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Pics of my sexy blonde 19 year old fiancee Emily...

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she looks ready for a big black cock...lots of hot pussy there to enjoy!!
has she/you guys done this sort of thing before?
No we haven't...just curious and looking to start experimenting in the lifestyle. She loves big cocks, but it's been awhile since she's had anyone but me.
Then lets see her being shared. More pictues of her hot body.
I would love to see her fuck a black guy as well. How about a big black dildo to start?
I'd love to offer my services if you're in need of some black dick for her :).
Just thought I'd bring this thread back and see if anyone in here still likes her. She's 21 now and still havin' fun ;)
lets see a few new pics of her
would love to make her black pregnant

your emily is so fucking young sexy would love to bareback her tight young cunt with my massive black cock untill she begged for my potent thick spunk up her tight cunt she would not be on pill and my thick jizz would puff her sexy young belly up want to chat more e.mail me on this forum
Emily Preg

Seems to me thats it about time that Emily started to work on making her first black baby.
Wow!!! Fine Body, She Can Have My White Cock Anytime.
I would love to see those lovely titties and that tight young cunt after a session with some black studs!
God what a hot lady, would love to do her from behind.

Mr. G
where r u? I would love to fuck her...
Emily expressed her interracial desires has got me hot and I commented on her other thread that I posted several years ago, so I thought I'd bump this one too so a new generation of dark caverners can enjoy her!
she definitely needs black dick. look at that fine white body. its beggin
she looks nice :)
Mmmmm, looking back at old threads and saw this one. White wives are so sexy!

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