Pics of my sexy blonde 19 year old fiancee Emily...

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Feb 27, 2004
Here she is. Do you think Emily would look good with a big black cock? She loves to flirt, tease, dress sexy, and suck cock. She is an amazing cocksucker. If you all like her enough, maybe we'll post some more, but it'll only let us post 3 at a time ;)


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those are some nice pics of her..definite worth a visit :)

let me know if shes interested..give me a holla through here

now all u need is some black dick up in more of ur slut:)
man........ tell her she looks fabulous, and I would LUV to give her a black experience
More pics of Emily

We loved the comments from the black studs who responded. The more comments we get, the more pics we'll post. Emily made me read them to her while she gave me a blowjob. Here is some more of my sweet girl. You are welcome to do monitor shots and stuff, just let us see them!

Any of you black studs out there interested in Emily?

Any of your white guys/girls think Emily would look good handling a big black cock?


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I think she would look good handling any cock...but black would be fun to see.
Its so sad to see lovely tight beauties like Emily lost to us white guys, but great to think of her being stretched regularly by thick black cock. If you black her at such a young age, she'll definitely go black completely. Hope you can bear it.

Please post pics of her first black encounter.
Nice Emily

I'd love to have my dick in both of your holes Emily and fill you up. Very sexy and nice pair of tits .
"Here she is. Do you think Emily would look good with a big black cock?"

SHIT NO. However, you'd look good with one.

Just thought I'd revive this thread to see if we get anymore input from black studs.
WhiteCouple21 said:
Just thought I'd revive this thread to see if we get anymore input from black studs.
u got male
lets meet up


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Wow....Emily would love that big cock. She got all dolled up last night and we went out. She got hit on by the only 3 black guys at the whole place and danced with one of them!

Emily is just gorgeous. Love to see that big black cock erection in her mouth and coming over those lovely tits. U are a lucky guy - especilaly if emily is sucking u as you are reading these messages to her! Tell her there mucxt be a 100 guys out here with erections over her...
Show us more pictures of this hot slut.
That little tummy full of black baby would be soooo hot!
Heres a big cock for you

Heres a big cock for you


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heres my cock all yours to use as you wish


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so has she had her first black cock yet?