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Who wants a wife that acts like this?

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Apr 14, 2004
MWF Iowa, BBS slut in the making.....started doing BBC about 4 years ago.....played several times and always wanting more, did my first gang bang last year.....had several since and in need now. Have started my own yahoo group if you want to see even more pics or talk....cum see me. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iaharley


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and then there is the other side ;)


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I would love to hear from some of you guys......what do you think makes the a woman the perfect slut?


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no fun

posting pics for you guys and no one is talking to me......I will be on webcam tonite around 9 pm central....check my group for more details
Walk on your wild side

I'd luv to take a walk on you wild side!!! I wonderrrrrrr what it must be like!! Look are jucy and delectable......Can you Dig it? _________ :D
your hot

i'd love to suck that fat pussy of yours and drink your cum then fuck you long hard and deep but nice and slow till you cover my cock with all your sweet juice


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i signed up to your group. gotta see more of your fine white pussy!
great HOT talk guys!

are you guys trying to get my pussy soaking wet? Love all that HOT talk, keep it up. Had some fun last night, thought I would share with you guys....went to the local XXX cinema last night and found a few very nice cocks......


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blackcum in ya

`you look good with two black dicks in you, i would love to fill that pink pussy with my hot cum
Show us more of you being a good slut for black men.
nice cock

what a yummy cock.....tore my pussy right up with this tool


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what a weekend

was a busy girl this weekend


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Stop sucking cocks and get them to pump your pussy full. I wnat to see pictures of you with a big belly with your blakc lover's child.
Liked your web site too! You really are some dirty bitch!
Sorry Homer,,,the parts it takes to make it happen are no longer there.. And yes i do like BBC alot anymore, and do love practicing


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Lets see you with sloppy second and thirds dumping their seed into you. :twisted:

hey its SIR PHILLY..... i love your post and i just requested to join your group on yahoo. i will post a few pics there if allowed in. but your pics are very sexy indeed!!!!!!!
Sir Philly

Have approved you and would love to have some pics posted in the group. Would also like to get to know you. We are headed out to the cinema again tonite....this is the last night and it closes for good...darn it. Hopefully will have some new adventures to tell you guys about later.......

I loved this picture and would have loved being there and licking it all out of you.

I do love the BBC and licking my pussy is incredible

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