and wanted to show a pic. My husband took these last fall.


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What are you scared about, baby? Do you want to try some BBC without your white boy knowing, or did he put you up to posting the pics of your super hot body? Tell us about yourself, and what your black fantasies have been. You're not alone sweet meat. If you've read the articles on the site, you must realize that there are many married white women who want the superior black sex. They are white girls just like you who want to be filled and stretched, and experience the best sex of their lives. Let us know what's going on in your head, girl. If you would like to discuss your situation with an individual, rather then on the open list, send me a PM. You have all the potential of becoming a very sexually satisified white girl......lets explore it....
Like you pictures blonde, looks like your husband trained you well - on your knees like that and spreading open those white legs like a real slut. Even the pointed toes.... :wink:

So are you scared of taking on a black cock? Scared of cheating on your husband? Or maybe scared of your sluttish inner fantasies? No matter, just get back off the couch to the floor like a proper fuck toy waiting to be bred. That pale white skin would look good against me. :D

:oops: Guess what I'm scared about is being a slut. My husband isn't small, he sometimes hurts me, I guess he's about 7.5 inches? We have shared and I've been with other girls. He is very gentle lover. Want to be taken roughly and made love to hard. Maybe dominated in a way. Hubby would never approve me being with a blk, would have to hide it if I did. The thought makes me wet between the legs.

Here darkman is me on the floor again.


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Good Slut

Glad I stopped by your thread again. Your a good slut. You look good on your knees. I'd like to grab those hips and force you to fuck yourself on my black shaft. You'd like that.

So you want to be dominated... maybe. Start now, I can see how you respond to a little firmness, even on a message board. Tell us how old you are, where do you live, and.... when did you lose your virginity? And let me hear you bark while your on your knees like that 8) I like my MWF sluts to bark when I plow them doggy style.
Do It

You are a hottie with that creamy skin and bleach blonde hair. My cock leaped in my pants when it saw you. I would enjoy the chance to break you in. Hubby may have a decent cock, but he surely can't use it properly. [/code]
Woof Woof

I live in GA. I'm 33y/o, 110 lbs, and married for 12 years. I lost my virginity in my senior year in high school. (late bloomer)
My heart was pounding so hard when I started this post. I thought it would come out of my chest. But I am so excited too...? I keep getting on the computer to see if anything happened here.


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What a beautiful little slut you are. Would you like gagging on a BBC as it fucked your throat, as your head was shoved back and forth? how loud would you bark while a black cock stretched your butt hole as your little white ass was being spanked? How good are you at taking orders....being told what to do and how to do it? Any hesitation about being told to play with yourself in front of several black guys? Speaking of playing with your white pussy, do you have a large black dildo? If not, you'd better get one and start stretching your little white holes. Keeping posting your pics,and if you don't have anymore, that your hubby took, then have someone else take some of you in spead positions using the black dildo you have, or are going to get.....
Well Said

Well said "Master". She is a willing slut I can see that too. Open up those ass cheeks so we can see that tight pink rosebud of an ass hole. Have you ever had a cock up there? If you going to be a good black cock slut you'll have to take a black shaft up your ass. --- And like it, or at least act like you like it. Open up those cheeks now darling.

Have to do this fast. Hubby is home and nearly caught me on here. I've never had cock in my ass, only fingers. But I'd try it if I had too. Like I said earlier, hubby is a gentle lover, but he does command me, I like it that way - being instructed as it were. I think I could do just about anything if I'm turned on enough... tonight I'll pretend hubby is a black man fucking me. Maybe I'll let him try to put his cock in my ass.


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Listen bitch!! I asked whether you had a big black dildo to fuck your holes with. Everyday fuck both your white pussy and ass with it. Is that understood? If you want to be a good little white slut, you're going to have to learn to be obedient to black men, and there's no better time then right now to start. Tell us what you've been fantasizing about since you started posting here. Have you been giving any thought to where you could go to find black men to fuck all three of your white holes? Start giving it serious thought. You know what you really want, so it's up to you to go out and find it. Pretending your hubby is a black guy fucking you, is a good first step, but you know he couldn't treat you the way you want to be treated. You know only a black man could do that. Just out of curiosity....Did you let him fuck your white ass? What is it that you really want to fuck you, and with what? Start masturbating every day, while fantasizing about nothing but big black cocks....

Don't you dare let him take your ass. Save that virgin rosebud as a gift for you first black cock. Let hubby lick it and nurse it, but don't ever let his white cock near it. But Master has it right, start loosening up that tight hole now. And give us a better look, were his hands shaking when he took those blurry pics?
Yes keep his white dick away from that round white ass of yours. It's first penetration should be from a big black cock.
Blonde, I want you to go over to the mens pics and leave a comment on each post. Tell them how you fantasize servicing a big black cock and how you want to wrap you fingers around thier ebony shafts and guide them into you white pussy. Tell them how you want them to empty thier balls deep inside you and feel thier hot cum leak out of your swollen stretched white slut cunt. Do it Blonde... NOW.
I did it

WifeMaster, I did what you told me. :oops:
I didn't let husband in my ass last night, I really wanted to try but I was scared too. I will save my asshole for another like you both said.

Darkman, like I said I won't ever let him near my ass with his cock. Saving it will make it a special first time for me if it ever happens. I will start to "loosen" it up to get used to the feeling. Cindy, my internet friend told me the same thing. She is black girl who is trying to get me to sleep with her and her boyfriend. Sorry about the photo quality. Husband has some better ones but they are on his laptop. I will try to copy some of them when he is away and leaves his computer.

Master, Sorry :cry: I don't have a black dildo. I have a slim white vibrator and a clear jelly dildo. I will use them every day (have been for awhile) thinking of getting a black man. I have dreamt about being "fucked" not made love to like hubby does. I want to be taken and used. I like the idea of my hands being held over my head while my mouth is being used like a vagina. All the time being talked dirty too. I hope this was better.

I am going to try to put the vibrator in my ass tomorrow while hubby is away at work. I am afraid it will hurt but i am going to do it.


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When your hubby fucked you, did you pretend he was a black guy? You'll do that every time you have sex with him. Of course it won't be anything like the real thing, but you have to start forming a black mind set. Are you telling me there's not an adult bookstore in or near the town you live in. If there is, get your white slut ass into one, and shop for a big black dildo. Understand? If you're lucky, there might be some brothas in there that will scope you out. If there is, you make sure you smile at them and flirt, making sure they see what you're buying. Would you be embarrassed and self conscious? Too fuckin bad, slut. You better get over that shit. I don't care how you get a big black dildo, jut get one. VAGINA??????? What kind of word is that for a soon to be black cock slut to be using? Erase that from your fucking vocabulary right now. You'll use pussy, cunt, fuck hole, etc., but sure as fuck not vagina. That sounds like some sort of heart problem. Make sure you get pics off your hubby's computer. We all want to see your cunt and ass open for all of us to see. Use some lube on your asshole, and make sure you start reaming it out every day. While fucking your ass, start slapping it. You'll get an idea about how it feels to have your white ass owned by a black man.
Where are you Blonde? you little white fuck toy. Did you get my mail?
OH yes loved your dirty comments on the Studs post, only wished I had commanded you to do that ... LOL. You are a cum thirsty white slut wife. I'd love to give your throat a good probing with my black shaft. I'd hold those wrists over your head just like you fantasize, then I'd flip you on your back and hold those tiny white ankles up over your head and give your pussy a good stretching. Ever had a cock actually touching your cervix? What I'd do to fill that tight slut pussy with my seed. ummm

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