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Preparing Your White Daughter For Interracial Dating

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I was on your web site:


and noticed a very informative photo article about helping white parents deal with the preparation of innterrial dating. It was a 10-step guide that offered both very sexy photos and many truths regarding this popular trend. You also have a 10-step guide for married white females who wish to try an interracial affairs. I just want to thank you for helping white parents and husbands understand the depth of sexual attraction between white females and their black male counterparts.

It makes sense if you think about it. African-American males are dominant amongst the male species. They are stronger, have larger sexual organs/drives, and are more attractive than any other race of males. Most males who have a choice will chose a white female. Therefore, it only makes sense that the best should have the best. I am so happy to see that the future is now!!

Thanks for the good work!
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Hi Latrell-

I can not take credit (or blame) for the photo posting. One of my forum members put the effort into creating it. He has done a good job in weaving a story line with photos. You should leave him a note on the board.
White Daughters and Wives

Beleive me, it ain't nothing to get a white wife to go down on you and accept what she been missing. But I have to tip my hat to your website (http://groups.msn.com/SandyWhosInterracialFriendsandLovers/)!

I used the B&W Affair photo section for the seduction of a white secretary where I work. It worked perfectly.

Don't stop there. The best photo stories are Foreign Exchange Student, Alpha Male and After School Acitivites.

Sandy........What are your favorites? Let us know. After all, its your site.

Mr. T.
You are right!

I agree with you man. After reading some of those stories, I both remembered many of the lines I used on white girls as a teenager and white women todayas an adult. Some of the photos and step-by-step articles gave me a few good ideas too. But I have to say that having white women and black men in the same vicinity is the best way to increase interracial encounters. As I said before, the best will find the best. White women are internally driven to be with black males for no other reason than they can.

PS- This is in no way a knock to white males or black females. They will find their way. There are plenty of fish in the pond and that will never change.

Mr. T.
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I have asked to join. Please. :D
Thanks, great site. :D :D :D
White Daughters

I actually fell into your website while looking for a spelunking site that my group belongs to down here in Kentucky. Then I started reading some of the postings. By Gosh!

I was quite surprised to read this particular posting. Not sure why any attractive young white female would want to date a man of another race when there are so many nice white boys out there competing for their attention.

I will give your site a look over though and see whats on it. Then I will get back with you.

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Hi Vernon-

I am always glad to have new people join our discussion group! Even if you sound a bit skeptical, there are many white women who enjoy interracial dating and romances. I can't speak for every woman in this forum but I think that most of us first dated black men out of curiosity, not to make some social statement. But there is a big social barrier to overcome and once you have, dating a black man is really no different than dating any other man.

There are lots of interesting (and several very strange) people who hang out at the Dark Cavern forum. I would love for you to stick around and participate.
Thanks Sandy, well said. But he sounds like someone who deep down enjoys the dreams. That is why he will "check out" your site. And at the same time, cannot understand what you said. BTW, I do hope you update your yahoo site. Looking forward to more. Thanks. :D
Sandy, this is a subject that deserves plenty of attention, because down here in my area, interracial dating is becoming very prevalent, but for some reason, I don't quite understand, almost every IR couple I 've seen is a black guy with a white girl. Only very rarely do we ever see a white guy with a black girl. Why is this ? Perhaps I'm just naive, but there are scads of really cute black girls at my daughter's school but only 2 or 3 are seen out with a white BF, whereas at the school dances I chaperone, there must be a couple of dozen black guys dancing with the white girls, including on occasion, my own daughter. Must be a status symbol thing...or just the cool thing to be seen doing....and what's so neat about it, the white girls are doing most of the instigating. Go figure....

BTW....it might do me some good if I could view the article referred to above on your website. How do I go about getting registered so I can ? I'm pretty new to all this computer access stuff.

I visited your web site Sandy

Well. I finally went on and tried your web site: (http://groups.msn.com/SandyWhosInterracialFriendsandLovers/)

Jim Dandy! How imformative. The new photos and story under "After School Acitivites" was chilling. The way Miranda and her boyfriend strained her Mom emotionally while still satisfying her sexually was outstanding. And the ticking time bomb inside her stomache that will reveal the true nature of her desire to her husband! Yahoo!

By the way, I did read into the subject of "Preparing Your daughter For Interracial Dating." If you go to the malls and theaters here in Kentucky, I can assure you there must be more than 10 ways! Still an informative article for white parents to read though.

And then the BEST part of your web site! The drawings you have done and added tot he site are amazing. Your paintings truly reveal that a picture is worth 1000 words. Each one is very sexual without being sleazy. I love them! Its amazing that you do not charge fees to review these photos, paintings and stories.

I only wish my dear wife Rebecca-Sue would enjoy this with me. Maybe some day.



The person who wrote the prior message should look here-

Thanks for the help in pointing people to my MSN site.

I just applied for membership in your website. I'm so proud that I was able to navigate through the MSN registration process without screwing something up, like I usually do. I'm generally pretty clutzy around computers, but feel very comfortable in this DC arena.

I am very anxious to read the articles from your site having to do with the subject of IR dating and all its ramifications. My biggest concern is how to get my hubby to accept it, since our daughter is moving pretty rapidly into this uncharted territory. Hopefully, your site will provide an enlightening help for the both of us.
Neat, your in for an education. :D
Cherry Bomb Is Coming!!!

I noticed this message strig about white parents preparing their daughters to date black men. The newest photo story about this topic will be posted this week. Its called Cherry Bomb and it will blow you all way!

Thanks, Zep,

You really are a dear. I found your first account very revealing, and more than a little shocking. Although I suspect there's a bit of exaggeration in some of the narrative, it does serve to portray the IR scene from the viewpoint of the BM, which is enlightening enough. So, naturally I am looking forward to your next contribution.

Somehow, I've got to filter some of this down so I can provide a sensible (and censored) supplement for our daughter's attention....before she ventures much further. This could get very scary unless we can bring the situation under our control. Bringing up a teenage girl in today's world...how can any parent live through it ???
I joined the msn site too. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I got to say its pretty goddam good!
Watching Your Daughters Behavior

In case some of the white Moms and Dads are wondering, here is a rundown of the top 10 signs of a white daughter who is dating black guys. The list was abstracted from a national detective agency

TOP 10 Signs Of A White Daughter Hiding a Black Boyfriend

1. Working alot of overtime (after school)

2. Excessive use of the Internet in bedroom

3. Extra mileage on the odometer of Daddy's car

4. Hiding the cell/house phone bill

5. Saying " It's your imagination " when confronted about black guys at school and hangin' with them after school.

6. Receiving hang up phone calls from black males at night.

7. No longer interested in sex in bringing dates home to meet you.

8. No longer dressing conservative. Wearing hip hop style clothes.

9. New sexual techniques discussions with Mom/Friends

10. Saying " I need my space" when answering questions about boyfirends.

I just thought this would help white parents that use this site as a reference to help their children.

Peaches to you, Vernon,

From reading over your list, I can already pick up on some variations that play into my own situation. My husband has noticed some mood changes too, and has asked me what the hell is going on with our daughter. So far, I've just tried to pass it off as a teenage thing. If I were to tell him what I truly suspect, he will absolutely freak out. While I know IR dating is the wave of the future, I can't see her father ever accepting it.

Can anybody offer some realistic advise ? What can be done, if anything, to win him over ?

Helping Your Daughter Get Started


I read your posts. As a black man who has been in this situation dozens of times, I think I can help with your problem. And I am willing to share my plan with you if you comply with three requests.

1.) Go to the Sandy Who site and read the photo story called: Preparing Your Daughters for Interracial Dating.

2.) At Sandy's site, also read the self help 10-step program called: B&W Affairs.

3.) Your daughter is a teenager and she is going to do what she is going to do. You know that. And you know she has already been with at least one black guy if you are picking up these signals.

Can you come on to this forum and admit that the real reason you are here is because of your own fantasies about being blacked? If that's not true, you would not be surfing this site or reading those stories at Sandy Who. You wouldn't be using a screen name "neatandpetite".

Face it Cheryl, that wetness you feel in our your undies and the tightness you feel in your stomach is really not about your daughter at all....is it?

Be honest with the 1000's of people on this site and I will help you and your errr... daughter with the problem of your white hubby.

We are waiting.......................



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